Naruto manga 417 Raikage makes his move + discussion + predictions + survey stats update and Naruto all grown up

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Hey everyone,

What a great issue last week! The spoiler was spot on but it only revealed the Sasuke/Madara discussion. The Jiraiya book was totally unexpected and to see the prophetic book showing the source of Naruto’s future and his namesake, no doubt showing what Naruto will look like in another couple years… I have to say that I’m really looking forward to a time skip. I’m tired of seeing Sasuke story after story during this Shipuuden stretch. I’m ready for Naruto to be the main character again. I know that sometimes this site comes off as anti Sasuke but we are less anti Sasuke than we are more pro Naruto.

Uchiha is well represented in the comments section, headed by Skyhigh and I understand that to some, Sasuke is your favorite character. But come on. Enough is enough, we are ready to see Naruto bust out and kick some Akatsuki ass. This weeks survey will have a few questions as to which you’d rather see in the future and what you thought of the future Naruto look.

For those of you who are Uchiha fans then check THIS out and for those of you who were following the discussion link about why I thought we’d be better off with Itachi alive instead of Sasuke, read THIS. After that take this weeks survey and check back shortly for results. With the invasion of Konoha finally arriving and these brief glimpses at the future Naruto the manga is really exciting again!

Ja mata

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this weeks survey entitled…

“Naruto and Sasuke”

Early results for this weeks survey:

Q1 After the Invasion of Konoha, would you like to see a time skip?

50% of you said YES.

8.1% of you said NO, the manga needs to end soon.

41.9% of you said I want the manga to keep going but no time skip.

Q2 What will Sasuke do in the invasion of Konoha?

33.8% said he would kill the elders but prevent the capture of Naruto.

17.7% said he would turn on Madara and help Naruto.

32.2% said he would kill someone close to Naruto and kill the elders.

16.1% said he would help Madara and kill the elders.

Q3 Will Sasuke ever return to team Kakashi?

19.3% said YES, thats the whole point of the manga.

22.5% said NO, he will be the primary bad guy for the rest of the manga.

58% said yes but only right before he dies.


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106 Responses to “Naruto manga 417 Raikage makes his move + discussion + predictions + survey stats update and Naruto all grown up”

  1. First!

  2. bono no one cares

  3. James, if you don’t want to be involved, then don’t say anything, otherwise ignore it…

  4. I tend to find the Bono/Alec First war ammusing…

  5. Well, it’s not really a war, it’s more like what the german’s did to the french (twice)…

    If anyone is out there who’s confused he’s the german’s, i’m the french -_-

  6. But you’ve won a couple times…



    Did the French ever get any good shots in on the Germans? Hehe

  7. @Jeremiah- I’ve read the first 5 or so chapters of Soul Eater, and i find it it kinda of confusing and a struggle to read, maybe i’m just not a fan of the art work… I plan on giving it a little more time, but if by chapter 15 and i still don’t like it, I’ll probably stop reading

  8. But as you can clearly see, he has consistently kicked my butt, twice today in fact…

  9. okay fine, I’ll go with he’s neji and I’m naruto, he’s beating me now, but I’ll win in the end using the heart of the cards (don’t ask me how this could ever end)

  10. @ Alec, but you haven’t just given up, you keep trying. You can’t be the French.

  11. Exactly, that’s y i just changed it to neji vs naruto

  12. If this is suppose to be any indication as to what Naruto will look like in the future, I notice he doesn’t have any whiskers… does that mean he has the nine tails removed, or did jiraya just happen to come up with a character that matches exactly what Naruto would be, albeit, no whiskers

  13. nice survey but this weeks heading is a little off. Just because naruto is not the main topic right now does not mean they are not checking up on him. In the last like three chapters it hasn’t been all about sasuke nor all about naruto but instead they are covering both. I mean the fact of the matter is they will always talk about naruto. I want to see more on other characters in konaha. Even if it is sasuke who they are covering its just a refresher that they are not only talking about naruto. I would actually rather see the old toad mountain sage but hes gone. It will be good when they talk about kakashi and sakura though. Actually with what is happening right now in the manga and the direction kishi said he was going you could probably predict what is going to happen. Something big will happen to kakashi and they will have his story arc and then they will move to a sakura story arc.
    Kakashi will be affected by the invasion from either sasuke or madara and will start looking into the the three elders and the truth of the uchiha clan. He will then uncover something he doesn’t like and probably die in the process. After kakashi dies sakura will be the new main focus but i haven’t thought of the reason why yet.

