Naruto Manga 413 Translation! + Discussion – The 8 tails beast finally comes out! + Why is Kakashi always sick? (updated) + One reader predicts the End of the world as we know it!

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A reader a few weeks back brought this to my attention, I forgot who it was (sorry, who ever you are) but if you haven’t seen SpongeBob Death Pants yet…
(update: check out the TIME LINE I created for the character ages and give some input on what you think needs to be adjusted or added.)
Sometimes less is more... I like this wallpaper of Sensei

Sometimes less is more... I like this wallpaper of Sensei

Hey everyone,

Last week was bizarre and this week is getting even stranger if you can believe it. I had to even respond to a readers rant with an entire post this week. Click HERE to check it out, warning: his prediction about the coming apocalypse may hurt your brain. The combination of a RECORD BREAKING DAY, a FAILED CONCEPT and an INTERESTING INTERVIEW with the Tsunade Cosplay girl made for a confusing time last week. We did break our old record and cleared 10,000 hits within a 24hr period on Friday. It seemed as though the vets took the week off and chimed in very occasionally while watching some new people blurt out theories in the comments section.

One interesting topic that emerged was the effect of advanced Sharingan techniques on the user. Itachi regularly spit blood and Kakashi was in the hospital for weeks after heavy usage… It was mentioned by Madara that Itachi was sick and dieing but wasn’t clear if that was from Sharingan use or if he had some unknown illness. We all know that Kakashi is relatively healthy aside from his unhealthy addiction to Jiraiya’s pervy books. So why is Kakashi hospitalized for so long after each incident? Does he have a low level of chakra? Is he getting better as he uses these techniques or is he going down the same path as Itachi and getting more and more sick with every use.

This and other subjects are in this weeks survey entitled The Kakashi Survey and you can take it by clicking the eyes below. It’s a rather quick one but should shed some light on what everyone thinks about Kakashi and his potential with the Sharingan. I’ll also have an extra post as usual dedicated to theory but I’m thinking this will also have to do with Kakashi this week. Also if you want to read another disagreement I have with our resident Veteran Kakashi fanatic then check out THIS post by Last Scorpion which defines our opposing stances on Code Geass. Thanks again to everyone who participated last week and if you want to check out the past two bizarre theory threads click HERE and HERE.

Ja mata

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Early stats and best of:

Who would win in a fight?

Kakashi or Kabuto infused with Oro?

72.3% of you said Kakashi

27.7% of you said Kabuto/Oro

Kakashi or Sasuke?

61% of you said Sasuke

39% of you said Kakashi

Kakashi or Naruto?

70.3% of you said Naruto

29.7% of you said Kakashi

Why is Kakashi always laid up in the hospital for so long after a fight where he used his Sharingan?

13.7% of you said he has low levels of chakra.

68.9% of you said that he’s not an Uchiha so the sharingan takes more out of him.

6.8% of you said that he expends more saving other peoples asses.

10.3% of you said it’s like calling in sick to work. He just wants a break.

Will Kakashi become the Next Hokage?

17.5% of you said yes.

52.6% of you said no.

10.5% of you said maybe.

15.7% of you said you don’t know.

3.5% of you said it depends on the result of the invasion.

One of the better answers given to the optional question:

Why hasn’t anyone, including Kakashi sensei, told Naruto that the 4th is his father?

Answer given by Erich:
I’m not completely sure about this one. If we learned anything about Madara explaining Itachi’s past to Sasuke it’s that the leaf holds some dark secrets. Danzo has his own agenda, I also feel that the elders have an agenda as well. It seems as though the older generations thrive on war. The mentality of why train to be superior ninjas if you aren’t going to show everyone your superior.
They may not tell Naruto because it is what the fourth wanted. They also might not because there is something hidden in the fact that his whole family is dead and just who was sacraficed to seal the Kyubi in Naruto. Why Naruto and not his mother then she would live and Naruto would have a parent? Something fishy there because it’s a secret the whole village carries. And even though the 4th wanted Naruto to be treated as a hero they still shunned him as an outsider.

~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on August 11, 2008.

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  1. Haaaaaa, first, take that Bono…

    U are a number two!

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. Dude, they did switch eyes here and w/o checking blood types, Kakashi’s just lucky they’re both O or that would not have worked at all.

    He has however improved: compare the Zabuza fights with Deidara and u can clearly see the difference in his endurance.

    Relatively speaking, Kakashi has low levels compared to Gai, Naruto, and other Jounin/advanced ninjas. But he does have incredible brains, can predict/copy moves, and he has far better chakra control than anyone else (can’t back it up so I’m just assuming). Also as a non-Uchiha he has different side-effects. When Itachi and Saskue run out of Chakra they simply stop being able to use the Sharingan, but Kakashi can’t turn it off and on, so when he runs low the sharingan probably starts sucking on his life force until Kakashi blacks out or covers the sharingan.

