Naruto Manga 418 “Sage” Naruto + Pain arrives! + discussion + Raikage’s elite squad + (results updated) new survey

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Hey everyone,

Raikage's elite squad

Another week is upon us and we a couple things to talk about. The spoiler was spot on once again last week but we also got a glimpse of Naruto seemingly coming close to ending his training and also the raikage wanting to call a meeting of the 5 Kages.

Last week the discussion board focused in on a couple things, one of which being their frustration about the manga being based around Sasuke instead of Naruto and the other was the future of Kabuto and what part he would play. Both of these issues will be covered in this weeks survey so that we can get a good grasp of what everyone is thinking.

For the record, I don’t hate Sasuke but I am frustrated that the manga focuses on him so much and that he’s such a douche about wanting to destroy Konoha. I was thinking for a while that he was just playing Madara for a sucker but in this last issue he discusses his new power to destroy Konoha with Hawk. Why would he play them for suckers? It’s just starting look like Sasuke is really going to go through with this and he’s not going to flip on Madara like many of us thought. Anyway, enjoy this weeks survey and I’ll check back later. Make sure you check out the WTF? post this week, its bizarre.

Ja mata

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this weeks survey entitled…

“Who Reads Naruto Manga?”


How big a role will Kabuto/Oro play in future manga? (Top 2 answers)

52.9% of you said one more story arc.

26.4% of you said he would play a major role in the outcome of the manga.

What will be the result of the Kage meeting that Raikage has called for? (Top 3 Answers)

41% of you said that they would unite against Akatsuki.

26.4% of you said Ninja War!

11.4% of you said that Madara is still the Mizukage and would declare war on all villages.

Which of the crazy theories would you MOST want to see happen? (Top 3 ANSWERS)

26.4% of you said that you would like to see Itachi is still alive!

23.5% said that you would like to see that Kushina is Pain’s new body.

23.5% said that you would like to see Jiraiya is still alive!

What country are you from?

48% of you are from the U.S.

8% of you are from the U.K.

8% of you are from Canada.

4% of you are from Japan.

32% of you are from the rest of the world.

What is your Gender?

84% of you are male.

16% of you are female.

What is your current grade level?

40.9% of you are in college.

31.8% of you are in High School.

18.5% of you are done with school.

8.1% of you are in Jr High/Middle School.

Our patience with Sasuke is running thin...
Our patience with Sasuke is running thin…



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211 Responses to “Naruto Manga 418 “Sage” Naruto + Pain arrives! + discussion + Raikage’s elite squad + (results updated) new survey”

  1. You already know what I’m going to say….

  2. The guy in the squad makes me think of a hybrid of Asuma and Shikamaru, with some Sai thrown in for shits and giggles.

  3. I like the new guy he over thinks things alot lmao.

  4. I always dig a character that contemplates Mayo. Now thats deep ^_^

  5. I think Sasuke is fooling himself. He’s not that strong to destroy the leaf village. Also, Naruto has all the skills to defeat sasuke but he just have to put it together.

    I wish they show naruto utilizing his clones in a more creative way. Sasuke always gets his ass kick, always……look at past episodes.

  6. I so wish that there was a new manga like every day something to look forward to after school would make my day

  7. sasuke is no where near strong enough to destory the leaf village he will need a lot more training

  8. 7th

  9. From the last manga it seems that war is coming. Getting all 5 Kages together is serious business. I think were going to see a lot of the older generation die and leave it up to the next to run things. BTW isn’t Pain a Kage?

  10. If he’s refering to his Ameratsu he can’t do shit against the leaf with that. Plus it will take his blind ass forever to find the Leaf much less destroy it.

  11. if there was a war it would be against Akatsuki so i dont think that many peolpe are going to die i really thought that sasuke would betray madara but he is not but i still think he will

  12. nah shut up hoes sasukes boss hog. nah seriously thou from the way I read it it seems like he has a new power after all amaterasu was a hand me down from itachi and it seems like each mangekyo gets its own power so we still haven’t seen his own unique brand of red eyed whoop ass. and even without that naruto cant stop him if he wanted too

  13. They’ve got all these rules about fighting Uchiha. Never fight one on one, if you get caght in a Genjutsu your partner must help you out, etc… Where is the rule that says “if you fight an Uchiha poke his ass in the eyes”?

  14. @James I’m just saying what if you get the 5 Kages together and one of them happens to be Pain who is several different people with the most powerful eye technique known. That spells war in my book especially if you have Akatski and Hawk show up.

  15. your right about that

  16. Pain is no Kage.

    LMAO @ “it will take his blind ass forever to find the Leaf”

    Itachi spelled out Naruto’s victory with what ever power he gave Naruto in the forest.

  17. LMFAO @ “if you fight an Uchiha poke his ass in the eyes”?

    Erich is on point today.

  18. I want to see what happens when kakashi and sasuke run into each other, Sasuke doesn’t know kakashi has the mangekyou sharingan. I was thinking that is why the made kakashi bed sick for so long. They have not seen each other since kakashi tie him to a tree and told him that revenge was dumb.

  19. I think Kakashi will be the next Hokage by then. Tsunade gets dispatched by Pain and when Sasuke comes to take out the elders and the Hokage he’s in for a big suprize.

  20. Saskue’s just mad right now at the leaf for not excepting him for who he is, a complete and utter flaming douche, with that little spark to get any douche pride parade going.

  21. I still think that sasuke is just saying this to keep madara in check, remember when he was so convincing in saying that he didn’t care if orochimaru took his body. well we all know how that turned out. and if he really means it or not I think konaha will be destroyed anyway if not by sasuke it’ll be either by madara or pain.

  22. I wanna see naruto fight someone and to something like that to happen I want the damn invasion so shit can go down Im also curious on what raikage wants to do and is madara still the kage?

  23. I wonder which will the naruto power that wants to use that still do not know what that yiraia told him that he never used

  24. Well, either he’s realllllyyyy committed to his role, or he could be a complete douche.

    Either one is a very viable option.

  25. When the english version finally catches up, my vote is for samuel jackson for raikage. Living by pulp fiction rule #2, Eziekel 25:17

  26. If he’s acting then he’s more committed to that role than Robert Downey Jr’s character from Tropic Thunder.

  27. lmao tropic thunder was stupid but so hilarious at the same time

  28. I think sasuke has gone mad and is really going to attack the leaf village

  29. LOL what if sasuke gets to committed to his role he needs medication to get out of it so then he overdoses and dies. RIP joker

  30. wonder if naruto didnt pick up anything from jariya book is he that stupid he and the person in the book as the same name

  31. don’t think ther’ll be a problem for naruto , during a one on one fight with a uchiha . he has the bijuu as his partner .so sasugay won’t be able to get him into one of his gay illusions. tat was shown in sasugay vs. killer bee. so naruto really has the upper hand in many aspects .