  14. I think i provoked this weeks survey sorry bout that.

  15. @Alec – I noticed the lack of marks on his face as well. It’s like a Minato/Naruto Hybrid.

  16. @ Russ – LMAO niiiice!

  17. i think i get what sasuke is referring to when he says if anyone denies my way of living ill kill everyone they ever care about. Maybe thats meant for naruto since naruto hasn’t lost everyone hes cared about. I mean there is a big difference btwn not growing up with anyone and losing everyone when growing up. That is what pisses sasuke off about naruto. Thats his new hatred so to speak.

  18. well whatever itachi gave naruto will stop sasuke from attacking the leaf. that is the one thing madara (or obito) did not know about.

  19. Yeah, I’m starting to think more death is coming in Konoha than initially expected. I think Sakura and Kakashi are the only safe ones because Kishi said he was going to focus on them more soon. Sasuke may try to kill them both…but fail. Perhaps Naruto will protect them using what Itachi gave him which may be an immunity to Amaterasu. I’ve been forming new theories about this in my head since the last issue ^_^

  20. Damnit Eddie! You beat me to it ^_^

  21. yeah i think its the true story of itachi and what Madara told him was a twisted version. but thing is i dont think naruto will be around to stop him when the invasion takes place at least not till the end. so yeah sasukes gonna rampage and it’ll be fun on a bun

  22. Alright so i had this idea based off the fact that itachi tapping sasuke’s head and passing on every one of his eye techs just seemed like a fugged off concept to me. What if while Sasuke was Knocked out after the fight Madara gave him Itachi’s eyes then told him that whole story to get him gassed up. You see i think that Madara can’t use his sharingan or any jutsu as effectively as he used to witch is why he wants the tailed beast so he can get strong again. But i think he gave itatchi’s eyes to sasuke to make him strong enough to use as a pawn.

  23. hi

  24. Muhahaha that is the power of the sharingan Jeremiah -_+, I copy your idea and slow you down.

  25. @cdog
    the focus on sakura will be tsunade dying and her “growing up” just as naruto and skikamaru have.

    my guess about her focus will be her revenge on madara or whomever kills tsunade. her desire to exact her revenge will make her want power in which case kakashi will have kureni teach her genjutsu since that was her type after all. she will then surpass her teacher and fight alongside naruto against kisame or zetsu. unless pain escapes in which case she will fight with naruto and kill pain with their powerful genjutsu senjutsu combo but more powerful than jiraiya’s hermit mode.

