Introduction to Code Geass+ ep 18 discussion+ morality in Code Geass


Well I thought I would do a post on something a little different this time around, this is a post about an awesome anime called Code Geass.  This post is meant for the people who know very little or nothing about Code Geass, but the discussion in the comment section will be about morality and other stuff in the anime.  So if you don’t want spoilers don’t look at the comment section, but if you’ve already watched this awesome anime and want to discuss it, just go straight to the comment section.


About Code Geass

Code Geass is one of the best animes out there besides the awesomeness that is Naruto.  If you were to compare Code Geass to another anime I would say it is like Death Note with lots of action.  The main story of code Geass revolves around a high school kid named Lelouch Lamperouge.  Through an accident, Lelouch meets a young girl named C.C who bestows the power to control people through the power of geass (a power that resides in his eye).  With this power Lelouch wants to save Japan who is now taken over and oppressed by the Britannia Empire as well as create a safe place for his sister Nunnally.  But Lelouch will have a hard time doing this as his long time childhood friend Suzaku Kururugi is part of the Britannian army.  This anime series has a lot of twists and turns as well as a lot of good action and is a must watch for anyone who likes that kind of anime.


Last Scorpion


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on August 10, 2008.

41 Responses to “Introduction to Code Geass+ ep 18 discussion+ morality in Code Geass”

  1. Well i will start it off, I just have to ask why so many people love Lelouch and think he is innocent or something like that. he is the worst character of all time, All the worst wars in history where started with good intentions, hitler wanted to make the world a good place but killing jews(was that a good idea, I think not). Sazaku and Nunally wanted to change the world the right way without all the death. Lelouch started all of the wars, he is the one who made alot of people die including children and his own sister(we will see she may be alive) . Lelouch is just like his dad in every way, he wants to make a “good world” and that is the same thing his dad wanted *shigh* let me know if there is anyone other then me that thinks like this.

  2. I like Lelouch and to compare him with Hitler is going over board. Hitler was trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group, not free them from oppression. I have to say that I am conflicted with shows like Death Note because I rooted for L and not Light which some would say is contradictory, I argue it isn’t at all.

    I just hate oppression. Lelouch is trying to set the Japanese free from the opression of Britania. Kira was trying to create a new world using opression and fear to rule. So I geuss thats the difference between the two.

    Susaku is just a punk for turning on his own people like that. To bring it back to your analogy its like a Jew running a concentration camp to keep everything in order and not to make a disturbance.

    Same thing that drives me nuts about people who hate Malcolm X. They thought he was violent and wanted to kill… well damn right he was! If people were oppressing me, not giving me rights, treating me like shit, murdering my people based off of ethnicity I would take the same stance Malcolm did to secure my rights as a human being… By any means necassary.

    HERE is an example of propaganda that angered and scared alot of people back in the day.

  3. uh lastscorpion aint u forgetting Susaku killed his father because he was sort of a criminal(remind u of anyone,Kira) and i love Lelouch because he isn’t innocent, he has his flaws and countless sins yet he keeps moving forward towards his goal not like Susaku who is stuck in his own world where he thinks the Elvens(no offense to any Japanese btw) should bow down to the Britanians and live in false peace, Susaku is forgetting the Britanians came over to Japan and forcefully took it over….i mean come on…wouldn’t u fight for the land you and your ancestors pour sweat and blood into???

  4. okay wars are never started with the right intention. DOn’t say such ignorant things. Wars throughout american history were always caused by the british. Still today they want to keep the world in turmoil. When you say wars are started with good intentions your giving reason for the wars to continue. Wars might look like they started over something good but when you look behind the scenes and do some real inteligence work the cause is an imperial government and there agents that they set up in other countries governments. You probably don’t beleive me but thats why we are called ignorant and let our own government campaigns be run by british agents. Its all comes down to the idea of imperialism vs democracy. We have learned through history that if democracy ruled the british would have no power and we could adopt world peace and progress like we have never seen. Since this is a threat to the british imperials who don’t want to give up their wealth and sinful lives they set agents in our campaigns so they can pass policies that can destroy our country and other countries as well. Like free trade this is the downfall of america and the rest of the world. When free trade was passed it caused our population to slowly eat itself away. Since we don’t produce new concepts or new ways of efficient energy we have reached a point where our country is not stable anymore. The country represents its people if the people suffer mentally due to over consumption lots of entertainment you lack ways to better improve the country for future generations. Also since america has been the biggest consumer after being such a powerful productive country other countries depend on us. I could go into more detail but the basic fact is hitler was set up by the british so as to globalize the country under one rule britain. The only thing is when you put a beast into power he will eventually attack his master and thats what he did. Britain couldn’t control their pet. You can disagree all you want but this is the solid truth and right now they are sparking up wars in china and russia creating mass hysteria among people so as to blind them from what is to come. I say we got about two months until the dollar collapses and causes a chain reaction throughtout the world. Get ready for the worst because we are going into a dark age. Well actually we already are in one. I mean look at the degeneracy of our culture. Whatever though right i mean more than half are population will be wiped out because of it right. This is why I say you are an Ignorant american. Money will soon be totally worthless.

