Naruto Manga 419 “Attack!” + Enka + discussion + Eye’s of a Sage

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If you want to know what Killer Bee is talking about in the new manga when he refers to Enka, click HERE. Thanks Manny for giving me the link that lead to the Enka WTF?! post.

Check out this weeks WTF?! post to see what anime and potty training have in common…

Hey everyone,

Another week and another manga soon to be released.  But this shouldn’t be just any manga, it SHOULD be what we’ve all been waiting for… the invasion of Konoha!  Yes it seems its finally upon us.  We can all let out a sigh of relief as we read the impending chaos unfold.  Not to be overshadowed, the last issue of manga was a really good one.  We saw Naruto master sage mode and use a new technique.  This new mystery technique is going to be covered in this weeks survey along with a few other questions so make sure you check that out before you leave the site.

I’m also looking forward to the return of Kakashi to the story line which should be a given considering the coming invasion of Pain.  We should also get to see some more of Madara, who seems to drive everyone crazy with theories about his true identity or motives.

Among the 200+ comments that came up last week, one caught my attention: Has Pain shown his true power yet?  Have we really seen the true power of the Rinnegan?  This will also be covered in this weeks survey so click the eyes below to take this weeks survey and I’ll check back in soon and post a WTF blog entry this week that will be good for a laugh… or at least a head scratch and a curious look…

Lastly I’ve done a redux on the Catagories links section to the right on the access tool bar.  Hopefully you will be able to search through the old posts more easily now.  Especially since more WTF!? and Anime posts are in our future.

Ja mata

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the WTF?! post this week before you leave. Click HERE to read it.

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“Eyes of the Sage”

Early results from this weeks survey

Have we seen the true power of Pain yet?

73.1% of you said No.

14.6% of you said Pretty Much.

12.1% of you said that you have no idea because you havn’t actually seen Pain fight yet.

Which eyes would you rather have?

61% of you said Sage.

39% of you said Sharingan.

What is the new technique that Naruto can’t let anyone else see?

56% of you said something completely new.

21.9% of you said Futon Rasen Shuriken.

12.1% of you said Futon Rasengan.

7.3% of you said Rasen Shuriken.

2.4% of you said Large puff of non threatning smoke ^_^


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on September 29, 2008.

155 Responses to “Naruto Manga 419 “Attack!” + Enka + discussion + Eye’s of a Sage”

  1. Woot!

  2. I’m not even going to say it Bono.. lol

  3. Mother F****r! I’m slipping! Freaking 3rd?!?! I will regain my position as number 1 next week!

  4. i did not know naruto did a new technique i mustive skipped it

  5. Yeah, but it didn’t show it and he said he couldn’t let anyone seeing him do it. I actually used that page for the main pic this week, I just changed the words.

  6. so do you think it is a whole new technique or just a finish up of his new rasengon thingy

  7. Rasen Shuriken!

  8. I personally think that its the completion of his fuuton rasen shuriken. coz remember captain yamato told kakashi that his new rasengan is just half completed jutsu, that means naruto hasnt completed it yet.. Now in sage mode maybe he completed it or somethingl like that. maybe he can throw it now eh? lol

  9. I personally think that its the completion of his fuuton rasen shuriken. coz remember captain yamato told kakashi that his new rasengan is just half completed jutsu, that means naruto hasnt completed it yet.. Now in sage mode maybe he completed it or somethingl like that. maybe he can throw it now eh? lol

  10. What do you guys think? Would it be possible that Naruto is training on a new technique using what Uchia gave him. Probably a new eye technique while using his sage one. That would be so cool a new eye technique with the combination of sage power and his wolf chackra. That’s probably why he does not want anyone to know since he realized that he needs something to fight sasuke with. Remember what Uchia told him after he gave naruto his power. What if sasuke does not want to come willingly what would he do? let me know what you thin. thanks

  11. What if his new jutsu has something to do with water and that is why there is a cloud, just a thought.

  12. he’s using natural energy for the suriken rasengan.. since the chakra one uses up his lifespan.