  32. As long as he is in control of the 9 tails, that should help him out.

  33. saugay is going to get blind right now and fuck off

  34. whatever happened to that damn frog that was supposed to find naruto. the one that supposedly had the damn evil chakra sealed??
    and i think that once naruto masters the natural chakra. and once tsunade dies, he’s gona be hokage. and then sasuke is gonna haveta fight him. wild guess but tsunade will fight pain and both die. and then kakashi will fight madara (something about obito) and yea.idk.

  35. But Saskue has shown he can already control the chakra of the nine-tails

  36. i dont think sasuke can control it. he just simply stopped it from taking over narutos body. i think

  37. i like the look of the new team but kisame will have them for breakfast cuz he is the best character eva!! shark powa ^-^ also he wud be great in the blue man group

  38. the best way to beat an uchiha is to blow curry spice into their eyes

  39. i dont think sasuke can control the chakra of the nine tails

  40. So the Raikage’s brother gets taken and all he does is send three numnuts to go get him back then holds a meeting. I’d be dropping some mutha fuckas.

  41. Naruto chapter 418-Sasuke gets glasses

  42. All i have to say is remember that Garaa owes Naruto for saving his ass and the sand is once again in debt to the leaf. I dont think Leaf will go down that easy.

  43. Remember that Garaa still owes Naruto for saving his ass and once again the Sand is in debt to the leaf, not to mention they are allies. I dont think leaf will be destroyed

  44. Has anyone thought that maybe madara isn’t madara. If he was madara why would he need sasuke, he would already have EMS. He wouldn’t have needed Itachi either. Look, at how he fights and acts, does it doesn’t fit with uchiha at all. I think he got an sharingan eye like Kakashi maybe even from obito(kakashi has left and he has right)

  45. Well, that technique he uses for transportation is very similar to Kakashi’s, which lends even more to the Obito theory, unless someone else took the other eye…

  46. The not madara theory is a thought I’ve heard before. As well as the Tobi character being two seperate people or a split personality. The only thing we know for sure is that Itachi knew him as Madara and Kisame knew him as Mizukage.

  47. and then called him Madara, as if he wasn’t madara, but wanted people to call him that; almost like a drag queen ^_^

  48. Madara=Chi Chi Maria

  49. thanks to everyone who recommended code geass it was awesome
    i told my friend about it and described it as a cross between deathnote and gundam.

    also tokjo majin was amazing but i could only find the first 12 episodes of the first season which kinda blew…any1 know any links?

    @akatsuki rules
    LMAO…but seriously that was fucked up lol

  50. madara is goku

  51. Alright so they say sharingan can copy jutsu right but so far I dont know for a fact thats sasukes coppied any other than the lions barrage he got from rock lee. I think sasuke (not sasugay or any of those other haterism fueled names you whores) might be about to copy some. I think since their cloud ninja I’m guessing they got some lightning based jutsu and since that’s sasuke’s element I think he’ll take a few from them

  52. @ 9tailedsage – now that you’ve seen Code Geass are you going to give Soul Eater a try? If you do… and this goes for everyone that is planning on watching the show, skip any episode that they are searching for or dealing with Excalibur, its the worst abuse of filler I’ve ever seen in an Anime especially the second time they do it.

    I think there are only 2 filler episodes in the first season, the rest is money.

  53. Actually the first episode with excalibur in it has some important info on Maka and Soul. So don’t skip that one. Just wade through the excalibur parts. Although Black star and kid are pretty funny.

  54. Really? I don’t recall that at all… damn you Huntsman! Are you really a man at all???? ^_^

  55. Hey! I’m more man than you’ll ever be 😛

  56. The new survey is up. Sorry it was late this week.

  57. Don’t you remember Soul and Maka’s team building workshop. Then later it comes back to bite them in the ass.

  58. The first episode with excaliber was in the manga and not a filler, i have en one filler so far and that is the one whre OX kun talks to excaliber. The anime is set for 51 esodes so far so we will run into alot of filler after that if it stays on the air, since the manga is only once a month. When kid and star talk to excaliber it is funny, I would skip the ox kun one it is not that good. Also watch dattebayo’s troll soulpuuden after like the ninth or tenth ep it is funny.

  59. Ahhh yeah… forgot about that. But I know you agree that the second Excalibur episode was the worst filler episode ever made for any series period.

  60. Agreed!

  61. yes it was lol Very bad filler.

  62. Just wondering… is Kakashi anyway related to the Second Hokage? I was watch the old battle between the Third and Orochimaru. The second has the same white spiked hair and uses water techniques.

  63. I doubt it but you never know. I know this wont happen but if Kakashi got a huge power up and went evil he would make the best bad guy for naruto and sasuke to fight at the end of the manga.

  64. yea he would
    i think kakashi is one of the best fighter on naruto

  65. He would make a horrible bad guy! No motivation, too lazy ^_^ It takes serious commitment to try to take over the world.

  66. @jeremiah
    i’ve been watching the anime since the 9th episode so like 2-3 months, and it is awesome. what i was gunna get int was the soul eater manga. which i have already started on and is really good some parts, but the some right after are a complete letdown. im only on the 32nd manga but the whole spider arc is probably gunna be awesome.

    and i just found the second season of tokyo majin which is also really good. once again thx for the suggestions.

  67. But lets say someone like obito gave him the motivation he needs to be a bad guy.

  68. o and i was not saying his personality would make him a good bad guy, i ment that he was there teacher and he knows how to do there strongest jutsus.

  69. But i dont think kakasi will turn into a bad guy it would just be a cool fight, kinda like the bell test only for real.

  70. Yeah I knew what you were saying, I was just making fun of the fact that Kakashi Sensei is so freakin lazy. He would need Gai to carry him into battle! ^_^

  71. LMAO that was one of the best parts of the manga.

  72. that is very unlikely knowing he’s against the whole revenge thing but a good thought

  73. if hawk and akatsuki attacked now konoha would be done for, naruto doesnt have the will to kill sasuke. Pein could easily take on multiple strong opponents. Kisame could slaughter the leafs’ chunin[seeing how gai had to open to the fifth gate just to stop a clone] while everyone else either attacked kakashi or just destroyed the village

  74. I dont know about that Bacon, pein would not be very strong if he splits his bodys up and gets rid of his six point view. Kisame is strong but I would think gai could kill him if he went to his eighth gate. Naruto might not kill sasuke but i am sure he can stop him. Then you left out all the strong ninja in the leaf. I am sure the head of the hyuga clan is strong as well as the other ninja clans that are in the leaf. That just made me ask myself where the hell where all the strong ninja when oro killed the third. >< what the hell i am sure the head of the hyuga clan had to be stronger then naruto and all the other ninja around that time.

  75. Thanks for the comment Bacon. I’ll also have to disagree. I’ll take Naruto, Kakashi, Tsunade over Pain, Madara, Sasuke. If you add in the other players like Kisame, Gai, Zetsu, Team 10, Hawk, Hyuga Neji, Hinata and her father plus alot of people I don’t feel like listing right now, Konoha matches up with sheer numbers to go along with power.