  5. ….Daniel-san is scaring me….lol

  6. WOW! Look what you did Scorpion! LMFAO! I thought I was radical. I’m saving that comment to see if his prediction of the American dollar collapses in two months.

    Does England really run everything. I thought they were America’s poodle?

    Note to Daniel-san: I see the readership stats for the site and to say you Americans is pretty short sighted on a site that is only 28% American readership.

    Thanks for the comment though. Yelling The sky is falling! The sky is falling! won’t really do anything but make people paranoid. It’s easy to throw bricks and scream about the end of the world. It’s alot harder to use those bricks to build something constructive instead.

  7. Look when i say all wars are started by good intentions i dont mean wars are good. Just take a look there is no such thing as good and evil in the world, It is all down to peoples morals. What is good for one group of people is not always good for another. Think about this for a moment if Lelouch had this power he could have just changed the government from the inside and it would have worked thus saveing thousands. just take a look Nunnally and Euphemia almost did this but Lelouch fucked it up. I am not saying Sazaku is always right(he has alot of flaws) but just more in the right then Lelouch. Sazaku is also not trying to be Britanian he is trying to change it from the inside why can no one see that. If Lelouch put his mind to changeing the way people think rather then trying to crush them he would have done this without all the death, but Lelouch has always thought of this as a game war like chess from the very start. o and the Lelouch is hitler is a little harsh but Lelouch is not trying to kill all of the Britannia people, but he has killed many innocent people.

    P.S Daniel-san you are a little radical and i dont agree with alot of what you said. I am not saying anything like america is the best, all governments have big flaws. It is your type of thinking that is wrong with society “Ignorant american” is just the type of thinking that starts was. degeneracy of the culture is one of the only things i can agree with, alot of people are narrow minded and shallow. On a side note “Ignorant”- is not haveing the ability to learn. I hate when people think Ignorant=dumb and name calling is not a logical way to win an argument.

  8. I forgot to say this in my last post. Jeremiah i am with you that opression is wrong but let me ask you this. Did Malcolm X with his “By any means necessary” way give blacks there fredom or was it martin luther king with his non violent ways that changed the minds of people rather then killing them. and as for death note, it is a little different i liked light untill he bent his morals and killed the FBI agent and his wife, from then on i wanted L to win.

  9. Yeah, that was totally my take on the show too. When he killed the FBI agent and his wife I was all for L. Plus Light in his school life was kinda a douche compared to L.

    As to the King Jr. comment, everone remembers the speech at the capital but he was becoming more and more radical before his death and died frustrated, mission incomplete.

    It was a long fight after he died, including people like Angela Davis, Stokely Carmicheal (forgive me if I misspelled that) and the Black Panthers that led the Black self love movement. They created the thought that black is beautiful, they shouldn’t be accomodationists, they should be black and proud.

    King Jr was awesome but he was one block in the big puzzle. Many people both accomodationalists and radicals over a long period of struggle created an environment in which a black man could run for president in the U.S.

    I’m glad you created this post and respect your opinion, I just respectfully disagree.

    Resist oppression! Be proud of what you are!

    Awesome post Eddie, thanks.

    P.S. Danielsan still scares me LOL ^_^

  10. Also, King Jr. wouldn’t have joined the police to contain the black protests like Suzaku did joining the knights of Britania.

    Check mate.

  11. I know that that King Jr was not the only one block in the big puzzle and just because he died without his dream realized doesn’t mean his mission was incomplete, Look at how many people know his ideals in todays society. you just have a different opinion them me on how to go about Resisting oppression. I think that you should Resist oppression! and Be proud of what you are! but do it with nonviolent resistance. Lelouch took the violent way of resisting and has killed many people in doing so. The only way i would say to go with a violent way of resisting oppression is if the oppressors are attempting genocide (your ethnic, racial or religious group is trying to be killed off). If people hatee there oppressors as a group and think that they should start physical violence against them, They are no better then the oppressor.

  12. Yeah i never said Suzaku was the best i just think he is better then Lelouch and wanted to know why people hate him over Lelouch. I think the most right people of them all are Nunally and Euphemia.