  4. There’s nothing new and ground breaking in the series so there’s nothing to do but go over old discussions…

    Good work with trying to keep things new and exciting during this lull Jeremiah. I can’t think of anything new that makes sense that someone hasn’t already said. Plus anything beyond what we’ve said seems positively silly and would probably be shot down/imploded into another dimension by the MS wielding last scorpion anyway

  5. he is always sick because he is lod and his body is getting wick

  6. i ment old not lod

  7. Kakashi isn’t getting old. Compare him to the Sannin. They are still very strong and older than Kakashi. Doesn’t it seem like the generational thing goes:
    Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura
    Gai, Kakashi, Azuma
    Tsunade, Oro, Jiraiya

    Where does Itachi fit into this line? He’s only a couple years older than Sasuke so he’s much younger than Kakashi. How about Kabuto, he was late to the Chuunin (purposefully) Is he the same age as Itachi?

    @ Alec – Thnx
    I’m working on another interview to keep it interesting…something different, not cosplay, she was cool though.


  8. itachi should only be a few years younger then Kakashi and the fourth was older then Kakashi. I think he is 26-29 not so sure on his age but he is not over 30.

  9. Isn’t Itachi only a few years older than Sasuke though?

  10. yeah he is not as old as kakashi i think he is around 17-20

  11. kakashi is not that young think about it

  12. Well i think 26-29 is young but not as young as a teen kid. 35+ would be not young 55+ would be old look at the third, Tsunade, Oro, Jiraiya. are far older then him. it went third-Jiraiya-fourth- kakashi-naruto. kakashi is one generation older then naruto.

  13. kakashi is no one generation older than naruto…kakashi is one older than itachi…naruto was 12 year old when the episode started in tv then one year pass then sasuke leeft wit orochimaru n naruto when for 3 yearz wit jiraya so naruto is 16 then itachi might be in his 21 n kakashi like 29 or 30

  14. actually its 2 and a half years

  15. kakashi has to be in his late twenties because the gaiden episodes i think they said they were 15 yrs ago and he was only like 13 then so hes probably around 28ish

  16. I want to know exactly that why wont they tell naruto all ot would do is give him a giant ego boost and hed work harder isnt that a good thing…Well maybe the ego boost is bad i can see him using shadow clones to tell everyone in the village but other that that during fights he would go more all out than usual

  17. SpongeBob Death Pants! lmao that was AWESOMENESS!!!

  18. My two cents…I think that Kakashi gets overworked because his body was not meant to use the sharingan, much less supply the neccesary chakra to use it. That is why he must use it on such rare occasions and with caution. Much like what Alec said.

  19. well first off its stated that itachi was 5 yrs old when the last of the great wars were going on thats right b4 kyuubi attack which was 15 yrs ago makes him around 20 plus 3 yr time skip =23 yrs old kakashi was like 15 when he turned jounin….bout the same time kakashi was 5 which makes him 33 yrs old im sure im not exact but give or take a yr. Second- he gets tired cuz he’s not an uchiha and his best jutsu (chidori) was completed with sharingan…so he basically has to use it otherwise he wouldn’t be that good and we wouldn’t like him as much cuz they wouldnt show him’s that simple sharigan + kakashi + long hard fight = hospital bed for a week! lol it does suck tho…one more 3rd-he does obviously have MS maybe….well…i wouldn’t say that he was responsible for obito’s death,maybe he feels that way??idk but his leadership def played a role in it at that time…remember it wasn’t till sasuke heard of his brother’s real life that he got it up until that point he didn’t have it..maybe its because they both have same emotions at that stage.its just seems like he (sasuke) only obtained at the point that he had accepted that he killed his loving bbrother he rembered from his childhood not the one that killed his clan maybe that feeling is all that matters.or……kakashi’s just a bada** that figured out a different way,which is what im hoping!!

  20. Bruce no offense but your spelling is bad not to get you mad but it’s ninja not nija

  21. i think it was 15 yrs after the time skip but idk correct me if im wrong

  22. ok this is a list of the peoples age PRE TIME SKIP (just add 2 to know how old they are now)

    Hatake Kakashii is 26

    Maito Gai is 26

    Uchiha Itachi is 17

    Haku is 15

    Uchiha Sasuke is 12

    Uzumaki Naruto is 12

    Orochimaru is 50

    Tsunade is 50

    Sarutobi (The Third, aka Sandaime) is 68


    Ramen Shop Owner is 43!!! lmao

  23. naruto is not 12

  24. Well you could add three years since it was a 2 1/2 year time skip and then what is going on now had to take up neer a half a year.

  25. yes he was 12

  26. now he is 15

  27. If you want to know the age of others just let me know.

    P.S sorry for all the comments *sigh* i jumped the gun with the submit button.

  28. I’ve got a post that contains a timeline of ages of all the important characters coming out in a couple days. So I could use your help touching it up. I’ve dug deep into the internet and manga to find the true ages for almost everyone but some characters are just hard to place.

    Neji in some places is referred to as a year older than Hinata and the same age in others.

    Minato, Yahiko, Konan were found at the end of the ninja war correct? Making them a few years younger than Kakashi?

