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Hey everyone,

It’s been a hectic week so far.  I was busy all day monday with family for labor day trying my best not to freak out about having a paper due in my second week of school.  Freakin second week of school! Thats just not right. So Tuesday I hit the ground running trying to drop said stupid class and add an easier class by chasing down a hard to find professor to get his signature on a paper to allow me to drop crazy assignment class and add another hopefully easier class. Long story short, mission complete. But unfortunately that coupled with my regular class schedule caused me to neglect the blog.  After being invisible again last week because of the accidental angering of the WordPress gods it was not a great week to neglect the blog but its running again and hopefully we are on track once again.

Below you’ll see the new survey is up and ready to go so feel free to take that when you get the chance. There are 4 questions this week, one of which is optional.  A couple of them have to do with my predictions below for the end of the Pain story arc so check that out before taking the survey and feel free to critique it in the comments section.

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My predictions on how the Pain story arc will end… (This is NOT fan fic, I wrote it like a spoiler script, I did not attempt to write fanfic so don’t critique it like one! Grrrrrr….) ^_^

This story arc will obviously end with the invasion of Konoha so I’m going to get through the first part of this quickly. Pain (Yahiko) and the five Pain bodies will attack Konoha with Madara, Kisame and Konan. Kisame will fight Gai again but it won’t be very serious and will probably be comic relief more than anything else.  Kakashi will fight Madara along side Tsunade.

Naruto will arrive late and ready to fight.  Pain (The Yahiko body) will attack with all the bodies and Konan against Naruto and his friends from Konoha (I’m thinking the same group that fought Hidan and Kakazu). They each break off into their own fights with Naruto fighting the Yahiko body of Pain. Sakura will fight Konan. 


 All of Pain’s bodies will be defeated except Pain (Yahiko) and the new female Pain body.  After Naruto gets his ass handed to him for a while by Pain (Yahiko), he will scrape himself off the ground one more time, complete with flashbacks of Jiraiya,  and go Sage mode on Pain (Yahiko) beating him in the process. 


The real Pain will finally reveal himself, Nagato.  Nagato appears as the one true Pain and breaks it down to Naruto how life is only Pain and blah blah blah (expect more flashbacks that will make you feel extra sorry for Nagato, Yahiko and Konan.).

Pain (Nagato) will undoubtedly beat Naruto down mercilessly while a dialog between Pain and Naruto carries on about why Pain killed Jiraiya and Pain will continue to explain that life is only Pain.  

Naruto will not go down easily and will refuse to die even though Nagato believes he has delivered the final blow a couple times. Pain will be impressed with Naruto’s determination and un yeilding drive to avenge Jiraiya’s death.  This will prompt Pain to ask for his name before delivering the final blow.

This is where it gets interesting….

Naruto: “Uzumaki Naruto”  he says through a bloody mouth and battered body as he staggers to his feet and tells Pain “I’ve made a promise to defend the leaf and I will not break that promise…because that is his way of the Ninja.”

Nagato: “Well Uzumaki Naruto, I commend your spirit but in life there is only Pain”

Suddenly, after hearing her sons name, Kushina starts to break the trance that she is in…

Kushina: “Na….ru….to…..” She slowly mutters to her self again and again, getting louder and louder.

Kushina: “NARUTO!” She screams as she lunges forward in time to block what would have been the final death blow to. As she takes the hit to her back while she shields Naruto the Rinnegan eye’s fade away to reveal Kushina’s normal eyes. She then barely gets out the words “My son.” before collapsing to the ground.

This sets off the equivalent of a nuclear bomb of emotion and confusion in Naruto and it flashes to his inner soul and the gate of the Kyuubi.  Naruto is crying but has an out of control look on his face as he approaches the locked Kyuubi.  The Kyuubi begins to laugh..

Kyuubi:  “HA HA HA I knew you’d come back…I knew you’d need me, with out me you are nothing! I control you, I control your destiny!”

Naruto closes his eye as the Kyuubi laughs but when he opens them the Kyuubi falls silent and looks terrified.

Naruto:  “Sit!” Naruto commands. (But you just see a close up of his mouth gritting his teeth angrily.) The Kyuubi immediatly obeys.

Naruto: “Neal!” The Kyuubi obeys. (It shows the tears running down his face, but only that.) “You don’t control me anymore, you are my pet now…” It shows a close up of Naruto’s eyes but they are no longer the same…they now have the power of the Sharingan behind them and they are streaming with tears.(Naruto doesn’t actually have Sharingan (symbolism), he just has the power of the Sharingan to control the Kyuubi that Itachi gave him in the forest.)

It goes back to Nagato, Konan, Naruto and Kushina. Naruto lays his mother down gently and then the red Chakra begins to bubble out forming one tail at a time. Nagato starts staggering backwards as each tail appears one by one but Naruto stands perfectly still and in control, eyes closed, gritting his teeth. The ground shakes around him as the 8th and 9th tails appear.  Naruto opens his eyes, fully Kyuubi but witha new controlling power behind them. Naruto leans back and roars powerfully like an insane beast that is ready to attack. 