  13. just by the title “awakening” it sounds life the key to the kybaa might be put into play as well. What about the power that itachi shared with naruto and we know he is already working on perfecting the shurikin rasengan, but while in sage mode it would increase 10 fold.

  14. I think it might be something new and that cloud of smoke was from a whole bunch shadow clones he was using for training.

  15. @ichigouzamaki – I totally thought about that while I was at lunch but by the time I got back to check the site you thought of it as well… nice job ^_^

    I added it to the survey as an option.

    I would like to say that I think Yamato was referring to the fact that its a “Rasen Shuriken” which means it should be able to be thrown. So he was saying half done, as in he can’t throw it yet.

    It’s a long shot but Futon Rasen Shuriken!!!! would be an awesome weapon against Pain.

  16. @ squishy – possibly but I still think it will be an immunity to one of the Sharingan’s eye techniques, if not all of them.

    @ lastscorpion – I’ve always thought his second element would be water too but everyone else thinks fire…. good thought.

    @ skyhigh – I didn’t think of that. It’s very possible that cloud of smoke was Naruto dissengaging kage bunshin.

  17. hey imma naruto fan myself and dat chapter was good im going to say if naruto is perfecting da fuuton rasengan he should be able to throw it he has wind chakara so all he has to do is learn how to fan the rasengan

  18. i agree with the fuuton rasenshuriken theory, and from the moment i first laid eyes on it i was a little disappointed that he had to still use his kage bunshins to trick kakuzu and land it on him by hand. it cant be that he has learned anything pertaining to water based jutsu because he himself doesn’t know his second chakra type, nor does he know how to train it (leaf cutting method).

  19. i think sky high’s right that its differnt, but it probably isn’t the fuuton rasen shuriken cause it sounds like he was working on it with Jiraya, like ultimate rasengan cannon (kama-ha-me-haaaaaaa…)

  20. @Jeremiah- did we avoid absolute doom or is there still time left on the clock according to sir hates-the-world-alot

  21. Damn! I forgot all about that… the way things are looking here in the U.S. he may have been right! ^_^

    I’ll have to check the date and get back to you… nice job remembering that, I had totally forgot.

  22. Actually, looking back through the manga what are those things that pain has on c378 01? any ides or theories on that…It seems they are related to the pins, and it’s those that allow pain to control people’s chakra flows and thus take them over

  23. @ Alec – I just looked it up… October 11th.

  24. if u look back in the manga… jiraya also mentions naruto completing ‘that jutsu’. i reckon its somethin completely different i cant rememeber the page but youll have to go back and look i think its before jiraya goes for pein

  25. Well, it we still have a week and a half, I’m getting ready for the worst, or at least my icon 8)

  26. LMAO! You could have gone a level higher in the bad ass department… like Swayze or Captain Planet ^_^

  27. when is sakura going to have some upgraded powers?

  28. I would like to see a Futon Rasen Shuriken. However if you got something 10 times more powerful than the regular Futon Rasengon which shattered Naruto’s arm. Wouldn’t it bee too powerful a move for Naruto to just throw at people. He can barely hit people when he’s got it in his hand. I think the destruction he would cause without hitting his target would warrent him not being able to use the move.
    However if Sage mode does inhance all his abilties lets hope it helps his speed and acuracy.

  29. by the way Naruto is getting too many looks. He’s got the Kyubi eyes, the sage eyes and possibly a sharringan. Wonder if he’ll use them all seperatly or if he can combine them all. And what would that look like?

  30. wouldnt it be funny if he other element was lightning it would like totally contradict itself. and about his technique i think its somehting with the toad kung fu

  31. I wonder how kisame is gonna effect the invasion

  32. One would hope.

    Hey Akatsuki Rules…When are you going to get a user name so that your comments show up right away???

