Tsunade Cosplay Interview


Tsunade Cosplay Interview

Click the pic above to see some more of Kelly’s Cosplay’s.

Jeremiah: First off, would you prefer to go by Kelly or Hotaru for the remainder of the interview?

Kelly: It doesn’t matter to me. I answer to either.

Jeremiah: Was it weird to get a request for an interview?

Kelly: I don’t think it’s weird at all. ^^ Actually I’m quite flattered.

Jeremiah: What do you think about being the 3rd most popular image on Google for “Tsunade” and the #1 most popular image for “Tsunade Cosplay” on the internet?

Kelly: WHAT?! I am? Seriously?? *goes off to check* No way. I’m totally blown away. I had no idea I was *that* popular.

Jeremiah: Is Tsunade your favorite anime character or do you just share similar body features that make her easy to cosplay for you?

Kelly: Tsunade is one of the very few female anime characters that I actually like. The inspiration as to why I cosplay as her was a girl I met at JaFax 2004 who had cosplayed as Tsunade. She’s the person to thank for the idea.

Jeremiah: So, who is your favorite anime character if not Tsunade?

Kelly: EASY!! Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing.

Jeremiah: When you say Tsunade from Naruto is your favorite, it sounds kinda like you’re saying Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing… My ears must be bad today…wierd. We understand you will be attending Otakon this year, can you tell us a little bit about your plans?

Kelly: Well I will be working at a dealer’s booth for most of the weekend. ^^ Plus I will be attending the Naruto photoshoots, dance, and ParaPara panels.

Jeremiah: What are looking forward to the most at Otakon?

Kelly: Meeting my East Coast friends for the first time! Plus meeting lots of awesome new people! XD

Jeremiah: I guess if some of our readers are going you will meet awesome people… we’ve actually got the word “awesome” trademarked now. When you do these conventions I’m assuming you draw a lot of attention. What kind of reaction do you get? Any uncomfortable stares? Or worse?

Kelly: Most people are polite and ask for pictures. I get a couple of rude questions asking to feel me up; which I say no to. I know I get stared at ALL the time. I think it’s quite funny. If I catch someone I will call out “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” I do have one story… I was at JaFax 2005 in Tsunadeand some guy comes up to me and asks if he can take a picture with me. Now mind you I haveno problem with people asking for a “Konohamaru Picture.” As long as they ask first and don’t get all touchy feely. Well this guy didn’t ask and just stuck, not lay but STUCK, his face into my chest! The next year he has the gall to come up to me and ask if I remembered him! To which I respond for him to stay the hell away from me and to never talk to me again.

Jeremiah: I’m surprised you didn’t stab him in the face! What are you going to do if someone pulls a stunt like that again at Otakon?

Kelly: Well I have a few guy friends that I can count on for it not to even happen. Plus there’s con security for incidents like this.

Jeremiah: Are you going as Tsunade or do you have other plans for Otakon?

Kelly: I will wear her on Sunday. SnJ Jiraiya will be worn on Friday and Konan on Saturday.

Jeremiah: Do you get the questions: What bra size do you wear? Are you flattered or annoyed?

Kelly: Annoyed. It’s none of their business.

Jeremiah: What is the most annoying question you get asked online or at these conventions?

Kelly: “Are your boobs real?” Seriously. I post EVERYWHERE that they are and people who have met me post the same thing.

Jeremiah: We noticed on your profile that you are currently a broke student, what are you studying to become?

Kelly: Uhmmmmm… I don’t know anymore. My current major is math. Though I’m my college’s anime club president.

Jeremiah: Is Gai-sensei the coolest thing to happen to Naruto or is he dumb as hell?

Kelly: I think Gai-sensei is pretty awesome as a side character. He provides some funny as hell comedic relief. ^^ Plus he is an inspiration to keep doing your best and to be better than the day before!

Jeremiah: Who is cooler, Naruto, Sasuke or Gaara?

Kelly: None of the above! XP Kiba is the coolest. XD

Jeremiah: Man! My ears are horrible today I could have sworn you just said Kiba when the answer is clearly Naruto.

You recently checked out our site. We know how awesome we are but how awesome do you know we are?

Kelly: Very awesome? Lol.

Jeremiah: That would be the correct answer but you put a qeustion mark at the end sooo -1 point. Do you read both the Naruto manga and watch the Anime?

Kelly: Of course! I watch and read both the Japanese and American. Well the American dub I kinda skim over the episodes just to see where they are at each week. Bad fillers are a “Do Not Want.”

Jeremiah: Yeah Fillers suck, I’m not sure if there is anyone out there that is a fan of filler…

Is Jiraiya dead for good?

Kelly: Yeah. *tears* He was awesome.

Jeremiah: I don’t think tears will bring Jiraiya back but Kishimoto may…

Who do you think is Pain’s new body?

Kelly: I haven’t really thought about it. But I’ve heard the Rin and the Kushinatheories. They both seem plausible.

Jeremiah: Plausible? Ummm try probable… since I always talk it, that makes them true… What are your favorite anime/manga?

Kelly: Gundam Wing. *sighs happily*

Jeremiah: HAHA that’s funny. You pronounced Naruto like Gundam Wing… It almost sounds more like Gundam Wing than Naruto… Did you just say Gundam Wing? Not possible…

Note to self: Edit interview so that she answers Naruto…

So… what are the odds that we can get a pic of you cosplaying with a sign that says: I *heart* iareawesomeness?

Kelly: Which costume would you like me to pose with it?

Jeremiah: Sweeeeeet! Thats cool as hell of you. Thanks for talking with us Kelly. Have fun at Otakon ^_^


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  1. I wanna sex you tsunade!

  2. Dude, GTFO. I know if I were Kelly I wouldn’t exactly take that as a compliment….

  3. gt

  4. What happened to the cosplay pic she was supposed to take for iareawesomeness?

  5. Awesomeness, this thread is 100% awesomeness.
    This site really meets it’s reputation/coolness! and site name ofcourse ;*

  6. Great interview, Thanks for putting in the extra work even with your already busy schedule.

  7. nice tits

  8. nice photo’s

  9. Wow.. you are hot..

  10. YEAH KELLY! Kiba is my favorite ^^ plus cool cosplay… and for those pervs.. she should do the almighty tsunade punch to you.

  11. ..I think I found that photo of that guy who jammed his head on your chest.http://fairvue.org/matsuricon2006/tsunadekonohamaru.jpg

  12. wow 0_0 Really Tsunade!

  13. U realy look like Tsunade! beautiful!!! 😉

  14. Very, very nice boobs.

  15. great breasts

  16. selas mamo esas tetas todo el dia

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