Naruto Manga 414 Bull on rampage! + Discussion + Quick and snappy survey (updated stats) + results from last weeks survey

Naruto Manga 414 <spoiler><pics><raw><translation>

Just click the image below to read this weeks manga entitled: Bull on the rampage!

(Update: Enjoy the translation scanlation above for Naruto Manga 414.)

Hey everyone,

It’s been a crazy week already. I’m actually typing this post at school in between classes today rather than being at home in between a couple hours of Bionic Commando.  I like being back at school because Summer break gets old after a while but the classes are tedious and its hot as hell here in Tempe. But I took the time out of my very busy first day of school to write this post and you should also check out my 3 RULES OF MANGA post which has gotten alot of attention over the weekend.  Let me know what you think. 

Last week I had a revelation… there are actually a large number of female Naruto Manga readers! I wasn’t aware of this until I made the near fatal mistake of putting a question in last weeks survey with accompanying pictures of half naked female Naruto characters.  It wasn’t so much the female characters that bugged our female readers…it was the lack of male character represention.  Oh the emails I recieved…. many complaint emails came through the wire shortly after posting the new survey and boy did they let me have it.  I’ll say this in response:

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking and I just threw it together. It won’t happen again.”

Because of school starting and a few problems with my survey program I wasn’t able to post the results from last weeks survey but they are now down below and I’m very sorry for the delay.  Hope fully this weeks survey will go much smoother and we can watch the 8 tails completely dismantle Sasuke.  Or they could make us really happy and show the start of the impending invasion of Konoha.  Either way I’m glad the manga has picked back up again and I anxiously await the new issue.

Lastly, I’ve decided to start a website to work in conjunction with the blog. It will be and it should be launching very shortly with a home page and very little else… I havn’t decided what I want to do with it yet but I’ve got some ideas and I some of you guys have been pitching me ideas as well so I just have to make that decision down the road as to which direction the website will take.  I’ll tell you one way it won’t ever go is a paid site.  I’m a fucking blogger and nothing more…I don’t have an over inflated self view of myself like others on the net.  I do this for fun, so you never have to worry about me doing something lame ass, like others have done before me… and for those of you who followed me to this site from the other site…yes I am reffering to “that” site that shall not be named… @_@

Ja mata

Click the eyes below to take

this weeks survey…

Results for this week:

Are your favorite characters mostly the Good, Bad or Gray area guys?

50% of you said Good Guys.

41% of you said the Gray area guys.

9% of you said the Bad guys.

Do you wish Sasuke was dead instead of Itachi?

70% of you said yes! LMFAO!

30% of you said no.

Who’s death would make you less interested in the show?

30.7% of you said Naruto.

26.9% said you could kill off pretty much anyone as long as the story stayed good.

15.3% of you said Kakashi.

7.6% of you said Hinata.

7% of you said Sasuke.

What are you hoping the outcome of Sasuke vs 8tails will be?

45.8% of you hope Sasuke will die. HAHA!

33.3% of you hope the beast will be sealed in Sasuke.

15.3% of you hope that the 8 tails joins Hawk.

4.1% of you hope that the 8 tails dies. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Who is your favorite Naruto character? (top 5 answers)

20% of you said Itachi

15% of you said Kakashi

13% of you said Naruto

12% of you said Shikamaru

10% of you said Gaara


Results for last weeks survey “We can dream can’t we?” below…

Top Six selections by Males:

33.6% of you chose Hinata

16.4% of you chose Sakura

12.5% of you chose Tsunade

10.3% of you chose Karin

8.3% of you chose Temari

7.7% of you chose Konan

Top Six Selections by Females:

20.8% of you chose Gaara

20.1% of you chose Kiba

19.5% of you chose Sasuke

15.1% of you chose Kakashi

14.7% of you chose Naruto

8.2% of you chose Pain

0.9% of you chose Sai


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on August 25, 2008.

