The world is coming to an end…wait…really?

Recently one of our readers went on the mother of all rants. Usually I wouldn’t give such a comment this much attention but it was written by someone who has contributed to the site before through comments and survey submissions so it was a bit shocking to see it. I’m going to break his rant down in this post without altering it in any way except for separating it into parts in attempt to understand it and to cut down on the repetition. The comment in it’s entirety can be seen IN THIS COMMENT section. With out further delay, let’s begin. Daniel-san’s comments are in the blocks.

okay wars are never started with the right intention. DOn’t say such ignorant things.Wars throughout american history were always caused by the british.Still today they want to keep the world in turmoil.

Jeremiah: I thought Vietnam was started by the French, WWII by the Germans and both Iraq wars were started by America. The most recent of which is not popular at all with the British people or their government. Also, no offense to the British readers but you are almost irrelevant militarily.

Wars might look like they started over something good but when you look behind the scenes and do some real inteligence work the cause is an imperial government and there agents that they set up in other countries governments.

Jeremiah: I’ve never done any “real inteligence work” as you say, but are you telling me that the British have infiltrated every aspect of all the major governments?

You probably don’t beleive me but thats why we are called ignorant and let our own government campaigns be run by british agents.

Jeremiah: Wait…what?

We have learned through history that if democracy ruled the british would have no power and we could adopt world peace and progress like we have never seen. Since this is a threat to the british imperials who don’t want to give up their wealth and sinful lives they set agents in our campaigns so they can pass policies that can destroy our country and other countries as well.

Jeremiah: So your saying that Democracy should rule? Isn’t it ignorant to say that everyone needs Democracy? A good chunk of the world isn’t a Democracy based government. How would you impose this Democracy rule of yours? Aren’t you starting to contradict yourself? And what policies? I don’t remember any anti-voting or representation policies passing that would destroy Democracy in the U.S.

The country represents its people if the people suffer mentally due to over consumption lots of entertainment you lack ways to better improve the country for future generations. Also since america has been the biggest consumer after being such a powerful productive country other countries depend on us.

Jeremiah: The best way to win an argument with me is to completely confuse me with nonsensical dialog that goes no where and means nothing… with that last statement consider it mission accomplished.

I could go into more detail but the basic fact is hitler was set up by the british so as to globalize the country under one rule britain. The only thing is when you put a beast into power he will eventually attack his master and thats what he did. Britain couldn’t control their pet. You can disagree all you want but this is the solid truth and right now they are sparking up wars in china and russia creating mass hysteria among people so as to blind them from what is to come.

Jeremiah: Funny, history tells us Hitler came to power by feeding off the bigotry of a xenophobic country by blaming the Jews for Germany’s loss in WWI and its financial state. But I can’t disagree with “solid truth” as you say.

I say we got about two months until the dollar collapses and causes a chain reaction throughtout the world.

Jeremiah: I’m not kidding when I say this. In my weekly posts I will start a count down to the collapse of the American dollar according to Daniel-san. This way we can all go into our bunkers and be super paranoid about the British agents that live all around us and run our governments across the world.

Get ready for the worst because we are going into a dark age. Well actually we already are in one. I mean look at the degeneracy of our culture. Whatever though right i mean more than half are population will be wiped out because of it right. This is why I say you are an Ignorant american. Money will soon be totally worthless.

Jeremiah: This is the statement that bugs me the most. The degeneracy of our culture? Really? You want degenerates look to history, not our present. It wasn’t like a John Wayne movie in the old west buddy, it was more like Dead Wood. The average life expectancy was insanely low, diseases were passed from one person to the next and women and minorities had no rights. A woman could be raped with no penalty, a black man could be hung for looking at a white woman and man could be shot over a game of cards.

Too long ago for you? How about the 30’s-60’s with the KKK, lynchings, police beatings, burning of houses, genocide of the Jews in Germany… The 70’s-80’s gave us the pointless war Vietnam, AIDS, massive spreading of drugs like LSD, PCP and the invention of the mother of all horrible drugs Cocaine.