  33. @ Shezi yeah he did say that so naruto could be working on annother jutsu that we dont know about.

  34. naruto is really about to be bad ass…he has got sage mode down …surpassed jman took the rasengan further..surpassed kakashi…now hes gonna learn toad style fighting… and most likely he will have control of the giant frog and kyuubi…so thats two fuckin extreme summons….SHEEEESSHH…Plus whatever hes been hiding while the old frog is sleeping.. and i know he has been practicing more than one trick….GOD DAMN he is about to be really BADASS

  35. although i agree naruto will be badass…i don’t know what you’re talking about when you say 9tails summon. the kyubi is sealed away and cannot be summoned, not even by madara…he still has much to learn before he surpasses jiraiya. he might have gone beyond kakashi in terms of raw power( not including the kyubi chakra) but he cannot compare with their skills and the variety of them. he knows absolutely no sealing techniques, and very little ninjutsu, kakashi has all the elements and a greater knowledge of fighting, and the ms2. the only reason kakashi said that is that he completed the rasengan, but that was his destiny…he was after all the fourth’s son…and jiraiya is on a whole other level from kakashi so…you get the point

  36. @Jeremiah-Yeah, I said I’m preparing for the worst, I’m not ready yet, my icon is currently evolving, give it time, and you will see the ultimate in awesomeness soon

  37. Actually, this one should be a quick evolution

  38. Well, did you ever thought of a technique Naruto tries to create as Kakashi mentions that fire-chakra is more powerful as wind-chakra and Naruto replies that fire won´t work without wind. (The conversation before completing the futon rasengan)

  39. I’m hoping it will be some sort of melding of kyuubi and sage chakra. So he may finally be able to control the kyuubi’s power like some of the other jinchurikki (spelling) can. The sage mode may well have toughened his skin as he found out when he fell so that now he can use his new rasengan shuriken without taking damage and is trying to find more ways to make it easier to use in battle.

    The possibilities are endless..

  40. Personally, I think that Naruto’s new technique will have nothing to do with the Rasenshuriken since Naruto didn’t know he was wind nature at the time he trained with Jiraya. Its clear that the technique he refers to was developed while training with Jiraya so it would have to be something powerful that Jiraya knows about as well. Since Kishi loves Dragonball so much, I would expect this new technique to mirror the development of Goku (maybe a kamehameha knockoff?). Just keep in mind that Naruto, while training with Jiraya, had no knowledge of wind or any other elements so the technique would most likely have to depend on pure chakra use rather than anything using elements. Another thought would be if the Rinnegan was a learned technique rather than a bloodline trait.

  41. what if naruto is training time/space no jutsu???

  42. Gee’s, I read this and thoguht, “at last.. at long last Naruto is becoming a half decent ninja.” It seems he’s spent the entire series getting by on either: luck, stubborness, other people, or the power of the Fox. While Sasuke has actually shown real development in both power, and character.
    It’ll be nice to see him finally come into his own, with a set of personal strengths (I.E. not the fox’s) too boot, and a reunion with Sasuke!

    Can’t wait..

  43. tsunade will fith pein
    Pein will kill Tsunade
    Kakashi will be the 6th hokage 😉
    then madara kill kakashi
    and naruto kill madara and become the 7th Hokage

    Other teory

    Pein will attack Konoha and will fight Tsunade
    Tsunade will be almost die but kakashi save her
    Pein kill Kakashi
    Then Pein met Sasuke Uchiha (with his crew) and fight them
    Sasuke with naruto will stop pein

    the real pein will show up (Nagato)
    then will start an eyes fight Rinengan-Sharingan
    (sharingan is cooler~~)

  44. I secretely hope “that” justu, which he wasn’t allowed to use from Jiraiya, would have been Minato’s body flicker jutsu.

  45. well that puff of smoke has to be the effects from the attack or his clones.

