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Hey everyone,
This post is pure spoiler.  We should be seeing the new manga very soon but 9tailedsage brought up a subject that I just assumed everyone had already read.  Just in case you havn’t, I posted them today below.  One interview with Kishi is from print, the other is from a convention.  I linked to both sites where I copied the interviews from at the end of the second article. I also followed the interviews with a good summary from Youtube that kinda wraps up what everyone is thinking after reading both these interviews.  Many of us have these same theories and share these ideas but I thought the short Youtube clip sums it up well.  This weeks survey is about these interviews, I think they obviously give important insights into the not so complex mind of Kishimoto.  Sooo, if you havn’t read the interviews, read them. After that tell us your thoughts in the comments section and through the survey this week.  I’ll update the post after the new manga spoiler comes out.
Ja mata
P.S. Thanks again to 9tailedsage for bringing it up again.
January 2007
1. Is Jiraiya dead?
Kishi : He lives…………………………in your heart.
Naruto has to be grown up. Shikamaru also needed to be grown up. And Sakura will have to be grown up, too. Lee? Lee doesn’t need to be grown up anymore.

2. What’s gonna happen next year?
Kishi : Started with Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
I’m gonna write about mainly Sasuke next year. And Kakashi and Sakura, after that. Especially Kakashi. I can’t tell yet but a huge event will happen to him.

3. What kind of way of ending do you do with Sasuke vs Itachi battle?
Kishi : I can’t tell. But I have kept this waiting to manga readers for a long time. So I’ll have to make everyone gets content with it.

4. Describe the color of Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
Kishi : Glossy-Black

5. Describe the color of Kakashi story which you just mentioned about.
Kishi : Dark Blue

6. You said you’re gonna write about Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura. What about Naruto?
Kishi : Naruto has to wait.

7. Are you gonna write the battle of each member of Hebi?
Kishi : Actually I didn’t want to. But Shueisha ordered me to do with something about them.

That’s all. He didn’t say anything about the Akatsuki on the stage.

March 2008

SJ = Shonen Jump
MK = Masashi Kishimoto
SJ: There’s many rumours regarding Madara being the absolute final villain. Is this true?
MK: Madara being the final villain is yet to be seen and I can’t let that information out just yet. But he will play a big part as a villain, that’s for sure.

SJ: Now that it’s officially known that Yondaime is Naruto’s father, will you show more of Minato?

MK: Yes, definitly. I actually wanted to reveal more about Yondaime earlier, but other characters were in development and some fights still had to be dealt with.

SJ: While we’re at it… could you please tell us if Minato was the strongest shinobi that ever lived?

MK: Hmmm, it’s a tricky question. As far as dead shinobis goes, then yes, he’s the strongest. I’d say that Sandaime shares the number one spot with him. As far as living shinobis goes… well, without going into many details I’d have to say no. There’s a couple of shinobis whose stronger than him.

SJ: Now that Itachi seems to be dead, what is Kisame going to do now?

MK: Kisame has always come off as a sidevillain whose only purpose is to travel along Itachi. But to my surprise, Kisame has gone from an unpopular character to someone whose more popular than Deidara after the Gai-fight. I won’t say too much, but Kisame is a character that wont die anytime soon. I will definitly develop on his character more and possibly make him…

SJ: Make him what?

MK: It’s a surprise.

1st interview was found at:

2nd interview was found

This sums up the thoughts for alot of people who think Kishi gave away too much in these last couple interviews.  It was posted by the user Rocklees8thgate on youtube.

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 Early results for this weeks survey:

Do you think you understand the direction of the manga better from these interviews?

42.5% of you said a little. But he was very vague.

33.3% of you said Yes. Very Cool.

14.8% of you said Yes. But he gave away too much.

5% of you said No. He’s misleading on purpose.

3.7% of you said he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do.





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117 Responses to “Naruto Manga 416 Legend of the Gutsy Ninja + discussion + Spoiler survey + remember the Kishi interviews?”

  1. its interesting to see who kishimotos main focus is. Squad 7
    Of course his main focus is naruto but squad 7 must have some eternal bond or some shit.

