Naruto Manga 420 spoiler 100% True confirmed + The Six Realms of Pain + Discussion

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Hey everyone,

Last week was what we were all waiting for.  The invasion has begun, the focus has shifted away from Sasuke to Pain and we even have names to go with the bodies of Pains.  Or as was revealed in issue 419, the 6 realms of Pain. Demon Realm, Human Realm, Hell Realm, Animal Realm, God Realm and Hungry Ghost Realm.

Why couldn’t Hungry Ghost realm just be called Ghost Realm?  Calling him Hungry Ghost realm just makes him sound like a delicious breakfast cereal.  I was half expecting to see Captain Crunch Realm after that.  I’m sure something is lost in translation, but it just sounds funny to me. This weeks survey will focus on the Realms of Pain and what you think of them. Quick three notes that bother me about the squad:

1) (Already discussed) Hungry Ghost Realm sounds like a Halloween cereal.

2) Demon Realm should trade names with Hungry Ghost Realm, Demon Realm looks more like a hungry ghost.

3) Why is Demon Realm the only happy one?  He looks like he just ate a delicious bowl of Hungry Ghost cereal or something… Shouldn’t he be all pissed like the other five?  I wonder if they don’t like him… they talk about how they are going to kick him out of the group after the invasions over and make fun of him for smiling all the time ^_^

Lastly, sorry I had to bail on the site for a couple days, I moved this week and couldn’t check the blog as much as I would have liked to.  I tried to plan my absence for the weekend since traffic obviously slows down on Saturday and Sunday anyway and it looks as if that strategy worked and I didn’t mis much.  We should have alot to talk about this week as things pick up in the manga so I look forward to this weeks discussion.  Oh, almost forgot… there will be a new WTF?! post again this week so stay tuned…

Ja mata

The new WTF?! posts are up click HERE and HERE to check them out.

Click the eyes below to take this weeks survey entitled:

Click the eyes below to take

this weeks survey entitled…

“The Six Realms of Pain”

Very Early results for this weeks survey:

Which of the Realms looks the coolest (besides God Realm):

24.7% of you said Animal Realm.

31.7% of you said Hell Realm.

15.2% of you said Demon Realm.

15.2% of you said Human Realm.

4.7% of you said Hungry Ghost Realm.

8.2% of you said Captain Crunch ^_^

Who really controls the 6 realms of Pain?

63.5% of you said Nagato.

24.7% of you said Yahiko (God Realm).

8.2% of you said Madara.

1.1% of you said Danzo.

Will Naruto change Pain into a good guy? (AKA Gaara Syndrome)

84.7% of you said no.

15.3% of you said yes.



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  1. Bono is losing his touch..

  2. Mother F*****r! I really tried hard this week too!

  3. That was impressive. Repairmanjack was not only the first to comment but was also first to submit a survey all within the first 60 seconds of the post being up ^_^

  4. I forgot about this anime recommend Dokuro Chan for most peverted bloodiest action comedy anime I have seen (It is alot like excel saga and only 8 ep long). @ Hungry Ghost LMAO

  5. I’ll agree to that he looks crazy but yeah the invasion has finally took coarse thank god the next 9 issues are gonna be amazing

  6. you can all laugh at hungry ghost and demon realm but the fact is hungry ghost can absorb any jutsu you throw at him and demon can pull his hand off (WTF is up with that o_O ) shoot missiles out of his arm ( agen, WTF is up with that) which i think is plain cool ( but kisame still rules YEEEAAH!!! lmao btw im hypa at the mo

  7. @ EVERYONE- any one seen “fun with akatsuki” on youtube yet? if not u really should

  8. dude this might make the wait worthwhile, though the invasion is kinda of starting to look like the filler invasion

    bui-bui *while standing next to good old Arnie*

  9. What no love for the hungry ghost realm LMAO, where the hell did they get that name from.

  10. I like what I’ve seen so far from Pain. I had a feeling he was going to be bad ass.
    Is anyone else troubled by the fact that no one does forms seals with their hands anymore to make actual jutsus? It seems that everyone has become some sort of monster that has tremendous power and no true ninja skill.

  11. Yeah, I’m getting that feeling to. I know Kishi meant for the series to be about demon magic and everything but this is getting pretty far away from being about ninjas now.

