Naruto Manga 416 Legend of the Gutsy Ninja + predictions and discussion

Naruto Manga 416 Click the pick below to read the new issue of manga entitled Legend of the Gutsy Ninja <EGG>

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Hey everyone,

Last week we had a really good return with the survey and I’ve come down from my busy mountain to reveal the results!  Below are the stats for the survey entitled “Predictions”.  I’m also going to have a post dedicated to the best answers you guys gave about what you think will happen with Kakashi/Tsunade/Madara so check back for that soon, along with this weeks full post and new survey coming tonight^_^



Ja mata


With the ending of the last issue do you feel any different
about Sasuke?

36% said Nope. Once a douche, always a douche.

30% said I’ve always liked him. Always will.

22% said Yeah, he seems to be coming around.

12% said Couldn’t care less either way.

What are you looking forward to the most in the Invasion of Konoha?:

30% said Seeing what power Itachi gave Naruto.

26% said Seeing what Madara can really do.

8% said Finding out the identity of Pain’s new body.

28% said Seeing the results of Naruto’s sage training.

4% said Finding out more about the Obito/Madara connection.

4% said Seeing Pain get what he deserves for killing Jiraiya.

Which of my predictions do you think are the LEAST likely to happen?

22% said Naruto controlling the 9tails with the power Itachi gave him.

24% said Kushina being Pain’s new body.

20% said More tails coming out.

18% said Pain dying.

8% said None of it will happen.

8% said I agree with everything.


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on September 8, 2008.

63 Responses to “Naruto Manga 416 Legend of the Gutsy Ninja + predictions and discussion”

  1. Fiiiiiiiirst!

  2. @ Bono – No one gives a shit! :]

  3. bono you are always first

  4. when does the naruto manga end

  5. Thats a great question James. Is there one event that would end the manga? Naruto becoming Hokage…reuniting with Sasuke…defeating Akatsuki? Great Question. I’ll put it on this weeks survey.

  6. The Naruto Manga should end when Naruto as the Hokage gves his life for the village. Much like his father did. It seems as though things repeat themselves in in the Narutoverse, not in a DBZ we’re killing the series way. But more of a history is doomed to repeat itself way. I think he’ll end up battling the Kyubi some day. Not just sealing him away but an all out battle.

  7. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have a Konohamaru manga or one with Naruto’s child or even Sasuke’s child. A lot of options to continue even if Naruto died.
    And if you’re going to kill off a charicter I think you should leave them dead. Example: Gohan and Trunks would have made great replacements for Goku and Vegeta.

  8. thats funny a konohamaru manga it might be a manga where naruto and sasuke kids are rivals

  9. Gohan and trunks could never replace goku and vegeta… they are rivals and full blooded saiyans. Their chemistry together is just amazing.

  10. LOL good point but then again you do have um I forget his name but the kid who wants to
    Be like naruto the thirds grandson or personally I’d rather see like a story of someone else like itachi or kisame maybe even kakashi just to fill in some things that would be nice

  11. @ Kingcam and Akatsuki – get avatars so that we don’t have to look at the stupid bat things anymore and I don’t have to keep approving your comments 🙂

    Follow this link, it’s easy and takes just a couple seconds.

  12. the ending of this manga could very well be the final stage of the shinobi. That is protecting the village or more protecting the future generations of the village. Naruto will learn this in the end but porbably not die because no one has as much potential as naruto. Plus narutos limits are self bounded not universally. He can create new ways of overcoming obstacles even in the midst of battle. Id say naruto has a pretty good chance of surviving I mean the kid gets his ass beat so much before winning it seems like he couldn’t die anyways.

  13. one more thing you remember what happened when sasuke and naruto collided with the rasengan and chidori after sasuke ran away. There was a great big ball of energy so dense with mass almost like they had some ultimate power stored. Not just that it kinda reminded me of the chakra created by naruto when he went five tailed fox form. There is something strange with these powers that have not been explained.

  14. Jeremiah wondering if you heard my comment on a survey about the kishi interview? and your thoughts? going to class now but will check your response later…

    and i predict that raikage will get involved and either madara will intervene or sasuke will unleash susanoo…and naruto will be inspired by jiraiya’s novel and train even harder to perfect the sage technique and his new justu

  15. Yes I did read your comment on the survey. Thank you very much for that. It’s hard to believe that interview actually exists and that Kishimoto would give that much away.

    Thanks I just did a post on the interviews incase there are readers who have not gotten a chance to look over them yet.

  16. When is 416 coming out? Does anyone know the timetable on release dates?

  17. sasuke’s a fag and will always be!!!!!!!!

  18. @ gscanaba- spoiler will be out tomorrow morning and the real deal comes out Thursday nights/early Friday.

  19. pussy sasukes not a fag he the instant can of whoop ass in the naruto verse and hell kick naruoto lee neji tenten madara so on and so forths ass kakashi too

  20. lol

  21. actually i think sasuke isnt as ridiculously strong as he was before…compared to the rest of the characters and we see that there is still a class or warriors whose strength is equal naruto after sage training, rest of akaski discluding madara and pein who i believe are in a whole level of power and if sasuke defeats any one like that i will be seriously dissapointed with kisimoto’s unconditional love for uchiha sasuke.

