The 3 rules of Manga

The 3 Rules of Manga

The 3 Rules of Manga

Feel free to comment on or debate any of my three rules.  A full post is coming Monday so stay tuned 🙂


Ja Mata


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on August 22, 2008.

97 Responses to “The 3 rules of Manga”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst! HAHA Alec! *puts the number one finger in air* I’ll never be number two again!

  2. Just missed it.. Damn Bono, you must live on this site. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  3. Good post, I like your take on the rules of manga death. Reminds me of scream and the laws of horror movies.

  4. @ Russ aka NJA – I didn’t even think of that… manga and horror movies do have alot in common. That sounds much cooler than manga and soap oprah’s having alot in common.

  5. LMAO code geass is just a soap oprah with mechs ^_^.

  6. Gaaaaaaaaah! So true -_-

  7. Dude, nice post as usual. And in this manga, people who are dead can come back any way; Gaara, 1st, and 2nd hokage. Well, that still leaves the fourth hokage as a viable option for making a come back later on (not to mention Kushina)

  8. Ummm… does having your eyes covered and laying still in an open coffin qualify as dead, because if it doesn’t (which it probably doesn’t in this series), Madara’s brother can still be alive and kicking it…

  9. Crap in a hat… Jeremiah, I really got to start reading the end of your posts, it would probably keep me from posting stupid crap =(

  10. You know i think i have my most solid theory yet. Ok so get this pain brigs zabuza back from the dead. Then zabuza kills pain with a new sword he got from hell. Then zabuza takes pains right eye for his own. zabuza then travels back in time with the delorean the devil gave him and takes obitos eye. he then finds a wild pikachu and seals it his biju. then he goes back to the future where he disguises himself as tobi disguised as madara disguised as obito. then zombie zabuza the cast all six chakra elements to summon captain planet. with captain planet by his side and his pikachu biju he attacks kakashi for what happend to his lover haku. But zabuza did not know kakashi had achieved super saiyan three. so zabuza died once more but he took sakura to hell with him as said i love me some ugly girls…..and that is how naruto will end ^_^

  11. LMFAO there is probably a really good chance that might happen

  12. haku was a guy though so he would take saskue to hell with him instead because saskue is also gay

  13. no man saskue is to ugly. he would take rocklee, its hard to resist a green jump suit, hip hair cut and his dead sexy eyebrows.

  14. lmao very very true

  15. LMFAOD, thanks for that theory, I going to nominate you for president becasuse this is the type of vision that shall truly change the world… And thanks for finely making it possible for Zabuza and Sakura to get together (especially now that she’s not twelve)

  16. Jeremiah, how long ago was it that we were doing a count down to 100,000? Cause now we can begin the count down to 300,000

  17. LMAO @ “with captain planet by his side and his pikachu biju”

    Yeah the site has really been building momentum. The website debut is less than a week away and soon we will be staring 500k in the face and possible 1million shortly after.

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for making the blog enjoyable.

    Funny thing is that I didn’t realize the number of female readers the blog had until I put that dating question on the last survey with hentai pics of the female Naruto characters. You wouldn’t believe how many emails I got yelling at me for that!

    Sorry ladies…my bad, won’t happen again and I also fixed it on the survey for you ^_^

  18. I guess next time, you’ll have to post nothing but Saskue, Kakashi, and Rock to make things even.

  19. Bono, I’ve already given you 69 gold medals for your courage, bravery, and commitment to your effort towards excellence. But be weary, i may not get the next post, or the one after that, or the one after that… but there will come a day, that you sleep in, or you’re out on the town, but I’ll be there when you slip up.

    I’m waiting and watching…

    (to be continued)

  20. Wow that is alot of people, at the start there where only like five people lol ^_^. But it is fun to think up all these crazy naruto theories. It looks like some people stoped looking in >< itachi is gone lmao.