  12. As long as its bad azz its ok with me

  13. true, but it’s getting away from what made it cool originally and now its gone to the DBZ side… which isn’t neccesarily bad, but considering most guys can now kill hundreds w/out trying, what’s so scary about a weapon that can kill millions, they already can do it, but r just to lazy to get their hands dirty

  14. where is sex realm?

  15. @ Losers – i kind of got side track at hooters

  16. Honestly, you should know your cultural studies. The six paths are a buddhist chakra-affiliated concept. They are the different forms of reincarnation. Astra/deva (god), Hell (you are in the underworld) human, hungry ghost (literally, one who eats souls, etc) they ALL are named by the philosophy itself.

  17. @ Marrin – Honestly, you should remove the stick from your butt and learn to laugh with the rest of us. We’ve all already discussed the six paths on previous posts a long time ago.

    Get over your self, most of us are educated people (except bono) and realize that its much harder and more entertaining to be funny; that’s why you fail so miserably at it.

    Take a cue from Loser and Biradical and try being clever rather than sounding like wikipedia. We get it, we can all do that, we would just rather not sound like a bunch of pretentious pricks like you do.

    Much Love,
    Captain Planet and the Planeteers

  18. Oh snap!

  19. hell realm looks like he cud be all the pains fathers

  20. Now Kakashi and Tsunade will see some action. Naruto will have to wait like Kishi said in an interview.

  21. yuss! now we might get to see what else kakashi’s MS can do!

  22. Uuuummmm anyone else remember 2 months ago when that nut job claimed the collapse of the U.S. government on October 11th???



    With the crashing stock market I’m starting to wonder…

    I think that dude is Madara and he’s causing all of this, it’s not crush Konoha… it’s crush America ^_^

    Damn Madara and his plot to destroy America through bad lending practices! *shakes fist at no one in particular*

  23. Lol I love this blog I wonder if zetsu might kill a man now after they try to catch be speaking of bee I love that rhyme eighto you have plenty lefto

  24. Why does God realm speak of himself in the third person? Its not really that cool

  25. yeah, don’t worry Jeremiah, we’ll just party like it’s 1987, 1972, 1930’s, 1873, or 1837, it’s all good anyone of those will be coolio w/ me

    I notice Kisame is picking up in popularity on the icons, go fishy persons!!!!!!

  26. This is cool

  27. LOL yea alec I think kisame was badass first time I seen him after the third died he and sasori got my attention first time around

  28. it just dawned on me after looking at the pic of madara and tobi and danzo…i wonder if all three are one being….now bare with me while i elaberate….if u notice in the pics and all past pics of danzo …his outline of hair matches the outline of tobi/obito…. now what if one of the powers of the sharingan was almost like oros technique of body/soul transfering…so lets look at it like this….madara is danzo when he wants to go to konoha he puts bandages around his face …..and madara is tobi when he wants to be leader of akatsuki with all that bandage off and the tobi mask on…if u look at the manga chapter that showed tobi with his mask off and u could see part of his face…he has wrinkles…which would mean that he must be old …now…madara might have need a new body to continue living like oro does…so he finds obitos lifeless body takess its because his body was severely damaged at the supposed last battle between madara and hokage..u know..where naruto and sasuke had their little battle before sasuke left …this would also explain why danzo never has his damn left eye open…unless hes just old and then that would put my whole damn hypothesis to the trash…but hey …at least its a lil reason why hes old still …is because its like oros technique…his body gets old very quickly with that he was gonna take itachis body but itachi was too strong or maybe his eye was already goin blind so there was no uses for the next best thing is sasuke…so its kinda like madara is doing the same thing that oro is doin…just a lil less conspicuious…get it…haha..i know it sounds dumb…but..i tried..hopefully it sparks a lil convo in this blog..especially since chapter 419 sucked…i was hoping to see some toad training or more of killer bee pissed and then stompin off tryin to get sasuke…

  29. ps. it would also explain why danzo has that side of his eye hidden…its almost like why kakashi puts his headband over his sharigan…u know…only in danzos case its so that nobody would suspect him of having a sharigan….cmon now….huh huh…

  30. pss @Jeremiah The Litigeous…i know this is gonna spark something…whether its backlash…or praise…as long as it sparks …u know



  32. ok my icon is pissing me off i changed and now im like wtf y do i still have this help plz

  33. Why does God Realm talk about himself in third person, or is Negato just speaking to all through God Realm? If he is speaking in Third person I dont think i like him any more.