  29. And Kisame… I’ve seen some stuff aging him similar to Kakashi and Gai and others placing him much older, what are you thinking for his age? He is old enough to place Madara as Mizukage, that may be a clue…

    Zetsu… impossible to guess that guys age but you can ball park it on facial features I guess.

  30. no they are not younger then Kakashi there where a few wars, Kakashi was in the third ninja war i think Minato, Yahiko, Konan where in the first or second when the sanin where young. But neji is older then Hinata that is why he was not in the same class at the start of the manga. neji,rocklee and ten ten are all one year older then naruto and team.

  31. wait i just saw minato hmm he was Kakashi teacher are you thinking of nagato

  32. as for Kisame he should be around Kakashi age. same as zabuza he is part of the swords men so he should be Kakashi age if he is normal in ageing. I am thinking madara left mis and went to anbu right after the third ninja war (where Kakashi lost his eye) then did the fox thing and went into anbu after the fourth seald the fox.

  33. damn i make alot of spelling errors when typing fast lol.

  34. Naruto = 16
    (I already knew this but he says it better and backs up my age for Naruto.)
    Editors Note from AbsoluteAnime:
    In Episode 56: Live or Die: Risk It All to Win It All!, the Third Hokage says that the fight between Kyuubi and the Fourth Hokage happened 13 years ago. Since the fight ended with Kyuubi being sealed inside the newborn baby Naruto, this statement would indicate that Naruto is 13 years old, even though the official Naruto databook gives Naruto’s age as 12 years old at the start of the series. This may not necessarily be a contradiction, however, as time has obviously passed since the first episode.

  35. Damn…yeah I meant Nagato,Yahiko,Konan…I’m getting tired-_-

  36. The first thing Jiraiya does after leaving Nagato, Yahiko and Konan is goes back to Konoha and Kushina names Naruto after the character in his book. So you take the age of Nagato, Yahiko and Konan and add 16 because Kushina was pregnant with Naruto when she named him.

    The three were no older than 13, possible 11 or 12 when Jiraiya left. So add 16 years = 27-29years old.

  37. yeah that sounds about right it could have happend during the third ninja war

  38. Neji is about 16 now (14 pre-time skip)
    While it says Kisame is about 29 pre-time skip so that means he’s about 31-32 now.

    Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko were in the second Ninja war. The first one I believe was Madara-1st hokage time.

    And everyone’s favorite glasses wearing/half snake man is only 22.

  39. I’m just going to put my time line up and we can critizise it on that post. It should be up in a couple hours.

  40. well jiraiya taught nagato yahiko and konan when he was kinda young and then he taught the fourth who taught kakashi… so nagato yahiko and konan would be closer to the fourth than kakashi

  41. @ Anonymous – You are over thinking it. Just add how old they were when Jiraiya left + 16 years because Kushina was pregnant with Naruto.

  42. ch 373 shows him with nagato yahiko and konan then ch 382 p 9 shows him with the fourth and he got his forehead protector between then so that means he went through the sage training which would take awhile

  43. Hmmm… That is solid…”a while” may mean a year. Is the forehead protector linked to the sage training? Does that mean Naruto’s forehead protector will be changing?

    You’ve brought up some good points. Check out the timeline I just posted and let me know what you think. I’m not apposed to changing an age if convinced.

    Thanks, good comment. You should take credit and put in a handle rather than post anonymous.

  44. 🙂

  45. who is kushina

  46. Well… we don’t know what even HAPPENED to Kushina. All we know is she was spoken of in past tense, making us assume she’s dead.

  47. @ James – Kushina is Naruto’s mother.

    @ L.O.D. – Agreed, we don’t know what happened to Kushina (I think she’s Pain’s new body) BUT we do know she was preg with Naruto when she got the name from Jiraiya’s book after he had left Nagato, Yahiko and Konan.

    What is being disputed is the time frame in between leaving the three and arriving at Minato’s house when/where Naruto was named prior to birth. That gives us a time frame and age for Pain…theoretically.

  48. itachi was 18

  49. i think he was 18 the first time he showed up

  50. well naruto is pretty safe for now the worst that could ever happen to him is he gets injured they would never kill the main character.
    And as of saskue he wouldn’t die either he will meet up with naruto and naruto would find a way to bring peace without killin him ( what would uyou do naruto if saskue attacks the village: Quote by Itachi).
    Plus he probably will be a little funny half frog like jiraiya, but to me im suprised how some people are so weak but they still manage to win.
    Naruto is too too weak right now all he has is rasegan he needs something new instead of improving that nonsense he need variety of moves.

  51. @ Tigger – 18-19 the first time he showed up in present time manga. But they obviously flashed back to younger days several time. That would make him 21-22 now.

  52. The wunderful thing about tiggers is seeing their wunderful things. They’re bouncy bouncy bouncey fun Fun fun FunFUn the Wunderful thing about tiggers is that Im the Only One. IIII’m th only One! grrrr

  53. wtf?