  46. i think naruto new technique will probably a finish up of Rasenshuriken he never finished it and he is working on finishing it and when he use it he wont injure his self

  47. So let´s sum up what we know about sage-mode in order to find a hint if rasenshuriken is or is not the technique Naruto tries to complete.
    We know:
    Sage mode is drawing chakra from the surounding of the character.
    So the character has an unlimited amount of chakra.
    As well we know that Sage mode is reducing the physical damage to a minimum.
    These two arguments seem to underline the theory of rasenshuriken.
    But the theory of completing “that” jutsu Jiraya tells about in chapter 370 is also underlined by these two facts.
    Jiraya implies that the completion of the jutsu requires a massive amount of chakra as he tells about releasing the seal on narutos belly one day.

  48. well Nighthawk00 i would also like the idea of the teleporting jutsu!!!but it’s probably the Rasensuriken….

  49. sigh…another new jutsu that im sure kishi wont show……..but whenever saagay develops a new jutsu he always shows it…..anyways im excited to see kakashi lock horns with pain, i just hope kakashi doesn’t die cause if he did…..i would go ape shit

  50. Did anyone notice that all the base’s and hideout’s used by the akatsuki are all made of earth or are underground and have very earthy tones… and Obito was stuck under ground, and when tobi/madara uses his spacetime ninjutsu, it looks like he warps into his right eye. also why the one eyed mask, wouldn’t a uchiha use both his eyes as they are the strongest eyes/ or more complete than any before. so I think that madara is doing what orochimaru did and put his soul in another body or something like that or he could be obito lying about who he is or some off the wall bit about who MizuMadaObiTobiKage…I coined it first..
    I’m just trying to piece together enough facts to the whole Madara/Obito connection. I’m mean they never mention people in the show or manga for no reason…

  51. is it me or does the mountain in the back behind the cloud of smoke looks like it split in half.

  52. whoa how do get all those stuff sense im new!

  53. also I know sasuke is not on madara’s side completely, I mean he did say that he would kill all responsible for the distruction of the uchiha clan… Madara helped itachi kill all the uchiha, so I’m sure sasuke is still pissed about it and will turn on madara when he has the strength. even if madara told sasuke about itachi, sasuke wants to kill all responsble…

  54. hmm, im thinking the “new” jutsu is probably just something added to rasenshuriken. and in the even naruto and pain acutally do start fighting in the next few chapters, expect atleast 20-50 chapters worth of fighting/flashbaks and naruto getting beat up and saying “iwont give up” and pain saying give it up and naruto finally wins through some lame comebak by power or will by using like 2k clones etc

  55. im a naruto fan but honestly…this is exactly what we can expect in the end…if its naruto fighting…u HAVE to expect a lame win, unlike jman’s or sasuke’s fights

  56. lets all remember what this season is called… HURRICANE CHRONICLES…. which leads me to believe that his technique could quite possibly involve a jutsu the resembles a hurricane.. whether in power or in physical looks…dont forget the rasenshuriken when it his that akatsuki it damaged in a circular motion like a hurricane and the sage mode is supposed to amplify 10 fold so…hmmm…just a thought for one to ponder….

  57. also as a side note…. remember kakashi or jman(i cant remember) was telling naruto that he needed a element that canceled out sasukes fire….since his wind canceled out chidori… so hmm…perhaps he has learned how to use water element with the wind to make a hurricane jutsu…..WHHATT!!! how serious would that be………

  58. i think that its rasengan with sage chakra.bcoz kakashi said that rasengan is a incompleted jutsu which is created to use with elemental chakra but naruto’s normal chakra rasengan with his wind chakra is damaging naruto as well the he is going to use rasengan created by sage chakra filled with naruto’s wind

  59. i think naruto has sharingan

  60. Naruto Manga 419 Spoilers:

    Jeremiah response – Thanks Kilo, thats the one that is posted on the main page here.