  34. I don’t like Kisame that much… But Sasori is cool.

  35. i just like his sword n his badass relaxed attitude

  36. You can’t change your avatar. That’s too bad.

  37. personally I think everyone likes Kisame cause the awesomeness that was Itachi rubbed off on him. So basically hes just cool by association.

  38. well i think that itatchi was only cool cause had the sharimgan like kakashi, so rally itatchi was only cool by association aswel.

  39. Naruto Manga 420 Spoilers:

  40. manga 420 naruto has been summoned by tsunade meaning we will see naruto in action very very soon

  41. wow…so my comment just gets erased like it was nuttin…hmm thats kind of fucked up….

  42. WOW so my comments just get erased ,,,WOW…thats kind of distastefull…wouldnt u think…

  43. Hungry Ghost Realm is for his ability to “eat” jutsu like he did with jiraya

  44. @Avidfanwhoisannoyed – your comments weren’t erased they were just pending approval because you don’t have a user name or icon. I approved them. Thanks for the comments, I’ll read them in a bit.

    @Everyone – I’m still in the process of moving so I’ve been slow to approve comments, sorry 😦 The site will be back to normal this week, thanx for the patience. I’ll still be doing the usual Admin stuff while at school where I have internet until then.

  45. @Everyone – If you just want to comment and not worry about me approving your comment. All you have to do is set up a user name and icon. Just go to this link:

    It takes like 2 minutes plus you won’t get the lame noob monster icon anymore.

  46. this is fantastic, im too excited. what if naruto comes to fight pein in different clothes much like the anbu uniform. this would be really cool and also most of all a changed naruto much like his father.everyone in konoha depends on naruto since obviously he is the main protagonist and he is the most powerful ninja in konoha surpassing the fourth. pein cannot be defeated by konoha ninjas but only by naruto. i still wonder why he is still a genin. he fought akatsuki and even mangaged to defeat kakuzu, seriously akatsuki are S rank ninja in the bingo book. several of them defeated hokages. naruto should be promoted above jonin.

  47. @ Whostolemytaco – first make sure you’re logged in.

    second, if you are logged in, try to just reupload the icon from scratch.

    If that still doesn’t work, the image may be incrypted so as not to be used by anyone but the original creator.

  48. @ Avidfan – Click HERE to read my post that kills the Danzo=Madara theory and let me know what you think.

  49. Well this week looks very cool and i am sure they left some stuff out like they do each week.

  50. On the one colored page it looks like they showed all the other jinchuuriki that we did not see. There is only eight of them since three did not have a host.

  51. Tsunade is going to die I can see it now, they are even giving her flash backs already.

  52. @ Kay – I’m really jacked about this week as well. That would be awesomeness to see a new uni.

    I think Naruto is still a Genin only in title. Everyone knows that he is among the villages strongest. Even Jiraiya and Tsunade only spoke of Naruto and Kakashi as future Hokage’s so I think its just not necassary at this point.

    He’s like a special S ranked Konoha ninja ^_^

  53. @ Eddie – flashbacks are always a bad sign 0_0

    might as well stick a fork in her 😛

  54. Good kill her nasty ass for usin them slugs plus she has manish strength….. and maybe a adams apple

  55. haha..i was gonna say…was my hypothese really that dumb…at least i hoped not…no hard feelins …i was just confused…thats all

  56. WOW, I like how this is going. I hope Naruto will fight like a true shinobi and not like a kid like he usually does. That’s also the reason why he’s still a genin. Yes, he has the power but it takes more than power to be promoted. Remember the losing Shikamaru being promoted Chuunin eventhough he lost his fight.

  57. i guess no one has noticed that kishi has made a serious contradiction with the abilities of sennin mode. when naruto first drew in energy standing still, meditating above a spike he was officially in sennin mode. his eyes became that of the true sennin mode, etc. however when naruto fell from his meditative plateau, into the spikes below he was unharmed. that was because he was still in sennin mode. so did he or did he not move during that time, it is clearly obvious that he did. so how is it that he could remain in sennin mode while moving but when he will really need it fukusaku must be there? this doesn’t make sense, not in the slightest, unless kishi is making it out so that fukusaku is looking after him because he is the “chosen one” but i don’t think kishi would do that without giving an explicit explanation.

  58. 9tailedsage. in order to gather the natural chakra u need to hold absolutely still.after that, when u are in sennin mode u can move!

