Naruto Manga 413 Translation! + Discussion – The 8 tails beast finally comes out! + pics + “We can dream, can’t we?” Survey

Naruto Manga 413 <Spoiler><Raw><Pics><Translation>

Click the link above to read the new Naruto Manga 413.

One of the rare dark Hinata Wallpapers.

One of the rare dark Hinata Wallpapers.

Hey everyone,

As we all recover from the last weeks down time, we eagerly await what we can only hope will be a break from Sasuke and a peek at Pain’s invasion of Konoha. I don’t know about you all but I’m ready for some serious events to take place in upcoming issues. And when I say events, I don’t mean watching Sasuke fight a rapping 8tails *Yawn*, I want the invasion to begin and I think most of you want it too.

Last week we hit a raw nerve with two subjects, THE AGE OF THE NARUTO CHARACTERS and WHY IS KAKASHI ALWAYS IN THE HOSPITAL. Both sides gave whole hearted arguements and one thing we almost all agree upon is that Kakashi is a rad character and that he will play a major role in the future regardless of chakra capacity. Last week we also hit a new record for blog hits in a day at 22,000. No doubt this was fueled by the lack of a new Shonen Jump but impressive none the less. We had some great submissions from last weeks survey and some of the questions from this week come from those submissions and from the comments section. This weeks survey is basically made up of “What If” scenerio’s and “I Wish” possibilities and I hope you enjoy it.

Lastly I’d like to give a shout out to a reader named SCHY who always does the submissions but can’t post comments because of internet restrictions in their locale. I’d like to say, Yes I do read everyone’s emails and I read every submission that shows an effort. Thanks for reading the blog and please continue to participate in the survey’s… and that goes for all of you who participate in the survey’s. You guys are awesome and I’m glad you enjoy the site. So with out further delay, click the eye’s below to take this weeks survey and lets all hope for an exciting issue of Naruto Manga this week.

Ja mata

P.S. 54 days left….

“We can dream, can’t we?”

Check back soom for early stats and Best of!


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on August 18, 2008.

62 Responses to “Naruto Manga 413 Translation! + Discussion – The 8 tails beast finally comes out! + pics + “We can dream, can’t we?” Survey”

  1. Fiiiiirst!

    OMG! Freakin borderline hentai in the survey…oooooooooh!

  2. P.S. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

  3. Lmao at bono you always have to be first ^_^. Good post i like this quiz. I hope we get to see the rappin eight tails powerfull eighth sword, Lmao I hope it is not what it sounds like <_<

  4. Anybody else wonder if Sasuke has the Kusanagi and the Totsuka? If he’s gonna play swords with ol eight tails he should break those out. And why doesn’t the resident sword collector of Hawk, Suigetsu Hozuki want them?

  5. Nooo, bono wins again!

    How can this be, it’s not even close anymore, Bono wins like 69 gold medals for his constant domination…+

  6. Suigetsu only wants the seven swordsmen of the mists swords.

  7. couldnt those 2 be swords from the seven swordsmen of the mist… i mean we dont know much about most of them and orochimaru could have killed two of them and taken their swords… just saying its a possibilty and that would be a good reason for suigetsu to hang around

  8. @ Ryan – Your reeeeally stretching it on that one ^_^

  9. haha yea but there is a chance

  10. I just felt like puting this out there.
    Name translations

    Kakashi = scarecrow

    Namikaze = “wind and waves” or “discord”, Minato = harbor

    Tsunade = mooring rope

    Itachi = weasel

    Uzumaki = Spiraling Sphere or whirlpool

    Uchiha = paper fan

    Haruno = spring

    Sakura = cherry blossom

    Also, Sarutobi Sasuke was a famous ninja featured in many Japanese children’s stories from 1911 to 1925. three characters are named after him: Sasuke Uchiha, The Third Hokage, and his son, Asuma Sarutobi.

