Japanese Toilet Training… WTF?!

This is a video from Japan that was intended to show kids how to use the toilet.  Instead it ranks up there with the WTF from last weeks head of insanity Fiiiiiiiiya! chubby crazy Japanese Para Para guy.  Enjoy!


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on September 29, 2008.

21 Responses to “Japanese Toilet Training… WTF?!”

  1. bwahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!!! wtf!

  2. WTF I’m first I,m usually like near the bottom or middle…… and wtf wee wee piss?

  3. Bono is totally slippin!

    I’m not sure what’s crazier, this weeks or last weeks.

  4. This is the funniest thing i have seen in a while, a truly WTF item

  5. OOOOO so THATS how you make potty I alway thought my poo poo was my food trying to escape from me, so I would try and eat it and get it back inside me. But thanks to this magical song i now kow how to make potty, Thanks for showing me the way little naked tiger cat thing.

  6. @ Lastscorpion – LMAO! nice!

  7. that was so funny

  8. crap i thought i was first but that anonymous just muscled me out

  9. Damnit I never got any Pa Pa Pants when I went. I gotta go to the store now to see if I can snag some of those rockin’ shorts with the star on the front. Don’t they look like somthing Captian Planet would wear when he’s off duty?

  10. Dont you just love it when after you take a dump your parents clap ,dance and confetti falls upon your head.

  11. I could have done without the clip at the end with the real kid taking a dump.

  12. Once I was tripping balls on acid and the toilet talked to me too.

  13. did your poo start to talk as well? “howdy ho!”

  14. Yeah, I was hangin’ out with Trey and Matt one day, I told them about it, and next thing I know… those fuckers animated it. See pissed face ->

  15. Dude, you don’t talk to your crap everyday? I like to build a relation with mine, in fact our very own Bono happens to be a number 2, my number 2…

    That’s right Bono, whatcha gonna do about it? jk 8)

  16. Holy Shit! Nice Icon Alec! Didn’t expect the Swayze… if thats not Captain Planet with that fricken mullet then I don’t know who is.

  17. Poo poo and woo woo cleared. Now I’m pants man.

  18. The swayze would make a damn good Captain Planet his face looks just the C.P, Yeah they must took the Swayze and said lets put him in a thong paint him blue and let him save the world from garbage.

  19. whats that bullshit hahhahahahahaha

  20. And mr hankey makes a guess appearance….LOL

  21. WHOA!

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