  59. Fukasaku had to be with Jiraya becuase his sage mode was incomplete and, therefore, needed help from ma and pa toad to complete the transformation. Naruto doesn’t need this help since it appears that he can achieve sage mode without Fukasaku. This is evident since he can practice at night (on that jutsu) when Fukasaku is asleep.

  60. @ avid fan – fo sho, I’m glad you post and i’m sure its frustrating, that’s why I tell people to get a user name and icon so that I don’t have to approve comments anymore.

    What alot of people don’t realize is the number of spam comments I save everyone from by moderating comments. It would be annoying to read viagra spam and porn site spam in between the good comments. Spam comes with the territory of a popular blog

  61. @ Tony – agreed. Good comment.

    @ Ninetailedsage – I have to agree with Tony. It seems once you achieve sage made you stay in it. You have to be perfectly still to draw it in. If you notice Jiraiya did the same thing.

  62. What would happen if Naruto created Shadow Clones while in sage mode? Would the Shadow Clones be sages as well with the same strength? If so, wouldn’t that be an awesome counter to Pain’s six paths?

  63. Looks like Kakashi’s gonna be in the hospital again after this fight.

  64. @ mosesgunn – Yeah, wouldn’t that be awesomeness?!?!

    @ erich – Hopefully hospital as usual, instead of grave.

  65. Yeah I dont think they will kill kakashi off just yet, his arc is going to be after tsunade is killed.

  66. eh its sad how weak most ppl in the leaf village are like seriously and msot ppl only know several justus

  67. YAY! my avatar showed its sooo cute

  68. ahem..i’m the one that made the comment about sennin mode.i’m trying to sign up and i’m having a little problem.i’m typing the user name and when i click next it says:Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed.what am i doing wrong??plz answer quickly!!!

  69. YAY!!!!I FINALLY SIGNED UP!!!!!!!!!!

  70. i found what i did wrong in the user name!!!!!and i didi it!!haha

  71. why it’s saying:Your comment is awaiting moderation??

  72. Because I had to approve your first comment. You are good to go now. Welcome to the fam ^_^

    Much Love,
    Captain Planet and Patrick Swayze

  73. […] Naruto Manga 420 spoiler 100% True confirmed + The Six Realms of Pain + Discussion Naruto Manga 420 The new WTF?! posts are up click HERE and HERE to check them out. Hey everyone, Last week was […] […]

  74. That guy had the same kissme icon as me so I had to change it to sasori he’s a beast

  75. why didn’t itnwork

  76. hmmm sasori better be there

  77. Wtf

  78. Hello! I’m Crystal. I am almost 19. 🙂
    I guess – wonderful name for this site! 😉
    It is so cool here, especially in “” category.
    I was surfed about 3 hours before found this forum. I think i’ll be here for a long time! :-*

  79. Yeah It takes time for your icon to change.

  80. Ok jeremiah….ive done all that register thing…now how do setup a pic …

  81. thanks it’s sasori now

  82. im gonna be the first comment next week…BELIEVE IT!!

  83. welcome babyfox9 from the awesomeness that is the land of naruto and mulletts

  84. you guys think naruto will kill pain?

  85. holy crap. after seeing the spoiler, it seems iruka will be one of dead shinobis that pein will own. its cool that to happen, it will just stock more hatred of naruto towards pein.. no more forgiveness and no chance for pein to be gaara alike that naruto would befriend after fight. yo naruto bring out your awesomeness and kill that mthfcka pein.

  86. For the life of me I can’t get why you people think sasori is such a savage. To me he’s just a weird little lonely boy that played with dolls and didn’t get enough hugs from his mommy and daddy……. plus sakura and a grandma beat him up

  87. child abuse to the max

  88. lol, its true, only an abused child could become an evil ventrilaquist…or any sort of ventrilaquist for that matter

  89. thanx for the welcoming alec and Jeremiah 🙂

  90. oh forgot..this site is the best ever!!!i find it when i was looking sth in google..lucky me!!!keep up your’s awesomeness:):):):):)

  91. NO

  92. hahaghahahah

  93. em…
    yeha baholes demexs

  94. @ Every 1

    so wat im wondering is whay the hell has everyone forgotten about! MAITE GAI lol, i wonder wat he does for the invasion, saves kakashis ass AGAIN maybe.