    Difference in opinion but we shall see in the coming manga… you may be right.

  76. I think alot of people are forgetting about one key aspect of Sasuke. He has two very, very, very powerful large radius attacks: Kirin and Amaterasu.
    I mean, think about it like this. If sasuke went into hiding outside the villiage, and started using Amaterasu at a couple of key points, and then used a couple of Kirn (maybe two Kirins, one on the Hokage tower and the other wherever danzo and those elders are suppose to be) Sasuke could easily decimate Konoha. He’d have almost Chakra by the end of it, but Konoha, would be, for the most pasrt destroyed.

  77. I was watching the battle with Sasuke & Itachi well at the end of the fight when All the Leaf make their way over too the battle ground, Yamato did an Earth jutsu too divide the land so they wouldnt get burned by Amaterasu.. I noticed when the Leaf ninja went too pass through Kakashi Activated his Mangekyou Sharigan. I didnt notice before But I am wondering now if Kakashi can copy MS jutsu or Absorb it or something. Because if he can then he must be automatically copying Madara every time he used his Space/Time jutsu, Something too think about because with Kakashi’s abilitys I just believe that he has too be aware of the Jutsu before he can muster is up..

  78. Also Just want too add that after this Arc I really want too see another Chuunin Exam, Cause Im looking at Naruto and he is training too be a Sage 1 Thing I would like too see is Naruto fight every 1 in the Chuunin Exam at once or something, You know something Big so every1 knows in the Village that hes the Demon Fox and Every1 in the Village know that he is the 4th Hokage son

  79. eh no1 noes that he is the 4th hokage son

  80. yeah, there’s a slight possiblity of maybe possibly advancing somewhere in the series perhaps sometimes

  81. man cant wait for pein demise….. hope he’ll feel pain over his body when he fights naruto. man love those two akats will experience the new naruto power man. fck cant wait for the fight and deaths of the two.. really.

  82. sick of pein character… i h8 that guy when he killed jiraiya and seeking for someone on naruto world kill him on the next manga.

    to me the pein rinnegan eyes is no better than sasuke’ sharingan or nejis byakugan. rinnegan is overrated eye bloodline. if they were gud clan, why pein clan is fckn extinct…? the only way uchiha have become extinct is when itachi killed all his fellow uchihas. im just wondering if the three sannin had slaughtered pein’s clan… remember the three sannin were on mission in the rain village when they meet the kid kahiko, pein, konan. idk but i got feeling that hidden leaf is responsible of pein’ clan extinction.

  83. The clip doesn’t work for me. It says the video is unavailable.

  84. I just watched Naruto Ep 404 And when Madara met Kisame and took his mask off that he might of put a genjutsu or shapeshifted w/e too appear as the Mizukage only too get kisame to be secretly by his side right.. So when we see the real Mizukage when they all the kage’s meet we’ll be like oOOoo thats Madara BUT its not like an Illusion.. Just a theory but check out look at the scenes and look at it in another way.

  85. I like your theory.

  86. @ ContraX – Rinnegan isn’t a clan trait, its an eye technique that has only been possesed by Pain and Rikudou.

    @ Nighthawk00 – sorry bout that, its fixed now.

  87. i dont see u guys having your family killed by the person u cherish most(itachi). when u r still 9 yrs old. wud u leave the people responsible as if konoha and anb u wud let u get away with killing their 3 elders.

  88. mostly sasuke thinks of konoha as the senju dogs now and not his home village.
    i think madara created the 9 tails attack 15 yrs ago but lost 9 tails to naruto by the fourth hokage who sealed it. and the blame went to the uchiha who culd control kyuubi like madara and the first hokage but they were innocent.

  89. more theory…. samui is going to have a crush on sasuke as they battle..yeah…:) and sasuke is going to have all the captured kyuubis 1-8 tails in him. madara has a sort of injury preventing him from using the kyuubis so he needs sasuke. but this theory will make the attack 15 yrs ago by ninetails as a natural disaster

  90. pain will kill tsunade and naruto wil kill pain upon which madara will do sumthing to give sasuke all the captured 8 kyuubis.kakashi will fight sasuke once and kakashi will loose.
    sasuke will then go to destroy konoha and capture naruto. in a long battle sasuke dies by (naru hoes) hands and smiles on his death and leaves a present for naruto behind indicating that he no longer wanted to live and never really wanted to destroy konoha
    but die by narutos hands.

  91. my after story
    sasukes son grows without a father and no one knows he is sasukes son in the leaf village.everyone bullies him and is a spitting image of sasuke unlike his father he is a weak child in studies of shinobi. he is befriended by a girl like hinata(type) only .
    narutos daughter is famous strong and class president loved by everyone and has blonde hair like naruto.

  92. one day at age 9 after being bullied to near death and seeing his bestfrnd(girlfrnd) being injured by one of the bullies sasukes son unleashes his sharingan and beats them in royale style using ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu like never before stealing the hearts of every girl in class including narutos daughter(has byakugan).

  93. naruto (current hokage)is told and kakashi takes the charge of sasukes son. madara finds out and is on his way. sasukes son finds about is fathers life and his clans from madara and kakashipiece by piece. and sasuke is revived from the dead.(edo tensei) and manages to stay permanent.

  94. @ nishu – I wouldn’t let the elders live but I also wouldn’t destroy Konoha, which is what Itachi was protecting to begin with and I also wouldn’t destroy what the one person that he’s actually made a bond with actually cares to protect…much like his brother who saved his ass all these years.

    Sasuke is acting like a douche.

  95. crazy theories there but sasuke won’t die until him and naruto are once again on the same side once he can say he was wrong for leaving after sure I can care less he can die

  96. i think sasuke will kill the elders i dont think he will destory the whole villige he is planing somthing agaisnt madara but he is keeping it secret not telling no one.i cant wait to see the results of narutos training and thank goodness pain finaly arrived at Konoha

  97. the konan girl she is not really a problem someone can beat her easy and this weeks manga they will not show that much of sasuke i hope sasuke is out of the picture for a while konan will be killed if she does not get protection from pain she better hide behind him

  98. right now though, naruto is in training far away from the village, would he really finish his training before pein attacks?

  99. Well i agree with Jeremiah on all of what he said except on killing the Elders. *sigh* this is just like code geass lol. The reason why i would not kill them is because it would create a weakness in Konoha and after they die then others who loved them would want revenge on you. What i would do is find a way to expose what they have done to Konoha, Let them be hated by the people of konoha and live the little bit of life they have left in shame. Killing someone puts fear into them for a spilt second then death, then people want revenge for that persons death. But if you make the people they love hate them or put fear into them they will suffer until they die old and alone. Also the latter will get you back to the place you want to be and with the people you want to be with.

