Is Kakashi really a dick?

Is Kakashi really a dick?

Is Kakashi really a dick?

Kakashi actually obsessed over having a Sharingan… thought about it all the time… didn’t think Obito deserved that power… who’s to say he did everything he could to save Obito?! JK ^_^


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on September 14, 2008.

9 Responses to “Is Kakashi really a dick?”

  1. LMAO nice but he was a dick untill obito was killed ^_^. And it looks as if bono is not siting at the page looking for a new post today -_+.

  2. Sucks to be Bono @_@

  3. 3rd?! WTF!

  4. i was shocked to see kakashi like that he was a asshole

  5. ahh, kaskshi, too bad he could only get the one

  6. One of the eyes is still good right??? lmfao

  7. good observation. that leads me to the conlusion( like most of us) that madara is in fact obito. it seems as if kakashi has just a lil’ bit of splainin’ to do when it comes time to hash it out. did kakashi really recieve the eye from obito? or did kakashi happen upon obito’s body after making the decision to go back and save him? those two were best buds. oh yea… what ever happened to white fangs blade? why haven’t we seen it yet? perhapse we will in future manga if kakashi battles madara. i see kakashi getting yet another eye from madara. either that or giving it to naruto. we can’t have the uchiha totally out of the picture. that’s like having nauto eating anything other than ramen!

  8. I think Kakashi is better off just having one eye. when he goes blind from using the sharingan he will still have one good eye.

  9. Bah he can just use one of his failed student’s eyes. “You fail, now give me your left eye.”

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