Naruto Character Age Time Line

Naruto Manga 413 <Spoiler><Translation><Raw><Pics> Coming soon. 

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Hey everyone,

One of the subjects that has been coming up recently in the comments section has been the ages of the characters. So while we wait for the new issue of Naruto Manga 413 I’ve created this time line. It’s not perfect but it is based off of manga clues and Internet fan site research that corroboratesages of characters through deduction.  Please comment if you have any gripes with the time line just don’t call me dumb as hell for trying before you lay the smack down.  I’m also willing to add characters that you believe should be on here that I accidentally/purposefully left off. 

Before you start to critique it though be wary that I’ve used the jump off point of 16 for Naruto.  I believe this to be his current age in the manga and the best source I have to back up my theory is from the Editor at Absolute Anime who explains it better than I do:

“In Episode 56: Live or Die: Risk It All to Win It All!, the Third Hokage says that the fight between Kyuubi and the Fourth Hokage happened 13 years ago. Since the fight ended with Kyuubi being sealed inside the newborn baby Naruto, this statement would indicate that Naruto is 13 years old, even though the official Naruto databook gives Naruto’s age as 12 years old at the start of the series. This may not necessarily be a contradiction, however, as time has obviously passed since the first episode.”

So argue the other ages if you want but this age of 16 for Naruto is solid and the basis for all the other characters.  If you think he’s still 15 then just subtract 1 from everyone’s age and you’ll have your answer.

Ja mata

57 days left…


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46 Responses to “Naruto Character Age Time Line”

  1. First!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dam you…

  3. I think Sautobi, 1st, second, and Madara need to be little bit older like five years or so because in 398 16 tobi/Madara/Obito, whoever says you must start over 80 years ago which I think he’s talking about when he was born, but other wise, nice job.

  4. Who the hell is rikudou

  5. HERE is the link to that page. It’s kinda vaugue because it might just be referring to how all the wars were going on. If its a direct reference to that specific time in his story then he’s even older.

    He talks about how even at that age (young) he was strong. So if he was like 15 + 80 = 95? Damn dude is old. Kinda lends to him taking Obito’s body theory because of the severe state his body would be in.

    I edited the ages accordingly and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I do that.

  6. @lpfx – Rikudou was “the founder of the ninja world and gave birth to Ninjutsu itself” and most importantly he was the first to have Rinnegan. That picture I used of him is the only one to my knowledge that has ever appeared in the manga.

    HERE is the link to the manga page that they first show him.

  7. Just to let you know i am rethinking the obitos body thing. It could be obito saying he is madara but just look st chapter 400 page 09. it looks as if madara still has his old body.

  8. So your leaning toward the two tobi’s theory? One Madara and one Obito.

  9. well it could be that, or obito could just be dead. I am thinking that madara just has a sarcastic personality or when he took his brothers eyes he got part of his personality.

  10. f we’re going off the theory that you take on attributes of the persons eyes you take that would mean Naruto and Sasuke will take on attributes of Itachi.

  11. well no, i am saying kakashi took on parts of obitos personality so madara could have taken on parts of his brothers. Naruto and sasuke never took itacgis eyes just some of his power.

  12. I think we should all just eat cheese and summon monkey kings that can turn into staffs.

  13. Cool~~~

  14. plus naruto is older than sasuke and the others because it says so in the beginning that he is he failed the academy test like 3 times before so he is older than them

  15. I thought of that BUT the official Shonen Jump Naruto Stat book lists them all at the same age.

    This isn’t the only contradicting factor from Shonen. In order for the Hinata/Neji story to work Hinata must be older than Neji but in the manga the refer to Neji as the older one.

    The manga tends to contradict its self sometimes but its not as bad as some manga out there, at least the Shonen manga try to be coherant for the most part…it’s just not always succesful.

  16. Naruto may have tried to take the test early a couple times. Which would fall inline with character traits. At least that would be the way I would explain it if I were Kishimoto.