  100. hmm do the elders even possess any ninja skills? or are they just incredibly smart and think logical unlike other people

  101. I imagine Konana will be with paper the same way Gara is with sand. You don’t get one of those Akatski cloaks without being able to handle your biz.

    @ lastscorpian I don’t think killing the elders would hurt the village. I think people like Shikamaru and Shizune could easily step up and fill those rolls. Even Danzo could be axed. I feel like they will get caught in the crosshairs of the Madara batle anyways.

    Another thing that bothers me is we have glorified Itachi on Madaras word. Who’s to say any of that is even true. I’m sure Madara told Sasuke exactly what he needed to, to get him on his side.

  102. BTW nishu I would not watch your version of Naruto GT.

  103. @jeremiah- I’m not liking too many of the mangas right now, but i did find Opiate for the Masses. These guys completely stunned me with their sheer awesomeness, and being from NorCal these guys represent to me what Green Day, Korn, and AFI did back in the day.

  104. Lol ‘naruto GT’ sounds pretty bad ass if u ask me xD

  105. We talked about a “Naruto GT” a week or so ago on another thread. Alot of us would like to see another time skip but not all, as you can tell by last weeks survey.

  106. I wonder when they’ll finally get shippidden caught up with the manga I mean I love reading but I also like watching asuma hasn’t died yet which means sasuke kills oro soon

  107. even though orochimaru was a bad guy its still sad that he gets killed hopefully, since kabuto injected orochimaru in him, he will take him over -crosses fingers-

  108. first of all i just sat and read all your coment and some makes senses but some are just way out there
    1 every is underestimating Uzamaki Naruto because no one knows exactly what he can do before jaraiya died he left the frog with a seal weakening technique for Naruto and before Itachi died he devided his power into two halves he gave naruto the first half and sasuke the second before he died, also naruto recently finish training with kakashi and now he’s training with the legendary frog sages, also before jaraiya died he said he finally realized who the destined kid from the prophecy and it was of course naruto
    after naruto is finish with his training there will be no stopping him becasue not even pervy sage didn’t master it.
    so as if sasuke come naruto is going to beat him to a pulp, same with pain, and as far as madara goes after the great hokage Uzamaki Naruto kill off all of akatsuki then he will go into hiding again an build a new group 20 years later for Naruto to bear again

    just remember the show is call naruto not Madara, and not sasuke

  109. Lol dude their just ideas of mine, calm down.but i agree with you. Naruto can now manipulate his wind element, has his shuriken rasengan, nine tailed power, is getting the same training as jaraiya and last but not least he always has the multiple clone jutsu xD

  110. good point there but if he naruto got all mighty and the strongest right now I think it would end the manga so I wouldn’t say that just now but I believe naruto might not even be back for the invasion or if he is then he’ll find sasuke and sasuke will prolly get away cuz naruto arrives late or something like that

  111. @ Jamaicankilla – We don’t know if Naruto and Sasuke got half each, they each got “some” of his power. It doesn’t specify, who got what or how much.

    I’ll take both of your sides on this one:

    1) Ideas are good and I’m always down to hear knew theories.

    2) Always be ready to have your comments criticized, its just in the nature of the manga fans to dissagree.

  112. Judgin from narutos Nature manipulation training hes come along way and that being said He should be able too do a rasengan by himself because I cant imagine him performing a rasengan in Sage mode that would just be kinda lame maybe not so lame IF he shot out a regular naruto shadow clone.. Also guessing that he will be able too mentally control the 4th tail in his Sage form and if any thing probaly go kinda berserker if a 5th or 6th tail came loose thats logical.. but all being said Naruto could easily wipe the floor with Team Hawk 1 on 1 but seriously I would like too see Naruto fight Neji again.

  113. I think we can stick a fork in the Neji vs Naruto fight ever happening again… Naruto would destroy Neji.

    Another possibility would be that Naruto’s new Rasengan can be used as a projectile like the full name of his new move implies.

  114. Hmm yea with his ability too harness more power I bet he could compress the energy if need be too be able too throw the rasengan shurikan what a killer technique you would classifie that as a forbidden jutsu.

  115. Because the Hyugaa with their ability too see Chakra will no doubt understand pains Secret.. I know pain controls his Puppets through those piercings its the stuff those piercings are made outta of notice when his puppet had those summons well all of the summons had piercings and all of them had the eyes so my only conclusion is that the weapons Jiraiya got stabbed with is some kind of anti chakra weapon or something cause it made Jiraiyas chakra all crazy he even said so himself.

  116. i think..
    there will be a battle between pein and konoha shinobies. tsunade, gai, kakashi, and others will fight together against pein. pein’s clones will get killed, but they will be summouned, so they keep return to live.
    kakashi and others get tired, out of chakra. when everything is on climax, naruto will show up and fight pein.
    the fight is rather equal. naruto sage clone against pein clone.
    after long fight, naruto desperate how to beat pein, shikamaru give information about the result of investigation being done by shizune and the interrogation result.
    at last, pein get killed.
    kakashi, gai, and other senior shinobies get injured.
    sasuke is on the way to konoha…

    (sorry for my bad english)

  117. Can i ask sth irrelevant guys??What does LMAO mean???

  118. Hey, there’s (Naruto) fans from Croatia, too!

  119. im surprised when jiraiyas chakra went out of wack there he didnt turn into a toad because according to the toad sage pa you need perfect balance and if he couldnt control his chakra then there is no way he would balance it… on the second hand the weapons/peircings could amplify your chakra and that would make him go back to normal, but when he died he was still in hermit mode and yes he is dead hes not coming back

  120. I think that sasuke’s new power is like itachi’s susanoo. as he did say it was awaken on that fateful day, also you never know how Itachi got his mangekyou. so madara might have had something to do with it? also If naruto used his mass clone jutsu, and had all of them had a resengan it would be no contest.

  121. is there a new manga this week

  122. @ James – It’s up and I linked to it on the post.

    @ Anonymous – LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

    @ Mia – I believe it! But I just did the highest 4 percentages in their respective countries and then grouped the rest into that last catagory which is 32%. Otherwise I would have like 70 flags on the post ^_^

  123. At the end it says that it will finally show the beginning of the invasion! Finally!

    That was a great issue. Covered alot of stuff.

  124. That big puff of smoke off in the distance when he says he can’t let anyone see this, leads me to believe that he can actually launch his Rasengen like a projectile now.

    I’m not 100% sure but what does anyone else think?

  125. that seems like it can be true after all he can control wind

  126. omg i just read 418, he’s a sage now thats awesome, i wonder if he can make clones in his sage form that would be like unstoppable

  127. @bacon clones????? imagin 1500 narutos all with rasengas

    i think pain will attack from inside out through the body they’re interrogating. i don’t see him getting through the main gate, many ninjas have tried and they all have failed, if it was that easy madarra would have done this after the 3rd died. i still think orachimaru/kabuto will come back as soon as either madarra or pain dies. as for the pain battle i think it will be pain vs tsunade & danzo or (one of the former hokages 1st or 3rd)

  128. I think sasuke’s new power is like itachis susanoo,Itachi said it was awaken on that fatefull day, and also naruto’s mass shawdow clones and if each had a resengan in each of his hands it would be no contest.also I thought it would have been sweet that madara was accutualy Zabuza with the sharingan, that would be awsome….