  21. did anybody else notice that madaras brother looks a lot like saskue and i know they are like same clan and everything but still lol

  22. Yeah I did notice that… I’m sure Madara plans to do the same to Sasuke as he did his brother as well *_- <that’s my missing eye cause Madara stole it symbol ^_^

  23. haha nice and that most likely definitely means madara wants sasukes eyes

  24. I dont know about that i am starting to think madaras plan is to get the true sharingan. It could have to do with Sasukes eyes but that would not explain why madara wanted Sasuke on his side. If it realy is madara then he would not world domonation or to kill the leaf. What madara wants could be only a few things. He could want to gain his true power and bring back the first for a rematch, he said that the first was the person he admired most. or he could jst want to find someone as stronger then the first so he could have a good fight. I am thinking that he wants to fight the first once more, there was even a manga page that hints at this. I will look them up in a second.

  25. chapter 3717 hints at my idea. and chapter 398 page 19 is where he says the first was the man he admired most.

    P.S I love haveing photographic memory ^_^

  26. I messed up that fist chapter was 370 page 17.

  27. @ scorpion- u and you’re sharingan

  28. @alec- LMAO

  29. My interpretation of Scorpion at his computer thinking of the Naruto manga theories….

    *_- Sharingan!!!!!! “Chapter 370 page 17 will do nicely.”

  30. @ Jeremiah LMAO but i think kakashi looks more like this -_+ i just made a new emoticon as well. ^_^ lol

  31. Yeah that is better for kakashi but @_@ = Rinnegan ^_^

  32. }O_O{ or >O_O< = Byakugan
    *_* = Sasuke’s new sharingan ^_^

  33. LOL you guys make me Chuckle

  34. yeah i saw the Rinnegan one one blog at somepoint. but i like the Byakugan (>O_O \
    (__O) \
    (____@) \
    (____@) \
    (__o)_ \

  35. Wtf most of my last thing was cut off amd messed up you can remove it if you want Jeremiah. I made a Rock lee *nice guy pose one that was kinda big and it looks like they just took half of my post out *sigh* o well.

  36. Damn… someone came up with the Rinnegan first huh? >_<

  37. I definatly do not believe that kushina is dead and i have a feeling we may see an appearance of the 4th hokage in this series .. i mean come on the 3rd has a grave we ALL SEE .. how come they never show the 4ths grave.. ? Whenever they bring up how oorochimaru killed the 3rd they show something of the grave or funeral .. but when they speak of the 9 tails attack never is a funeral or grave shown of the 4th … and nothing of kushina’s where abouts has EVER been mentioned .. wtf is that about … Did she just dissapear?!!!!!??

  38. Let try this once more i hope it wont mess up, NICE GUY POSE!!!!

    N ______
    I / \
    C |__________|
    E | === === |
    * | O O |
    G \ ___ /
    U \______/ /@
    Y \ \
    * ___> \
    P (__O) \
    O (____@) \
    S (____@) \
    E (__o)_ \
    ! \ \

  39. *sigh* it wont work it seems to take out all the spaceing >< you caan get rid of that one also. I am not going to try anymore lol.

  40. I can almost see it. LMAO!

  41. @ Chris – I think Kushina is Pain’s new body. But I think the Fourth is dead. The whole premise of the show is that he gave his life protecting the village when he sealed the 9tails into his only son. That technique takes your life soooo…. But I’ve seen crazier stuff in anime/manga so it could happen.

  42. I think Pain’s new body could be the female character in the 4th Hokage’s 3 person squad under Jiraiya. Check out 122 16, notice her hair style and compare it to 407 17.

  43. Well, in the anime, there’s just a light and the fourth disappears, so most people in the village just think he dies… if he were to come back it would be something technical like that.

  44. They can make him come back by saying narutos mother sealed the fox in naruto. I am sure the 4th showed Kushina how to do the sealing jutsu.

  45. Maybe his grave is just in the same place that Kushina’s is.

  46. problem is we haven’t seen either grave, heck we didn’t even have a name for the 4th until Jiraya and Tsunade did a flash back.

