Anime You Should Be Watching Episode #1

Soul Eater

This is one of my favorite anime right now. The pace is quick, its funny, its got plenty of fighting and the animation quality is superb. It’s a combination of Naruto and Bleach which many people bash it for being but I say, how is that a bad thing? Take two awesome things and combine them, right? Who cares about originality, I want entertainment and this anime delivers. Though I have a severe distain for streaming anime, I’ve decided to post the first part of the Soul Eater Episode 1, in hopes of getting some of you to start watching a new show other than Naruto or Bleach. I will say that the manga pales in comparison to the anime, which is rare but is in my opinion the case here. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments section and for those of you who have seen the show I would like to here your general thoughts on the show as well but NO SPOILERS please.

If you like the show here is the link below to actually download the episodes rather than watch a hideous stream, which really takes away from the quality of the anime. Tadashi produces the best subs and quality for Soul Eater, the link below is a pack of the first 13 episodes. I highly recomend you stay with Tadashi as it is by far the superior work and is kinda considered the Dattebayo of the series minus the ego.

You can double click the pic below to pull up the primary screen and then select full screen in order to better read the subs… This is not Tadashi, just a stream from Youtube to sample.


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on September 24, 2008.

10 Responses to “Anime You Should Be Watching Episode #1”

  1. i hate to say this, but, FIRST!!!!!

    though it wasn’t really a challenge this time 😦

  2. It’s all about black star personally i think he should be the main character but even as it is this mangas still good the anime is kinda better thou but i couldn’t wait after i got to ep 25

  3. I agree that this is one of the best animes ever.

  4. Bu-lac-ku Sta-ro!

    I agree, Black Star and Tsubaki are the coolest team. My favorite character is Stein though.

  5. LMAO i am not a big fan of black star ><, he is too much like nauto. I Like Stein and makas dad the most ^_^. I also like Death the kid and his obsessive OCD mind.

  6. But this is a good anime I just hope it is still good when the filler starts after ep 51. I started to read the D.gray-man manga and then watch the anime but the fillers killed that anime for me. I should go back and read that manga it was good. When you watch how maka fights the first ep it looks so cool. I can wait untill …… hmmm how to say this with no spoiler, well lets just say when black star fights his rival.

  7. *I cant wait untill…..*

  8. If the filler is as bad as the second excalibur episode then we’re in for a hell of a time.

    Stein is awesome. I love how he wants to dissect everything.

  9. Here is a working link: (MEGAVIDEO)

  10. and here is:

    EP5: (VEOH)

    The rest go find on your own.

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