  129. Lets say naruto and sasuke have to fight someone if naruto could launch his rasengen that would make the move the did on zabuza very very strong.

  130. I think Naruto has made a ton of Clones and transformed them into the Kyubi.

  131. Pain is sending his chakra into the metal pins and bringing the dead bodys back to life, I am 99% sure of this now, it is the only logical answer. If all the pain bodys and konan are killed the real pain will get pissed as hell and want to finish it himself. This will also allow naruto to do his new jutsu with out killing anyone.

  132. who in kohona can defeat pain

  133. hmmm no one can solo pein it’s prolly gonna b him killin the 5th and naruto goes all
    Crazy and tears him apart or something in that nature

  134. Well if you are talking about he six bodys of pain that are about to attack, then there are a lot of people that can beat them the trick is in the code, they have a big weak point and he says that himself. If you are talking about the one who i think is the real pain then i am not sure yet.

  135. I still think pa frog is holding something back, how did he know jiraiya was thinking naruto was the chosen one. jiraiya could not speak when he was thinking that so it had to be in that code or something.

  136. Also if the real pain is there naruto will not kill him like everyone is thinking. Naruto will beat him down but not kill him, naruto has not killed anyone yet and i dond think pain is going to be the first one he kills, and thats if naruto kills anyone.

  137. Naruto has now mastered Sage Mode with all that training its taken you have to ask yourself Can he perform a rasengan or even a rasengan shurikan by himself. Can he control his inner being and have a hold on the 4th tail can he communicate now with the Fox because now hes not so weak The Fox might take interest now.
    And now when you also look at Naruto and what hes capable of you wonder what is this Sharigan Power which is going too save him.

  138. One thing with the Fox is that the 4th Tail that is unleashed is probaly the highest tail he can unleash because the Frog Key only opened up just a bit of the Power so I think naruto at his Sage level must have complete control of the Fox and is fully capable of confronting the Fox. My only guess is that when he fights or if he fights Pain or Madara, Is that Naruto will underestimate them and get his ass handed too him. And when that happens he will turn the Key just a tad and get even more power perhaps a 5th or 6th Wouldnt it be cool if Naruto in Sage mode controling the 4th tail instead of it being Red Chakra and all that he grow Fox ears and 4 tails with Fur on it proving that he has control.

  139. When this invasion happens most likely Naruto will not turn up till the end like an unpredicatable ninja he is or he wont at all.

    Konan & Yahiko vs Tsunada.. They Fight because she had seen them when she was younger why not a bit of Dejavu.
    Female Pain vs Kakashi I hope Kakashi gets his ass handed too him in one Awesome fight but goes wins by capturing her because he knows its the 4ths women, Theory nothing more.
    Pain one vs Team Guy Rock/Tenten/Neji Guy probaly dies unlocking. all gates too protect his Team and he wins by doing this.
    Pain two vs Team 10 Chou/Shiki/Ino Will battle it out and do well but with a couple of Other Nins for backup.
    Pain three vs Team 8 Kiba/Hina/Shino I hope this team kinda gets rescued by Naruto so that Hinata falls in lvoe with him ya know what I mean.
    Pain four vs Team 7 Yamato/Saku/Sai Will Smash them no problemo.

    End result Konoha just wins with Naruto just arriving and Yahiko and Konan are forced too Flee or Die by Naruto that will be Pains First Loss W/E, Then It will most likely be Madara and Team Hawks Turn for a Round 2 battle with the Elders but not Before they Elect Danzou as Hokage.Theory or it will just be Kakashi.

  140. The new body is waay to young to be kushina narutos sage tech will pwnsome hax pein no problemo konan will kill tsunade and sorry to digress but naruto needs a new suit and hairdo bad I mean sasukes been through like 5 friggin woredrobes and narutos in the sos

  141. Do you rally beleive that Tsunade will die and a new Hokage will be elected?????I don’t want to see Kakashi as Hokage or Danzou…omg… 😛

  142. Tsunade will die soon. Read the Kishimoto interview from the post a week or so ago… might as well stick a fork in her.

    Click HERE if you’ve never read them.

  143. even if tsunade will die soon, most likely she will not go down so easily remember- she has that jutsu that high speeds up her cells getting rid of all damage done to her and shes been saving up all that chakra for about 2 years

  144. everyone seems to missing some very important information…the elders are no slouches…and were trained by the first and second. if you consider that they are around sarutobi’s level then they can put up a devil of a fight in the final battle…reference to chiyo, an extremely skilled medical ninja with the ability to revive the dead!!! not to mention killing an akatsuki member. if this was the country of sand which is inferior to the land of fire then in sure konoha’s elders have very formidable jutsu.

  145. both elders received training from not one but two hokages! and no ordinary hokages either, the leaders of the senju clan! who brought the end of the ninja wars with their abominable strength!

    you people keep saying sasuke will barge into konoha like a steamroller and plow the elder’s and danzo…but the only person that sasuke has killed on fair terms is NO FUCKING ONE!!!

    1. He “defeated” orochimaru in a SEVERELY WEAKENED STATE!
    2. Deidara BLEW HIMSELF UP! and he just narrowly escaped…severly wounded!
    3. Itachi kept himself alive for years just to have sasuke kill him, he was allowed to win!!! susanoo was nevder turned upon him as a weapon!
    4. Madara completely shit on him amaterasu…but thats to be expected of someone of his stature, not like sasuke.
    5. He defeated the 8-tail’s after 3 fucking attempts, while being shielded and protected, and then being REVIVED not once but TWICE!
    6. He is now completely dependent on the sharingan’s power without oro’s seal, or oro himself.

    lets face it all you sasutards the kid’s a DOUCHE! not only does he have no chance of killing the elder’s or for the matter even danzo, but he thinks he can destroy Konohakagure with that shitty recon unit hawk.

    So please all you sasuke fans please stop sucking him off and realize the strength of the hidden leaf

  146. Dude, i agree with 9tailedsage, for three years with supposedly the master of jutsu, and with the sharingan, Saskue has learned shit (or so it seems so far)… NAruto has at least an excuse, Jiraya was a perv and probably watched women more than actually trained NAruto, plus NAruto has a history of not learning anythin to rapidly w/o a lot of help

  147. exactly alec!
    naruto had to be asked to learn the sage arts because he doesn’t crave power for himself. sasuke said he learned everything from oro, but what the fuck did oro really teach him?! all i saw was when he used that fucking technique to slip through the floor while fighting itachi.