  22. p.s. didn’t realize you were on western time…i looked like a fiend posting at 5:05 am lol was really 8:05 in nyc

  23. Don’t worry Bono, i still care, unlike other people who are emotionally dead inside…

  24. @9tail-yeah figured, though I think bono is a fiend and stays up 24-7 watching the blog for new posts^_^

  25. thanks for the spoiler 🙂

  26. that was a good spoiler

  27. >_< I am runing out of theories, I think i have done way too many of them. But I just want to see if some of them are true, from the sounds of the interview I think some of them will.

    Hmmm what if sakura is madara Muhahaha.

  28. Don’t you think that cinched up the Obito/Madara connection? Something “dramatic” happening to Kakashi. What could be more dramatic than Obito returning…
    The White Fang is Madara! ^_^

    I’m really looking forward to a focus on Kakashi and taking a break from Sasuke.

  29. well you are not going to get that sasuke stole the show no he d

  30. sasukes bein such a doucheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. Well, in the mean time, Jeremiah, I finished Death Note in about three days, what’s next?

  32. I’ve tried going back to Amatsuki, but I can’t understand it after having not read it since March…

  33. @ Alec – are you caught up on Code Geass? If you are then Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagen. Samurai Champloo is standard viewing but I’m sure you’ve watched that already, same with Bleach. I’ve been watching Soul Eater, Blassrieter, Mushi Shi, Blood+ and Vampire Knight.

    I’d like to hear if Eddie (aka LastScorpion) or Russ have anything to add to this list. Or for that matter any readers that would like to suggest something that is a must watch.

  34. @ Alec – The anime mentioned by Jeremiah are always a good bet. Blood + rocks!! Tengan Toppa is pretty cool if you can get past a heart riping major character change. Blassreiter is awesome if you can find an english sub.

    I have seen a couple of episodes of “Blade of the Immortal”. I am pretty confused as to what is really going on so far, but what has been shown was pretty cool.

    For mech show, Macross Frontier is pretty awesome.

    For Sci-Fi/Horror, I liked Gantz, Mnemosyne, Hellsing Ultimate, and Jigoku Shojo Futakomori (Hell Girl) if you can get past the build up the end is pretty cool.

    Also Naruto is finally done with the filler arc…. Finally!!

    Hope this helps.

  35. Well I can give a few (some are not a must watch)

    special notes

    FLCL and Gost in the shell if you have not seen it yet

    Must watch the movie advent children if you have not.

    obscure anime list (this is my opinion you might think diffrent most of the anime on the list are good.)

    #1- Black Lagoon- If you like action movies this anime is the best out of all the anime on this list (not including the ones jeremiah put down) i like this one the most. It is Pure action with a little comedy (Yes there is a terminator reference in the anime), There is a lot of gore and some sad parts so if you are young dont watch it.

    *Plugs in hard deive to see what anime is on it*

    2- Paranoia Agent- A very crazy anime that will make you think you are on drugs when you watch it. number two on this list for me NOT EVERY ONE WILL LIKE THIS ANIME it is kind of odd(not sure how to tell you about this anime it is that odd o.O.

    the rest are kinda are ranked the same for me

    3- Excel Saga- A very funny anime, the main character acts like she is on speed all the time, there isalot of random stuff in this anime. this and the next one tie for the third spot on this list.

    4- Azumanga Daioh- This one is more of a cute comedy anime, i am sure some guys wont like this one but most girls do(I do as well and i am a guy). There is no action in this one it is just a good funny watch.

    5. Gun x Sword- This is like trigun (good anime but i am not listing the popular animes out there) and big O put in one with the pace of cowboy beebop it is a good anime and a very good watch.

    6. fate/stay night- good anime about magic and dead fighters from the past Alexander the great.

    7. Darker then black- this is a good anime it is not fast paced so that kinda brigs this one down a bit.

    8. Caymore- This is a action anime i like this one alot it is one of the better ones on this list. It is about girls that have demon blood forced into them to make them strong but there are draw backs to this.

    ok the next four are all good but they are pure shonen (need to get stronger DBZ type animes so i will not rank them.

    Hunter x Hunter- Good very shonen only down side is that they never gave it a ending.

    Law of ueki- The best shonen one i have watched i think. It is the way they fight that makes this cool. Ueki (the main character) has the power to turn trash into wood, i know it sounds odd but this is a much watch if yo like the need to get strong type stuff. this anime is also funny.

    Kenichi history’s strongest disciple- not the best anime around but a good watch. It has to do with martial arts and is very dragon ball like. In the sub they put in over 9000 at one part for a joke lol.

    Buso renkin- this one is good one it is like all the other shonen animes out there just better them most. The only thing with this one s that the guy in the butterfly thing freaks me out >_<.

    well that is all i can think of right now and i did not wtch this all in one night lol, I have been watching anime for a long time. now and i know i am missing some very good ones right now but i cant think of the names. i will put them down if i remember.