    I had nothing to do and found a site with this stuff on it ^_^

  11. haha the uzumaki and uchiha make sense because the symbol for the uchihas is a paper fan i guess and the swirl on narutos arm im assuming is an uzumaki type deal looks like a whirlpool lol

  12. I also found out sasuke was not going to be in naruto at all but the editor said naruto needs a rival so sasuke was made.

  13. Did you read that in an interview online? If so, comment with the link. I would like to read that.

  14. um weird cause like half the story revolves around the uchiha clan so thats weird

  15. no i did not get it from a interview, i got it from narutopidea but i also remember in the early chapters of naruto there was early drawings of naruto and others. In the drawings the Kishimoto says why he did some things with the story ect. Like in one of them he said that the forehead protectors where put in because , narutos goggles took to much time to draw. Also naruto was not going to be about ninjas at first it was going to be about demon magic aka ninjutsu, genjutsu and bloodline stuff(kinda like demon magic right).

  16. he got alot of stuff from the “tail of gallant jiraiya” he got the names of the shanin from that as well as the summon jutsu and i am thinking the sage jutsu as well. in the “tail of gallant jiraiya” jiraiya and tsunade where married, jiraiya did frog magic and tsunade did slug magic but the two magics where not ment to mix (think “romeo juliet” for japan). orochimaru was Jiraiyas student but came to kill Jiraiya after learning snake magic.

  17. you know whats funny from the start they where going to have kakashi say godazu after everything for his style of speach like naruto says dattebayo after everything. rurouni kenshin aslo had the same thing saying godazu after everything.

  18. and it took him forever to draw sakura to the point where she was uncute (poor sakura).

  19. @ lastscorpion…Thanks for the translations…Pretty cool.

  20. Man this sucks i download ep 72 of the anime thinking the filler was over and 90% of it was filler.

  21. 90%? So there is 10%manga… That’s good info cause I haven’t been watching the filler either.

  22. No, they finally get to hidan, kakazu, and two tails at the very end

  23. nevermnd, that was 71… my bad

  24. yeah they are going back to the manga but 72 was just alot of talking, there was only about five min of manga in it. all you see is how they get the two tails.

  25. yea at the end they finally got to the fire temple so asuma is gunna die in a couple of weeks 😦

  26. i cant wait untill i see tobi and deidra after the three tails lol. I almost want to see that more then the fight with kakazu. But i just started to think tobi might be obito saying that he is madara. I only say this because if you look at what he says in chapter 364 page 18 it looks like he talks about himself in the third person. now that could be done just to add a corny effect or to misslead the reader. He could just be talking about madara and the true power that he had. So i think that tobi is madara acting as himself or tobi is obito acting as madara. I dont have anything good to go on with this but the only way i could see obito as tobi would be if, madara saved obito from the rocks somehow then madara attacked the leaf with ninetails and obito. then the fourth killed madara and put the ninetails in naruto at the same time with the sealing jutsu. but that is a stretch, all i know is that something is up with narutos mom i am sure she did not just die from childbirth.

    P.S i know it is long sorry ^_^ *nice guy pose*

  27. Mr. 8 Tails is officially my second most favorite character in all of naruto(behind kakashi) i just read naruto chp 413 and…the dude is awesome beyond words and he hasn’t even busted out everything yet….SPOILER:the 8 tails apparently can cancel out genjutsu by having his bijuu act as a partner to force out the illusion with its mass chakra…oh and Mr. 8 Tails can fully control his bijuu…..imagine naruto being ale to control kyubi…(he is fucking god lol)

  28. That Ox form is pretty freakin rad! If I were Sasuke I would be all “Ha Ha, just playin, want to join our gang?” ^_^

  29. I am starting to think the sage jutsu will let naruto take the nine tails chakra and make himself super strong. but i dont think the 8 tails has full power over his beast. Takeing the full demon fourm is wastefull of chakra and power it also makes you a big ass target. I think naruto in sage mode useing the fox chakra will be strong, he will have the fox chakra as his own and not just controlling the fox itself.