  95. WTF @ MY ICON

  96. yea..ive gotta admit…ive seen many sites like this but…this site is the most AWESOMENESSS.!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA..but anyway…can someone tell me how to get icons …im kinda lost ..i did the whole register thing and well..hmmm.yeah..thats where i left off..

  97. so according to the spoiler kakashi will fight pain and naruto is getting called back for backup… interesting

  98. o and @ mizukage i hope gai dies lol hes so stupid

  99. How awesomeness is it that the conversation always steers back to Gai sensei eventually ^_^

    Does anyone remember the Gai war we had? People who like Gai vs people who want to see him die a horribly painful death…

    We may have to bring that back!

  100. @ Anonymous – If you’ve already registered then you have a log in name.

    So log in, then look in the upper left hand corner at the very top of the post screen and then hover over account, then click edit profile. You should be able to figure it out from there.

    I’m just going to do a whole post on how to sign up.

  101. c’mon @renzy10-Gai maybe is stupid but i don’t think he deserves a horribly painful death..i’m not a fan either but as far as we know from the interview kishi gave :1. Is Jiraiya dead?
    Kishi : He lives…………………………in your heart.
    Naruto has to be grown up. Shikamaru also needed to be grown up. And Sakura will have to be grown up, too. “Lee? Lee doesn’t need to be grown up anymore”….so unfortunately for you Gai wil live for now….lol:)

  102. I am a supporter of the Gai for Hokage movement. The power of youth will prevail!

  103. 🙂

  104. YAY!!!lolXD

  105. I posted a FAQ for signing up and answers to other questions people email me a lot about.

    If you go to the top on the right hand iareawesomeness side tool bar under catagories, just click on the FAQ/ICONS/USERNAME link.

    I recomend even the vets of the site check it out.

  106. TAEK mentioned this earlier but I would be kinda pissed if they killed Iruka sensei.

    @ akatsukirules – nice job repping Sasori

  107. someone tell me what happed in the spoiler my computer is broke and im here on my psp and cant see videos

  108. Iruka runs to a heavily injured ninja.

    He encounters Pain.

    Pain: Tell me where the Nine-Tailed Fox is. Otherwise, you’re dead.

    Iruka: I have no intention of telling that to someone like you.

    A black pole is about to stab Iruka from behind, but Kakashi stops the attack.

    Kakashi: You really came, didn’t you? Drawing everyone’s attention so you can search every nook and cranny.

    Kakashi tells the other ninjas to back off.

    Kakashi creates a chidori, but it is dodged.

    Pain: Kakashi Hatake…a pleasure to meet you. Where is the Nine-Tailed Fox?

    Kakashi: That’s a stupid question.

    Kakashi creates another chidori but is sent flying by an attack wave.

    The scene changes to Myouboku Mountain.

    Fukasaku: Hermit Mode has a risk. You need to remain completely still, which is obviously impossible in battle. But…I can remove the risk by sitting on your shoulder.

    The scene changes to Konoha.

    Shizune is examining a black pole.

    Shizune: From the looks of it, it’s a chakra conductor.

    Meanwhile, Ino’s father arrives at the brain of one of Pain’s bodies.

    Outside, one of Pain’s bodies fires a laser from his head and causes a huge explosion.

    Ino: What was that?

    Tsunade: He finally came. Sound the emergency alarm, and then…order Naruto back.

  109. god I can’t wait till tomorrow and for all of you sasori haters you guys suck sasori was a badass he could have been kazekage but his parents weren’t around and what not so he did some things like kill the kazekage cuz he was a badass and then joined akatsuki and for the matter if chiyo ba and sakura killing him he let them win if he wanted to continue living he wouldn’t have rushed in
    Like an idiot he woulda took his time

  110. hmmm..Sasori is cool..but he’s dead..:)pity..

  111. i wish the anime would catch up with the manga one day….it is sooo damn back *cries* 😥

  112. lets see if my icon works

  113. i think it works….what is it??can’t see very wellO_O

  114. oh yea….hahahahha…no back to the convo…
    i think gai is good…but like jman and tsunade mentioned…kakashi and naruto are runners up…they didnt even say mention gais name in the whole convo which would obviously make him not important.. as for those who love kisame….he hasnt even really done anything bad ass..okay…he fought gai..and lost…granted it wasnt his full strength..but still..theres no really tellin untill he does something bad ass to label him badass…

  115. @babyfox..its supposed to a naruto little older then shippuden with chakra eminating out and manifesting as the nine tail fox

  116. uh!nice one;)

  117. @avidphan rele hard to c =/ and hi guys i jus singed up 😀
    i like gai buh hes a bit too over the top wen they picture him. even when hes tryin to be serious u cant look at him tht way

  118. thanks …i like urs too…i wanted to put a dbz one but i figured that i should keep to the theme of things…hahahah

  119. wtf :S y comment awaiting moderation?