107 Responses to “Naruto Manga 414 Bull on rampage! + Discussion + Quick and snappy survey (updated stats) + results from last weeks survey”

  1. hahahahaha, Bono I win… in your face!

  2. Wow kinda a shock to see kiba up there, but i am not a girl so that might be why ^_^ lol.

  3. @Alec


    I will return!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tsunade for me

  5. @ scorpion – Yeah, I was surprised to see that too. But then again I picked someone that alot of people didn’t pick. Karin.

  6. New survey is up and ready to go. It’s quick and snappy. I like it. Good for stats and getting a read on how people feel about the direction of the manga.

  7. Dude, u picked karin, i picked temari.

    What about a character that would not effect your interest in the manga if he/she were to kick the bucket, sell the farm, go to ninja heaven, etc.?

  8. @ Alec – I like Karin… she has that naughty librarian that is down for what ever look.

    Do you mean: Who’s death would make you less interested in the show? I havn’t done this weeks survey yet but I’m thinking they could kill off just about anyone and I would be cool with it as long as the story stayed good.

    I put that question on there because some people lost a little bit of interest in the manga when Itachi died and I was curious to see if there is another character death that would change the way people feel about the manga/anime.

  9. i love how everyone basically shit on tenten lmao

  10. @ Jeremiah- Check that idea, you already did a post like that when I think Gai was right behind Saskue -_-

  11. I was just thinking that the age of people might have a affect on this test. If you think about how old people are it says alot about what kind of person they would pick. I wonder what the age groups are for the people who look at this blog.

  12. I’ll have to do a demographic question on the next quiz to find out.

  13. Very good point. I, probably being the oldest on the site, would pick someone with different qualities than a teenage boy. However, mentally we might be the same age.

  14. One thing that I would suggest for the demographic quiz is where are you from. I know that there are several people that visit this site from all over, but it would be cool to see how far the reach goes.

  15. LMAO I just realized that this blog is full of information for a sociological study. Damn i wish i took a sociology class right now >_<.

  16. Well lets see how far the reach is just with the people in this blog. Way out in the middle of Wyoming is where I be.

  17. Looking at the results I see that 70% of people wish sasuke was dead. I understand the anamosity twards him but would the manga or the anime be as good with out him. He fills a void in the story (a large one at times). Would narutos epic battles be as good if he didn’t have a reason to go after and fight Orochimaru. Or his fighting with Sasuke which is an inner tormoil for both of them. They truely admire each other so much they want to show how they are stronger than the other. And who wouldn’t cheer for Naruto to bring sasuke back to start the revival of the uchiha clan.
    Not to mention the awsome combos they could pull off together if they were back on a team. I believe the manga discusses how they had complimentary element powers that could be destructive together.
    Just food for thought.

  18. @ Erich – Yes they do have complimentary powers, I remember Kakashi explaining that to him during the element training. The wind would only fuel the fire. So he couldn’t use it against Sasuke’s fire technique.

    Good to see you chime in again Erich.

  19. Also I anticipated someone making that comment about how crappy it would be if Sasuke died instead of Itachi but I will argue that it could have been better if Sasuke died on that fateful day rather than Itachi. Alternate future post coming soon. It’s done I just have to proof read it.

  20. if sasuke died though the manga would have ended sooner most likely

  21. Knowing what we know now from Madara’s big reveal to Sasuke I could have used some more Itachi before he kicked the bucket. However with whatever he has bestowed on Naruto I feel like we’ll see some flashback action with Itachi in it.
    @Jeremiah… Never left we just haven’t had any new developments on the Madara/Danzo front. Plus no roided out stalkers with daddy issues popped up lately. LMAO!
    Anyways glad to see the manga is starting to pick up again, and congrats on the soon to be website.

  22. well if sasuke where to die by itachi and itachi where a real bad guy, it would send naruto on a path of revenge and make things interesting. But they are kinda doing the naruto revenge thing right now with pain, I can almost 100% tell you that naruto will not kill pain. If pain is killed it will be by someone other then naruto like pa frog or pain kills himself.