  47. @ Scorpion – Out of all the theories I’ve heard, I like that one the least. If they cop out and bring back the fourth with that story I would definantly have to consider my loyalty to the series -_-

  48. the fourth could be like fused with naruto somehow and thats where his rediculous chakra comes from… lol just a thought

  49. Well i was just pointing out how they can just bring people back like it was nothing. to tell you the truth i dont want the fourth or narutos mom to be alive. Just stick with the people that are alive now and kill them off untill we areleft with only the good ones lmao.

  50. so tenten is gunna die next haha

  51. Ther’es really nothing pointing to Kushina being dead. I would like her to be alive.

  52. I mean since she’s not supposed to be from the leaf village, it would be grumy for her to leave Naruto their though. But it might be for both of their safety.

  53. @ Scorpion – yeah I know. I’m just thinking out loud about how stupid the writers can be for manga and I hope they do go daft on this series.

    @Kingcam07 – I agree. It would be shitty to leave and I also agree that it may be to protect them both. If people knew the fourth had a son…he and the mother would be instantly in trouble.

  54. Same thing with Saskue, notice how everybody seems shocked that an Uchiha survived (Zabuza, Kisame). They probably didn’t let anyone know about the surviver to make sure he wouldn’t be assasinated by other villages to make sure he wouldn’t grow up and restart the clan.

  55. So any agreements or disagreements on my guess for pain’s new body?

  56. @kingcam the leaf is kinda shady to me like the higher ups i wouldnt be surprised if they made her leave the villaga and kept naruto because hes a jinchuriki

  57. and i dont think that peins new body is the girl from the 4ths group 1st she has a mist headband even though that could have been put there because pein is himself a mist ninja so its somewhat irrelevant but 2nd the new body has light hair and the girl from the 4ths group had dark

  58. You guys are missing some rules rule 4.Annoying and drawn out love triangles must be present so fan girls can have something to cry and cheer about(lol no offense fangirls) 5. Sasuke is gay…(lol had to throw that one in)

  59. @DIHS- you should get a Sasuke avatar LMAO! 🙂

  60. @ renzy and Quixotic – The head band is for sure irrelevant. All of Pain’s bodies where the same head gear as Pain regardless of village. Some of his other bodies have already been shown from other villages and now sport the Pain gear.

  61. The common thread between all of Pain’s bodies is Jiraiya knows them all, and he for sure knows the girl in the 4th’s squad, but even though they have a pretty similar hair style the hair color is a huge monkey wrench.

  62. i have another theory about madara which im pretty sure has already been said but what if hes neither madara or obito but some random character who defeated madara and took his eyes

  63. who is this girl in the 4th squad? you mean when they show the fourth as a kid?

  64. yea they show her like right before the third dies

  65. Kushina named her kid after a character in Jiraiya’s book. I think that qualifies as him knowing her as well.

  66. jiraiya traveled the world im sure he knows plenty of people who we dont know about that could be peins body lol

  67. I think jiraya has used real life experiances to create his charicters. Either pain has read this and manifested these people as his bodies or he is able to see into Jirayas thoughts and create people he knows. In both of these scenerios it’s possible to see new bodies of every charicter thats been lost so far. The other option is that pain was always all these people and kept following Jiraya in his travels.

  68. hey guys if those bodies that Pain uses all had a fight with Jariaya ; was it ever indicated that he killed any of them when they fought in the past?(i’m asking u guys instead of rereading the manga chapters cause i’m feeling lazy lol)

  69. ok i just got some coffee and im rereading the J-man versus Pain, in chapter 370 on the 4th page the unknown ninja who is being questioned by the Jman spills everything he knows about his beloved leader yet lies about knowing about Akatsuki, why didn’t he want to talk about it..was he afraid that someone was listening..Zetsu maybe(Zetsu does seem to be a master at gathering info unseen) so what im getting at is why is such a low ranked ninja given information about Akatsuki who are so freakin secretive about everything?