  2. Bono isn’t first lol

  3. Going by this i think obito is madara and pain body is rin ^_^

  4. i just wanted to say that i love your site. keep doing what your doing and ill support you. lol i even got a account just to tell you this^_^

  5. If they decide to focus on Sakura, I don’t know if I can be a fan anymore. Everything about her story and stuff is just super boring. More Naruto Uzumaki!!!

  6. Not first, but i still beat Bono 🙂

  7. Wait, but wasn’t Sakura v. Sasori enough focus on her, oh well, looks like i can fall asleep for awhile, wake me up when september ends

  8. i still think there gonna give kisame that turtle tailed beast.

  9. No, it sounds like they are going to combine all the tailed creatures into one creature and then use that as giant atom bomb device that can be used over and over again.

  10. i believe painz bodie is rin 2 n madaras usin obitos bodie

  11. thats a distinct possibility but didnt the say the tailed beast where just giant chakra pools so its more likely they’ll combine them and madara will have them all for himself.

  12. i think that when naruto confronts pein he uses jiraya’s boddy and naruto would be confused and will hold back on him.
    i also think saauke will use itachi’s eyes and that obito(tobi) is under some sort of hypnosis of madara, kakashi will find a way to break this hypnosis but pays with his own life…

  13. Kishimoto did say that Jiraya lives on, but in our hearts. I don’t think he will be making a comeback, but that would be a cool twist to mess with Naruto’s head a bit.

  14. Yeah but all of Pain’s bodies are already dead. So he could technically be a Pain body without “coming back”.

    With that said, I don’t think we’ll be seeing anymore new Pain body’s so I agree with Russ that we will not see Jiraiya again. Pain’s story will end with the invasion of Konoha.

  15. if kishi does go onto sakura she better get good because she is way behind sassy-gay and naruto. also shouldn’t she be able to summon slugs as she is tsunades apprentice? o_O ???

  16. I really wanna see some action action like the invasion which might start in the next chapter if the spoilers are true but I really would like the whole sasuke thing to be over I mean I dislike him less but still enough is enough I wanna see narutos reaction after he figures out that he was named by jairiya

  17. Yes, technically pain does use dead bodies, but I understood what Kishimoto said to mean that he would not be in the story at all…Dead or alive.

    I also would like to see how Naruto reacts to finding out that Jiraya was more than a mentor, but also was like his godfather, or whatever the Japanese equivalent is.

  18. @Akatsuki Rules- Dude, we’ve been hoping for the invasion for at least over 9,000 chapters now, so don’t expect it…

    @Russ- That won’t really matter because Naruto already considers Jiraya like a father…

    How could Jiraya not get a chick pregnant? He was over 55 and has probably doin’ stuff since he was like 5 years old. I’ve seen virgins get more people pregnant than he has. Unless his milk is just too good for coco-puffs.

    And in at 11 o’clock Douche News Network (DNN), don’t worry Saskue fans, he still remains a total d-bag. I know their was worry that Saskue might do something cool for once, but not to fear he remains committed to winning the award for biggest D in manga.

  19. The next chapter 417 is gointo be Pein in Konoha and Naruto reading and at the end of the chapter Pein and Tsunade are going to meet F#$%k all you Sassuke fan out there

  20. LOL but according to the spoiler sasuke says first heal my wounds then konoha so hopefully
    It’s soon also it needs to be soon cuz I’m really tired of waiting or atleast talk about someone else no more sasuke plz

  21. i think kisi is goin to make kisame a kage or the leader of a new seven swords men?
    for the strongest villian its between pein or kisame.
    also i think kakashi future has sumthin to do with either his eyes or his father.

  22. if this spoiler is exactly correct i think that sasuke is lying to madara cuz why would he have a flash back of his old teamates with his new ones.
    sasuke is just messin with madara to turn on him in the future.