Konan mutters…: “it can’t be…” Just before Naruto lays waste to a mile radius of the valley with only his Chakra pulse. Konan spreads here wings and engulfs Nagato, sheilding him from the blast. After the wave passes her wings are charred black and they begin to blow away in ash as she crumbles to the ground.  Pain looks down at the brutally injured Konan and sees her lying on the ground at his feet.

A flash back begins where Nagato remembers the hard times with Yahiko and Konan.  He also remembers Jiraiya and how Jiraiya explained to him that he as great power and must protect the other two.  He remembers a time later when he is unable to protect Yahiko and his failure ends in Yahiko’s death. His whole life has been Pain, nothing but horrible Pain. (This is where you always feel bad for the guy Naruto is fighting at the end). End flash back.

Nagato (Pain): “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you… I’m sorry I couldn’t shield you from all the pain in this world.”

Konan is dead at this point and Nagato is holding her, crying.

Naruto, still glowing with red chakra and 9 cloak tails stares at Pain.

Nagato (Pain): “Just end this… I have nothing… Nothing but Pain in my life… End my suffering…”

Naruto turns his back to Pain.

Naruto: “That is not my way of the Ninja…”

Nagato (Pain): “You will end my Pain or I will end yours!”

Nagato lunges at Naruto and begins a 3-4 chapter fight that has Nagato begins to dominate at first but then Naruto flashes back to Jiraiya which motivates him to stand one last time and take on a hybrid between Sage/Kyuubi/Naruto that results in Naruto defeating Nagato, severely battered but victorious. 

Nagato lies on the ground severly hurt and embattled in front of a tired looking and beat up Naruto.

Nagato: “Why can’t you kill me??? Life is only Pain… I killed Jiraiya… now end my life!”

Naruto: “Ero Sennin once saw something good in you… I believe there is some good in everyone… That is my way of the Ninja…

Nagato looks broken. He lies back flat on the ground and thinks one last time of Jiraiya, Yahiko and Konan at a much younger time. Then a close up of the Rinnegan. But it’s not Nagato’s… Konan now has the Rinnegan eyes and the piercings and is walking toward Nagato and Naruto.  Naruto tries to stand up, getting ready to fight again but can’t and falls to one knee gritting his teeth. 

Naruto looks surprised as Konan passes Naruto and walks over to Nagato.  Nagato is crying as they embrace and Nagato whispers something to Konan that Naruto cannot hear.  Seconds later Konan forms a large knife with her paper technique and drives it through the belly of Nagato… blood shoots out through the back of Nagato and some seeps out through his gritted teeth and he tightens his embrace of Konan.

Nagato’s and Konan’s Rinnegan eyes slowly fade away to reveal normal eye’s once again as they both collapse to the ground.

Naruto lays his head on his mothers dead body and cry’s uncontrollably cluching her….end of story arc. Que the ending credits.


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  1. Fiiiiirst!

  2. man that story was good i thought it was real you should write the manga but naruto with sharingan would be a bit much but the other than that it was real good

  3. i agree with james

  4. That was a really good story, I didn’t like the sharingan and a couple other things but it was interesting and usually I can’t get through fanfics but that was great.

  5. I think it is unlikely, but it would be cool if Gai actually died in a fight with Kisame, or they both died. Imagine what that would push Rock Lee to. Also if Kakashi died. And you left out a lot about the younger ninjas and a lot of others in the village.

  6. One last thing, when I think about it, there has to be a spy/rat in the leaf village for the invasion to work, because at this point they have too many strong ninjas to go down from just Pein, Madara and Kisame. And to make it more interesting, I think the spy/rat could be just about anyone. Like I’m sure they didn’t think Itachi would become what he is. Either side, but he did. Like for all we know, Kakashi or Tsunade is a spy, although unlikely, but if that were the case, it could alter everything.

    Really off topic with this one, just didn’t want to lose my train of thought.

  7. One last thing, sorry. I don’t think that nagato or Yahiko has any power over Pein. I think that the secret of Pein is with Jiraiya, being that all of the bodies are ninjas that he knows. I also think that Madara might have something to do with the construction of Pein.

  8. I’m not sure what to think about Pain’s new body. Kushina is who I’m pulling for it to be, although a dark horse candidate could shake things up also.

    Naruto with sharingan is a little of a stretch for me, but a cool stretch.

    When is your blog over Sasuke dying instead of Itachi being a better outcome coming out?