  148. what i meant to say was why didn’t sasuke request the snake equivalent of sage mode? he disposed of oro without tapping into his magnificent arsenal of forbidden jutsu! another reason hes a jackass…
    i guess i’ve just been pissed off by sasuke’s legion of fans and i felt it was time to vent…

  149. I wanna see a sasuke and naruto fight in the invasion would kinda make my day and I personally think that it’s not gonna be individual fights with the bodies I think they’ll all stick together and fight as one big brawl

  150. sasuke did not learn much from oro but he got some good moves and he is a good fighter hes got speed he can send chodori through his body and his sword and that thuder move ha used on itachi and now his new shaigan so he still very strong and i think stronger than naruto

  151. does he have a technique that’s beyond s-class?

  152. I’m not sure, but at the beginning of the manga with the naruto, sasuke, sakura and yamato “episode” didn’t sasuke raise his arm up about to do some jutsu to attack naruto when orochimaru stopped him? That may have been something similar to chidori with an extra element to it? Just a thought.

  153. I’m to lazy to look it up, but didn’t oro say something like it wasn’t needed?

  154. dont forget his bad ass swordsman skills

  155. none of us know if oro taught sasuke any forbidden techniques, he might have and sasuke hasnt used them.I actually think the naruto series is coming to a end. akatsuki only needs to get naruto and then they’d have the power of all the tailed beasts.calling all nations together? they most likely will all join up in order to bring peace to the world and kill all the members of akatsuki and even hawk if they must.Most likely naruto will die fighting to protect his friends and in doing so will fully go all 9-tails and will become hokage because of his great sacrifice

  156. There is no way he could even be as close as strong as naruto
    i agree sasuke does have some powerful moves but not as powerfull as naruto’s rasen-Shuriken if it was that powerful when he was just plain naruto just imagine how powerful it’s going to be in safe made. and he’s trying to learn a new technique in sage mode that he doesn’t want anyone to know so just imagine how powerful he’s going to be.

  157. a next reason why sasuke cant win naruto is because he doesn/t have as much chakra as naruto an he cant heal as fast as naruto

  158. and with naruto in sage mode makes healing like instant and yeah I think sasuke sending chidori through the sword has to be atleast s rank cuz kakshi made that jutsu because it’s like rasengan just not as good as rasrngan with element to it like rasen shuriken

  159. Sasuke can do fire jutsu and that could hurt naruto bad when doing that new rasengan

  160. I wonder if the manga being named Naruto by Kishimoto tips the scales in favor of Naruto beating Sasuke in a fight.

  161. Sasuke has mastered Fire jutsu & Lightning jutsu his combat skills are deadly he can Also control a Cursed Seal which is apparently quite difficult and he is a genius, He has Ninja Tattoos which have unlimited posibilitys He also has the Mangekyou Sharigan which has greater potential than Itachi’s I can Imagine Sasuke using those eyes untill he is completely blind so he can have a good understanding of how his brother felt. At the Moment hes a great ninja he must have a Forbidden jutsu I like too think it was the was Jutsu he was going too Use on Team Kakashi, But we wont find out until the Time Comes. At this current time hes basically a jounin with 3 lil genins he has no Chakra beasts & Madara has his Glorified New MS Eyes..

    All and All hes ok, But he is No Naruto.

  162. Naruto has a Demon Fox and is now trained in the ways of the Sage.
    He can Also summon Toads for Help or just have 1000 shadow clones back himself up. His Signature move is the Rasengan which has multiple uses Shurikan and maybe in time a water Rasengan.

    All in all hes a Great Ninja because he never backs down and he aint no Genius but he has plenty of Natural Ability meaning his potential is unlimited.

  163. How do I get a Icon, I really want 1.

  164. I do think in the begining of the manga naruto was winning because he shows named after him misty because of the neji fight that
    Pissed me off but now things are different

  165. Alright I’m gone for a day or to and the shit just piles up on
    sasuke. For one the fact is for a character that kishimoto didn’t even have plans for to be showed this much in the manga or anime storyline it should tell you something. He’s king shit plain and simple.
    Now for naruto he is the main character but take away the 9 tails and you all know he has no chance against sasuke sage mode or not. as far as sasuke not learnong anything new that’s just grade a steroid injected bull shit. He’s a friggin prodigy for one and for two he’s never been the type to use his skills for shits and giggles. So unless he has a reason i doubt you’ll see him really use anything new he mighta learned.
    Now for the all round of this. It’s like this bbecause of the fact this is a story and Narutos the main character of it, sasukes destined to lose and maybe die. Now how bout if it wasnt a story if this was just a one on one match right now as it stands sasukes the one with the edge. And thats not just cause im a fan its just the way it’s is he has better taijutsu better chakra control and genjutsu and sharingan. Nuff said

  166. And what are you smoking that makes you think he can’t kill danzo?
    as far a we know danzo just a creepy little cripplewith a team of spys and old as hell at that. tsunade can’t take sasuke if she wanted to.And kakashi would just get killed if he tries tying sasuke to the tree again. NONE of them can hang with him because of the fact he has the sharingan you all saw what happened to asuma and kurenai. And Itachi didn’t even try add the fact that sasukes sharingan is supposed to be stronger than itachi’s. come on now You all know Sasuke doesn’t really have a equal in konoha aside from naruto and that’s cause of the nine tail’s witch isn’t even a issue to sasuke anymore. The only thing that evens the field is his new sage mode and if he gets caught in sasukes genjutsu he’s fucked unless Itachi saved his little punk ass

  167. Lol i hate when ppl say the nine-tails is his only strength, if the nine tails was never sent to konoha by madara.naruto would be hella strong. His dad[4th hokage] would have taught him so much, naruto woulda been like a chunin at age 10. without the sharigan sasuke sucks also, and even with the sharigan sasuke still gets his ass handed to him

  168. sasuke the best fighter besides pain naruto kakashi madara he has a lot of good moves we just did not see them all

  169. now i think naruto can beat sasuke wait to naruto go s sage mode sasuke will have nothing to stop it

  170. has anyone notice that sasuke and vegeta have similar characteristics
    they’re both arrogant, chicks love them, have natural abilities but lack potential(royal saiyan blood/bloodline limit), intelligence but never right, seeking demonic powers for the wrong reasons(majin/seal), never loose to any1 but their rivals, both have fancy fighting techniques but never as effective as their rivals, they fear stronger oponnents (frieza/madarra)whereas their rivals always rush in to protect everyone, never show weak emotions in front of others.

    what i am trying to say is that, sauske hasn’t got the balls to follow his brother’s footstep because he knows if he goes against madara he will take away his eyes whereas naruto will take unnecessary risk to do the right think that is why sasuke will never and i mean never surpass naruto. he will be stronger at somepoint due to an illness or other difficulties naruto may have

    next point is that alot of fans are saying that obito is madara if that is the case then he is something people haven’t noticed

    obito & kakashi and the medical ninja from the Inuzuka clan rin were in the same unit and the fourth was their sensei, somehow the fourth would have notice that madarra is obito and consulted the third about it and somehow he convinced the third to come out of his retirement in order to find out what madarra was planning and faked his own death in the progress.