  26. Okay, I haven’t given anything useful in a while, so here I go.

    Pein is the first to arrive in Konoha, him and Konan infiltrate the village and search for any signs of who Naruto is; what he wears, what techniques does he have, his mission completions, his current rank, and his present location. During this infiltration he is discovered by shizune, who immediately runs off to find Tsunade noticing the Akatsuki outfit and seeing the rinnegan. She mangaes to escape Konan’s rain of paper cuts and awakens Tsunade sometime before dawn. Tsunade is already prepared to fight Pein. She encounters Pein in the forests outside of Konan as he flees because he realizes even he is not strong enough to fight all of Konoha on his own (also to provide a distraction so Konan can keep on fighting). Pein offers to leave silently and let her live if Tsunade tells her where Naruto is. Tsunade of course laughs at the thought of letting him sneak off alive to find Naruto take the nine-tails, and come back and mercilessly destroy Konoha. She also adds to the fact that it would take months to find him even if she told Pein the exact location. Pein understands what is about to take place, and rants about how he would not destroy konoha but enforce peace upon the land, he does not want to kill the people in Konoha but rather what Konoha stands for. Tsunade stares at him, then launches herself at the Yahiko body. He dodges and all of a sudden five more bodies appear at his side. Tsunade sees what Fukakusu meant by being careful. She then notices the female body, and for a moment is completely silent and shocked (the reason as to why is still up in the air). Anywho, some Jounins (Genma, Ebisu) fight Konan in the village. While Tsunade fights pain, refusing to let anyone help in the fight for fear of their certain death. The only one who she lets stay is Sakura. Sakura and Tsunade use their slug magic and unbelievable strength to fight to an apparent draw with Pain. But, both Sakura and Tsunade are exhausted, while Pain hasn’t even broken a sweat. So the final attack begins. Tsunade unleashes the seal, while sakura goes into inner sakura mode and goes beserk. The fight is going there way when all of a sudden Tsunade is hit in the spinal cord and the heart from behind. She falls Sakura turns around and sees what is happening in slow motion. Tsunade falls with a smile on her face, proud that she could carry on her brother and her boyfriend’s wishes of being hokage to protect the villagers. Sakura goes over to Tsunade who whispers something about the female body to sakura and then dies. Pain seeing that their leader has died, and is lacking three of his bodies do to being utterly destroyed, flees with Konan who fought to a stalemate with Genma and Ebisu. Kakashi who though forbidden from competing in the battle had watched with his Magneykou in order to learn everything he could (he flashes back to a conversation in which Tsunade says he may not fight because if he falls, their will be no one worthy enough to take hokage, or protect Konoha from sharingan threat of Saskue and Madara). Sakura becomes second lieutenant in medical corp behing shizune. Kakashi becomes the sixth hokage and reflects on all the people who have held the position, from his sensei, to the third, to tsunade, and to those who have fought for it in the name of protecting Konoha (1st, and Naruto {for some reason the 2nd is always getting f’d in the a, probably cause Kishi can’t think of anything for him}). He prepares for the invasion of the uchihas by promoting Shikimaru, Sakura, and and Lee to jounin. He doesn’t promote Naruto (which will be used as a joke by Kishi when Naruto returns, Kakashi goes: “ehhh, I got lost on the road of life and forgot, good luck next time though, guzao”). He also puts Sakura in charge of squad of Chunin (konohamura corps) as they prepare to do whatever the hell they gotta do. The series focuses on their mission together, occasionally showing clips of Naruto and Saskue preparing for battle (Naruto is still unaware of Tsunade’s death and Kakashi’s promotion)

    Sorry for the length but I had to do a new theory otherwise Jeremiah was going to fire my ass for shitting around with Bono all the time.

  27. Answering two questions…

    1 Kakashi can perform the RASENGAN

    2 Tsunade can REGENERATE cells and will not die in battle, however it depletes her lifespan.

  28. lmao you and bono got a great relationship going there jk

    but seriously whats up with the 2nd getting screwed over hes referred to here and there, the fight with oro, his mystical lightning sword. but thats about it

    he has such powerful justu but he is never compared to his brother, nor acknowledged, just because he can grow some stupid sprouts.

    also with the white hair is he the white fang’s father?

  29. she can die in battle if the damage is too great, or if pain say decapitates her…

  30. did no one see last weeks anime???
    it clearly showed kakashi using the rasengan…

  31. Yep, that is the issue of the Manga that was referenced in the link. They are finally done with the filler.

  32. So Tsunade lives by Zombie rules? Sweeeeet. I havn’t been watching the anime, I hate filler but Russ informed me yesterday that filler was over so I downloaded the last couple and plan to watch them this weekend.

    I am REALLY digging the Soul Eater Anime right now though.

  33. Well.. she did survive Oro’s sword throgh the chest. So as long as she keeps her brain and head in tact, she will be OK…

  34. By the way…They did have a Zombie attack during the filler. Although they did not die by the usual Zombie rules.

  35. Speaking of Zombie attacks….weren’t we supposed to be dead by now. I thought the world was ending. What was the original world ending countdown timeframe?

  36. yeah soul eater is good i just think they take too long with the manga, but it is a good the mangas are 50 pages.

  37. what are narutos whiskers? like why are they there? do they have any importance?

  38. I don’t think they are whiskers. I think they are marks/facial features that are symbolic of the Kyuubi.

  39. @Russ, that’s why she was hit in the spine and the heart at the same time, blocking chakra control, which is how she regrows the cells and the heart because no one can live with a stopped heart. Oro missed the heart… know where your heart is next time

    @9tailedsage- Dude, i think your on to something…

  40. @Russ- Except Hidan, hidan lives through everything ^_^

  41. Hidan was a funny character and I haven’t had much time this week and am now just getting a chance to read all the entries but one thing I’m definately gonna disagree about is naruto using the power that itachi gave him personally if I remember correctly itachi said he hopes that naruto will never have to use the power which in my head means it’s something revealed at the final finale battle just a thought

  42. I never said heart…I said chest. Lots of important stuff in there.

  43. I liked the little story u came up in regurds to pein’s invasion of the leaf village

  44. Geez, things have slowed down again around here…

  45. @jeremiah
    ty but about which one and then give your corresponding theory

  46. in checking out code geass now, thx for suggestion. but about soul eater manga did you read it and then felt like it spoil the anime? because i like the animation alot unlike other animes…but its up to such a thrilling point i might just indulge in a few chapters 🙂 rebirth of the kishin.

