WTF?! is Enka?

Here is the real life Killer Bee performing Enka ^_^  The definition is below the video.

(Wikipeida Entry) Modern enka (演歌 — from 演 en performance, entertainment, and 歌 ka song) came into being in the postwar years of the Shōwa period. It was the first style to synthesize the Japanese pentatonic scale with Western harmonies.[clarify]Enka lyrics, as in Portuguese Fado, usually are about the themes of love and loss, loneliness, enduring hardships, and persevering in the face of difficulties, even suicide or death. Enka suggests a more traditional, idealized, or romanticized aspect of Japanese culture and attitudes, comparable to American country and western music.


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on October 3, 2008.

19 Responses to “WTF?! is Enka?”

  1. haha thought that was the waynes bro.

    o0o finally first?

    tch tch tch bono is really slipping up

  2. Maybe he should keep to the rapping

  3. @ Russ – what eva! Dudes got a good voice.

  4. that guy is good

  5. that guy’s livin’ my dream 🙂

  6. LOL killerbee is funny as hell

  7. where in the world is Bono? I feel like I’m dying of cancer over here…

    too soon?

  8. Ok I’m like really kinda pissed I was thinking about akatsuki cuz bad guys are awesome and I realized some they killed sasori for no reason he could still be alive right now think about it he’s a fucking beast but no he had to lose to a dumb bitch

  9. Sasori is prolly one of the strongest people ever and he died to bitch

  10. No, he decided to lose, remember him that way, he decided to take his own life because he felt he was too awesome for the world to have

  11. Still my point being if I was sasori I would kill every strong shinobi make them my puppet and like I’d be my own thing of domination he wouldn’t need a tailed beast and yea I know he killed himself but it still makes me sad he thought so logically and I was amazing one of my favorite characters I must say right next to itachi and kisame speaking of itachi he and sasori both protected their villages as they died itachi more but still

  12. i think that itachi was the strongest ever because he could beat sasuke and the fact that madara and pain hide secrets from others and thats y the beat every1. i also noticed in chapter 403 page 11 that sasuke has a sharingan but it only has 1 tomoe

  13. @ All…Jeremiah is out of commission for a bit. He is without internet and asked me to let you know that he should be up and running by Monday or Tuesday.

  14. Aight but I mean you can’t mess with sasori whqs he gonna do blow his body up he gets a new one

  15. And you saying itachi was the strongest ever just cuz he could beat sasuke that means nothing sasuke is strong now but still Alot of people can beat sasuke for example bee killed sasuke twice but he got saved

  16. still nobody has ever seen itachi’s true power and the fact that pain woulda lost if he hadnt kept his secret and madara said that if he hadnt kept secrets he also wouldve lost so itachi is prob the strongest except for naruto and jiraya

  17. hmmm we havent seen bono in a while back then i thought he lived on this site

  18. where has bono been havnt seen him for awhile

  19. He’ll be back… they always comeback…

    @ WhoStoleMyTaco – What happened to your icon? Its back to the noob icon.

    @ Alec – HAHA! nice dying of cancer reference… it would only be harsh if the Swayze wasn’t choosing death. Nobody and nothing kills the Swayze… if he dies its because he wants to!

    I need to repost that WTF?! so that other people know what we’re talking about just incase they came around after the other site.

    Where are Erich and Lastscorpion?! They must be off hunting down Bono making sure he is never first again!

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