  23. I think Tobi is trying to use pein like a puppet but Pein is going to be like too powerful for him.

  24. I’m not sure if anyone is more powerful than Madara. People seem to fear him for good reason.

  25. Yeah, but I think that for a while they are going to make him out to be the biggest threat but in the end its gonna either be orochimaru again or pein. They are gonna turn the tables on him. Like mess up his plans and he won’t see it coming.

  26. I bet you when pain is killed he will have a hange of heart from naruto (same story every time) and will give out some good info about madara or narutos parents.

  27. Ok now my new naruto theory. ok so madara rushed back very quick to get itchi’s body. now i think that madara attacked the leaf with the ninetails and the fourth sealed the fox in naruto. after this narutos mother ran off to get revenge on madara and put him in the bad shape he is in now and died. I am thinking that the sharingan he had when geting his brothers eyes is what made him immortal. Now what he wants to do is get all the tailed beasts then put there chakra into itachi’s body, then do the body switching jutsu that he got from orochimaru (now perfected by madara)and take itachis body. After this i think he will take sasuke’s eyes to gain the true sharingan. as he takes sasuke’s eyes naruto,kakashi,sakura and orochimaru/kabuto now on leaf side are on there way to madara. They get there and start to fight madara but, madara is now strong as hell. at some point i think kakashi will die and give his eyes to sasuke or oro/kabuto will die and kakashi will give the sharingan to sasuke and take one of oro/kabutos eye or something like that. But in the end it will be naruto and sasuke vs madara.

    P.S i know this can be very unlikely to happen it just fits so wel that i had to put i out there.

  28. I know this wasn’t an option on the survey but what if the 8-tails were to eventually escape away from Hawk and somehow join up with Konoha/Naruto? Can you imagine how sweet a combo technique between the 8 and 9 tails would be?

  29. @lastscorpion..Hey I like the idea but wouldn’t the body switch technique only work with a live host? Or else maybe orochimaru would have just taken over one of the previous hokage bodies. I have also wondered if it is even possible to take over a body that is already hosting a demon. Would the demon care at all? Or would it just be like “one human is the same as another?” Idk, some food for thought.

  30. I think after Scorpion did that last line of Coke and typed out that theory he went and killed a hobo for his eyes but instead of getting Sharingan he just got pink eye…

  31. Very cool thought because it brings Itachi back, albeit in a very strange way. But if that happens I will give you a hundred gold (replica) medals for seeing the unforeseeable future with your mighty manga Sharingan.

  32. Well the body switch would work since the tailed beasts would be in itachis body so he takes ove the taild beasts chakra. but yeah this is not mt manga jutsu lol it is my crazy ass end of manga theory. The ones that i list pages seem mor solid, But i do put crazy stuff out there every now and then. I still think my zombie zabuza one is going to be true lmao.

  33. Crazy is good. Zombie Zabuza and more recently your Itachi Jesus are very entertaining theories at the very least 🙂

  34. i hope that is not the true spoiler i just hope he did not have all the pics. If that is real this manga is not going at all the end of the chapter will be the same as the end of the last one ><

  35. well not the same but from the sound of it nothing is going to go down in this chapter.

  36. If he almost dies and has a flashback of Team Kakashi that would be pretty relevant to the story. It may change Sasuke’s attitude. I don’t think its completely a repeat. It may give a lot of insite… I’m really reaching and hoping for something awesome…

  37. And maybe when Hamlet 2 comes out on DVD the outakes will have the remix song “Rock me sexy Itachi”.

  38. I saw that preview, it looks pretty funny…

  39. Am I the only one that thinks that flash back is important?

  40. well it could be, but if it just shows on cut of them it is not saying much we just have to hope that the script is off by alot.