  9. @repairmanjack – funny you mention that. This actually started out as that exact subject but turned into this. I have an alternate story line for Itachi being alive instead of Sasuke post ready to go but I need to touch it up a bit. In a couple days I’ll post it. Thanks for keeping me focused 🙂

    @everyone with Naruto + Sharingan = lame – I actually agree with you. I wanted it to come off as symbolic that he has control over the Kyuubi with the powers that Itachi gave him and that the Kyuubi could see that Naruto now had this power and had to obey him but when I just reread it, it reads as if Naruto has Sharingan. I’ll fix it.

  10. Hmmm sounds good there are a few things that sound good, but a few that i think will have .001% chance of happening.

  11. o it makes sense now

  12. that Was like amazing but one thing i have a question about what about Zetsu? is he gonna just keep doing lame things like he normally does?

  13. I am not so sure that the new pain body is Kushina, I think it is a 60/40 split in my mind leaning towards Rin. Ok since i am like the only one that thinks it is rin i have to back it up a little. So I think that after the fourth died rin and kakashi joined in the anbu. During a mission given to rin, she found Nagato and friends. Rin then attacked Yahiko and Nagato killed her, he was acting on what jiraiya said about killing to protect friends.

    After learning about rins death kakashi wants revenge and sets out to kill Nagato. Kakashi then finds Nagato and tells him that he wants revenge for rins death. Nagato full with guilt (just like the first time he killed) accepts death and stands there as kakashi runs at him with lighting edge. But Yahiko jumps infront of Nagato and dies at kakashi’s hands.

    Nagato falls in tears over Yahiko’s dead body and tells Kakashi that he got his revenge by killing Yahiko. Kakashi then heads back to leaf not knowing what to do with his life now that rin is not there to protect. This is how Kakashi learns about revenge and why he was telling sasuke not to do it. He heads back to leaf and turns into the guy he is today.

    Nagato upset over Yahikos death tells himself that Yahiko was right, everyone needs to feel this pain to understand why not to start war. That is how nagato became pain and took rins body as one of his own. I also think that pains body looks alot more like an adult Rin then Kushina with short hair. But i am not saying that Kushina is wrong, i am just saying that i dont fully think it is her.

  14. I do like your prediction but i just think some things like naruto going full ninetails will not happen in this fight ^_^. I do like the way you think pain will die.

  15. could the body be more like from tsunades past and they will fight? just acrazy thought probably wrong

  16. Great job, but you’re forgeting the fourth rule of manga/anime: Each major fight or struggle must be bigger than the previous one (DBZ, Yugi-oh, Death Note). A truly epic battle like this w/o kakashi or tsunade dying would be hard to top, like going from DBZ to Frieza to Cell to Buu to DBGT. A battle at this level will have to be saved for later. The symbolic inner “sharingan” is cool and i think most people are thinking that Naruto uses it on the outside as well, which I’m assuming he doesn’t. Great work as always, truly an epic spoiler thread.

    @Bono- i have already fufilled my mission once and i will glady continuing the fight…

  17. wat if naruto got susano? because im tired of shadow clones and rasengan

  18. Awesome post! Sharingan or not Naruto will learn to control the Kyubi pretty soon. I like the idea of the Sage/Nine tails mode. Hopefully if Narutos power reaches these levels he can swat these guys away without a second thought.
    something I was thinking of earlier. While Naruto is learning these techniques isn’t it possible for the Kyubi to learn them as well? If ninja can transform why couldn’t a pure chakra being learn to transform into a human. And with that amount of chakra he could definatly draw on nature chakra as well.
    Just a thought.

  19. erich… why would the kyuubi want to draw on nature chakra LOL But that post was awesome but dude, that power is for sasuke not the nine tails… read back some manga’s that old toad guy who teaching naruto said that, he autommatically learn the control of the kyuubi power while learning sennin jutsu.

  20. @ Alec – ahhhh so you did notice that I have Madara fighting Tsunade and Kakashi right? I glossed over this for a reason. I meant to tell the story of what happens with Naruto/Pain BUT in the survey you will get the opportunity to write what you think will happen when Tsunade and Kakashi inevitably fight to the death…. kinda like a try to snatch the pebble from my hand type of survey… I hope and expect some good stuff from the vets this week. You will also get to vote on which part of my spoiler is stupid or the least likely to happen.

    Look for it later tonight. I’m at school now but as soon as I get home I’ll be putting together this weeks survey. Stay tuned.

  21. @ Scorpion – why am I not surprised that someone who dissagrees with me so much on Code Geass also dissagrees with me on Naruto predictions ^_^

    After reading your comment, I agree that we will probably not see 9 tails BUT I do thinks more than 4 are very likely IF he has the beast under control. And that’s a big IF.

