Alternate endings

A while back I wrote this alternate story arc in response to the survey question: Would you rather Itachi be alive instead of Sasuke?  I said yes and was asked to defend my position with an alternative to what actually happend.  Instead of doing a big long fan fic, I just did a quick explaination below… Let me know what you think.

Alternate ending to the Sasuke Itachi fight and future of the manga:

Imagine if the story were exactly the same except when Itachi collapses on the ground at Sasuke’s feet he didn’t die. He’s just so beaten down that he can’t move any more.  Madara thinks he’s dead, swoops in, kills a vulnerable Sasuke in one blow and takes his eyes. 

Leaving Itachi for dead, Madara leaves the scene instructing Zetsu to digest Itachi’s body.  But when Zetsu stands over Itachi and is about to take him, Itachi becomes conscious again, sees Sasuke’s dead  body with both eyes missing and goes ballistic opening a new Sharingan in the process and then disemboweling Zetsu.


Itachi now only lusts for Madara’s death.  He decides to return to Root Anbu squad and fight along side Naruto to avenge his brother.  He once again wears the Anbu mask to hide the fact that he is still alive and to avoid having to explain himself a million times that he was really an undercover agent this whole time in Akatsuki working for Anbu.

Together, with Kakashi, he fights Akatsuki and has an epic battle with the real leader of Akatsuki who turns out to be two seperate people playing the one part of Tobi; one Obito and one very old but still very strong Madara. This sets up a final battle between Naruto and the seemingly immortal Pain. 

Ja mata

Sorry it took so long to post this. I’ve had it written forever and I know a couple of you asked about it but I just totally forgot. @_@


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11 Responses to “Alternate endings”

  1. Fiiiiiiirst!

  2. shit in a hat…

  3. LMAO! France loses again…

    I wonder how Skyhigh is going to feel about this post. I’ve seen him use both Sasuke and Itachi icons.

  4. I’m actually pretty conflicted here. I mean on the one hand itachi was always hot sauce but on the other sasukes my favorite now and he was before i knew who Itachi was but Itachis is a legend im gonna go ahaed and say yeah im likin this alternative cause itachi was more badass.

  5. bah after that i reread the fight, i really wanted itachi to kill him
    sasuke’s such a duche…after realizing itachi’s unbelievable sacrifice he pledges to cause more pain…just when you think he’s lookin’ up (8 tails battle) and remembers he was never alone he turns around and devises their annihilation.

  6. Somehow after this last manga I feel like Sasuke will get to Konoha and tell pain that he will kill everyone. Ultimatly hawk will battle Pain. and kill him. Madara will get word and come to the village and guess who just switched sides.

  7. He is not a douche just cause hes not all hyper active ass kiss and cry baby like naruto.

  8. Don’t like it tbh. First I doubt Madara would take Sasuke’s eyes because he has no use for them (except, maybe, as a backup in case he loses one of his eyes in battle)!
    Second, I don’t see Madara killing Sasuke, he can use him like he’s using him now. There’s really no reason for Madara to not kill such a weakling (compared to him) as Sasuke.
    Third, I don’t see Itachi rejoining ANBU. IF he goes back to Konoha he could receive another mission or even be killed. Just to make sure he doesn’t cross Konoha’s path EVER. Itachi could just act on its own and take a new identity.

    However I do like the idea of Sasuke being dead and Itachi being alive. That would make a tremendous story.

  9. Thanks for commenting. This is just an alternative to what actually happened. In this scenerio, Madara has a weaker version of Sharingan now… I mean have we seen anything extrodinary from him in regards to eye technique? Nothing at all. Perhaps he doesn’t have his original eyes… or his eyes are really and I mean really old, like he is. And now he is weak.

    As far as Itachi returning to ANBU, its not really a return, since he technically never left ANBU Root. I don’t know why they would or even if they could kill Itachi considering his insane level of loyalty over the years… Killing off entire family and being a secret agent and all.

  10. i really like this alternative ending, but you forgat that if itachi return to konoha he would be asked by some body to explains why he kill all the uchiha clan….and maybe this point change a little the rest of your alternative ending

  11. I covered that in the short explaination… He would return to ANBU Root which knew of his mission all along and would once again dawn the mask of ANBU. So no one out side the people who need to know or already knew, would know that it was Itachi behind the mask.

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