  47. Naruto is going to learn the 4ths teqnic and how to get controle the wind chakra..Akustski is going to start moving agenst konoha while sasuke tells his team about naruto and konoha

  48. @ 9tailedsage – The Soul Eater anime is better than the manga, which is rare cause the manga is usually better than the anime.

    @ Akatsukirules – when Itachi said that I think he meant it was something he would consider horrible, like using it against Sasuke or something to do with the 9 tails… because he’s hoping Naruto never has to use it.

    @Alec- its usually a little slow until the spoiler comes out

  49. @ alec school started thats why its slowed down lol

  50. For sure. Thats why I’ve been so busy lately. I try to post when ever I can, usually before and after school.

  51. Is Pain ever going to invade Konoha? This is getting pretty redundant. Hopefully there is more than what the spoiler showed, like last week.

    I just don’t think I can take another Sasuke fight.

    Some of the nin that came with Raikage look cool at least.

  52. I think they are building up Sasuke to make him stronger by the time he gets to Konoha. I think we are going to see Sasuke fight a lot and Naruto train a lot before he gets there. That way we can have the same type fights that we usually get with Naruto (the “Rocky” syndrome). He will try his new techniques, while Sasuke will be using what has been practicing in the field. But, in the end, Naruto will win by sheer determination and heart.

  53. i am so sick of sasuke i used to like seeing him in the manga but now it is just annoying it is starting to look like he is the main character i hope sasuke does not fight again i want to see the invasion but i dont think it is comming anytime soon

  54. @Jeremiah- It’s like they just decided to drop it, pain said were going to Konoha, and then it’s just been dropped like Lehman Bros. stock

  55. Well they can go one of three ways with sasuke, they can make him part of the good side, they can make him the main bad guy for naruto since it is looking like “madara” might be the bad guy for kakashi, or they can make him an antihero.

  56. Or they could make him something to drag out the manga for as long as they can without involving Naruto… wait… that’s what they’re doing now isn’t it?

    I’m not happy with another fight arc that only has Sasuke. Anyone but freakin Sasuke. I also thought it was cool at first when he was gathering Hawk and the Itachi battle and then it just never seemed to stop it just kept going…

    It should have focused on someone else for a while after the Itachi fight and just checked in on him occasionally.

    Hopefully the spoiler is leaving something major out like it did last time.
    *crossing fingers*

  57. Lets see…as far as the power itachi gave naruto…it must be something to offset the atemerasu or however u spell it…so thats y he hopes he never uses it cause that would mean sasuke was using it against him…
    Has anyone noticed that Madara isnt going to konoha…everybody else is all hype while he and Kisame sits back…remember Kisame lol
    Who cares who fights me i mean Pein…theyre gonna die until Naruto or Shikamaru figures out what Jirayas message meant
    When is naruto receiving the rest of the chakra…i heard something like Yondaime was in the belly of the death god with the bad chakra from the beast just asking is it true??

  58. I’ll try to address all the comments.

    Immunity to Amaterasu is a likely scenerio.

    Kishi said Kisame will play a bigger role in the future… so wait for that.

    When Pain attacks I’m thinking that the Konoha nin will break off and fight each body individually like when they were chasing Sasuke and the Sound nin.

    See the rules of the sealing technique in the story arc where the 3rd tried to seal Oro… you’ll have your answer there.

  59. is madara missing an eye ?? N does kakashi have it??

  60. @lastscorpion
    thx for recommending flcl i think it was you, anywho it was awesome.

  61. soul eater 24 was insane!!!!

    @jeremiah i think i have to read manga to find out what happens next because it was soooo good.

  62. i think they should start focusing on naruto now sasuke had his moment in the spotlight i think if he fight again i just wont read this weeks manga

  63. well it will involve him somehow
    but i’m hoping for the raikage to mistake madara for sasuke and finally see what the real ms2 can do, or we’ll find out hes just obito. i think madara is a third member of the living uchiha clan and is not obito.

    the hair, THE HAIR!!!

  64. tobi is pain’s real body!