  23. i like this blog, it has jumped to top 100 blog now

  24. With naruto who said at the end that ‘He thinks he can do it now’
    I rekon that maybe with his Sage training he can now control the Fox cloak in 4th tail mode perhaps further.. Im wondering what is going too happen with this Raikage and what he is going too do with Sasuke.. Im also thinking that all Pain bodies will suffer a major loss too Konoha ninja one that will be to the death for a few but Pains bodies will die, And then maybe we will see Nagato appear too finish the Job..

  25. From the spoiler it sounds like he’s realing in Madara hook, line and sinker. I feel at some point either Madara, Kakashi or Sasuke will bring back Susano and open the jug that Orochimaru is sealed in plus whatever else is sealed in there. But during that battle Oro will take over one of them and finally get the eyes he’s been after for so long.

  26. that would be amazing…if oro got the sharingan…

    i was incedentally wondering this a while ago if there were any fans of itachi who were let down by the light finally shining on him in the end or favored him more knowing that he had a good side.

  27. I would love for Oro to have a change of heart and lead the young ones of Konoha after some devistating world event. Sort of like Mageneto leading the X-Men. Or some form of amnesia or possibly a Sharigan memory clense. Just to be good for a while but even without his old memories return to the way he was.

  28. when is it out

  29. It would be interesting if Oro did come back with good intentions he is supposedly in a blissful genjutsu, But it would be cool if he took over Madara in his state that he is in now with all the Bodies that madara might have inside of himself Mizukage, Obito & so many other mysterious people I have a feeling about… I wonder how Kabuto is doing?? He will be awesome because of his Medical skills & new found body he can do the things Original Oro only dreamed of cant wait…

  30. I have to agree with randomguy 123, because sasuke will turn on madara/tobi. its to obvious kishi is just mixing in some shit right now to get everyone confused on what he will reallly do

  31. guys chck dis out
    1. Is Jiraiya dead?
    Kishi : He lives…………………………in your heart.
    Naruto has to be grown up. Shikamaru also needed to be grown up. And Sakura will have to be grown up, too. Lee? Lee doesn’t need to be grown up anymore.

    u see it tells us who will die like shikamaru needs to grow up (asuma died) naruto needs to grow up (jiriaya died) sakura will need to grow up too (either tsunade or kakashi will die) lee doesnt need to grow up gai doesnt die

  32. Yeah. Watch the red Youtube video in the middle of the post, it breaks it down pretty well and covers that Tsunade is a goner.

  33. so am correct ryte nd u agree wid me

  34. Yes…Gai lives and will never die *nice gai pose*

  35. Nooooo!, but that means Gai will grow old and lose his youth…

  36. The power of his youth will never fade! ^_^

  37. from watching the spoiler especially the red youtube video,would be more cliche for kishi to do that. as writer yes, you could lil spoiler to your manga viewers but dont you think thats how it will go… tsunade will die and kakashi will replace her as hokage…. how obvious. anyone can predict this sht…

    i mean if anyone can guess what kishi would write on his manga… he fails as story writer cos he’ll blown all the surprises in thebeginning.

    here’s my reaction this, it would be different as what our assumption that this manga goes. and kishi will have other surprise, not those above theories.

  38. You guys know that shikamaru is kishi’s favorite character in naruto, so i dont think we will see anything like the asuma story arc with any of the other teams. But that is cool shikamaru is on of my favorites as well, him and kakashi have similar personalities to my own so i like them the most.

    I know thishas nothing to do with naruto but code geass is so much like a soap opera now if you watch the last one at the end LMAO dun,dun,dun there is a twist every three seconds now.

  39. but yeah i think the thing with kakashi will be that obito is madara, it is all in the hair lol. It is also in about ten manga pages i can think of that hint at tobi not being madara .

  40. Alright nah i aint no expert or whatever but last i checked orochimaru didn’t get sealed in the jug a ma jig he just got traped in genjutsu for ALL ETERNITY. So no I dont think him comming back in that way will happen but yeah watch for Kabuto on that one if you guys want him back so bad. Next its not sassy gay its sasuke and he aint the biggest douchebag if anything im gonna go out on a limb here and say gai is lee follows close second somewhere in like 5th,6th is naruto and then further down that totem is SASUKE not sasugay sassy gay or any other variation of sasuke + gay you got. Check the Icons i use and recognize greatness it takes the form of a UCHIHA.