  13. I guess the point i am trying to make is this. Lets say you where a Britannian in the code geass world, but like Euphemia you liked the japanese. Do you think that the japanese have the right to kill you because you where born Britannian. That would be just as bad as the people from Britannian killing the japanese who dont want to fight. It is the same thing it is like fighting evil with more evil not evryone thinks the same so killing a lage amount of people will kill people who dont hate you

    P.S I like intelligent discussions like this ^_^ no one cant say anime doesn’t make you think.

  14. Violence is sometimes necessary to protect your self. Asking “Please stop lynching and beating my people” doesn’t really work.

    If someone invaded my country, executed my president, imposed Marshall law and their rule over every one in my country, then people would take up arms against the occupying force. And they would have every right to do so.

    “Please leave peacefully” doesn’t work…Never will.

  15. No they don’t have the right to kill them because they were born Britannian i agree with ya there mate, but I disagree with how Nunally, Euphemia and Suzaku were right to try changing things from the inside of the Britannian empire, because I’m sure when the Britannians took over Japan; innocent Japanese lives were probably taken and the blowback(if that is a word lol) of those actions spawned unspoken hatred towards the Britannians by the Japanese family members who lost loved ones, and all humans have the urge and right to be free, sooner or later the Elvens would have rebelled and caused a bigger war than the one that is going on between the black knights and the britannian empire, and yea i know alot of innocent lives were lost because of Zero’s current war but from a math lovers point of view,Zero’s current battles are more efficient, less lives are being loss now than if there was a mass rebellion by the elevens

  16. well said Jeremiah

  17. “If someone invaded my country, executed my president, imposed Marshall law and their rule over every one in my country, then people would take up arms against the occupying force. And they would have every right to do so.”

    True but you see this is the flaw of all civilizations, If you take your country back do you think your people will want to stop there. No they will want to retailate and attack the foreign oppressor like DudeihateSasgay said they will have hatred towards them for killing loved ones. then there will be more war and more death. ““Please leave peacefully” doesn’t work…Never will.” I do not think you are right saying this because it is working right now. See the thing is this just saying dont hurt me wont work you are right, You have to change the mind of people for this to work. People have to gain knowledge and then “Please leave peacefully” will and is working. Look at todays world there is very, very little war going on compared to any time of human history. Do you know why there is so little war? It is because people got smart they started to learn, and learn alot. In todays world people want to leave peacefully and that is why there is no war. Just look at what is going on in america we started a war but almost no one in america wants to kill the innocent people over there (not saying that the war is right). In any other time of history no one would care if there children die but in todays world we do. You also keep saying that “Please stop lynching and beating my people” but it did. The Black people in america did not start a war with the white people. The black people changed the minds of the white people though knowledge not violence.

  18. i agree with ya there lastscorpion about “The Black people in america did not start a war with the white people. The black people changed the minds of the white people though knowledge not violence.” but look at how long it took for the beatings, killings and unjust treatment towards blacks took…like over 300 years…..and countless innocent lives were probably lost but the situation with the Elvens shouldn’t be compared with the long war for equal rights blacks have been fighting for, the Elvens struggles scope is not as widespread as the racism blacks were faced with on an international scope, but I am all for peace(Mom and Pappa were hippies the bongs to prove it) so if there was a sure fire way that didn’t involve the loss of lives i would be for whatever that idea was to bring peace and equality to all

  19. yeah well i am not trying to make a anime as important as real life, I know it took a long time for change to happen. But i am happy that it worked and the world is changeing. I just wanted to have a conversation about this type off stuff. It is a good topic with lots of different ideas ^_^. But back to code geass I think at the end of the anime Suzaku and Lelouch will team up.

  20. yea i didn’t mean to sound like i was making anime that important either(i haven’t been in a good discussion on the internet for a while so i kinda jumped the gun on a few things), but if Suzaku and Lelouch team up they would be an unbeatable duo, brain and brawn at its best 🙂

  21. well goodnight people, its late where I’m at, my brains tired :^)

  22. oh i forgot to say Codegeass is the best anime(and I’m impressed by the fact codegeass didn’t begin in a manga and the copied it into an anime, they made up a wonderful anime series from scratch,that is pure anime awesomness) I’ve seen in a year or so, at first i was not into the art style but i got used to it and it fits the plot’s dark features behind a innocent like art style brilliantly

  23. Yeah lets just hope they dont make us wait another half a year if they want to do a third session. the long wait after the first was so bad.

  24. Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

  25. Which one should I watch first: Death note or Code Geass?

  26. @ Alec – You’ve been missing out. I think Code Geass is better but Death Note is way more popular. Death Note is awesome until like 75% through and then it sucks after that. Code Geass hasn’t hit that point for me yet but it’s still in progress and Death Note is done so its hard to compare the two.

    Death Note has a serious tone and drawing style all the way through. Code Geass has ties to Clamp so it has a Jpop feel to it sometimes and has a goofy filler mixed in every so often.