  41. I wouldn’t mind seeing a flashback, it would give sasuke a little more character instead of the somewhat empty shell he has become. Revenge on this, revenge on that. Not much depth, but if he started to think back and have a more developed personality that would be fine by me. 🙂

  42. well thats what i hope too is that the flash back will be deep and not just there to take up space.

  43. The flashback should cause sasuke so much stress and emotional confution that e discovers he has space time abilities.

  44. What I said won’t happen of course but it would be ool. What they are doing is gathering one of the final tailed beasts. This shows us that Akatski’s plan is coming to fruition. They are also using this time to not only make Naruto stronger but make sasuke stronger too. With Sasuke getting a cursed seal infusion in his chest he’s bound to be a lot stronger. It may give him the edge over Madara.

  45. i love how they keep finding ways to make sasuke stronger and stronger

  46. yeah while naruto cant use his new jitsu anymore and has to go train with toad sages. not fair

  47. sasuke usually gets his power given to him or it is a blood line trait. Has the sharigan from birth, is given the cursed seal, now given a better version. Oro gave him a bad-a sword. Naruto has to work his azz off to get anywhere and has the opportunity to train in the sage arts.. but he still has to train really hard.

  48. Lets not forget that Naruto did get the Kyuubi sealed in him and Itachi did give him “something” so I wouldn’t necassarily say Naruto works for everything.

    Also Naruto did allude to the fact that he knew what his body is capable of so that kinda leads me to believe that he will be using that new technique in the future without a problem.

  49. well naruto hasnt really used the kyuubi in awhile and itachi gave sasuke powers too lol

  50. if you guys didnt realize it the spoiler for manga 414 is manga 413. /…… I think the eight tales has a chance of defeating sasuke but just as he is about to kill him i think karin is going to release some unrealistic power and help sasuke win the fight cuz like karin is in love with sasuke i think she likes him as much or more then sakura did,

  51. Yeah, I did notice notice the similarities but it is not last weeks manga. It’s just didn’t advance much in this weeks. But I think the flash back is a big deal in regards to the bigger picture in the manga.

  52. Dude, shouldn’t karin have hepetatis by now?

  53. I wonder if the eight tails can combine fire and earth elements to make “iron” based techniques.

  54. sasuke is not as good as i thought so he used the new sharingan does that mean if he keeps using it he will start to lose his eye sight.i think naruto will be stronger than sasuke in no time i hope this time he learns new moves that hane nothing to do with clones

  55. well yeah he will lose his eye sight. i dont know why everyone thinks he is strong if you look he can only do mangekyou sharingan a few times i think. He only did the genjutsu once and was hurting from it so i would think that he can only do it one or two times more.

  56. i think when you use mangekyo you have to think of the people close to you cuz it wasnt really a flashback of naruto sakura and kakashi and he thought of jugo karin and suigetsu saving his ass

  57. After reading the translation I think its him realizing that he has formed bonds once again. If you look at the subscript on the side of the last page it says he realizes now that he was never alone…derrrr. Took enough time for him to realize that. He has people that depend on him and obviously he depends on them. Thats why he thought of team Kakashi.

    I bet he’s also wishing he had Naruto there to bail his ass out again. When things seem the bleakest and near the end, Naruto was always the one to stand up one last time and do something amazing.

    I know some people are crapping on this chapter for not advancing the story at all but I really liked this issue, I think it gave a lot more depth to Sasuke. I dislike him 20% less now.

  58. Really? I would go as far as to say I dislike him about 4% less now, if that.

  59. I will say that it moved the story a little naruto can now do sage mode. Sage mode is looking alot like goku and the spirit bomb lmao, now we can look foward to a 3 chapter charge up for one attack ><.

  60. I’m sticking with my 20%. I dislike Sasuke 20% less now. That is my statement and I’m sticking to it.

  61. you know Id really like to see zetsu do something

  62. 20% is a lot.