  61. if u look back on the manga 2 just b4 jman uook on pain he said that only naruto could finish that jutsu minato started

  62. @Jeremiah- i think that sasuke’s invasion go’s wrong and then during it sask turns on madara and takes his eyes making an ultimate EMS and with 8 bijuus at his command becomes the final villian with zetsu and kisame(greatest dude EvA!!) as his followers wat do you think let me know

  63. Well if you go by just the pic of Naruto training his new Jitsu….. he is training by a stream…. that is not a “puff” of smoke, it is a cloud… and he is not sweating .. he is drenched in water. This is Naurto “shipuden” = Naurto storm or Hurrcaine. Naurto needs water to beat sasgay’s fire. The kanji for Yondaime’s family name Namikaze are wave and wind, and Naruto’s mothers family name Uzumaki means whirlpool (a surname also related to water). I mean it could be anything… but my guess would be this is where the “Shipuuden” part kicks in.

  64. the spoiler was confusing what happened with the 8 tails he still alive

  65. it isn’t a new technique

    it’s just “rasengan shuriken” in sage mode

  66. @ James – bit confused myself.

    @ havok – if he has the ability to throw his Rasengan i.e. Rasen Shuriken then wouldn’t that be new? The ability to throw the damn thing despite the name of the technique has evaded him so far. Hence why Yamoto said he was able to complete half of the technique.

    But I see what your saying. It’s not “new” but he’s just finishing what he started a while ago.

  67. yea i still gotta make one i might just do that now and my iphone was out of service for like 2 days i felt so lost without this site at the palm of my hands anyways my views of this is a completely new jutsu and im very happy to see kisame back in action and a little more happy that zetsu is actually where ever i wanna see him do something like eat someone alive i mean seriouisly that would be Sweet

  68. ok um where do i register a name?

  69. hmmm so killer bee is still alive, we get more gangsta rap now YEAH BOOOYYYY!!!!

  70. @ Akatsuki Rules – bout time! ^_^

    Click HERE to go to sign up so that you can get an icon. That goes for any of you that read the site regularly. You can set your own icon instead of the generic ones. Once you sign up and an Admin approves your first comment your comments post instantly and the Admins don’t need to approve them any more.

  71. ..kakashi is gonna die…………

  72. hey guys any reason why some of he surveys have become so short?

  73. new avatar baby!

  74. I dont think kakashi is going to die just yet, tsunade is much more likely to die and they still did not do the arc about kakashi yet.

  75. I would say that Kakashi will die neer the end of the manga or he will live and just step down from hokage like the third. I see him teaching narutos kids how to be ninja.

  76. *deleted by jeremiah*

    Response by Jeremiah – Thanks for the link Manny. I took it down because I’m using it for my WTF?! post next week. Awesome clip. Thanx again ^_^

  77. thats enka

  78. naruto is the shit and a bad ass

  79. Lets hope there is more to this one just like the last two.

  80. I think it is a new jutsu

  81. I the move Naruto was working on after going into sage mode was that teleportation move is that dad could do.

  82. Killerbee escapes.. thank god! kishi aint as much of a retard as i thought he was, i love killerbee he is just too badass to kill off

  83. Kakashi is gonna be half dead or sacrifce himself to save —> Sakura is gonna be half dead, and if not my guess would be the one and only Sai since he is conditional and has no place. Tsunade is not gonna die, you are stupid if you even thought of that.

  84. Naruto’s new technique does not have to do with the rasengan, if so, that would suck. It probably a technique he learn during the time training with Jiraiya. [good guess though about the new improve rasengan(but sorry its not)]

  85. what’s good been reading this blog for whille and it good to find other people intrested on naruto as much as myself. But the the jutsu naruto is working on in secret is completing the rasen shurtaken. And the jutsu pervy sage told naruto not to use was the power of the kyubbi because be knew naruto can’t control it and the demon eventually takes over cause jariya weaken the seal in the first place. Just tryen to throw my 2 cents in.