The world goes through some rough times, but this is not a dark age as you called it. These are not the most degenerate of times in recent history and perhaps with the advancement of science and unprecedented equality we may be in a great time in the earth’s history. But even if we’re not, what do you do when your life gets a little shitty Daniel-san? Do you freak out and scream “The sky is falling!” and then go kill yourself? No. You just pick yourself up, dust your self off and do the best you can. At least thats what normal people do.

So let the count down begin…he said two months, so let this be day one of the watch…59 days till D day.


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on August 11, 2008.

33 Responses to “The world is coming to an end…wait…really?”

  1. LMFAO! I wonder if he wears aluminum foil on his head to fend of the Brits mind control powers.

    P.S. First!

  2. I wonder wear Danny’s from, i would laugh till my head exploded if he was British…

    But no, Danny misses the point, the Brit’s didn’t set Hitler up, Hitler took power by himself. Chamberlain was a complete wuss and didn’t have Hitler taken out of power for fear of another European war, even though clearly all the signs of a wayward genius were there. Chamberlain thought if he gave into the demands of Hitler in ’37/’38 that Hitler would leave the world alone, like giving a toddler a piece of candy rather than a sundae. But that toddler took the candy, and then went beserk and punched britain right in the balls because it still wanted the sundae.

    BTW: dam u bono

  3. Whoa, I just used the same example of a toddler wanting a sundae that I did with Madara…

    I got to get better examples 😦

  4. And Danny, money has always been totally worthless, its just a symbol of debt. Money mean’s nothing, which is why most people in Zimbabwe trade and work in the black market, where no one uses money because what costs 1 billion one day is 1 trillion the next. Money is simply a representation of possible assets and holdings of physical material. And that’s y you invest in gold and the Chinese Yen.

    Hmm, and i thought the cold war was a pretty scary time, u know two super powers with thousands of atomic and hydrogen bombs/missiles aimed at each other was bad enough. But you’re right, this is totally way worse.

    Love the rant though and way to keep things interesting.

  5. OMG you put this up lmao this was a funny ass thing.

  6. I’ve heard worse than this though… Where Bernanke is in league with the Russians trying to bring down the United States dollar making it impossible for the U.S to defend against a duel Russian and Chinese conquering of the world.

  7. At least you can fall back on ol’ trusty with that theory though, blame the Communists. But the Brits?

  8. P.S. I heard Bernanke is Madara ^_^

  9. I guess it is time to start learning both Chinese and Russian. Who whoulda thought?? Damn, I thought it was hard enough to start learning Japanese!!!


  10. @Russ

    Cool Asuma avatar.

  11. I believe sp clearly explained how far the brits are willing to go to dominate the world and how close they truly are…

  12. Dang it Jeremiah, stop cutting me off like that

  13. Huh? You lost me on that one… ?-(

  14. INTERESTING…. The world is coming too and End and here we are talking about naruto and other anime but thats a gift if we take all our Ideoligies from anime and use them in the basis of reality then we can see that the world is a nice and good place, Take the Leaf ninja they always say that the new world is for the new generation and we are they greatest force on earth Bowing to their every wim, In the 60’s it wasnt the goverment who wanted Peace it was the Youth… But when you look at todadys standards all youth would rather play video games or watch tv or anime or what ever, Than try too rally up fellow Ninja/People too stop Akatsuki/Goverments even Naruto goes through awesome Pains and Hard truths but no matter what he never gives up even if the Demon fox all that is Evil consumes him he never gives up he might rely on its power but when he doesnt use it hes stronger than ever…This war that has now started in Georgia the Russians are protecting their Pipeline from the Georgians and US no side knows what their doing but they are fighting for Soverinty but if you look at the big picture The US and Global Alliance is trying too take the Next rising super powers out why because they want the power…. Another Example if you have never watched GUNDAM SEED then watch it.. Talking about hitler he only conquered the world because the people stood by him I dont stand by Any goverment who decides too kill somebody for money or Oil or watever materialistic piece of property, Watch that movie kingdom of Heaven its a good movie… Right now all of us who love Naruto and the other Ninja are good people Sasuke might be walking dark paths but he still is good thats why naruto isnt going too leave him fall too the Darkside, There is EVIL in this world and EVIL Triumps when GOOD men do nothing. Im going too do something and Thats FIGHT the EVIL which dares too Consume the World. The Apocalypse all signs are hear Open your Eyes this isnt World of Warcraft this is World of Human Reality and we all live this Reality lets Send a message a Heart filled message to all those who believe in Good too Fight this Evil.