  22. Good story and the sharingan inside his soul just means he has more the power to control the kyuubi…but who knows this is all fictional

  23. lmao did you see the new code geass my predictions where all right. I hope we see who is right on naruto lol ^_^

  24. My arguement with you isn’t what was going to happen in Code Geass, because I also thought it was unfortunately heading in that direction…
    but Suzaku is a punk bitch blah blah blah 🙂

  25. i don’t know man this seems a little to over the top. This invasion will not be for awhile anyways since konan and pain are the only ones heading for the leaf village. when I read an interview with the writer he said he knew the end but had a lot to clear up before then. I know ive said this before but I still believe the main topic of the manga is naruto and sasuke. Since you left out sasuke you must be thinking that he was killed by the 8 tails. From the recent manga chapter of sasuke remembering his friends leads me to believe that there is still a big part for him to play. I have a conclusion to this and that is that sasuke will come to his senses but not return to the village. I think the battles in the end will be in squads against members of akatsuki. On one hand you will have gais team against kisame again, shikamarus team against zetsu, sakura and tsunade against konan, naruto will obviously fight pein while sasuke will obviously have a change of heart and will fight madara in the end and learn that he is to protect the village and his brothers dream. Kakashi will die by madaras hand seeing as this is a foreseen outcome by many. The death of kakashi will set sasuke off since kakashi was his role model as a person and shinobi. Sasuke will probably die at the end since he has been labled a rouge ninja and the idea of him returning is out of the picture. Kuranais team will probably fight some new member of the akatsuki or maybe even some returning member. Another person left out of your analysis was kabuto and orochimaru who is apart of him now. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle but for everything to go down in that big of a showdown when the manga is such a slow progressing story is a bit far fetched. I mean it probably will end in a big battle and the result will probably be war but i think pein will die invading konaha if not that seriously wounded. After that the akatsuki will retreat for awhile and muster up there forces with new members. There still needs to be another time skip too. It seems as though your hoping for the story to end too soon. I mean i think the manga could last another two years if not that. Plus if the manga ended so abruptly then we wouldn’t have this blog anymore.

    I know most people don’t care for sasuke because he is so naive and can’t live up to his brothers reputation but he will show his strength as a shinobi of the leaf eventually. I think this manga requires more compexity than a take all end all fights i mean at least not until another couple years but then again this manga is unpredictable.
    Nothing like a little criticism right. I do like the idea of naruto possesing the sharingan but only for a short grasp of power if need be and only to tame the kyuubi like you said. I also like the idea of narutos mother coming back into play along with his kyuubi perfect possesion even though naruto doesn’t have all of the kyuubis chakra yet. Good theory but too soon to be thinking of the end when the manga just started.

    On a little side note I have encounterd things looking back into the manga like certain shinobi popping up in past chapters. What i am wondering or really hoping everyone to do is see what you think on the matter. For instance there is the case of the seven swordsman of the mist and all the secrets of the mist. On another hand is the cloud village and theories on them since they have only showed up in the manga a couple times. all I remember is the time they abducted hinata though. They are lighting ninja though since most ninjas know the element of their village and wield it in several ways. Last but not least is the other village that has been barely mentioned at all and thats the village hidden in the rocks i believe. I want to know what they have to bring to the table but since the cloud ninja are current business they will probably be unraveled first. I guess we will see because this manga can be unpredictable at times.

  26. *spoiler for code geass*
    lmao well now i dont like suzaku or lulu they are all evil now. They will try and bend the world to there will but that is the same thing his farther was doing. But yes now i dont like sazaku and i never liked the fact that he wanted to die. but i know whe had that arguement already but it was nt all about code geass lmao. I just never liked the fact that so many people liked Lulu i thought he was a punk bitch after what he did to Shirley. I think she should have shot him back then, but she fell in love with the guy that kills her dad so i dont did not care that she died.

  27. @ Cdog – Just a few things. I don’t think Sasuke will die fighting the 8tails. He just won’t have anything to do with the invasion of Konoha.

    I don’t think or want the manga to end soon. This is just the predictions for the end of the Pain story arc which I think will conclude with the invasion of Konoha. I don’t see a close end coming soon and I also am hoping for another time skip.

    I left out Oro because I don’t think he’ll come back into play in this invasion of Konoha but I could be wrong.

    I also think Kakashi will fight Madara but I left his and Tsunade’s fate to you guys in this weeks survey.

    I don’t think there will be any “new” members of Akatsuki invading Konoha that we havn’t seen before. They usually introduce new characters at the beginning of the story arc, not the end.

  28. Now on to naruto i was not trying to put down you whole theory I like alot of it but some things i dont think will happen thats all. But on to the sage mode if you look at narutos eyes they have dark outline on them. so sage mode + fox chakra makes naruto look like a mini demon fox. if you look at the pilot when naruto shows his demon fox fourm he has the sam outline in the eyes. So i think that naruto will gain control of the chakra rather then leting it leak out and look like kinda the fox in the pilot only more fearsome, stronger and mean looking.