  17. hinata didnt have to be older than neji her dad just had to be older than his

  18. Ahhhh… Is that how it works? I must have remembered it wrong. Thanks Ryan.

  19. np but thr dads were twins but hinatas father was born a couple seconds earlier thats why neji had all that bitterness

  20. @ Scorpion – Nice find on the Manga reference! I didn’t remember that at all. And as we all know it is uncommon for anime characters to get hair cuts for no reason ^_^

    Click HERE to see what we are talking about. Madara has his old body there. His hair is Madara esque there and now Obito like.

  21. Unless, they turn super sayian

  22. So wait, after making the manga go nowhere for the last 5 weeks, they need a break? or is it some sort of Holiday in Japan?

  23. They’re celebrating Obon, a festival for remembering the deceased. It’s timing is skewed though; some places its mid july and others its mid august. I’m guessing the mangaka took both off. Anyways, he deserves a break. I was so disappointed when i found out there’s no bleach and naruto this week. fuck.

  24. dammm it!!!!!!!

  25. LMAO @ Super Sayian Madara

  26. where is the manga this week

  27. i do not know what the Rinnegan does do it make you have 6 bodies

  28. Read the first paragraph of the main weekly post. HERE

    And create an icon so that you don’t look like a Noob anymore. HERE

  29. Okay, thanks tinu, I remeber them taking a week off to holidays and then another week right after for vacation time…

  30. i signed up for wordpress but it did not tell me how to get i icon

  31. where’s gara..shouldnt he be in it…

  32. Gaara is in the 16 box near the bottom.

    To add an icon sign in hover over My account, then select edit profile and then it should be easy from there. I encourage everyone that reads the blog often to do the same.

    Those generic monsters you get automatically are pretty lame.

  33. i finally got my picture right

  34. i better say bye to the monsters

  35. my bad i was not log in

  36. Nauruto is the same age or older than Neji, Lee & Tenten!
    remember he had to retake the last semester/exam 3 times,
    that would makes him about 1.5-3 years older than Sakura & Sasuke.

  37. Just read 1st episode again.. sorry he retook the exam 2 times,
    that would makes him about 1-2 years older than Sakura & Sasuke.

  38. wow i just saw how many views the blog got from the timeline lol good post. but yeah we need to make the full cast from naruo in this blog lol.

  39. @ Pax – Yeah we know that BUT the official Naruto stat book that Shonen Jump puts out lists him at the same age as the others…

  40. These are the commonly accepted birthday’s according to the Naruto stat books and research. I copied and pasted the below information from a NarutoForums post. It was helpful in creating the ages from the younger characters but the list is old and didn’t go back further than the original set of characters. It was composed using the Naruto stat book and manga clues as well. These were the births of all 9 of the core characters from Naruto’s class, all in the same year.

    19 January – Gaara is born.
    23 January – Aburame Shino is born.
    28 March – Haruno Sakura is born.
    1 May – Akimichi Chouji is born.
    7 July – Inuzuka Kiba is born.
    23 July – Uchiha Sasuke is born.
    22 September – Nara Shikamaru is born.
    23 September – Yamanaka Ino is born.
    10 October – Uzumaki Naruto is born. The Kyuubi is defeated. Yondaime is killed.
    27 December – Hyuuga Hinata is born.

  41. HERE is a link to the list. Its old but useful. This was one of many that was used to compare dates and births but its the most specific of them all with the actual days included.

  42. ah! my birthday is the 10th tooo! sweet.

  43. itachi has 18 years when he pawns kakashi
    at that time kakashi has 28 years
    make a remake

  44. Age is sure an issue but they look like most of them belong to the same generation.

  45. if you look on narutopedia it says that minato…(narutos dad), graduated when he was 10, and kakashi when he was 5…(a bit young if you ask me) and became a chunin when he was 6 so i dont think the graduation age realy afects the age of the charactor.

  46. naruto is younger than sasauke because he was already born when kushina (naruto’s mom) as still carrying him..

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