  41. Always good to have Uchiha represented by you skyhigh but you’re treading on thin ice with the Gai and Lee comments ^_^

    #1 douche is Deidara hands down.

  42. Yep, hate that guy!! Deidara is definitely the #1 douche!!!

  43. i hope madara removes the rest of his mask an tell sasuke why? he live for so long, but far as it goes that reall could be madara taking over obitos body an that pain use some kind of jutso to heal his body so that madara could use it, to trick people

  44. every one alraedly knows that sasuke is going to betrray madara, he going to do it when he’s weak from a battle then kill him, but the reason that madara wants sasuke is because he knows with two uchiha it will be hard to stop him including Jinchuuriki that they capture thats alot of jinchuuriki that madara going to have control over, but other then that the reason i think madara try to gather then all was when he first fought the fist hokage he said it him self that he had control over all of the jinchuuriki, and madara only had control over the nine tails fox demon….so thats why he trying to gather them all because he wonts to see if it works this time when he’s taking control over all the jinchuuriki, and he’s forshore that he will win because it will be hard to seal all of them at once including the the whole akatsuki fighting damm thats going to be big fight

  45. yeah i agree that,s the number one douche alright and on top of that gaara called him a chick lmfao classic.

  46. I want to make sure that the hard core fans of this site and frequent readers click the EGG link at the top of the post. All hail Captain Planet!

  47. I am starting to get very pissed off with the naruto anime they are still mixing in fillers with manga story. It ruins the manga story line i would rather not watch 5 more weeks of crapy filler then watch the manga mixed with filler. I am about to give up on the anime once more like i did when they started the year long naruto fillers

  48. But that ep just made me want to see kakashi rasengan in one hand and chidori in the other, stab with chidori and then hit with rasengan.

  49. LMAO at the Swayze. But you have to watch out for Captain Planet he has his own child ary that he forces to clean the world. Next time you spit that gum on the street watch for any kids around, or you might just get jumped and beat down. Also the kids in this child army have kittens that they toss as weapons because guns are bad for the environment. I think that madara is Captain Planet and Captain Planet is the Swayze, so the Swayze is madara and he want to kill us with children and kittens……….My hair hurts o.O


  50. i think Naruto’s father figure is Jiraiya hes dead Asumas dead and he said that lee doesnt need to grow up anymore. 2 scenarios the way i see it. hes fine and lives his life orrrr……….HE DIES! =O

  51. lmfao no body puts baby in the corner nobody! lmfao the law of the swayze’s maybe be funny but respect it and his gangster.

  52. I’m glad you guys like it. I’ll probably keep it going with non Naruto stuff for those of us who enjoy a good Captain Planet joke every now and then.

  53. I think Guy and Lee are pretty bad ass when they are not being corny. Also i think it is offensive saying that Sasuke is gay or even implying it, and it is simply untrue. He is bi and calling him Bi-sexual is the accepted vernacular. I think the australian version has sasukes name as “Uchiha poo jabber”.

    And you guys called me crazy for investing in kittenproof-vests and catnip hollowpoints.

  54. Yeah sure Sasukes a fudge packer but guy and lee just wear the matching skin tight track suits cause it looks so cool. Hey im just saying do any of really know what this power of youth really is? im just sayin their kinda the ambigiuosly gay duo of narut. And sasukes boss hog

  55. alright they might not be gay cause i kinda like lee but Gai is something close thou, hes a very uncool low fashion gay guy so richard simmons in the narutoverse.And i wouldn’t mind if heg ets killed soon. From the looks of it Raikages pissed so i think we might see madara in action cause i doubt hell make sasuke fight him.So my predictions Sasukes playing madara his plan is to attack the higher ups not killing any possibly during peins invasion and pass on a message, to maybe kakashi since hed be able to read sasukes lips or something like that, Oh and narutos gonna miss it all cause of his training but i think karin and sakura might have a kunouchi rumble in the jungle over sasuke. While jugo and shark face fight sai and yanmato and sasuke vs kakashi or tsunade. other squads vs peine