    You should just watch them both, they are similar in some ways but totally different over all.

    I kinda envy the fact you havn’t seen them yet. I wish I had that much good anime to watch for the first time. has both series available for BTDL if you want them.

  27. All right, thanks man.

  28. Yeah two other good anime if you want are

    Black Lagoon- It is like a dark action movie with lots of blood and gore and a hint of comedy every now and then.

    topa tengen gurren lagann- THE BEST anime with big ass drills O.o. LMAO this is one of the best comedy animes around. This anime is a lot like FLCL(funny as hell) Only this anime has long swords and big drills lmao.
    P.S-if you dont know what FLCL is go watch it it is funny and only six ep long.

  29. tengen toppa gurren lagann… is a great show, I agree. It slows down a bit after episode 8-9ish but still solid. They are actually making a movie.

    I’m really digging Soul Eater. I don’t care that its a rip off of Bleach and Naruto, its still cool in my book.

    Also check out Mushi Shi, great story, but if you’re only into action/fighting anime, skip it.

  30. What about Bobobo-Bo-bobo?

    jk, thanks a lot guys, though I’m not sure how many I’ll actually be able to watch once school starts.

  31. Because of school I don’t watch much TV anymore either. The only regular TV I watch now is the Daily Show, Colbert Report, NFL, NBA and Sports Center.

    Every wednesday some of my friends come over, order some food and we watch the new Code Geass and usually a couple of others that we missed, like right now it’s strickly Blood+ and Code Geass R2.

    It also helps that i’m an insomniac and watch anime on my laptop during lectures ^_^

  32. Daily Show, Colbert Report are like the only shows i watch outside of anime on my computer. I wanna go to a tapeing of onw of them when i get the time. they are only a few streets down from my college ^_^.

  33. Yeah, at least the show isn’t in canton… my god, he hasn’t even gone into NY, Conn, or Mass yet, this might be just a filler to piss people all across the US off (if you live in a Canton at least)…

  34. @ Daniel-san

    As a Brittish citizen, i am honestly proud to hear you say such things. However, its just not true. America leads our hand into wars, like the last 3 or 4 major ones…. anyway, that aside, i like this website, so please don’t fill it with your racist hatemongering.

    Also, check your facts – we havn’t led you into a war in 60 odd years…. i’d say that, unless you are 80, you, sir, are a moron.

    i mean… seriously?

    Anyway, as to Code Geass, i agree – until i came down to Cornwall to work (2 months ago!) i had watched every episode of Code Geass, and will continue to do so. I like how Lelouche is slowly cracking at the seams from all the pressure (that’s how i intepret his lack of EPIC lately)…. last episode i saw, he was beaten by MUD… MUD I SAY!

    seriously…. downhill… presumably because he is becoming tired through all the strife….

  35. Wait, there’s only been four wars we’ve fought in since WWII, and only Vietnam and Iraq II are what I’d call major. Did the British even fight in Vietnam, or Korea, or Desert Storm? I guess i can figure it out thanks to U.S History this year.

  36. wow…i just saw code geass r2 episode 19 and it was amazing……omfg i(spoiler)felt bad for Rolo at the end…omfg that episode was awesome, Jerimiah make another post of how more awesome code geass is lol…damn(spoiler..kinda) Suzaku has officially gone psycho

  37. code geass r2 episode 20 was even more epic omfg i hope code geass doesn’t end too soon

  38. I think it will end in a few episodes around ep 24,25 or 26. but yeah they are going to team up in the end to kill the king.

  39. It may end… but it felt like that at the end of season 1 as well. It gets really high ratings in Japan so they may find a way for R3. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did that.

    @DudeihateSasgay – That’s cool your digging CGR2. It’s one of my favorite anime too. Thank you Scorpion for making this post, I think its really opened up the series to more people.

    There are a couple anime out there that are REALLY entertaining but only people in Japan are watching them. I know alot of people hate on Soul Eater for ripping off Naruto and Bleach but its still an awesome series.

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan is rad…ummm Mushi Shi is slow but tells excellent stories…I can’t think of anything else at the moment…oh Vampire Knight is Shojo but if you want to watch anime with your GF then it is really entertaining. Leia loves that show and its about to start airing season 2 in Japan…I’m tired…and I’m rambling…

  40. The show does seem to split you emotions in regards to who you want to root for and which couple you would like to see get together. No matter which way they go there will be some disappointment.

    But overall, the show is definitely worth watching in my opinion. Yeas, the plot is sometimes convoluted and some of the characters are a little weak.

    I just finished season 1 and wrote up a take (with lots o’ pics). Check it out and see if we agree.

  41. Just finished season 2. The morality gets even more gray and twisted.

    My take on season 2 if you are interested:

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