  120. lol 🙂

  121. hmm..if u are interested i found a site which has naruto avatars..they are really cool!if u want to check it out here is the url:
    i’ve found mine there!

  122. i really dont think naruto is ready to face pein…and if he does i hope he whoops some ass and then show him training some more with that old toad and really becoming badass and then whooping madara and sasukes ass without breakin a sweat….WHO AGREES….

  123. NO NO NO!!!i agree up to the part where he whoops madara…not sasuke..c’mon..i want sasuke to help naruto..but he is so DAMN STUBBORN that he probably won’t return..dammit

  124. hey JEREMIAH…did u ever think of puttin a chat box in here …im sure u must have…

  125. erm..why do i have to refresh the page so as to see the comments???what’s going on??:$

  126. hey jeremiah y arent my comments comin up :S

  127. Kisame is a badass because the way he talks pretty much that’s why hes a badass in my eyes

  128. does anyone knooowww?????

  129. @babyfox…i think its because this is a blog…not a chat site….so when someone puts a new comment down…u have to refresh the page so that the new comment or data can be retransmitted thru ur ip address…..

  130. @akatsukirules…u said because of the way he speaks makes him badass….shit.then in ur own context…that would make kakuzo is badf’in ass… u know

  131. whats name of first song

  132. Kakuzo was badass dude, he just had to run into both naruto and Kakashi, not to mention they were supported by another squad too…

  133. Any one else notice that the black area around Jiraya’s eyes were growing bigger and bigger throughout the fight? I’m guessing that there is a time limit on the natural energy before you go froggy, or he might have just been getting uber-powerful.

    Yeah, at least part of my guess in July was that the black things conduct chakra, though I’m sure i’m just being egotistict and missed the times everywhere else someone said something like that 😦

  134. Ok, If you want to know the true secret to the Naruto manga, you have to realise something. David Bowie is awesome!! I know you already know that, but look closer. Minato = Jared from Labrynth!

    They are the same awesome guy. We know Minato sealed the Yang chakra of the nine-tails in his son. But what most people don’t know is at the same time Minato sealed his own Yang in Bowie! Think about it, Minato seals monsters in babies. Jared seals babies in a maze full of monsters. Both Jared and Minato have awesome time/space jitsu… well Jared could stop and change time at will.. so maybe he is better. And the hair… it’s all about the hair.. It’s the same guy same hair same Jitsu same messing around with babies.
    YES IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! THE WORLD WILL END ON THE 11th unless Bowie becomes CanKage of Canada!!!!!!

    But really…. Bowie rules.

  135. i think that when naruto faces sauske that sauske will summon the 4th hokage and naruto will find out about his father and mother

  136. i think that gai isnt that strong considering he had 2 open the 6th gate just 2 beat a 30% kisame and that sasori and itachi r the most powerful of them all. sry if i posted this twice i forgot 2 sign in

  137. Well I am thinking that if naruto I in sage mode for too long he will turn into a frog.

  138. @ lucidj – LMFAO! lovin that prediction…nice spoiler ^_^

  139. @ grimmjowfan – I just needed to approve your first comment, welcome to the fam.

  140. @ avidphan – chat box is already in the worx. Coming with the launch of impending website. Stay tuned ^_^

  141. @ whostolemytaco – don’t underestimate the power of youth…

    And never ever underestimate the power of David Bowie. errr Cankage…

  142. I have a prophile, picture and everything, I just dn’t see it or anyone elses when I post.

  143. profile, sorry

  144. wierd, I see your icon, can’t tell what it is but I can see it.

  145. Glad you finally got one, you were way over due for an icon, you’ve been around for awhile.

  146. Like the icon kingcam, naota as the pirate king.

  147. FLCL, love it or hate it.

  148. LOL kakuza was a badass so was hidan though hidan was on crack just a little bit he was funny but yea pretty much every1 in akatsuki is badass besides madara until he does something same with zetsu they still have to earn their way to awesomeness

  149. when 420 is coming out???awwww…can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  150. On the one colored page it has all the tailed beast hosts. They are holding up the same number of fingers of the tailed beast they have, it is kinda cool.