  30. but yeah the Ox form is cool looking i wonder what 5,6 and 7 looked like.

  31. Holy crap, that’s why the leaf didn’t want to go to war with the cloud, they had two jinjuricki who could control their beasts.

  32. saskue is gunna get his cursed seal back and that with his new sharingan will be rediculous and he will somehow beat the eight tails because of some circumstance like with oro and itachi

  33. yeah they cant kill the eight tails the need him alive. I dont think sasuke will kill the elders of the leaf, so far he has only killed one person and that was itachi.

  34. @ Sasuke-Way to go…you killed the only family member that cared for and protected you all these years…nice job douche…hehe.

  35. whatever happened to itachi givin some power to naruto before he fought suske could that have had an impact on itachi’s match later with sasuke? there was a rumer that naruto would have th sharingan after that but i’m sure thats all it was

  36. bad spellin sorry

  37. Look, Look i found where he got the idea for a ox-topus (yes it is a bad pun) I am not sure how to link stuff ><.

  38. I think only admins can link stuff. Sorry Eddie.

  39. o ok nevermind the link worked you just had to approve it ^_^.

  40. i think itachi gave naruto the power to control the kyuubi because he knew from training the eight tails that a jinchuriki who controls their beast is amune to genjutsu so this way he will have an advantage against saskue lol i just kinda linked a bunch of theories together

  41. When are the results from the survey gonna be up?

  42. Wait, when did itachi train the eight tails? Am i missing something?! Renzy10 help me out here (or lastscorpion).

  43. @ Alec i have no idea what he is saying, it must be his theory that itachi helped the eight tails train at somepoint. Nothing like that was ever in the manga.

  44. Yeah, i thought so… i was wondering if there was a chance I missed a hugely important chapter that no one is talking about…

  45. itachi did not train the eight tails he never even seen it a read every manga seen every episode and filler

  46. yeah he only thing i have not seen is the filler but i dont think they would do a filler that has a impact on the story(and that is why fillers suck). But you need them to keep the anime going *sigh* i just wish they would make a fresh story with the filler and not just do the same Naruto finds someone who is “just like him” and changes there heart. The should do the filler arcs with a good story arc, but they never have and never will.

  47. haha idk i was told by somebody he did sorry 😦

  48. Li lo la lu le… i got it from him in the danzou = madara = obito theory post

  49. You ever wonder if Masashi Kishimoto (The arthor of the manga) goes around reading forums and gets ideas from them? If so he should get some crazy good ideas!

  50. just testing pic

  51. again

  52. i give, anyone know if it has to be a certain pixel size or something?

  53. I like to wonder about Kabuto.. You rarely see him and not much is known about him. Later in the manga you see him for like a second but then he’s gone again. When i first watched the episodes I thought that he might be a jinjuriki. Found among the enemy, surrounded by the dead. What better place to hide from the Akatsuki than with a former member who is also in hiding? Also when team seven is in the forest of death, you see him almost go berserk when his eyes turned red. Was his seal loosening a bit? Give me some of your thoughts aside from the obvious, all of the jinjuriki are already accounted for.

  54. k

  55. @DarthRiac-make sure you save it after its done to make the change. It can be anysize I think. I’ve used pretty large pics in the past.

    Also make sure your changing your avatar and not your profile pic. I see shikamaru as your profile pic.

    >hover over “my account” in the upper left hand corner
    >click edit profile
    >browse in the my pic section and select a pic from your desk top
    >crop and save

  56. Ohh.. K Thanks for that.

  57. Anyone know when the Naruto Shippuuden movie “Bonds” gets subbed?

  58. about 24hrs after it comes out on DVD in Japan.

  59. when it is out on DVD it is done by dattebayo, I am not sure if some other sub group will do it as it is out in the movies.

  60. where I can get newest chapter naruto manga?


  62. i want to know more about the 4th hokage there is to much untold about hem and hes past

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