  65. amen about the naruto comment, he should be much much stronger instead he’s always the fool in the group. DBZ for instance Vegeta was always playing catch up. that crappie ability that sasuke just obtained shouldn’t affect naruto since the 9tails chakra is much much worst than that shit flame but somehow they will make him look like a fool again. PEACE

  66. dude i really like that idea much better raikage going after tobi/madara/obito who ever the hell it is that would be something and as for kisame he hasnt been around for a while id like to see him again like kisame turn good and start fucking someone up and outta no where Gai lui kang kicks him into a rock not nowing he turned good and cuz gai is retarded

  67. i think the saskue naruto fight is coming really soon… i wouldnt be surprised if it was like another gaara where the raikage called konoha for help and they end up sending nin to find the 8 tails leaving few ninja left in konoha and then pein will attack and end up killing tsunade… i then think naruto will show up to a messed up konoha with everyone in panic cuz tsunade is dead but that is how they will keep characters like kakashi alive through peins invasion

  68. aww shit i wasnt signed in but i just left a lengthy scenario kinda

  69. New manga is out, at the end it says sage training is complete in next one.

  70. Sweeet but I think sasuke is going blind or somethig is messed up cuz of the 417 something was bothering him

  71. hmmm I like where the manga is going, I think we will be seeing the leaders of all the ninja villages. I want to see how this plays out, Madara can still be te mizukage they never said he quit ^_^.

  72. ok so right now pain cant attack konoha because they need him to seal the 8 tails and if naruto does finish his training they could meet sooner than i expected 🙂

  73. i wanna know hu the tsuchikage is

  74. this is what i think will happen after the summit:
    they find out madara is the mizukage.
    the tsuchikage turns out to be zetsu
    zetsu and madara declare war with the backing of the rain village.
    so its konoha, komo and iwa against mist rain and waterfall

  75. Nah as of right now peine is already on his way to the village an their just waitng for him to bring the 9 tails back to do the extraction on bothor at least thats the way it sounded. And noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it looks like sasukes dumb ass is going blind already he shoulda just popped itachi’s eyes out when he had the chance

  76. who’s hyuga?

  77. kinda weak we didn’t get to see sasuke new power and I’m loving all the shit that will be happening in da future

  78. Hinata and Neji are Apart of the Hyuga clan, I wonder if the Hyuga clan how they are all sealed had something too do with what the Raikage was talking about.. About what Sasuke said about how Konoha worshipped Senju does anyone think that Senju is like a Supreme Bijuu or something. Interesting too see Garra back in action as well as all the Kages even better if like the Hermit above said if a couple were akatsuki that would be an interesting meeting. The Meeting could also turn out too be an all out battle.

  79. When he said hyuga he was talking about neji’s dad he said that the were quick to deal with him.

  80. Oh yea good observation I forgot about that. That was quite a big deal.

  81. senju is actually the 1st and 2nd hokage’s clan they were as powerful as the uchihas

  82. ive gotta admit, that long prediction that alec made was not to realistic in the naruto world. Pein first wouldnt have cared if all of the konoha was to fight him. He could probably destroy all of the ninjas minus the high ranking ones which u only have kakashi, guy, and onbu forces and the hokage. So pein wouldnt run away or even attempt to run away. Kakashi wouldnt first of all just sit back and watch the whole fight. cmon now…and you call yourself a manga fan. shikamaru and the rest are all jounins already…so that promotion concept is wrong.they say
    it in the first couple of animes when shippuuden first came out. wow…thats all ive got to say…disappointed in in alec…he usually gives a good performance….

  83. @hermit of naruwisdom

    don’t forget that the fifth is also of the senju
    tsunade will die with a bang as well as the clan of senju you can be sure kishimoto will start some drama over that.

  84. if tsunade died it would be great i dont think she can fight good

  85. what yeah right she can scrap just look at the sakura vs sasori fight that was all as a result of tsunades training and im not talking about the half of the fight where she was a puppet.

  86. well shes got no good moves only thing she got is strenth

  87. Yeah your kinda right there I always wondered if she has any jutsu or what but she is a sanin so well have to see what she can really do

  88. She’s a Medical ninja so thats her main form but like Kabuto she must have some deadly Medical jutsu not too mention she does know how your body works so she must be quite a capable killer.

  89. I was just thinking that if madara is obito or something like that it would be kakashis fight so madara might not be the main bad guy. I am starting to think kobuto might bethe main bad guy, he is always around for the big events and he is always swithing sides, He was also put in the manga at the very start.