    after a few years he found out that madarra was using the other uchiha members to form the coup d’etat and reported this back to konoha elders and danzo suggested that the they should wipe uchiha before they kill them all and the fourth was outnumbered by three votes in favor of the plan. danzo suggested to use inside man and chose itachi for his abilities and the love he has for konaha, he confronted itachi and he agreed to do so and when he was heading back home, the 4th revealed himself telling him who’s entirely behind the operation and he shouldn’t make any rash decision which will effect the rest of his life, he told the 4th off that he can’t ignore the wish of konoha and runned off heading towards his clan, running and having 2 decisions on his mind he finnally decided not to go through with the plan and when he reached to his group he found all of his people slaughtered and he rushed quickly to his house, went inside and found danzo inside about to kill his brother. he cast one of his crow dojutsu on him and danzo vanished.
    found his brother under illusion, he waked him up and he was terrified so terrified that he couldnt move, so itachi took the blame in order for his brother to become stronger so that 1 day he will take danzo out in case he dies. itachi headed straight towards the village to seek danzo and kill him, he was then stopped by the 4th and told him that he wont do any damage to madara on his current level and that danzo is a small part of madara, confronting danzo will alert madarra to disappear(can transport very far in a few seconds refering to deidara explosion), they told the 3rd about this and he promised to take care of the 4th son and itachi brother, konoha most valuable assets granted by rikudo

    i think madara needs all the beast to awake to steal rikudo’s powers to become a ninja god. and thats is all i have

  171. everyone is soo scared of root in konoha. if you think that there is no strength within danzo’s organization or himself for that matter you are severely mistaken. there is no way that not one but two sannin would fear danzo’s retribution or plotting for no reason. plus if it were sasuke vs. naruto sasuke cant trap him in genjutsu as we witnessed firsthand with the battle for the 8tails…his taijutsu skill as on par with naruto’s and no higher. you cannot base anything on the fight between him and naruto at oro’s lair, b/c naruto was being a pussy. now onto ninjutsu…
    sasuke has his repetitive ass fire techniques which are powerless in a real battle. the only technique of fire that will hurt naruto seriously is the windmill blade shit and dragon fire jutsu. about when sasuke raised his hand and oro stopped him it had to have been kirin he was using. i would say kirin is a s class jutsu i will admit to that, but it has a one time use limit which is shit…chidori sword is a cheap trick and naruto can do the same by using asuma’s technique, and might even have the advantage in cutting ability! onto the ninja tatoo’s okay hes got him there. but techniques decide a battle not weapons. but during a battle people pull out like a thousand shuriken and kuni from a tiny ass pouch anyway. they are not even when i comes to summons either! because the snake’s will not obey him willingly. be has space/time ninjutsu which he will no doubt use when cornered with naruto’s rasenshuriken, but naruto would never have the balls to use it on him in the first place.

    and if there’s anymore doubt please submit your theories…

  172. Ok well as far as the genjutsu goes naruto isn’t in control of the kyubi, not even close to it so he can be trapped in genjutsu. The jutsu sasuke was about to use at oros hide out couldn’t have been kirin cause there was no lightning in the sky. Kirin only works in a storm. The only snake that probably wouldn’t obey him is manda and manda has no choice really if sasuke want’s to use him he will. And your for sure just a sasuke hater to say that his chidori swords a cheap trick but it’s ok when naruto uses a wind sword right? And Ninjutsu Naruto has none really but the shadow clowns and three variations on rasengan big whoop. You think he can land that on sasuke with the eyes he has now?
    Face it sasukes just the better fighter when you look at the stats he should get the win…but since Narutos the main character he’ll have to chalk it up as a L
    And if you can’t stop your hateration keep at it I’ll just keep telling you the facts

  173. Crap i left out the taijutsu but yeah Narutos nowhere near sasukes level Naruto can’t really fight he’s just brute force extra numbers {shadow clones} and rasengan. Sasuke on the other hand has taijutsu he took it from lee and expanded on it and he has the added reflexes of sharingan. hes just a savage really that’s all i can say

  174. naruto has control of the kyubi chakra that was demonstrated in the chuunin exams, you do not need full control like the 8tails had, only for another to inject their chakra to break the genjutsu. but naruto was to stupid to use that method when fighting itachi. sasuke was not the only only who copied lee…naruto rendan was the result of the same style that lee uses, which shows naruto’s ability to adapt and mimic other styles of hand to hand combat. i don’t like the lightning sword nor would i like the wind sword. i just just stated a fact that naruto has the same ability, as shown when he used it on a kuni. now i would like the lightning or wind sword if it were sculpted from the same chakra based metal as asuma’s hand knives, thus rendering the user to use techniques with their weapons. now back to taijutsu naruto might actually have the upper hand when it comes to the field since i forgot another important recent event. not only does naruto have the sage mode which you can tell will exponentially increase his hand to hand combat ability, but he is also learning frog-fu which sounds extremely corny but none the less will teach him the proper sage mode taijutsu. that is a fact you cannot argue against. however i do admit that sasuke’s training remains a mystery. still i was disappointed with the number of oro skills added to his arsenal i repeat all i saw was his replacement technique…and if it came down to summons gamabunta vs. manda is about even we are not sure which is stronger simply because we saw none of manda’s techniques. but the summoning battle will no doubt goto naruto with the his summon of ma and pa of toad mountain. sasuke’s eyes are a great disadvantage for naruto as they were when the fought at the valley of the end, they simply way to overcome that is to obtain control of the kyubi(easier said then done…i know) however it does seem like he is coming ever closer to controlling the kyubi who bows down to those with power. i did foget to mention that naruto’s sage mode is perfect something the great jiraiya couldn’t accomplish in his 50+ years of existence.

  175. naruto sage mode is not perfect he got the basics but he still has room for improvement

  176. no it was perfect…there was no excess natural energy…no frog transformation at all except the dark colouring around the eyes which pa said is the sign of the true sage mode reread 418…

  177. yes naruto is bout to kick some major ass. its been a long time coming but it is finally time for sasuke to know who naruto really is

  178. i dont know if naruto will defeat sasuke based on similar relationships (jiraiya and oro)
    jiraiya could never bring his friend back no matter how hard he tried, and i think the same fate lies ahead for naruto and sasuke.

  179. naruto seems pretty gay since hes always chasing after sasuke. if sasuke can break a bond why the hell cant naruto

  180. Yeah all I gotta say is frog fu better be sweet new ninjutsu would be bad but it seems naruto isn’t gonna learn anything like that besides what he’s working on alone

  181. hey everyone.. just a theory.. but wat if madarra had some kinda power like orochimaru and could take bodies. what if he took obitos body after the rockslide?? and what if pain turns good cus he fights naruto and jiraya was both their teacher. and then pein fight madara.. lol.. that’ll be cool.. but seems to crazy.. i mean naruto does happen to change peoples thoughts and stuff like that throughout tha whole series..