  54. why kushina is dead, and why everybody left naruto a side from heroism – naruto while a child must have let the kyubi to take over and the kyubi killed naruto´s mom. that would explain it. and not telling the truth about his father would lead naruto away from knowing this which would devastate him for sure and people might be afraid of that aswell since this emotion might let the kyubi take completeley over again and destroy the village.

  55. Kakashi specified it himself that the sharighan f*cks him up because he has low levels of chakra, he’s said it many times.

  56. @ Rahul – Manga page and chapter? That would be greatly appreciated. The only reference anyone has brought has stated that he has low chakra in relation to Naruto. I’ll link a chap and page if you guys can find it.

  57. OK so I’m just throwing in my 2 cents here but Kakashi is known as the copy ninja for a reason, he as copied over 1000 ninjutsu from various other ninja during the course of his life. I do not know much about his past before the start of the Naruto series but when it started he could use the sharingan with very little side effect and at that time it was the basic sharingan, granted he did have to rest after extended use but only for a day. It wasn’t until he has started to use his new jutsu that warps space/time that he ends up in the hospital, obviously it takes a lot out him. I don’t think anything is wrong with him, he just isn’t use to the strain yet.

    As for Itachi, after killing his best friend he gained the new sharingan and was then supposed to take his brother eyes to replace his own. I think that because he waited so long to do so that was what started killing him. He probably should have taken Sasuke’s eyes after he wiped out the clan in order to prevent the sickness and pain, however from what we have seen he never had any intention to take Sasuke’s eyes.

    And I thought that Naruto’s mother died the night the 9 tailed fox attacked and was sealed inside naruto. But then of course that would leave the question of who cared for naruto until he was 13 or 14, how ever old he was when he lived by himself.

    I may be wrong but that’s my respone to the issues mentioned above

  58. i think what it is is that the uchihas are supposed to have a lot of chakra like more than an average ninja and kakashi just has an average amount and thats why the sharingan drains him more than a normal uchiha

  59. @ Trae – Good thoughts but they never speak of Kushina dieing at that time. She may have but they never allude to it or anything like that. They only speak of her in the past tense later, as if she is dead but with no reference to when.

    Funny thing you bring up about who has looked after him all those years. I’m guessing the 3rd but that was never covered either.

  60. @ Ryan – yeah, not an Uchiha was by far the most popular answer in this weeks survey. People keep saying low chakra but I need a chapter to link to before I’ll believe that. He only speaks of having low chakra in comparison to Naruto. But everyone except Jiraiya has relatively low chakra compared to Naruto.

  61. @jeremiah-where do you view the time line you were talking about

  62. nevermind i found it sorry for taken up space

  63. but i always thought iruka took care of naruto but i might of just been assuming

  64. @ Jeremiah The Vicious… Whats your take on why no one has told Naruto that the 4th was his father.

  65. does anybody know if naruto got some of itachi power like his eyes power because i know he recieved something by itachi

  66. naruto was 12in the begining of the manga the first episode will tell you

  67. I think Rahul was talking about ch 16 9-11 (somewhere in there), and then later only the MS screws him up in ch 343 10, which lends to the support Kakashi has improved himself alot.

  68. Okay. 1st off, @ da begining of the series, Itachi was 17 and throughout part one he turned 18.(his b-day being june 9) Now… add the two and a half year timeskip and that would make him anywhere from 20 (almost 21) OR he’d just turned 21. Not that it matters anymore. May he rest in peace [:>]

  69. Thx pandaranda 🙂 That’s the age we place him at on the age timeline post as well.

    @ Kos – yeah we know Naruto was 12 when the series started, was that directed at someone or some comment in particular?

  70. @ LLLL – I’m thinking one of two things…1)they just have never thought of a good way to work it into the manga and have kinda just glossed over that fact. 2) I’m digging some of the submission theories that the 4th asked everyone not to tell Naruto for fear that he would hate him for sealing the kyuubi inside…

    I’m guessing the first reason I gave is more likely though -_-

  71. an extension of that second part jeremiah is that if naruto hated the fourth he probably would not have dreamed of becoming hokage and maybe become a missing nin like saskue

  72. and that one flashback showed us that that wasnt what he wanted for naruto

  73. @ Ryan – agreed

  74. im working on getting am account i just hafta verify it

  75. Just a quick thought on Kakashi and Madra.
    1. They both seem to have space/time/dimension control. (which seems to me, to be extremely rare, as no other main character or enemy has ever used such a technique)
    2. You only see Madra’s right eye… indeed his mask is made to ONLY show his right eye. This begs the question does he have a left eye?
    3. Guess which eye of kakashi’s was transplanted… the left! (((Could he also feel that when he got the eye. That he (as team leader) was responsible for his friends death. which would explain the MS)))
    4. has anyone seen Madra with MS in the current series (excluding flash backs)? You’d think that if you had unlimited use of it (through an eye transfer) that you’d use it a lot wouldn’t you? ( i guess the exception would be if you were a couple hundred years old and your chakra just wasn’t what it used to be. Itachi did say “Madra is nothing but a shell of his former self…”)
    5. But if the Madra we know doesn’t have MS then is it possible (since he never killed kakashi) that he is actually a poser? a fake taking up the name to aid him in his plans? all the flashbacks of Madra show really long hair. the new madra has short hair? why the change after decades of long long hair?
    6. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds…