  56. The spoiler was spot on but there was alot of cool extra stuff with Jiraiya.

    The Ninja war is going to be on like donkey kong. *cocks shot gun* Thug life… ^_^

  57. For clarification, I think you can only be a douche as long as you’re alive. Once a douche dies, that makes him undouchish because now he/she has done the world a favor by going away. So currently Saskue is the number 1 dbag (deidara for all-time sakes), while gai is simply a pedophile belonging to the super adventure club. Lee, well, lee is just nuts…

  58. i heard yesterday from someone that there is going to be a captain planet movie in a couple of years is that true jeremiah, i think you of all people would know?

  59. going out on a limb here but perhaps the new technique naruto is attempting will be completing the rasenshuriken without the backlash effects to perhaps throw it as the name would normally imply

  60. I dont think madara has alot of power right now, why would he need all this help if he was so strong.

  61. the spoiler did not give away to much i just read the manga i thought the whole manga was about sasuke and i think jiraya could possibly be alive

  62. that could be possible since we never saw the body, and he just sank to the bottom of whatever body of water that was…or perhaps pein made him into one of his warriors?

  63. i think the code he gave naruto is telling naruto where he is

  64. that makes perfect sense if they were coordinates. but dont you think shikamaru would have come up with that right away since he is kishi’s favorite character and a genius as well?

    however the possibility is extremely high is he were to use the same technique which was used as a mode of transportation to the hidden mist and fight pein (hiding in a frog). if he used such a technique with a frog that had healing abilities he could easily have escaped to find refuge.

  65. I don’t think the technique that Naruto is referring to is anyway linked to the rasenshuriken since he didn’t know anything about wind manipulation when he was training with Jiraiya. But it may be linked to the Rasengan and be the Super Great Ball Rasengan technique w/ Naruto adding the wind element to it to make it a truly devasting technique. For some reason, though, I think Kishi has something else up his sleeve for this ‘new’ technique.

  66. What are you guys talking about? Didn’t the code say that the real one isn’t with them.

  67. I thought it was cool how naruto was reading the Gutsy ninja story and then at the end of the story he finds out the name of the Ninja is Naruto.. I wonder what he was thinking at that moment… For a second I thought maybe that the Story was a depiction of Obito trying too fight Yondamaine for reasons of revenge & what not, but I was off. About Naruto referring too a new technique it would have too be his control of the Demon fox just being able too control the 4th tail with Sage training would be a whole new power in itself being able too understand the power of the fox in that mode..

  68. […] Naruto Manga 416 Legend of the Gutsy Ninja + discussion + Spoiler survey + remember the Kishi inter… Naruto Manga 416 Click the Manga page below to read the new issue.   […] […]

  69. did it then i must have forgotten…
    <:) *dunce*
    lmao i need to reread manga sorry jeremiah 😦

  70. I am thinking that Kisame is going to be a good guy soon, or he is going to be the new mizukage or something like that.

  71. I’ve been thinking of this new technique Naruto wants to complete. If he can make a larger Rasingan with a clone tthen he could use the sage techniques to create a thousand clones that make a huge rasingan in the center of a circle of Narutos. If he adds wind to that he could make a tornado or add water and make a hurricane.

  72. i think it involves the kyubi maybe a kyubi chakra rasengan.

  73. sasuke is the best

  74. sasuke rules…………..he is the real king

  75. Which kinda is pretty lame he needs something new other then rasengan like other jutsu

  76. Not to mention I thought sasori was badass but they killed him but everyone awesome dies including jariya itachi so on not to mention haku he had to be one of the stongest people must admit

  77. @ Akatsuki Rules – and anyone else that reads the blog on a regular basis, get an icon so that you don’t look like a noob. You Vet the site anyway, might as well have a cool icon.