  182. I was just thinking all of the former Hokage have been sealed away in the stomach of the Death God summoning.

  183. Also LMAO at all the bitching about who would win in a fight. But i think the story is going to be on kakashi and sakura soon if the interview says anything about the manga, so nothing big is going to happen with the story line for naruto. Also I was just thinking there are two hlafs to the fox chakra, What if one part is just not accessible to naruto, so if he gets taken by madara they could get half the fox chakra but then naruto still has the yin chakra, a more tranquil and gentle side of the fox a side he has full power over.

  184. Well for the people who watch code geass it is over after R2 so enjoy. I dont want to give too much away but it was a cool ending.

  185. Well for the people who watch code geass it is over after R2 so enjoy. I dont want to give too much away but it was a cool ending.

  186. WTF why did it post what i said twice lol.

  187. i know nothing is going to happen to naruto anytime soon but he might fight in the battle for konoha considering the speed at which his training is progressing is quiet phenomenal. also that would be interesting if the fourth really sealed away the chakras separately knowing madara was behind the attack, and his power over the kyubi. remember when jiraiya said that he thought the fought knew much more than he let on?
    i think he was saying that to himself before he died or to tsunade not really that important. so maybe he created the sealing technique to foil madara’s hopes of obtaining limitless reserves of chakra(the kyuubi).
    nice lastscorp…like that alot, i really kinda hope tsunade dies…she wasn’t so kool after she became hokage and stopped gambling and getting drunk :). nah lmao i mean we already know like you said from the spoiler that she will die, i just hope they give some more detail on the senju clan since as far as we know she is the last remnants of senju’s glory (shodaime hokage) unless kakashi is the descendant of the second, which would be really cool.

  188. the papa frog said that naruto training would take at least a month but naruto got through the training quicker naruto gotten stronger but not enough to beat pain just think that jiraya could not beat pain and he knew all that justu with the hair and frogs and that big as rasengon and had some good genjustu that killed three of them well the frogs knew the genjustu and jiraya knew all them summonings do you think naruto can do all that naruto does not stand a chance agaisnt pain all he can do is shadow clone and rasengan and that not going to work i think if naruto wants to beat pain he needs a lot more training

  189. i wants to see a naruto sagemode nine tails that would be cool

  190. Well as it stands narutos afraid to use the kyubi at all.
    (cause he’s a little chicken shit) But even if he does use it sasukes able to suppress the kyubis chakra, like he did at oros hideout. So really the only thing capable of saving naruto right now is whatever itachi gave to him. I say that cause even if he manages to kick sasukes ass with sage mode well then all it takes is one look one eye and amaterasu.

  191. but naruto isnt going to fight pain…tsunade is and she will die in the process…remember the post about the kishi interview? i just said naruto might show up and that would be cool to see Naruto the Sage in action 🙂

  192. that is the only thing that i cant account for is how naruto can fend off amaterasu.

    actually i know how and it is just very cheap. he will use the ability itachi gave him whatever that may have been.

    AHA! skyhigh i found out the answer while typing my theory about itachi!
    it all makes sense going back to itachi and jiraiya!!! remember the fire sealing technique jiraiya used!!!
    and with that i have accounted for everything…or so i think…

  193. Yeah naruto wishes he could seal that, he’s pretty dumb plus in the heat of battle I can’t really see him just pulling out a scroll doing hand signs and sealing a big ass black fire while sasuke just sits their and watches him. But yeah all hating aside I do have to admit he probably could use that if he really wanted to.
    Even thou ima be pissed if he does

  194. What if Sasuke plans on using naruto to destroy konoha. I just thought about it he knows the kyubis inside him he knows sharingan has the power to control it and he’s may or may not have some kinda new genjutsu from his sharingan. i think he might go to konoha pic a fight with naruto and then unleash the kyubi making naruto go 9 tails. Or try to if he does that i think that will be what gives naruto control over kyubi cause no matter what he’s not gonna destroy the leaf since he wants to be hokage

  195. but i thought you needed ms2 to control the kyuubi like madara.. and when jiraiya did the seal he didnt use a scroll he just said fuujin katon something…

  196. I’m not sure if you need ms2 to control kyubi. I know that kyubi said sasukes eyes were like madaras and his chakra was sinister or some bs like that.It was just a thought though it’s probably not doable.And I think you are right he just said that then put the flames into a scroll to study them.

  197. well that was a long argument…come up with some more points for tomorrow lol
    but about the eyes i think he meant the hatred that madara had for konohakagure both his clan and the senju.
    so later i’ll be on tomorrow like noon, leave some stuff for me to hate on tomorrow lol

  198. Naruto could fend off a Amaterasu with a Giant Rasengan cause the Black Flame doesnt burn Chakra so more than likely a Water rasengan would be a Defensive and wind rasengan is the Attack, thats what I think.

    But its going too take 10 weeks for an outcome so Ill see you all in 10 weeks, Ill watch them all at once adios Naruto junkies.

  199. James, how dare you question whether Naruto can beat Pain!!! He has a lot of things going for him. 1)Perfected Sage training 2)the nine tails 3)the legend of the gutsy ninja 4) the power of youth!!!! 5)thousands of shadow clones 6)some awesome new technique 7)the ability to heal and recover like no one {even Tsunade I’ll say}, which means unlimited perfected wind rasengans 8) and the most important of all: he’s the main character in a show named after him

  200. i forgot #9: 9) Unlimited time to prepare for the fight as the series shifts to kakashi and sakura

  201. hahahaha, #200 on the dot… take that bono

    Jeremiah, is the first time a post has gone over 200 comments?

  202. never mind, I answered my own question with a resounding YES!!!

  203. I have a feeling that we didnt really get to see pein’s real skills yet

  204. do you think all naruto needs to beat pain is shadow clones and the power of youth and rasengon that wont work o pain if naturo did kill one of the bodys they will just come back to life i think if naruto and sasuke team and fight pain they could win but most likely wont happen

  205. jamesthegreat do u think that sasuke won’t help naruto in the end?????????aw…i still believe that he will return to team 7…it’s so sad TT

  206. So what happens when a hermit mode Naruto gets so mad that tails come out… does that ki get asorbed by hermit mode in a way Naruto-kun can control?

  207. i dont think sasuke will return to team 7 he hates the village and wants to detroy so i think he will go back

  208. As of right now i believe naruto is going to be able to solo pain he toke out one of pain in one hit.Sasake has nothing on Naruto as of right now because its believe the naruto supassed the pervy sage and it most likey stronger than the 5 hokage. He’s changed alot n has became alot smarter

  209. naruto is verygood

  210. I want to still see Itachi alive. I like him. He is a major character who should remain alive. There can still be stories that will involve him. Resurrect him!

  211. naruto is powerfull than susche

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