  151. Congrats Jeremiah, were currently on the front page of wordpress!!!!!!

  152. Jeremiah, you gon’ throw us a giant party or something? we got u on the front of wordpress (big one), and the site’s over 300,000!!! i want my pay day…

    goodnews, SSJGozar has guranteed me a double in pay… wait what’s twice the amount of zero? ahhhhh, crap…

  153. Ahhhh so kakashi got stuck with that strange pin pain has and that i why his lightning edge missed.

  154. @ Alec – yeah, saw that. Numero uno. Thanks to everyone that supports the blog. As you all know I’m working on stuff that is going to be done soon to make the blog better. With out you guys I’m nothing, so this site is as much yours as it is mine ^_^

    @ lastscorpion – I’m looking forward to seeing people turn that into a wallpaper. The first time anyone sees that online in wallpaper form, let everyone here know so that I can link to it. Very cool.

    @ Kingcam – FLCL is cool, nice job mixing it up a bit.

  155. just scene 420 raw…cant wait for it to be subbed……AAAAHHHHHH..IM GROWING IMPATIENT BY THE SECOND…..

  156. I downloaded it in spanish and on the second page naruto is using sage mode with clones and its color, so we see that pa is really green and that in sage mode, the lines around naruto’s eyes are red, i thought it was interesting.

  157. sorry, they logged me out for some reason

    I downloaded it in spanish and on the second page naruto is using sage mode with clones and its color, so we see that pa is really green and that in sage mode, the lines around naruto’s eyes are red, i thought it was interesting.

  158. Look at the guys name on youtube who hast the spoiler on this page, he has the english translation up I read it a little bit ago.

  159. I’m newbee)
    Hi all !

  160. hey guys….and gals if any….i think jiraiya will come back when pain is killed!!

  161. so anyone think so too?

  162. naruto 420 is now up on

  163. seems like its gonna be similar to the episode where sand guys attack konoha.. all clans come together and fight..i think we need something more in this episode where pain attacks konoha..revealing improved abilities of ino,chouji,kiba,shikamaru,hinata… and offcourse narutoooooo

  164. Finally replaced my high res metal gear solid 4 wall paper. The First page of chapter 420 has the Tailed crew at 1057 x 750. It is now my wallpaper for 2 computers, ps3, psp, and an Iphone.

    And Jeremiah sorry if I woke you up ten minutes ago as I snuck in through the game room and changed it for your backgrounds too.

  165. i wish we coulda seen alll the tailed beast kick ass when they were alive…damn, number 5 looks badass

  166. We are getting closer to the Naruto vs. Pain fight, with, Tsunade summoning Naruto back. But really what can Naruto do the Rinnengan shattered Kakashi’s MS with what looked like some genjutsu.

  167. the 3 tails looks like hed pwn lol and im sure they will show them in the anime

  168. does anybody notice how naruto is starting to become real similar to dragonball gt….look at naruto’s eyes in sage mode…looks just like when goku or vegita goes ssj 4 and then pa frog is like…u need ur campions to buy u time to charge up into sage..and what happens in dragonball gt or z ..after goku gets his but whooped..he always need someone whose way weaker then the villian to fight for maybe 1 minute or two …just so goku can charge up a spirit bomb or charge up some attack….hmmmm just something to ponder….

  169. JEREMIAH.. OR ANYBODY….after i log onto wordpress…is there an easy way to find iareawesomeness…cuz i type that in the search box…and it always says no matches…so then i have to open the bookmark page i have or ur site just to be logged in as AVIDPHAN…..some Revelation would be appreciated….

  170. yo number 7 tailed beast looks like raiydan from mortal kombat….and number 6 looks like sasukes long lost gay brother…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA

  171. Is it possible Pain is going to use Jiraiya’s body which will lead to an epic master vs. student battle between Jiraiya and Naruto?

  172. @thehuntsman……that would be so F’in serious if pain did that….remember that one spoiler pic in the next issue right after jiraiya died…they showed a pic of jiraiya all piercings up like one of peins bodies….it turned out to be not the right spoiler…but now i think about it…kishi probably has many chapters already done…so that one with jman could have been a future issued manga….