  86. i think they will do the arc bout kakashi just b4 he battles akatsuki and dies or when tsunade dies n leaves kakashi as hokage

  87. kakashi will become hokage die and then naruto will become hokage and the manga will end

  88. @ biradical – awesomeness Kisame icon!

    @ dudeihatesasgay – angry monkey from Family Guy, nice!

    @ manny – thanx for posting that. Now my WTF?! post for next week is already done ^_^

    Sorry I havn’t been able to get on much these last couple days, I’ve been moving so I’ve only been able to log on at school. Keep up the good comments, you guys are achieving Captain Planet level Awesomeness. The results for this weeks survey will be posted within the next 60mins.

  89. i think naruto’s new technique summons a bird!! ^^

  90. Well it can’t be new since he said it’s not perfect i need to keep practicing in sage. meaning in his (new) sage mode he can complete whatever it is. Since Sage enhances his strength and etc… it would make since to be the futon. now he most likely can’t hurt his self with it.

  91. I havent read anyone saying this but looking at the wave-tree like things on the background after training… if you look closely you could distinguish something that looks like trees sticking out of those waves… almost lookes like a fire is raging..

  92. good thing killerbee is alive but i have no clue how he alive

  93. madara and kismie can go after him so he might not be alive for long

  94. I look forward to tomorrow

  95. yeaaaaaaa I’m finally registered

  96. Good to have you on board finally ^_^

  97. @iamlegend206 I agree with you about “that jutsu” that jman was talking about. I hope, though, your wrong about completing the rasen shuriken, because naruto needs to keep increasing his arsenal of jutsus. But you are, unfortunately, probably right.

  98. Killerbee is just like Tupac. Even though he’s “dead” he still puts out albums. I think one is coming out next month even.

    You can’t kill an original G!!

  99. (THESE ARE MY PREDICTIONS) hhmmmm….this hard to decide wat is going to happen cuz itachi gave naruto some of his power to use it for later…i personally think that everyone meaning naruto’s generation is going to be taking on one of the pein members. they all will defeat pein. then the real pein comes n whoops everyone. kakashi will face mandra n struggles against him. gai comes n helps kakashi. naruto will later come up n help but goes n asks the eight tailed beast to help him n ask gaara, n the raikage to help them. mandara will most likely be defeated by gai n kakashi maybe unless they lose n sasuke takes out mandara. naruto, gaara, n Bee will try to take out the real pein but fails. naruto will be the last one standing. sasuke, sakura, naruto are reunited n becomes team #7 kakshi. the three will take out pein by teaming up. as this is all happening oruchimaru will help out with the plan to destory konoha. then dies again. everyone will show what they have learned over the three years that have passed.

  100. I think your on crack….

  101. LOL guyz!!! naruto will NOT be able to throw rasenshuriken!!! hes a melee range fighter and i doubt kishi is gona give him any technique thats not close ranged, its probably another knock-off of rasengan, i doubt its “that” that jman was talking about, he was only talking about not using 9-tail chakra otherwise, knowing naruto, he woulda used it no matter wat jman said against deidara

  102. i meant if it WAS a secret technique, he woulda used it no matter what jman woulda said* for those of u who are confused

  103. ele é o melhor 😀

  104. ehh… I don’t really think kakashi and gai could defeat madara.But at least your predictions are different though, nice to see something new {^_^}

  105. that does not have a good chance of happing

  106. well it’s clear to say that this will be the beginning of a new all out shinobi war, and most of all the shinobi nations will be involed in it. There will be blood, there will be death’s and death’s you might not see coming, but it might be my dislike for sasuke but I think that he will die in the war. He acutually has died twice, and both seemed to be easy, almost like nothing so it safe to say sasuke blows ass, even Naruto didn’t punkout like sasuke. Naruto never relies on his friends to fight and sasuke has relied on his team, his eyes, and his abilites/jutsu so many times…

  107. I know that Naruto needs two clones to make the fuuton rasengan and you see no clones next to him, also the fuuton rasengan is extremly powerful, testing it would distroy alot of earth around him…none of that, also he is standing like Bee when he was training at unraikyo. So I think Naruto has taken control of the kyuubi. any thoughts…..