  78. egg -sactly

  79. god dam it, the server so slow, it’s not changing my icon

  80. i think that ‘that’ jutsu might be a kinjutsu

  81. Alec – Read the Soul Eater manga and let me know what you think.

  82. im thinking “that” jutsu is rasenshuriken i mean if you look at it they are talking about him recovering faster and having more “chakra” (ill call it that) so this way he wont exhaust himself and the damage to his body wont be as bad… on top of that when he says it hes looking at his right hand which he uses for his rasengan… i just think you guys are over thinking this one

  83. also that kishi interview i think that the characters of team hebi having their fight was the battle with eight tails cuz they came together also each one of them saved sasuke somehow

  84. Soul eater is good, too bad it is not a weekly manga. I think that there is more to the rasengan then what we know about it.

  85. maybe hell be able to use it with just the one hand now instead of having to summon shadow clones to form it for him

  86. when naruto was reading that book someone said that the guy in the book was named naruto

  87. hey did anyone else remember that sasuke learned rasengan i wonder if hes gonna use it with lightning or fire tell me that wouldn’t solidify his boss hog status to see him with a flamed out rasengan or a lighting one. oh yeah and………….
    Accept no substitutes or imitations in the narutoverse sasuke’s King shit!

  88. sasuke did not learn rasengan where did you learn that from

  89. when he went to train with orochimaru orochi said lets start your training the with rasengan and thats not his exact words but its the jist of it the first thing he taught him was rasengan.

  90. but i think that was only in the anime not the manga anyone knowif im right or wrong on this one?

  91. I don’t remember him talking about the rasengan with Sasuke, either in the manga or the anime.

  92. sasuke with a rasengan yeah right that would suck sasuke does not have no rasengan

  93. hey skyhigh can you tell me the manga number where sasuke is told his training begins with the rasengan? that wasn’t in the anime i think and i didn’t read manga then…

  94. @ Jeremiah- I’ll see if I can get to it during my free period.

  95. @ Skyhigh- You’re confused, Orochimaru never learned Rasengan, the fourth devised it, taught it to Jiraya (who can use it with both hands and make it huge and combine it with fire element), and then taught it to Kakashi, but wasn’t able to complete the basic form until later. That’s the reason Kakashi instead came up with chidori is because he couldn’t get the spinning down. Jiraya taught it to Naruto who can currently combine it with shadow clones and can make the rasenshurikken (fuuton rasengan). Though the concept of the technique is simple, mastery of it is very difficult, hence the reason why Kakashi who was a jounin at 13, couldn’t learn it until later

  96. alec where did you get all of that from? I have never seen Jiraya do a rasengan with fire. I also dont know where you got that story with kakashi. also only five or six people could know how to do the rasengan the fourth, kushina, kakashi, jiraya, obito(if still alive), the third. the only way sasuke would know it is if he could copy it with his eyes.

  97. the only people that know how to do rasengan are the fourth kakashi naurto and jiraya. obito kushina and the third do not know how to do the rasengan and alec was right jiraya did combine his fire element and made a huge fire rasengan and he did it when he was fighting pain the fourth did teach kakashi but kakashi did not master it and he made his own technie the chodori and kakashi was a jounin at 13 my bad i really dont no who taught kakashi but i think it was the fourth

  98. People that can do Rasengen = Jiraiya, Minato, Naruto… that is all.
    People that can do Chidori = Kakashi, Sasuke… that is all.
    People that can do both = Captain Planet, Patrick Swayze… that is all.

  99. kakashi can do rasengan

  100. but i think you guys are right i mighta been wrong i coulda swore there was a ep when he was bitching at orochi cause he hadnt started his trainng yet then he said lets begin your training well start with rasengan but i cant find that ep and it aint from manga so i musta got it wrong my bad

  101. Kakashi can do Rasengan, because in the live action movie Patrick Swayzee is playing Kakashi.

  102. It would be cool if naruto limited the power of his Rasen-shurikan and made it so that he could control the power in his hand, and flick out like ninja star rasen-shurikans so that they fly further and faster and then it wouldnt have an affect on the users arm.. I think that would be the next step in perfecting that technique. I also wanna see a Whirlpool-rasengan hopefully down the track. And more Demon-Fox Manipulation jutsu.