  173. do you know how f’in AWESOMENESS that issue would be if they had jiraiya fight naruto…..GOD DAMN THAT WOULD BE AN ISSUE…come to think of it… remember when jman died…the next issue showed a spoiler pic of jman full of piercings, like one of peins bodies. then it turned out that it was an incorrect spoiler..but what i think is that it wasnt an incorrect spoiler…it was just an out of order spoiler…that spoiler is probably meant for a couple of issues later on….

  174. hey AVIDPHAN go to Newest Posts at the top right of the blog and click: Icons and User Names are Awesomeness… it says among other things how to subscribe to the blog.i have done the same thing and Jeremiah explains everything so i believe that u won’t have any brobs:)

  175. @avidphan- Dude, you can subscribe to the blog, become an admin like me, put in your bookmarks, or be a true avidphan and remember how to write it in everytime.

  176. hey AVIDPHAN go to the top right of the blog and in the Newest Posts click:Icons and User Names are Awesomeness…
    Jeremiah explains among others how to find’s quite easy!:)

  177. 420 is true awesomeness!!! I think Naruto will find a way to use his clones to create an endless attack process using Sage mode. Think about it… Naruto creates 2 clones… 1 clone goes into Sage mode… the other one waits a few minutes then goes into Sage mode… Naruto creates another to go into Sage mode… and so on… and so on… The second scenario just has Naruto in Sage mode and creating hundreds of Narutos all in Sage mode and kicking @ss for 5 minutes. I like the 1st scenario better since it’s probably how Pain is operating too.

  178. I’m just enjoying the fact that both Naruto and Bleach are picking up at the same time…

  179. thanks babyfox and alec for clarification………now about this admin stuff…hmmm get at me

  180. @Mosesgunn… i think that first idea of urs would probably take care of the problem that pa frog was talking about. He said u need ur ally’s to help u while u charge up sage mode…well why cant naruto just use kage bunshin and make maybe 10 clones to distract while he charges…or even…before naruto even goes to battle with pein he needs to have a kage bunshin go in for him so that naruto can watch from the side lines and charge up…then when pein defeats narutos clone..naruto can walk in already in as a sage…huh huh huh…….

  181. i’ve been thinking about that too i mean naruto doesn’t really need alllys he can come up more clones then allies which gives him enough time either that or just call pa frog cuz pa frog has a shit load of knowledge and can help him fight\
    i’m not on my phone so im not loggged in but oh well

  182. i think i’m going to be a fan of this blo xD

    i’m from portugal… here i’ve only seen the first serie. that sucks.. i just love NARUTO..

  183. @avidphan… my thoughts EXACTLY. Considering, just about every other revolutionary solution Naruto comes up with involves kage bushin, don’t be surprised if pa toad is somehow taken out leaving Naruto with this option as a fallback. Another ‘dangerous bridge’ he must cross by himself perhaps? Hmmmm

  184. hmm good chapter indeed we keep knowing more bout pain i hope pa can be find out the secret then he can avenge jiraya

  185. shoot…i hope they tel naruto of his damn past….they are already about to send him to his death…whats taking them so long in spilling the beans about his father ..u know

  186. i think…and his is just a though for the far future…but…somehow i think madara is gonna unleash the 9 tails outa naruto ..and naruto is gonna have to fight the 9 tails…now the gift that itachi gave naruto is gonna be the sharigan…now how AWESOMENESS would that be…seeing naruto eyes turning into MS… or suttin…WHATTT…sorry sorry …im gettin a little excited at the thought…

  187. hello i think that sasuke is stronger than pain and i think sasuke is not gonno go bak bein narutos frend i hope i see
    hokage naruto captain ichigo and sasuke doin more cool stuff
    i love bleach

  188. Those of you who wonder why he’s speaking in third person.. Its because the real one isn’t there!! Come on.. Listen to jiraiya

  189. Yeah its Nagoto fo sho

  190. their name are from six realm in buddhism right? deva, asura, human, animal, hungry ghost, Naraka(hell)

  191. These 6 realms are related to the wheel of samsara, Titan, animal, hungry ghost , hell, human, and heaven are the 6 realms of rebirth and death from samsara, in the manga god realm is heaven and titan realm is demon. Hence the wierd hungry ghost realm is not something out if the blue to be funny haha

  192. Animal Realm is really cool for me although I also like God Realm.

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