  76. @Jordan madara never actually referred to himself as madara he was always “tobi” how we got madara out of it was not only itachis stories but also kisame reffering to him as madara when he showed him his face… and he called him mizukage madara which would have been the leader of kisames village so he would know him by his face

  77. your theory does make sense if we know when madara led the mist because if it was recent he may have taken obitos body previous to leading the hidden mist

  78. @ Jordan Didn’t the fourth have a space time jutsu? He was able to transport himself instantly to wherever he felt a certian chakra signature. Since Madara has been around for so long and obviously had dealings within the leaf for a while. Wouldn’t it be fesable to say he used his sharingan to copy the fourth’s tranportation technique?

  79. Ackt.. not logged in for my last post.

  80. I was thinking the same thing about madara geting that jutsu from the fourth. If that is the case I would think Kakashi would know how to do it, he was the fourths student. Also could Kakashi have copyed the jutsu when madara did it as tobi. I also see that Kakashi has seen many jutsu that he has not used yet, like the one that got garra back to life and the 8 gates one from rocklee.

  81. or maybe THE FOURTH IS MADARA haha jk

  82. well the life saving technique kills the user and isnt the 8 gates extremely dangerous lol but i still dont understand the time space why he wouldnt

  83. I think Kakashi sees way too many jutsus and knows them all. Even during the chunin exam he uncovered his eye to watch the student’s jutsus. I think other than battle he saves and possibly perfects them on his own training time. Word around the ninja world is that he is of course the copy ninja and knows a thousand jutsus. However I’ve never seen him use a huge arsenal like that. If the word got out that he knows something like 10,000 jutsus and is very deadly he would probably get a flee on sight discription from others.
    My hope is that they are keeping him out of the action for a reason. When he does take over as Hokage he will show us how bad ass he is. After the time skip he showed us 3 different element jutsus back to back. The same thing the third opened up with against Orochimaru. He’s more powerful than we give him credit for.
    Also I do think he could learn from watching Madara but I feel like he already had that jutsu.

  84. @ Ryan… not the craziest idea I’ve heard. I’ll even bet I could make an argument for it. However Madara already has too many people that he can be the last thing we all need is to add another person to that list.
    How cool would that be.


    that is the link to get an icon

    After starting an account hover over My Account in the upper left hand corner of your screen, click edit profile and you should be able to figure it out from there. There are a couple of you that need to do this so that I don’t have to keep approving your comments.

    I’ve been working on something similar to what Jordan’s alluding to recently. Kinda an update on the who’s Madara post. I’ll try to get it posted by tomorrow. This subject is obviously driving people crazy.

  86. HERE is the link for when Kisame referenced both Madara and Mizukage in the same breath…which you guys were talking about earlier…sorry…I’m a little late -_-

  87. Well, madara had true space time control. The fourt;s technique relied on special marks on his kunai, (so almost like a summonning), he can’t go anywhere unles his tags there. Madara/Tobi seems not to need a whole lot, and he can make body parts disappear as well. Plus the fourth couldn’t have stolen it from Madara because Madara was already presumed dead even before the 3rd became hokage which was way before the fourth.

  88. are you sure he could only go to the kunai? cuz he only said that it alerts him when one goes off but idk i have only seen him in the gaidens i havent read anything else if they show him fighting

  89. well i think he could only go to the kunai, when in that war he tells all of them to use the Kunai with the ag on ir and he will take care of everythinng. Also when fighting that ne ninja he warped to the Kunai.

  90. I know that I’m late but someone mentioned kakashi know the 8gates jutsu and yes he already shown us this back around the exams when he is climing one handed and says something about how he use to do it without a problem

  91. I think that he ment climbing the cliff one handed without a problem. so that woud mean he was stronger when he was in the anbu.

  92. i dont think the 8 gates has anything to do with climbing mountains

  93. You sir are very wrong. The 8 gates have evrything to do with climbing mountains, you must take your power of youth and climb to every mountain top you see. only with your stylish green jumpsuit and the burning power of your youth you will let you open the gates *NICE GUY POSE*!!!!

  94. LMFAO! they are so corny

  95. LMAO! @ last scorpion, freakin awesome ^_^

  96. my point was though that lee and gai dont open a gate every time they climb a mountain lol that would be stupid and a waste of energy

  97. yeah he was just trying to climb the mountain with out chakra in that part he openend one of the chakra points in his fingers.