  90. nah i think kabuto just gonna be a distraction that’s coming up before the end and madara will be the last main bad guy

  91. I dont think kabuto will just be a distraction, he has been there for all the major events, killed 10 anbu, finds peoples weekness, had no loyalty to orochimaru, has information on all the ninja, has information from akatsuki, leaf and orochimaru, was able to “study” sasuke for three years, stronger then tsunade in medical jutsu, has orochimarus powers, I am sure he has a plan for something but am not sure what it would be, we know nothing of his backround and he was a part of the manga from the start, He was the first “bad guy” to show up after the zabuza arc, and he seems to be the guy in the shadow that nobody ever thinks about. Watch i can tell you that something big will happen with him later in the manga, did anyone ever think when he showed up and was half orochimaru was an act. Trust me something is up with kabuto think back to when he shows up in the story and he was there for alot of big events aand fights.

  92. kabuto also says that his goal is to kill sasuke and naruto.

  93. i think kabuto will be minor he might bring orochimaru back somhow but other than that he will try to fight sasuke or naruto and get killed

  94. i think hes gonna have a whole arc dedicated to him hell be too weak to fully contol orochimaru and cause of that orochimaru will remake the sound ninja and itll will be a huge fight between him and sasuke for revenge. during the fight Karin will decide she likes sasuke better and fight against him and it’ll probably take naruto and sasuke to take him down and athatll be the last time the work together before they have a showdown. And I think in the end sasuke will rejoin the leaf and be good but hell go blind.

  95. Yea Kabuto will play a major role sometime down the track not too mention Anko will also be involved in the Drama as it unfolds in the future.. It probaly happen 3 arcs from now

  96. Whoever said to watch soul eater good pick i been looking for a god anime to watch for a while now and soul eater doesn’t disappoint. plus its from the same people as full metal so i shoulda known id be a sound pick

  97. I know! It’s pretty awesome. Soul Eater and Code Geass are by far the best anime currently running in Japan. Vampire Knights is also cool but in a different way. Mushi Shi and Ghost Hound are trippy as hell if you’ve got some spare time to check those out as well, all of those are still running in Japan.

  98. Yeah soul eater is good i was actualy reading the manga first then they started the anime ^_^. Code Geass is good to but it is like a soap opera a twist in every show lol.

    Now back to kabuto Why do people think he not that strong Tsunade said the he was stronger then her when she was in her prime, And that was pre time skip. Just think he has the power stronger then tsunade, he was able to trick kakashi and now if he gets all the powers of orochimaru he will be stronger the the shanin where. I donot think orochimaru will take him over, there personalities might merge into one but bringing back orochimau back would be a dull story. sasuke killed orochimaru, so if orochimaru came back he would be no match for naruto or sasuke. But if kabuto where to take on orochimaru’s power he would be a orochimaru/tsunade hybrid able to heal himself and do powerfull ninjutsu. Kabuto would be strong then the shanin and many of the akatsuki members. I am thinking after the kakashi arc it will play out where naruto and sasuke have to fight kabuto together like in zabuza arc. Kbuto would be the bad guy from there generation.

  99. My mistake sasuke never killed orochimaru he just took over. The only person sasuke has killed is itachi.

  100. In Oro’s defense, he was dieing in bed when Sasuke attacked him. His body was failing because his 3 years were up and he needed to switch bodies again.

  101. When did Tsunade say that? Oro and Kabuto came to her hoping she could fix his arms because she was the greatest medical ninja ever. Strength wise I don’t think very many people are as “strong” as Tsunade, even Jiraiya fears her strength.

    Kabuto is just really smart, like Shikamaru but a medical ninja. Naruto even punked him back when he had no idea what he was doing.

  102. chapter 164 page 12 tsunade said he was strong, also when naruto punked him he took a full blast to the chest and was still alive.

  103. @ 9tailedsage:- yh i forgot. but hu else is part of senju as they were a aig clan. cud naruto and the 4th be the decendants of the 2nd as they have the same hair and no one talks about him. maybe he did sumthin unspeakable??!

  104. I keep thinking about the message left for Naruto by Jiraya. Could the code be referring to Jiraya’s first book ‘The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja’ and be a message yet to be determined in the managa?

  105. hallo

  106. I really like the drawings here. I envy people who have such great talent.

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