  108. i dont think sasuke will ever come back

  109. me either

  110. o

  111. hmmm im not sure how to register

  112. yay im finally registered also

  113. A+ for being the first to use a chibi icon

    A++ for having an awesomeness handle

    Who do you think would win in a fight, a taco or a grilled cheese…

  114. Hey guys that just got registered… You guys are correct, sasuke is not returning to the manga because he was cast as the main character in the manga adaptation of 80’s american sitcom perfect strangers.
    also Naruto does have the power to control the kyuubi and the ability to use rasenshuriken without getting hurt. These are not predictions but a statement of fact.

  115. Well, I think the grilled cheese sandwich – in a fair fight. But if it was prison rules, I’d put my money on the taco.

  116. lol how I love having this at the palm of my hands mostly in school cuz class sucks and I read most the comments then

  117. why doesn’t he have his necklace on in the second pic

  118. the grilled sandwich uses shadow clone jutsu and gang bashs the taco

  119. after naruto comes out of sage mode the firsts necklace is gone

  120. I was lookin back on some blogs and i found one that jeremiah was sayin that he thinks that naruto and pain are related. Wat if pain is narutos uncle and Kushina brother thus explainin how he has her body. just a suggestion please comment back

  121. The new manga is posted.

    @ biradical – I do remember having that thought but I still think the new body is Kushina. All the bodies have been related to Jiraiya some how and Kushina was very important to Jiraiya.

    I have the crazy idea that they are related considerin Naruto’s mother Kushina is not from Konoha. So perhaps Naruto isn’t her first child or he’s related some other way. I give it such a small percentage of being correct BUT you never know.

  122. @ Collin – There are alot of inconsistancies in drawing the manga. It’s usually not on purpose, its just an artist error. I didn’t notice it, nice job spotting it. To error is human… to forgive Kishi is divine ^_^

  123. @ Russ – Racist… but correct ^_^

  124. It seems that each path of pain is in charge of its own realm maybe that is the secret of the rinnegan. also do u think that they will stop the invasion now that they have realized that they dont have the eight tailed beast anymore.

  125. nah I doubt they’ll stop it cause they still want the nine tailed beast. But I do think that they’ll use that as a reason to delay sasuke from going to konoha and after this invasion arc the next step will be kabuto for naruto and the leaf and the 8 tails/raikage for sasuke and akatsuki for the next arc. Then after that it’ll be about time for the end and it’ll be the final arc at least thats what im thinkin

  126. Well the real pain is not there so all of them that attacked the leaf can and will die. The real pain could not be there because they started to extract the eight tails and that is something only pain can do. It also seems that the eight tails is alot stronger then we where thinking, he was just playing around with team hawk. I still think that the new pain body is rin and that is what will start off the kakashi arc. I also still think the real pain is nagato and he is narutos uncle.

  127. Maybe this has been dicussed before but why would Kushina attack her own son?

  128. wow for a a demon the 8 tails sounds like a good dude

  129. @ thehuntsman…If it is Kushina, I don’t think she is in control anymore. I believe she is dead and that is how Pain is in control of her body.

  130. I could see that theory but not the Pain=Kushina theory. Though I like the idea of a woman who can kick ass finally.

  131. @ lastscorpion… I did not see Pain there, only Zetsu, Madara, and Kisame.

  132. we don’t know for a fact that pain has to be there to extract remember that for a god little while they said that pain was the leader of akatsuki. So if they lied about that then maybe they lied when they said they needed pain for the extraction too.

  133. @ russ…. Yeah i know pain was not there but madara said that they needed to wait for pain to start the extraction.