  98. ok how would kakashi and madara be able 2 copy the fourths space time ninjutsu if it doesnt invove hand signs

  99. hey i don’t know if anyone said anything about why naruto wasnt told that his dad was the fourth or not…. lol theres to much posts to read…. but any ways i think i have a theory why…. and this is it. If naruto knew his father was the fourth… ow and i meen when he was younger like 12-13 not now i think he could handle it now. He would have gotten mad (maybe) for him sealing it inside of him. thats thoery number one sencond is i think that his father wanted it to be that way for a reason… maybe because he believed it would give him straigth like will power you know if naruto knew his father was a hokage i think he might have not tryed so much to become one you know but thats all just theory nothing more. OH yah and they say that he sealed the kyuubi in naruto (i think kyuubi is right forgive me if im wrong) BUT not how he did it???? oh yah maybe there was something he did like why he died sealing it in naruto but there could also be no specail thing at all. and whats with naruto’s mom we all know something must have either happened to her then OR she maybe alive still but thats all theory as well and i could be way off..

  100. i also have a theory about tobi and obito… becuase the akasuki (forgive my spelling idk if thats right lol) are after great powers like orochmaru is they just there plans are bigger than orochmaru’s and orochimaru wanted sasuke’s eyes…. so what if when obito died they removed the eye from obito….. i know he was crushed but if he was completely crushed on that one side he would have died instantly if you ask me. and i don’t think tobi in any way is obito because if you read the manga and watch the anime they act COMPLETLY different then each other.

  101. lol another post by me srry… i was looking for a naruto ep that had a flash back about sasuke’s brother and i found ep 55 had kakashi climbing a cliff and he opend the first chackra gate…. and on a side note…. lol what if naruto opend the first few gates and used the nine tails chackra O_O

  102. i think that pain 6 bodies are each going to fight someone in a one on one

  103. that would be cool

  104. that would defeat the purpose of the rinnegan unless all six fights were in the same place because the advantage of the rinnegan is not only having 6 bodies but each body gets all 6 points of view so if the fights were spread out then it would for the most part be useless

  105. Kakashi did not open a chakra gate he just opend a point. Think of how neji can close 361 of their chakra points. well Kakashi had his closed when climbing with one hand. he had to open one so that he would not fall. The chkra gates are a little diffrent as they use life force to force chakra into the chakra points.

    yes going one on one with the six bodies is pointless. Pain is also not going to just run into the leaf head on. I think that pain might somehow find out where naruto went too somehow. then pain will have to go by foot to that mountain, that will take a month or something like that. This will give naruto the time he needs to train, also he will have the frogs right there to help him fight.

  106. thanks for clearing up the gates i never knew exactly how they worked but i knew they couldnt use chakra because of lee

  107. well normal chakra i mean like all the other ninja naturally draw out

  108. @vash i agree with you that was one of my theories on naruto and his father but i never actually thought about obito like that but its a really good point

  109. so rinnegan makes you have 6 bodies

  110. wel so far yes we know that you can have 6 bodies with one mind from the rinnegan. but there seems to be some trick about it that makes it weak we just dont know what that trick is yet.

  111. I know this is completely out of the blue but kisames sword Shark whatever the badass sword you know but yea the guy from sasukes group wants the swords from the seven swordsmen of the mist but the sword doesn’t allow anyone besides kisame to pick it up? just a though lemme know if you have any theories about this

  112. @Akatsuki Rules-If I were to venture a guess I would say that the sword protects the owner. Kill the owner…become the owner.

  113. the weakness of the rinnegan would have to be the genjutsu like what jiraya used

  114. well i have been thinking and just relizing a few things like why we only see one eye on tobi. well if he realy is madara and he fought the first hokage in a battle…. maybe he just lose it in that battle so he only has one eye…. and i when back and looked at the chapter where pain gets out the first body and i though about it… why does he say “I took this body out to kill an intruder” he says it like he waisting something… like maybe they bodys can only be used a sertent amount of times, or something like that…

  115. HEHEHEHEHEHE…… i have found some interesting VERY interesting stuff…. and also maybe not but this is it. ep 129 sasuke has a flash back and 15:14 in to the episode they say that Uchiha Shisui had committed suicide and left a note but some one with the sharingun could copy his had writting and he was feared as “Shisui of the Mirage” HAHAHA ho do u guy like that info…. or it could be nothing at all to 🙂

  116. Makes sense

  117. @vash809 uummm i am not sure at what you are trying to get at? I did not know itachi could copy handwritting, but that was so he could cover up killing his best friend.

  118. kisame isn’t going to be someone you can just walk over he’s prolly going to need help from sasuke just cause the fact that kisame is a beast

  119. I know it won’t happen but what if kisame killed sasuke that would make me very happy

  120. Dude, the sharingan copies everything (seals, handwriting, stances) anything that you can see someone doing with your eyes, you can copy… Copying handwriting isn’t that hard, compared to making it look like your best friend killed himself.

  121. Yeah, I don’t even have a Sharingan and I’ve been copying my moms signature since 2nd grade…maybe I’m Madara *lighting flashes in the backround* dun dun duuuuuunnnnn….

  122. no lol i was meening to quote the sentence where they talk about “Shisui of the Mirage” it was at the part where they thought that itachi tryed to cover up killing him but maybe he never died????

  123. @ Jeremiah… That means your also probably Danzo.

    BTW… Does that mean that anyone who can copy their parent’s signature is Uchiha?