  29. I like the cloak. I hope that its a sage/kyuubi cloak *crossing fingers* >_<

  30. i doubt there’s gonna be another time skip it just seems like thats doin too much to keep jumping forward and making them grow up. I think its comming to a end soon thou its itll be the pein invasion arc then after that akatsuki will fall back and the orochi kabuto arc will begin. And while its taking place sasuke will train some more akatsuki will either get more members or just go on as planned with the current team madara will probally train sasuke in how to use his sharingan and naruto will continuse to perfect his sage arts while fighting kabuto who’ll probably create his own team of sound ninja. Then after the orochi kabuto arc it’ll be time for the finale with akatsuki attacking madara finally showing what hes got and naruto vs sasuke. their fight will most likely end with sasuke coming to his senses and helpng defeat madara. Then after that the last chapter will bea time skip where they show them as adults and the lives they lead with naruto as hokage and hell go around town to check up on his old friends. Sasuke and sakurawill be married with kids who,ll be the future of the uchiha sakura will be a great medical ninja like tsunade. as for guys team. rock lee will be just like guy leading his own team and neji will be the new head of the hyuga clan and hell unite the two branches. ten ten will probably be married to lee but not doing much as far as shinobi work goes she’ll just be a house wife. then kurenai’s team actually this is my least favorite team so i don’t have to many ideas of what they’ll be doing shino will probably be leader of the black ops team cause of his brain kiba will probably have a kid him and his dog’ll be old jounin his kid will have a pup and be just like he was when he was younger. And hinata will be married to the new hokage naruto and she’ll train there kid who’ll take after her chakra type in her unique gentle fist way as well as other hyugas who want to learn it. and then asuma’s team shikimaru will finally be done slacking and lead his own team of kids who’re preparing for the chunin exams and asuma’s baby will be part of his team. ino will take over the family flower shop and choji will just pig out as usual.

  31. my bad for that long as post but its been a while since i shared a solid theory and sorry in advance for any spelling or grammar errors

  32. its a pretty good theory but i do think there will be a time skip probably either before or after kabuto has his arc

  33. i think there will definately be a time skip because the first one happened so fast in the manga that we didn’t even get in depth with the characters. Even now the story hasn’t progressed enough for their to be an ending. If you look at the beginnig of the manga their was the opening to naruto then team kakashi had one mission before the chunin exams. The chunin exams ended with the invasion of konaha and after sasuke left. That was all there was in the young days of naruto. There has been a lot that has happened since they grew up but not enough to just end the manga. I mean naruto is still a genin thats got to be saying something.

  34. also hinata is in line to take over the hyuuga family but i could probably see her giving it to neji

  35. that’s what im thinking cause shell want to be with naruto plus she doesn’t much seem to care about the hyuga clan

  36. Money will keep Naruto going for a long time. As many of us know, Naruto is insanely popular in Japan and is very popular many other countries that are selling alot of DVD’s and paraphenilia.

    Look how long they kept Dragon Ball going. Trust me when I say that you can bet the farm they will find ways to keep it going. Time skips, kids etc. what ever it takes they will keep it alive for the sake of money. Which I’m fine with.

  37. Well i hope if they do keep it going they will make a new story like one about the future far after all the naruto stuff.

  38. yeah but would that be a good thing if they kept milking it like that look at what happened with dbz. dragon ball was good dragon ball z was better then dragon ball gt kinda sucked they got to the point where they did so much it was like ok what now……… i know lets make goku a kid again and that was lame

  39. oh yeah and congrats on the upcoming website j i kinda been outta the loop so i just found about about that

  40. Well i dont think you are right on that one sky. I think dragon ball was very good DBZ was better untill after frieza dies and time travel starts up. After that i think dbz was no where neer as good as dragon ball. DBGT sucked as it was not from the original Dragon Ball manga. So i think dragon ball was good untill frieza was killed after that everyone could blow up the world in a second but did not want to. Also this is where it just became one guy after another with the same old story. frieza had to do with goku’s home world and stuff but the rest of dbz was not as good.

  41. Whether it is a good thing or not is not the point. I’m just saying that as long as the money is there, the product will be there.

  42. Well yeah true but sometimes thats wrong, other animes went off and still had alot of money coming in. I just hope it is a spin off and not the same show later on. When the manga ends is when the show will end (at least the good part of the show). They could have keept going with Dragon Ball for sure but akira toriyama (person who did the manga) wanted to end it so he did. DBGT is a fine example of them trying to keep it going as you see it starts to suck. I am sure they will try and keep it going somehow i just hope it wont suck.