  63. what whys everyone a sasuke hater i mean he aint that bad plus he smashed naruto and did one of the most gruesome pile drivers ever but yeah amaterasu on the 8 tails dont that kinda defeat the purpose hes gonna turn him to ashes and i thought they needed him alive

  64. but i gues this makes sense im guessing that the eight tails woulda been sasukes beast if he had captured it but since hes gonna roast beef him then team hawk will get no tailed beast so madara probally set it up that way knowing that sasukes planning to turn on him so now he cant the boost he needed to win against him

  65. people hate sasuke because he’s a jerk and he ignores logic. And he’s the typical b.a. that you find in anime. Oh yeah, and Naruto sage form will be amazing.

  66. he still cant hang with sasuke uchihas are the best hand down anything else is just second class if naruto didnt have the nine tails hed have 0 chance even with it he got smashed im just sayin if sasuke did more training less lookin for revenge and being used hed be hokage material and if itachi was part of the leaf instead of akatsuki hed have tsunades job right now even kakashi with just the one eye from a uchiha is considered one of the leafs finest

  67. @ skyhigh- Too bad kishi used the old stand by for killing someone ridiculosly strong, a mysterious disease. At least its not as bad as Goku punching whats his name in the gut and killing him after getting his ass knocked around for like three episodes…

    And bleach continues to halt to a crawling pace as well, though not frozen molasses trying to go uphill speed like Naruto was going for a while

  68. @Skyhigh303 – Good to see you again! It’s been a while. We need a Sasuke defender around here to balance things out a bit.

  69. In part one, Naruto was stronger than Sasuke when he didn’t have the demon seal. Without the seal, I don’t think he’ll be as strong, even with mangekyo.

  70. well jugo infused some of his cursed seal chakra or whatever you wanna call it with sasuke to heal his wound so he probably has the cursed seal back and he also just got mangekyo he still doesnt really know how to use it properly

  71. I always thought that the fight at the end of part one was a bit decieving in the fact that Sasuke one. With that last punch Naruto wasn’t trying to hurt Sasuke, he put a mark on his forhead protector. This is what they had discussed previously.

    Prior to that it was evident that Naruto was much stronger than Sasuke on the roof top fight with the water tower holes.

    The time I think that Sasuke was the strongest of the two was when they had found Sasuke in Oro’s hide out after his training with Oro. Naruto was obviously out classed at that point.

    But since then I think the field has been leveled again and possibly tipping toward Naruto if Itachi gave him control of Kyuubi and the Sage training.

  72. know what i just realized that if you gain control of your tailed beast then you can transform into it so that should mean that naruto will eventually become the kyubi im guessing hell use that against madara

  73. i think it might end like it started in the the begining we saw the nine tails attack on konoha i think it’ll end with him fighting to save it against the other tailed beasts under narutos control of course and the other beasts under madaras since i doubt any other member of akatsuki will survive to get a tailed beast of their or it could go another way with the nine tails being taken from naruto and used by madara then it’d end exactly like it started with kyubi attacking konoha and naruto fighting against it in place of his dad and probably dying to seal or destroy it

  74. or sasuke attacks with the beasts and naruto has to fight him

  75. i dunno after that li tle flash back seen i get the feeling that sasukes gonna end up going back to konohas side but i dont think hell be part of team kakashi ever again i think team hawk will be his new team and hell just stick with em

  76. i thimk over all naruto might be a little better than sasuke now he is really getting stronger sasuke is done all his training i cant wait to see naruto fight pain it will be a good match if they do fight naruto better learn some good moves in training

  77. i had i typing mistake and i am going to correct it think

  78. next week manga is going to be good maybe they will stop focusing on sasuke and start focusing on the village
    i think i am the only one here

  79. nah i think there gonna finish up sasukes fight and then focus on the village while sasuke and the rest of his team heal up from the bull fight

  80. Or they might focus on Narutos training.

  81. The current Naruto storyline with him being trained by Fukasaku, reminds me a lot of when Goku was being trained by King Kai, with Pain going to bring the impending destruction to Konoha like Vegeta and Nappa were to earth.