    And if I’m not an Uchiha does that explain why I’m in the hospital all the time?

  124. well i think the uchiha ninjas found his body and that is why they where asking itachi what he was doing that day. Aslo if i remember this right in that flash back itachi was telling sasuke that there was a shrine somewhere with the real purpose of the sharingan.

  125. nevermind i just looked up the chapter and he went to the shrine but they did not say why the sharingan exists.

  126. see my thing about this scenario is that they say they found the body and thats it the clan i think was killed soon after maybe within a month i could be wrong but if so it would be possible i think to fake a death of some one

  127. alert(pwned)

  128. Pain is overrated. Consider this;
    Madara was not able to defeat, or control Itachi. Orichamaru was no match for Itachi. And more importantly Jiraiya was no match for Itachi as well. Itachi clearly was/is the strongest fighter unless, Pain is strong than him – which is possible considering that Madara follow his orders I believe. On the other hand Sasuke managed to beat Itachi but Itachi was weakened in that battle (gave his powers to Naruto, prior to the fight).

  129. So who is the strongest? Well its probably still Orichamaru, considering he is still alive in Kabuto. I still think he is the main villain. The Akatsuki are a sideshow, we know they wont get the 9th Kyuubi, and even if they do, then it wont be that powerful anyway (otherwise the good guys lose lol). So Orichamaru has always been portrayed as the ultimate baddie, whilst MAdara, Pain are more cool baddies. There for entertainment purposes.

    More importantly though – at least to the plot, is Itachi & Sasuke role. Itachi was a double-agent no doubt about that – the evidence is clear..he allowed Sasuke, Naturo and most important of all Kakashi to live (Kakashi because he can train Sasuke..and more importantly use MS). I believe Sasuke betrayal of the Akatsuki is near. Why did Itachi, want Sasuke to be so strong? To defend Konoha? Or another purpose? Clearly Madara’s told a bunch of none of that ties. In fact I feel the Elders are the key – they are the good guys, in particular Danzou – his interests has always been for the good of Konoha. We know of Madara’s goal – Konoha annihilation. So Sasuke is clearly to kill Madara at the right oppurtinity – but we know Sasuske never gets the job done!

    As for Naruto & why no one knows (apart from a few) he is the 4th’s son should be fairly obvious. Given the reputation of the 4th, it would make Naruto no.1 target of every single village if they knew he was the 4th’s son. Remember relations with other villages were not always great. IF you knew, the 4th was dead you would be relieved..but if you knew he had a would ensure he was dead before he got too strong! like his father!

  130. There is a special point on using The MANGEQUAN Sharingan which is used by only three people one Madara , Itachi(killed by his brother Saske) & Now Saske himself as they all completed the condition to awake that power which was to kill your best friend or kill your own siblings….. But how Kakashi can use that power ?????????????????????????

  131. from the look of the spoiler sasuke does not seem to be winning the fight and that the main focus is on sasuke and not narutos trainig and the evasion of the village from the spoiler sasuke does not seem that strong and i dont think he used his new sharingan

  132. @Losers- Dude, what are you talking about in your first comment? Itachi admitted that if he and Jiraya were to fight, both would die, and Pain crushed Jiraya. Plus madara tells Pain what to do. Oro isn’t the ultimate bad guy, he wanted to destroy Konoha, while Pain and Madara want the world. Not to mention I think Sasori, Deidara, and Kakazu could beat Oro (Sasori and Kakazu would be close), and all those guys are now dead. So Madara, Pain, and Kisame could all beat Oro easily.

  133. True and after Pain crushed Jiraya, he said the if Jiraya knew his secret Jiraya would have killed him.

  134. I like how they replaced orochimaru from the original tale with Pain…

  135. didnt pa toad actually say jirayia was messing around when he fought pein, and itachi and jirayia never fought so you cant compare them and we really havent seen madara fight… kisame i would asume is close in skill level with itachi seeing as how gai and kakashi are supposed to be close and they gave those clones pretty even matches

  136. well itachi ran away from Jirayia and said to kisame that the two of them at the same time are no match for Jirayia. Jirayia also hokage lvl he just never wanted to be hokage. as for kisame and itachi, i would say itachi was stronger then kisame but we have never seen him go all out (he was sick). Kisame is about three times stronger the when he had his fight with gai. One last thing, i think Jirayia killed like four or five pain bodies but they where revived (with the exception of the one sent to the leaf).

  137. No, Kakashi didn’t really fight Itachi, he used two moves, while Naruto hit him with a rasengan. and I think the seven gates doubles what you had in the sixth gate, because after what Gai did, he wasn’t even tired. Both Gai and kakashi are kage material as of now, I’m not sure if Gai’s improved, but Kakashi has since the time skip.

    And i think before the shukaku was removed, I would argue Gaara could beat Orochimaru from what we’ve seen so far from both those guys. Also Jiraya would kick Oro’s ass, literally and figuratively. Not to mention Naruto pretty much beat Oro in 4 tails, just half of what the nine-tails can do. And obviously Saskue beat Oro. So that’s a huge list of people who could probably beat oro, not tomention the eight tails is whooping Saskue’s ass. Plus Jiraya says in 237 14 there are other ninja’s who are better than Oro.