  43. Hopefully this conversation won’t be relevant for another 2 or 3 years. There is still much to be worked out.

  44. Nice story, but you and I do know that some facts are a bit far fetch. I doubt kisame and madara are with Pein. Pein and konan and bodies are going to konoha alone. Naruto most likely comes near the end when everyone is beat. Shikamaru tells him the situation. And naruto handles things from there. I doubt Pein will get defeated immediately. He probably flees knowing that he will be beaten, but only to be killed by Madara who says, I no longer have use for you. Or he gets owned by Naruto. Sasuke Madara nad Kisame comes to konoha along with all 8 beasts and Naruto brings Sasuke back; turns him good with Itachi’s gift, Guy/suigetsu beats kisame and Madara is left to challenge the remaining konoha (sasuke and naruto). Sasuke dies most likely from protecting Naruto. Naruto turns kyuubi and barely owns the 8 beasts and eventually beats Madara, ending in a Naruto/Sakura duo (most likely) or Naruto/hinata duo (hardly likely) or being single (possible?)/

  45. I think that Madara and Kisame will “sneak in the back door”, so to speak, after Pein starts the action, getting all the attention. I think Madara wants to kill the Hokage and possibly some of the elders.

    But I also know that many facts in my predictions are far fetched, hence the questions on this weeks survey ^_^

  46. i dont think madara will be that involed with the invasion or kisame because there goal is not to kil the hokage but to get all the tailed beast and madara told pein and konan to go to the leaf village so they wont even be there

  47. 2 or three years damn you must think theres allot going on here dont you

  48. and im kinda curious about why everyone always seems to leave zetsu outta the equation hes a factor too you know think about it outta all the aktsuki members hes been the least talked about or has had the least revealed about him but he eats dead shinobi i bet that gives him their elements chakra or maybe even jutsu hes probably gonna be madaras trump card

  49. yea you are right zetsu might become a big part of the story but people leave him out because he is not very active he just wacthes fights i myself think he will be a big part or have a big fight with someone

  50. hes the black sheep of akatsuki

  51. I was just thinking what if the real pain is there. What if the book that jiraiya wanted them to look in is this new book that naruto is going to get. this makes the old “the real one is not there” way off.

  52. then that makes naruto weak sauce cause he gets no new jutsu and that means sasukes gonna smash him i think sasukes gonna smash him either way thou

  53. i forgot that jiraiya left naruto a message

  54. who do you think is pein

  55. im like 80 % sure its nagato and on top i used to have a feeling that nagato was madara but after sasuke saw him with the mask off and didnt have a huge reaction i gave up on that

  56. when jiraiya frist fought pein he thought it was nagato but as he was dieing he realized who it was because he saw 6 bodies so i dont think it is nagato because it would not be a shocking mystery about who pein is

  57. in the spoiler it said hachibi what is hachibi

  58. hachibi means eight tails just like kyubi is nine tails. They are not names theay are literally the number with bi at the end for tails. It is just like how some people think Yondaime was the fourth’s name but it literally means the fourth, Minato is his name.

  59. i have loads of ideas so i’ll a few. dont you think kisame should of gone against the hachibi as he has about as much chakra as a bijuu ( so neji says) and he gas samehada which feeds on chakra so he could beat the demon cloak easily and he is a water type user. also its obvious that naruto and sakura will get together as minato’s wife had pink hair ( kushina ) as does sakura. coincidence? i think not! also i think its time naruto got a new outfit hopefully a sage one. tell me wat you guys think of my idea

  60. o thanks man

  61. To skyhigh303:

    I dont know man, it would be cool if your predictions could happen but, if you look at how things are until now it is really unlikely. I mean; the way you are putting it, everything is nice, warm and causy, Hinata x Naruto, Sasuke x Sakura…. Naaaaaa. In your theory, everybody is still alive, but since the begenning of the story, many people way more important than Hinata, such as Jiraya or Asuma died. It is not a fairytale so I guess it won’t happen as you said.(It would be cool though 🙂 )

    To Jeremiah The Litigeous:

    Man, I love your story I really do like 5/5… But what is going to happen with all the tailed beasts they have in their power? This is an important factor that you haven’t mentionned here.

    And, please, could anyone explain to me what is Susano???

    (Please forgive me my mistakes, my grammar, my punctuation…. MY ENGLISH 🙂 it is not my native language)

  62. Sorry for the Multipost but I think I should Specify that by “They” I mean Akatsuki… 🙂

  63. Arrgh waiting for the manga to come out already.. Lots of theories and I just want to see which is closest to the truth!!

  64. whoa i just realized that my post time falls an hour back cause of the time zones… weird

  65. excellent story. . . but ure missing out on a couple of things. . . i think you should include sasuke in it. . . remember hes still alive. . . he might even help kill pein. . .

  66. ta isnt anywhere in nature jutsus though so idk how the code and that book could possibly be connected… also the real one wasnt there when he fought pein because as far as he knows nagato was the only one with rinnegan unless something that jirayia figured out was never put in the code but the new book isnt connected

  67. We dont know the name of the book yet, it could have ta in it that was not a full translation. I am just saying that it could happen. also the naruto anime is starting to piss me off real bad. I know you need fillers to let the manga ahead but they need to stop mixing the fillers manga story line to drag a ep out.

  68. See i just read the manga and the book is named the legend of the gutsy ninja I bet you the code is for that book ^_^. I love it when my predictions are right. I know its not right yet but i am like 99% sure on this one now.