  70. @ Dudeihatesasgay – you should get an avatar…your generic one looks like a little nugget of poop with arms and legs >_< *poop*

  71. Jiraiya knows Kushina for sure you’re told that when he and Tsunade have a talk about her on 367 12, Tsunade makes it kind of sound like she grew up in Konoha. Jiraiya also had a flash back to Kushina on 382 10-11.

    Kushina has a closer hair color the length is much longer though, but the girl on 122 16 has the same hair style. Check out 407 17 to see Pain’s new body.

  72. i think deidara is still alive and who knows maybe even yondaime is alive they’ve never shown where he died nor his body

  73. Do you like the character of deidara? I found him annoying but he seems to have a following. Besides the fact that he was entirely a long range specialist (which is boring) he had an 80’s hair cut and an annoying personality (always talking about his art).

    Bonus points for being able to give him self a BJ with his hand though -_- haha!

  74. yeah i have been thinking that pains new body is Kushina or rin for a long time now. The only time i like deidara is when tobi was messing with him.

  75. lol that’s great personally I wanna see the god damn Venus fly trap get caught up in some stuff so he has to fight and he argues with himself guys theirs 2 sides to him it’ll be like lord of the rings which would be great

  76. I’d like to see if Zetsu is capable of being more than just a recorder and gopher for Madara. He kinda reminds me of Soundwave from Transformers in his duties ^_^

  77. also I believe the guys from akatsuki with the sythe gonna make a come back

  78. You think Hidan will make it out of that hole? hmmm never thought of that… the way Zetsu can travel through rock and witnesses these major battles I just assumed Hidan was dead. Other wise Zetsu would have bailed him out.

  79. Yea zetsu don’t do much just runs errands I wanna see him in action

  80. hmmm zetsu could be one of the main bad guys i wonder if someone told zetsu to watch the fight all that time ago.

  81. zetsu probably cant fight that good but he wacthed a lot of fights and knows a lot of techines people use

  82. Um, deidara blew himself up…, that qualifies as dying. Saskue would be able to tell if it was a clone or not, and he was convinced that dedara blew himself up, so i believe deidara is dead for good. Especially since Zetsu put him in the same category as Sasori, and Kakazu

  83. madara also basically said that deidara hidan kakuzu and sasori were all dead

  84. I’d officially say that Deidara is dead. And I’m glad. He had a difinitive death and there is no good reason for the writers to bring him back. That guy was so freakin annoying.

  85. Gaara puts it best: “She uses long range bombs of some sort…”

  86. haha yes i remember that i was so confused when he said that cuz i wasnt sure if deidara was a guy or a girl

  87. LMAO I forgot about that… yes Gaara did put it best. Thanks Alec.

  88. hidan isn’t dead, he’s immortal.

  89. but akatsuki isnt planning on trying to get him back at all

  90. yeah i wonder why they aren’t if you think about it thats pretty fugged up to just leave his ass in that little pit

  91. does any1 think that naruto would end any time soon cause this could go on for 1000 chapters and doesnt have a good way to end. Perfect ending. sasuke and naruto have sex and have a new tailed beast woooot

  92. @ Whostolemytaco – Noooooooooooooooooo! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I won’t be able to get that image out of my head for at least an hour! Gaaaaaaaah!

  93. that’s just wrong and nasty and damnit sasuke not gay ive seen the little sasugay remarks and al that its sasuke allt=right sasuke not sasugay

  94. well naruto and sasuke did share a passionate kiss and they seem to love each other since sasuke could not kill naruto and naruto wants sasuke back so bad. hell naruto say he loves sakura but will go to all this to bring sasuke back so he can bang her. it all seems a little gay dont you think. so naruto=gay.

    P.S had to do it lmfao >_<

  95. no alright no he just wants his buddy back i’m like 80% sure when he thinks about sasuke that song people let me tell you bout my best friend starts playing and he has the jump hi five scene and everything

  96. […] like flies?  I have to wonder–and point back to the manga theories of hair and death from iareawesomeness–because I don’t think we’ve heard the last of them, even if Tsunade falls to […]

  97. My point finally got proven with this most recent chapter release! Thank god!

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