  134. Never mind I just looked back and I was wrong they dont need him to do the extraction.

  135. Probably wanted to wait for Pain so that it would be easier for the extraction????

  136. Could you imagine if brock samson was a ninja??? How freakin cool would that be?—>

  137. No I read it and they where saying that all they need is pain to get naruto, I took what they said the wrong way.

  138. Pain doesn’t have to be there. In the new manga they begin the extraction process without Pain and Zetsu complains about how much longer it takes with so few members present… Why are you guys argueing about this again?

  139. @ Thehuntsman – Pain doesn’t = Kushina, Kushina = one of Pain’s body’s, Nagato = the real Pain

  140. I think that Madara controls the Pain maybe, for one, Nagato is there so I don’t think he’s the real Pein.

  141. where is the real pain body

  142. pain can look in people heads so he will probaly find naruto quickly

  143. Geez sometimes i hate religious retreats, it just cuts you off from the world completely, even though it was only 4 days…I have almost no idea what’s going on 😦

  144. whether its complete jutsu from his previous or new jutsu, im dying for him to try on pain. anyhow, id love to see this new jutsu soon. i bet jiraiya thought some jutsu while naruto was away in konoha and he never had chance to complete it. maybe hes tryin those on sage mode now.

    but heres what its for sure though, the yellow flash of konoha will be revived by naruto. who knows when, im certain that naruto will learned his father jutsu through jiraiya scroll book after pa gave that book to naruto. cross finger.

    about pain. no wonder why jiraiya was defeated, theres no way jiraiya will defeat a ninja if he isnt fighting the real one.

    anyway, have some theory guys… will it be cool if naruto somehow use kage bunshin or any clone jutsu and incorporate with the sage mode, then let that clone naruto fight pein. as we know while in sage mode, naruto doesnt depend on his own chakra so meaning if naruto would make a clone and activate the sage mode on the clone. the clone would just depend on the nature energy. the real naruto would not be involve to the fight. (so its kinda pain style, hiding somewhere) to sum up my theory its like naruto would go sage mode then make 1-3 clone of naruto (on sage mode also) and let the clones fight pain six bodies, while the real naruto would just stand far from the fight and see how powerful his opponent and thinking about plan to defeat them.

    about my last paragraph, it leads me to think that jiraiya mightbe still alive and just hiding somewhere. he could have use a clone, and when he confronted the leader,pein, he activated the sage mode in his clone in order to equit the pein power but all we know the sage mode on the clone isnt enough. the demise of him was just a to make akats think that one of best ninjas on konoha is dead.

  145. i think kisame is the best dude eva. can u imagine kisame v killer bee in a rap battle O-O LMAO

  146. @ EVERYONE- go on u tube and type “fun with akatsuki” i swear it is so funny. by the way does any1 play twelvesky????

  147. @ All…Jeremiah is out of commission for a bit. He is without internet and asked me to let you know that he should be up and running by Monday or Tuesday.

  148. hi you guy im new and i lookd at naruto manga 418 and in the middle of the cloud or smoke there is short line so i think naruto will be able to throw the rasinshuiriken resangon

  149. @ Hermit of naruwisdom…. I have no idea what Twelvesky is and I dont like many naruto fan flash stuff, But if you want to see a funny fan flash watch naruto ultimate fan flash 6 and wait for the Tobi part.

  150. That is pretty funny. I like that one.

  151. if the kyubi can not be sumon why the heck did bee summon it he could summon his kyubi and he is freinds whith it why cant nartuo do tha t

  152. i agree with the person above me but naruto will probably go through another big training to learn from killer B how to turn into or summon the fox like Bee

  153. lol poor naruto

  154. the new technique is the fire blow thing that the uchias can use 🙂

  155. The true power of Pain will be seen in the future, I know. There is so much that he can still show and we will all be surprised. Everybody should prepare.

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