  69. yeah so now naruto is going to be able to use his ultra cool rasengan and defeat pein… or something like that

  70. did all atkatsuki caught *all the tailed* pokemon beasts? except 8 and 9 tail naruto?

  71. nah im 100% sure that book has nothing to do with the code im pretty sure its about the jutsu jiraya used so now naruto will use em too like that toad oil fire combo and so on and the animes back on to the right story line hidanand the other ones about to try and kill the bald dude that was asumas friend and narutos back to training with wind manipulation

  72. scratch that i thinks it’s the book he wrote that they got naruto’s name from and it’ll tell him about his parents

  73. First of all when naruto said “maybe now i can do it” it can only be these 2 things: 1. summoning Gamabunta the the toad king since naruto can only summon him with the 9tails energy.Somewhere in the beginning of the series i think i heard jiraiya admitting that eventhough he can summon gamabunta he has never managed to fully control him and that only the 4th has managed to do ss, which is true because the 4th + Gamabunta were the ones who defeated the 9tails and the current gamabunta hardly manage to beat gaara, in other words there might be a different side of gamabunta we haven’t seen yet + plus asuma said that the next generations are surpassing the old ones
    2.or it could just be his rasenshuriken but i strongly think is gamabunta since he didnt want Pa to know that his deepest desire is to prove that he is the boss of gamabunta.
    As for the Book I think its just the experience jiraiya had with nagato and the others, which might also give a clue of what the code might be. if it is then the code might take a lot of time to find since naruto isn’t that smart, which will mean 4 or 5 manga weeks of reading for us to know what the code is

  74. I dont know i am very sure about this one, I was thinking the code was wrong for a little bit now. When they asked pa toad what he thought about the code he said he had no idea. I think pa toad knew the code but only wantede naruto to know what it was as he is “the one” lmao.

    If you think about it jiraiya knew all of pains bodys and there are six numbers that he left on the frog. So i think each page will give info on one of pains bodys. He said he saw that first ninja when he first started to write his first book.

    I dont think jiraiya would have left a hard code for naruto to understand it. I also think Jiraiya left the code not to give naruto information that would let him kill pain but stop naruto fom trying to get revenge and killing pain. On a side note i think the jutsu that Jiraiya wanted naruto to complete rasengan not the sealing jutsu. Also i bet you naruto will do the wind rasengan and try and kill all the pains at some point in this fight.

  75. I doubt it, but does anyone think that this book is the book Jiraya wrote where Naruto is the main character?

  76. Yes it is that book, it was his first book and he said it did not sell well so he was going to start writeing love (erotic) books after that one. That is why i think all of that is going to happen.

  77. i think konan is the real pein because:
    . she is the only one still normal ( yahiko is 1 of the pein ninja and nagato is nowhere )
    . she doesn’t say pein sama only pein.
    . pein only informs her never orders her.
    . she somtyms orders him about ( see chapter when madara reaveals himself 365 i think.
    . she always speaks for him if som1 is speaking to him.
    . she disappeared during the jiraiya pein fight

  78. it makes sense the way you describe it and everything but you could just be looking to much into it… if it is the first book he wrote then why would he put the ta in there? unless the code can be used with both books 🙂

  79. hey is the new manga out

  80. nother mind

  81. sasuke won the fight

  82. yes I was also thinking that it could br for both books but i bet you that this new book is the real key. What other reason would the give naruto the book for. It is the story naruto got his name from and it has nothing to do with his parents. But this did put me back at a 50/50 rin/kushina for pains new body.

  83. yea i think you are right

  84. what i wanna know is how did sasuke not know that the flames could be put out with the sharingan when itatchi put em out during their fight

  85. What’s interesting is that it sounds like anybody can use Amatersu, but only the magnekyou can control it, otherwise it burns for seven days and nights…

  86. that could be wat makes the user go blind is controlling the amaterasu

  87. not any one can use it im pretty sure both the use and control over it is only for mangekyou users but notice only one eye hurt when he cast it then both when he put it out i wonder if you never put the flames out if youd go blind in only the one eye

  88. then again using the mangekyou period is supposed to blind you

  89. hmm makes you think about why itachi was thinking it could kill madara and how madara put it out.

  90. What if guy to protect the village and Lee, was forced to use the eigth gate to kill like, Kisame or something. That would be noble.

  91. anyone notice sasukes amaterasu came from the wrong eye
    this says its supposed to be left for genjutsu right for ninjutsu
    but his came from the left any ideas about this

  92. holy shtt. this week manga is damn interesting… guys i bet the jiraiya’s heart book that pa gave to naruto is the key to deciphering the code that jiraiya left on pa’s back. i got feeling its a jutsu that jiraiya didnt have time to create because he thought he would never face a rinnegan foe. so well see if naruto will make a new jutsu, special jutsu, that only pein will receive. man cant wait for a bloody and fight to death between naruto and pein. sure naruto will own him but im just interested how naruto will mutulate pein badly. any pein fans? sorry we will see him die in naruto rages. if youve seen how kakuzo died. it would be more painful. its gud thing kakuzo died painless. but im highly surely pein will receive massive pain over his body before he die.