  82. but pain cant and wont destroy konoha he wants naruto not for Konohas destruction.

  83. he did say kill anyone who gets in the way though so i have a feeling that several leaf ninja are gonna end up dead

  84. sorry i wasnt signed in

  85. most likely pain will do some destucktion to the village

  86. I dont think he will, it would be dumb to have him start a big fight in the village then right after that sasuke attack the village. then people say pain wants to attack the village. This is not dbz lmao i dont think every bad guy wants to kill the village, i will stop reading if that is the way the manga is going.

  87. @lastscorpion Naruto is most definitely not Dragon Ball Z, but Kishimoto on a side note, did admit to DBZ or DB as being a major influence in his creation of the Naruto universe.

    So all I’m saying is I see some slight parallels at times, between the two series, not that their carbon copies of each other.

  88. well yeah i know he said that, but almost all shonen anime has influence from dbz. I think almost all the anime from shonen jump has influence from dbz. I just dont want naruto to e too much like dbz aka Bad guy shows up wants to blow up or take over the world naruto stops him repeat. I do see some things from DBZ such as chakra and the fight-train-fight-train-fight need to get stronger formula. But so far the story line is more in depth then DBZ, Naruto is more like Dragon Ball then DBZ. but yeah I just hope the main story is not going to have the main bad guy want to blow up the world of kill off the leaf, it is the same old story and kinda old.

  89. lmao at “it is the same old story and kinda old” I need to start reading over what i type.

  90. pain will not attack the village to destroy he will attack because nobody will tell him where naruto is

  91. yeah but his is a ninja, i dont think he will burst into the village and say “tell me where naruto is or i am going to start killing people”. I would think that he would find out where naruto is by information gathering from a jutsu like the rain one or some summon jutsu. But he could also single someone out and take them hostage or fight that person to get the information. Pain is not so strong that he could just walk in there and start fighting on his own madara even says this at the akatsuki hawk meeting.

  92. i agree with scorpion, the only one strong enough to walk in to any place and win is Chuck Norris, and he considers Naruto to sissy of a series to make a guest appearence…

  93. I really hope naruto learns some kind of element bases jutsus cuz I mean all he has is rasengan right now and clones nothing much really so yea he’s gonna need something in the training which hopefully will happen second thing I’d like to say is I think when pein attacks
    that someone will die I’m thinking iruka or maybe someone else I dunno not to mention other retard ninja who don’t have story line at all

    If iruka died that could be interesting cuz I mean when the oro attacked pretending to be the kazekage they killed that guy with the thing in his mouth told sasuke to go after gaara but for real you know anyways sorry for lenth I’m really bored sitting in a car gotta love the iPhone

  94. tell me what you think

  95. @lastscorpion I guess one could almost argue that instead of the bad guys gathering dragon balls, gathering tailed beast is the cooler thing to do.

    @Alec If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

  96. if iruka died naruto would go ape shit on somebody

  97. they should kill iruka i never liked him matter fact kill him guy danzo cause hes a creepy little cripple the ramen guy cause n one seems to eat there any more any ways narutos ass bought icecream last time he was sad instead of ramen and tsunade esp guy tho kill him asap


  99. I can understand that kiba is among the top, what i cant understand is why sasuke is 😛 he is kinda essential to the story but other than that he is just a fag. Good that Hinata was chosen as number 1! You just strengthened my faith in humanity a little 😉

  100. azo ka

  101. I love the good guys of course. Although their goodness is highlighted by the bad guys, I still go for the good.

  102. itachi is the greatest

  103. bitches

    now why did I say that?

  104. omg i love sai he cute

  105. I think Hinata is the best female characer, and Naruto is an asshole, why he couldn’t notice Hinata loves him? Anyway, Naruto has my sympathy. Sasuke was a good character at the beginning, still he sucks with he’s tatto. Favorite character is Neji Hyuuga, becouse he has awesome power – the Biakugan is very kickass.

  106. neruto is so coll….ja ja ja…………..


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