    In recap, people who could beat oro in his prime at one point (in no particular order):
    Naruto (with help from tails)
    The Third (when he was younger)
    Eight Tails ?
    And the fourth (maybe)

    Sorry for the long post, but hopefully the portrayal of Oro as the ultimate bad guy will stop surfacing after this. He was powerful, and twisted, but he wasn’t all that great.

  138. Crap, I forgot someone…

    The last person is Captain Planet of course.

  139. @lastscorpion jirayia took out the first four then they were revived and he killed one of them a second time with that barrier… and thanks for clearing up itachi n kisame a bit i knew they ran away when jirayia had them in the toad i just didnt remember what they said lol

  140. I think the main bad guy might be Madara,saskue, kabuto with oro powers not oro himself or someone whe have not seen yet.

  141. o and one last thing pa frog said Jirayia could have got away from pain learn how to kill him then go back but he wanted to stay and die.

  142. id put my money on madara im guessing he has so much more to his plans than revealed so far

  143. i thot he killed 3 not 4 ….o h u are talking about the body he sent back

  144. Dude kakashi is feakin’ ripped, back against Zabuza he’s doing a one finger push-up, while carrying the old guy and Sakura on his back.

  145. idk maybe i was wrong i dont remember how many he killed with the swords but it was 3 or 4 then he killed one a second time for good with his barrier

  146. As far as the timeline thing goes. I think, what’s throwing everyone off is the fact that the 4th Hokage was chosen at an early age. When he died Orochumaru, Tseunade, and Jirayia were all doing them. And instead of Jirayia taking the 4th spot which would’ve been the 5th it skipped a term when the 3rd took another which also led to him being the Oldest Hokage.

  147. ok he killed 3 with the swords and one with the barrier so 4 toltal

  148. what i think in my opinion is itachi is the strongest. he is easily better than oro, kakashi, gai, kisame, sasuke, dunno bout jiraya but almost same level. he coulda killed sasuke but never planned to he beat both kakashi and gai not even trying most likely stronger then jiraya and madara and pain. with his sharingan he could beat pain and madara is only alive because he kept secrets from itachi if he hadnt he woulda been dead. also consider the fact that no1 knows his true strength so he is most likely the strongest character

  149. i kinda agree because we still dont know what his hole intentions and he couldnt do his best fighting sasuke cause he was some how injured before the fight and i think he still went easy on sasuke as well so i have to agree that you could be right

  150. being sick was part of itachis character though… we never see him “healthy” except in flashbacks but if he wasnt sick he wouldnt have mangekyo sharingan and he wouldnt be as strong anyway

  151. hey u know im just wondering how come kakashi only knows chidori and summoning as his own jutsu cause how would he get in the anbu. i wish they would tell us how he got in anbu cant just be because he has sharingan. i got my money that sasuke is gonna defeat mr 8 tailed beast despite the fact that sasuke is still weak couldnt beat itachi cant beat 8 tails but they wont let him die. GO MR 8 TAILED BEAST.WEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  152. well kakashi is rediculousely fast and he has great chakra control and hes about as smart as shikamaru i mean even before he had sharingan he was a jounin and he still had time to copy jutsus before he became anbu its not like right at the end of gaiden he immediately became anbu… and yes saskue will do something to avoid death but who knows what it is the 8 tail will probably tell saskue the true story about itachi cuz im sure madara lied and i dont think he would let saskue kill him without telling anyone the truth… sorry about the length 🙂

  153. im cufused why ppl call sasuke weak….HE FIGHTS THE STRONGEST MOTHER F#$%ERS IN THE SERRIES…. how is he weak….unless you meen weak like in havenign to go to orochimarus to get stronger and stuff then oh i get that.

  154. great…. you know naruto manga chapter 413 and 414???

  155. Ummmm… Just click the word that says translation at the very top of the page to read 413

    Is that what your asking about? If you want the newest translations go to, they don’t do spoilers but they are the best site for the translations.

  156. Well I dont think Sasuke is weak, people just think he is super strong. But he was not stronger then itachi, itachi let him win. If i where to gauge his strength right now i would say it is aboout that of kakashi. He will get stronger after this arc I think.

  157. i dont think sasuke will get much stronger i did say he was weak but when i think about it when he fought itachi he used more justu and as he fights the 8 tails he not using that mcuh moves and getting punched around so people think he is weak i think if he starts using some justu and more of his new sharingan like he is going to do next week people will think he is stronger.

  158. if kakashi does a lot of training expanding his chakra levels wont he become the best because only his sharingan eye will go blind so he will still be able to see but can still target people using his normal eye

  159. Good point. I wonder if the eye technique still works after you go blind… If that is the case then Kakashi might have the best set up.

  160. naruto is the best thats all

  161. Sensei wallpaper is cute. I also like it. Is there another one with the same background for Naruto?

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