  15. Wow… that’s all I can say.
    Seriously, the Brits? I’m flabbergasted.

  16. get a life

  17. So what are we at, is it 58 or 57 days to go?

  18. the world is not coming to an end let me assure you only jesus god all mighty can tell if the world is coming to an end and this guy does not seem like god to me in the past there have been countless people to say the world was coming to an end and guess what they all have been wrong how can a randon person just know out of the blue when god comes down the world will come to a end and all those who belive in him will be saved i have one last thing to say when god comes know one will know why because it is said he will come

    like a theif in the night

    never forg et a thief in the night

  19. thanks for the assurance, but the line i like to live by is Matthew 6:27

  20. WTF Bruce, do you ever make any sense?

  21. @ Bruce – Its called Zeitgeist.

    Commenting is fine but orginize your thoughts, your coming off as crazy. A couple mis types is one thing but sometimes your stuff is hard to read.

  22. *correction – usually hard to read.
    *correction – always hard to read.

    Try to become more coherant.

  23. bruce that does not make sense

  24. @ Bruce – Last warning, I’m not here to baby-sit and I really don’t come here to listen to people bag on each other for no other reason than their own insecurities.

    I don’t know what happened to you, maybe your trying to get the attention that your parents never gave you or you got touched as a child and you hate the world for it…what ever. Just stop. You’re making yourself look ridiculous.

    I’ve deleted about 6 comments already that made no sense what so ever and just took stabs at people like erich who are much more clever than you are. So just drop it. I’m tired of it.

  25. by world i guess i will die talking about naruto

  26. wow it looks like some dumb stuff took place when i was gone *sigh* I dont think i am going to read any of this if it is just people bitching at each other. Well i look back in a day i hope this type of shit still ant going on.

    P.S @Jeremiah I am happy i dont have to deal with this shit *Nice guy pose* Good luck.

  27. Give Bruce a break, he’s just in a fret about the world ending in 58 days

  28. I dont think it matters when or how but why, Ill leave this for some people too think about but if the universe is energy and we are all energy then wouldnt you think that we are all one. Aswell as your Imagination anything you or anyone else believes in is reality because you believe. Its like if you realise you know something then havnt you always known it.

    Angels exist in the heart of man and so do Demons. The rest are spectators.

  29. I actually think what he’s saying is pretty smart and well thought out, the only problem is, he keeps using the wrong too, when he should be using to.

  30. @kingcam – You’re using sarcasm, correct?

  31. Lewl, well, I dunno about the brits, but I know U.S. Standard oil supplied the fuel the nazi’s used in their planes to bomb the U.K. I think Georgie boys grandpa was chainman at the time or something lol. Ultimately the people controlling the money call the shots, if they want a war cause its good for business or furthers the agenda they get one. I mean why is it that no one, not even the governments of the world are allowed to know who owns the controlling interested in the private federal reserve bank? I mean this is where congress gets its money, so I’d like to know whos collecting the interest on those loans. Btw, democracy historially has always failed and given way to despotism, the most successful countries in history have been constitutional republics, including the U.S.

  32. yeah a lot of it.

  33. Can i just point out to this jeremiah guy that the whole purpose of the birtish govornments mi5/6 section is to infultrate and keep an eye on not only the intelligence spies which are coming into britain but to also infultrate the other governments all over the world. Now clearly there will be certain ones like taleban which cannot be infultrated but i’m almost certain the vast majority of them have been. How else would always be at America’s right hand side. The USA need out intelligence. Hence why they always need us to back them up.

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