  103. Kakashi cannot do Rasengen. Kakashi said that with this new technique Naruto surpassed him. If Kakashi could copy the knew technique how could Naruto be surpassing him? Someone show me the manga chapter and page in which Kakashi or someone else says that he can perform the full Rasengen.

  104. Remember when Sasuke beat Team 7 after they found him in that hideout…. I wonder what technique he was going too do then I had in my mind maybe Sasuke had learnt the Rasengan and was going too perform a lightning-rasengan because all sasukes Lightning manipulation are perfect, and he knew that rasengan was better than Chidori.. Oro told him not too use that technique at the time naruto didnt even know what that technique would of been. But its possible also I can imagine that all of Sasukes chidori attacks are now Dark chidori attacks I havnt seen him use those attacks every since that battle with naruto and they were powerful so I can imagine a dark lightning rasengan as being sasukes ultimate attack… And if he learnt rasengan it would of been of Oro he knows so many attacks and even knew what that attack was when naruto did it.. I just doubt Oro never used it.

  105. and yall are super sasuke haters too look how many of you jumped in to say no he cant you know what You know what little engine bitches i think he can i think he can……………………………….
    Even thou im like 98% sure i fucked up and was wrong now

  106. *sigh* Well you are wrong he did do a big rasengan but he never put fire into it. Think about this tsunade knew what the rasengan was so i am sure that the people who where close to the fourth knew about it. We know for a fact Kakashi, Naruto, Jiraya and minato know how to do it. But We dont know if the minato showed obito, or the third this move. We did not know kakashi could do it untill he trained naruto. I think it is safe to say the third knew how to do it as the fourth showed him the sealing jutsu. Obit i am not sure about. O and i am sure kushina minatos wife knew how to do it, if she was a strong ninja. so they are the three that might know how to do it.

  107. HERE. This is why Kakashi can’t copy Kekki Genkai.

    HERE. Is that why you think Kakashi can do Rasengen? During training Kakashi in one frame does a Chidori and then on the next page it shows a hand doing Rasengen in another frame. But its a flashback to Naruto doing a Rasengen…look at it, no gloves.

    Could someone link the page that has Kakashi doing a Rasengen or saying he can do a Rasengen…

  108. @ James – I know your comment got lost in the mix with the whole Rasengan debate…

    “when naruto was reading that book someone said that the guy in the book was named naruto”

    The guy in the book is named Naruto, remember Kushina named Naruto after the main character in Jiraiya’s book.

  109. is anyone here

  110. if this means anything, i believe in the last video at the end it shows kakashi doing a rasengan

  111. OK kakashi can do the rasengen he just cnat put his lightning chakra into it. The chapter is 321 page 8.

  112. If your are saying kakashi cant do the wind rasengen you are right no one but naruto has put elemental chakra into the rasengen. What i want to know is if the fourth realy made the rasengen, It sounds like kushina would be the type of person to make it, she is from whirlpool. I have nothing to back that up it is just me puting ideas out there ^_^

  113. Also chapter 321 page 7 is why i think obito might be able to do the rasengen if he is alive. Kakashi made the chidori after the fourth showed him how to do the rasengen so obito could have learned how to do it as well.

  114. Aslo the reason why kakashi said that naruto was surpassing him was because naruto did what he, Minato and jiraiya and that was put the elemental chakra into the rasengen.

  115. lol After “he, minato and jiraiya” put could not do. I need to read my stuff >< i am just to lazy i think ^_^

  116. Gaaaaaah! HERE is the manga page of Kakashi creating the Rasengan.

    So to amend my previous statement:

    Those who can do both Rasengan and Chidori: Patrick Swazye, Captain Planet and Kakashi Sensei… though the first two are the same person I thought I’d list them in their seperate identities.

  117. I really felt bad that Jiraiya died. Now I miss his role.

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