  93. since naruto have known how his mastah, jiraiya, was slain.

    itll be more interesting though if pa tell to naruto that pein is one of his jiraiya’s pupils. it would put more anger on naruto learning that.

  94. Now that is a hell of a prediction… you practically wrote your own story. Dialog included… it was good however. I liked it

  95. i think madara will try kill tsunade because she is the grandaughter of the 1st p.s i still think konan is the tru pein

  96. my theory wasn’t that much of a fairy tail ending so far the only ones to die where old timers e.g. sarutobi,orochimaru,hayate gekko,jiraya,asuma

  97. Dude, asuma wasn’t old, and the only reason he was killed is because chuck norris felt that kishimoto was trying to make a norris-esque character and failed miserably, so kishi was forced to remove him or die

  98. And anyway, why was it then that Saskue said “so that’s the magneykou’s power” and he said that after he put the flame out…

  99. cause he never knew the mangekyou was capable of doint i but back when he and itachi fought itachi himself was able to put the flames out but sasuke used that snake skin shed jutsu thingy to go underground so he never saw that happen so he it was new news to him

  100. do you think its real power could be time control?

  101. No, if it was, then Itachi would have already fixed everything.

  102. @alec-wait where did you hear that asuma thing????

  103. possible or more likely space control like what kakashi did o deidra think about if what your doingg is pulling things into your eyes then pulin something like amaterasu into them could be the reason you go blind it would be like slowly burning away your corneas

  104. i think sasuke can do what kakashi can do with the thing he did with dedira and in the future kaksahi might be able to do amaetrasu

  105. i think different people get different powers with their ms and sasuke can use itachis amaterasu because itachi gave him that power before he died

  106. so then what do you think sasuke’s native power might be since amaterasu is just itachis hand me down

  107. idk it was just kind of a thought but it would be another reason to give saskue a power up haha

  108. i think now that sasuke has the 8tails he might try and make it join the team but i dont think he wants to invade the leaf anymore

  109. yea thats what i think hes gunna end up doing with the eight tails but i do think he will try to take out the elders of konoha maybe not a full scale invasion but this would put a target on sasukes back from madara

  110. I’m gettin tired of Kishi bein on sasuke’s nuts.

  111. i think it could happen but no it wont.kisame and madara wont even invade the that part no.its a gurantee!!!second sasuke wont die and doesnt die fighting 8tails.he will prolly end up fighting kabuto and oorcimurra agian.thrid narutos mother is dead and how the hell would pain have got her if she died before jiriya even trained da de on the person who wrote the prediction.4th naruto having the sharigan will most likely not b premament but he will have 2 control the fox and prolly up to his reunion wit sasuke people.5th i can see pein retreating forceabley wit konan(if she dont die in the invasion)and akatsuki will get new members.6th i also believe sasuke will b the one to fight madara(who i bleieve is really obito not really madara).7thi also think they’ll make new characters as in villians appear after akatsuki is eventually defeated.(like the 7 swordmen).i cant see n e heros dieing besides maybe sasuke and kakshi(maybe not even him) n e time soon.maybe tsundae will but not until the invasion is over and it will b by some new villian.i agree the 5 pains(b cuz jiriya caught one of them to b sent back to the leaf)will b split up in different fights against variuos groups like gai’s and team 7 but i cant see him being completely killed off yet.8th i doubt naruto goes all out and forms all 9 tails in his fight.the fox might b controled by him after the fight but i believe naruto will have to earn that ability first(like i said his mother is dead so no way pain can have her body so he wont be teary eye about her but mayb he will over jiriya).other than that i think the predicter was just being lazy n his prediction or just forgot alot of key things.

  112. A combination of lazyiness and trying to be over the top to start discussions. If you read the post and the posts following it, I didn’t actually think most of this stuff would happen.

    Thanx for the comment though. Old post, you should check out the new ones, I don’t think anyone reads these any more.

  113. This is awesome man.
    Nice so this sharingan what naruto gets is from Itachis crow… wow.. Nice work loved it!

  114. excellent story man really liked it
    but with me being such an [naruto]fan
    i did not liked the part when naruto
    get his tailes bet out of him even
    \after using the ALL kyuubi chakra
    that may tell me that pain is extra
    strong and naruto still is not able to
    bet him even with all that training but

  115. u know. Itachi did gave naruto some of his abilities.. so I think that he gave naruto the power to controll kyuubi.

  116. Yes. Itachi transferred his powers to Naruto and all of these will soon be released.

  117. so is naruto going to end soon or not? ):

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