  36. how do you like that list LMAO ^_^

  37. Well looking back at my list aside from FLCL Gost in the shell and advent children movie. The top four Must see are Black lagoon, Paranoia Agent, Caymore and Law of ueik. Bu the others are still good if you want too look into them more ^_^

  38. You’re leaving out the classics! Where is Ronin Warriors, Tekkaman and lets not forget Sailor Moon:) JK, although the last couple of episodes of RW & TM were bad ass when I was younger. Here’s my list of anime that haven’t been mentioned already.
    Vampire Knight
    Eyesheild 21
    Ergo Proxy
    Tokyo Majin
    D Grayman

    For OVA these are a must watch! No seriously go get them and watch them!!!
    Ninja Scroll

  39. @Jeremiah, Erich, Last, Rus- I really don’t have time to watch anime, i can only fit in manga during my free period right now

    Holy shit, thanks everyone, but i misstated what I wanted

  40. good spoiler i like the idea of madara being the white fang

    and i just finished a 6 part ova series called karas which my friend recommended to me and was pleased to find in very interesting and very action filled and finished claymore in 1 boring rainy day that is a pretty cool anime of half yoki women who fight constant battles amongst themselves full yoki referred to as yoma in the anime

    hajime no ippo is a good boxing anime
    umm alot of ppl like prince of tennis
    GTO i watched in a couple of days was also pretty good
    but most of these are pretty popular or so i’ve heard and you’ve probably seen most but no one i knew had ever heard of karas because it was a series of OVAs release in japan as a pay-per-view series and most ppl said it was only available raw or as a torrent i you wanna watch subbed steaming i found a few versions of “Karas Revelations”
    on megavideo but the quality was bad so i recommend torrents

    also Soul Eater ROCKS!!!…

  41. oops that was @Alec

  42. @ Alec, I don’t have the time either. But you should make time for Ninja Scroll and X.

  43. @ 9tailedsage I would have mentioned Karas after the first OVA, but that makes you want to watch the second. Then when you wake up from that and you’re pissed off for watching either because the second one sucks so bad and does nothing for the first one.

  44. Anybody else notice how much Madara talks about Itachi to Sasuke. How it should or shouldn’t influance him. since pain can make duplicates is it impossible to say the Itachi we saw die was in fact a duplicate? That Itachi is playing Madara to make a point to sasuke?
    PS: I don’t even believe this! It just popped in my head and I wanted to get it out. besides Madara is Danzo anyways. (spoiler)

  45. @erich22 did you watch up to the sixth or quit because of the second?
    because the fifth one was pure awesomeness…along with the sixth but not as much especially when his youine was reborn…

  46. As I mentioned before after I woke up from the second one I was done. I think what you watched were fragments of what I watched. Mine were both full hour and a half movies. My friend that I turned onto watching the first was highly dissapointed as well.

  47. Please everyone be responsable with Anime. Don’t let friends watch Super Happy Fun Time on the Anime network. And if any of these other great sugestions are too much action for you feel free to watch reruns of Captian Planet:)

  48. @ erich – Vampire Knights is dope… I did put that on my list. Tokyo Majin, I’ve only seen one or two but that seems really cool.

    @ Alec – The above mentioned X and Ninja scroll are cool but super out dated.

    Leia swears by the Vampire Knight manga, she’s totally addicted to it but I’ve only seen the anime. Code Geass has manga but its based off of the anime.

    You really need to be watching Code Geass. I can’t believe you don’t watch that!

    Read Vampire Knights and see if you like that. You do read Bleach right?

  49. They seriously need a Captain Planet Manga! ^_^

  50. @erich22
    i was not able to watch the entirety of the karas ova’s. i’m still a novice compared to most but i will take into account the vast selection of anime titles that have been posted on this blog response alone. i am a growing enthusiast and so far have just been leeching off my friends for suggestions. i was however thoroughly impressed with some like deathnote, and obviously i have an almost obsessive relationship with the naruto series. if you know of any high quality fansubbing sites that offer streaming video, i would appreciate any suggestions and add them to my favorites promptly.

  51. Streaming video…blah! -_-

    Just down load them with a BitTorrent from BT junkie. I think its time for an anime post again like Last Scorpion did for Code Geass.

    One that no one has mentioned yet is Gun Slinger Girl. A little depressing but still really good.

  52. where are the manga scans? Everyone tells me today! Am i too early??

  53. Late tonight usually. Sometimes early friday morning.

  54. yeah, i read bleach as well, yell i even read Akagi, though i could barely follow the mao-jong rules, but it was cool. along the lines of death note, just mao-jong instead of killing a mass of people

  55. not yell, but hell

  56. is the whole next manga is about sasuke

  57. @Jeremiah totally forgot about Gun Slinger Girl. It’s like Beatrix Kiddo was a young girl with some heavy artilery.

  58. anybody post it yet?

  59. Nope, not yet.

  60. @ erich – did you know that they are doing a new Gun Slinger Girl? I was just reading about it, I’m pretty jacked.

  61. i hate patience

  62. It’s been up for a while now if you havn’t read it yet…

  63. Ninja scroll the movie??

    and Im watching mushishi right now and its quite excellent.

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