Pieces to the Naruto Puzzle…

Putting the Puzzle together...slowly.

Putting the Puzzle together...slowly.

When you take all the pieces to the puzzle and then take a step back and look at them all together… something amazing happens! You feel dumb as hell for trying it to begin with 😦  The curse and the gift of the Naruto manga is the mystery that it has become.  There are so many variables left loose and unanswered that it makes it impossible to come up with a solid theory that no one can completely prove or disprove.  This leads to readers snipping at each other qouting versus from the Naruto Bible  Manga in an attempt to explain the unexplainable.  This is fun but sometimes an un health practice as it tests your sanity while increasing your devotion without even realizing it.

Just when you come up with the theory to end all theories someone will come along and site a manga chapter and page that just totally destroys your thought process and sends you back to the drawing board one more time.  So I have an idea.  This may be crazy but lets try. This post is devoted to the facts, straight up.  NO LONG COMMENTS.  State facts only. One sentance simple facts. I’ll post the first comment as an example. Lets all try to stick with this style on this post.

The facts can either support or detract from a theory.  If you see someone elses comment on the post you think is important, comment with a (example: @ Jeremiah’s Kushina comment. This theory cannot be unproven, it is a possiblity) or (Danzo is not Madara because of….) Keep it short and simple.  One sentance per thought.  Multiple thoughts should be broken up into multiple comments. That’s the whole comment. Once theories become clear I’ll start posting our facts below in a orginized way. 

Or if you don’t like it (example: @ Jeremiah’s Kushina comment. Kushina couldn’t have done that because she has four legs which disqualifies her from the sack race. Manga chapter 666 page 69) I’ll post things that disprove theories all together as well.

This may not work but what the hell.  Lets try.


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  1. I wrote a really long post a few days ago it was a good Colaboration of a couple of ideas I had for future theorys, Im very sad Its Gone.

    Umm Im pondering whether Jirayai is still alive because he died then Willed himself back alive again what too die again, I think that somehow Jirayai has a Connection with the Death God Jutsu because of the Simalarities The Hair and the Forehead protector his red tears conbine with red horns and the Fact that Jiraya says too Pain your not a God Im a God or something like that anyway he says I cry Tears of Blood because of the Anger I hold inside, Also Possibility that Jirayai taught 4th and he taught the 3rd. Also Jirayai has a crushed throat hes been stabbed a few times and Beat up I think he needs a secret recovery and they havnt had his funeral yet.

  2. Li lo la lu le on your Death God/Jiraya Theory. Fact: I like it!

  3. Also how do you test or create a jutsu that steals your soul in the process?

  4. Ok I dont want to be an asshole but i dont think that what you did is what Jeremiah wanted with this post. He wanted fact from the manga, because if you just say stuff it can get ripped up by actual fact from the manga (I am always killing theories this way LMAO).

    I think he ment like this…. “Possibility that Jirayai taught 4th and he taught the 3rd.” is way off look at chapter 382 page 5 the 3rd was his teacher.

    “Fact that jiraiya says too Pain your not a God Im a God or something like that anyway he says I cry Tears of Blood because of the Anger I hold inside” I have no idea where you got this from but it is way off look at chapter 374 page 9 nagato says he is a god but jiraiya did not say any of that stuff.

    “Im pondering whether jiraiya is still alive because he died then Willed himself back alive again what too die again” Yes he did die again look at chapter 382 page 17 pain is right there when he brings himself back to life, after that he falls in the water I am sure pain made sure jiraiya was dead.

    ” I think that somehow Jirayai has a Connection with the Death God Jutsu because of the Simalarities The Hair and the Forehead protector his red tears conbine with red horns” look at chapter 137 page 17 that death god and jiraiya look nothing alike, the only thing that looks a little alike is the hair.

    Sorry i know there was no long posts but in just had to show how many people say things that are fact when they are not. I thnk the whole point of this was so that people dont just say stuff they think is fact but take stuff right from the manga like i tend to do ^_^.

    P.S i dont mean to sound like an asshole lol.

  5. This is what it should be like….. It looks like madara has two personalities in his body look at chapter 280 page 19. I say this because zetsu knows madara is tobi at that time. Zetsu was told to watch the sasuke and naruto fight look at chapter 234 page 19 and the only one who would know about the fight is madara. I am not saying the other personality is obito (it could be his little brother from takeing his eyes just like kakashi took on part of obito) but the pins on his right side suggest it coud be obito ( I am leaning toward the little brother thing)

  6. Ahaha I know the Manga I just remember stuff from memory you make me laugh when you cite chapters and pages, Yea the thing with Jirayai I thought that theory when series started but yes ok.

  7. The thing about Naruto is that its full of Zen Philosophy, Like for instance the Reason The Toads seem like the Strongest is Because a toad can sit for hours at time and within a second catch a fly which comes in its range. I can see much Zen Philosophy in this series so its easy too state things about it.

    Im more of Berserk Fan. But Narutos Cool.

    I think Danzou is Madara the Similarites are too strong, as for Obito & the MizuKage its hard too determine only Theorise that they all must be one, in the Naruto world they make a Jutsu for every thing plus its a strong Possiblity that Instead of 4man Teams its easy too say the the 4man team is Madara and shadow clones with differant personalitys thats why its hard too judge whats what. Its also hard too determine because the series changes so Much and goes up and down so you cant really Pull fact from it and the Fact is What we already know.

  8. Also you can rip all you want but you said-
    I think he ment like this…. “Possibility that Jirayai taught 4th and he taught the 3rd.” is way off look at chapter 382 page 5 the 3rd was his teacher.

    No What the 3rd said and this is by memory I cant pull a chapter and page out for you but the 3rd said when he used the Death God Jutsu on Orichimaru he said This is the Jutsu The 4th was talking about and the 4th was greater than the 3rd, So he knew more plus Jirayai was a Hermit and Who knows what he learnt but your right I have No fact just do some research please and tell me what it says on his jirayais Forehead Protector Ive always wanted too know.

  9. All the manga chapters that i pull out are from my memory. I tend to know about what chapter things happend in the manga, and if you look at the manga they go back and take things from past chapters to affect the storyline. I just have a very good memory and can remember things exactly the way they happen(why i never have to study for college ^_^). But yeah you are still still a little off with that, the 4th did teach the 3rd but jiraiya did not teach the 4th everything it was the other way around the 4th gave the 3rd and jiraiya new jitsu (such as the rasengan). Also the word on jiraiyas forhead protector is “oil”.

  10. In ch 395, look @ Tobi/Mad´s reaction on the news of Itachi´s death:
    “Whooa, didn´t see that coming”, then “Not. Just as I predicted”
    Dunno if there´s a problem with translation or my understandig (I mean the dot after not), but doesn´t that seem schizophrenic? (Like Zetsu)

  11. yup that is what i was pointing out with the two personalities thing, thanks for backing me up ^_^. I think It could be his little brothers personality (from the eyes like kakashi) or obitos but i cant say for sure, he might just be a little crazy.

  12. did Kakashi take on aspects of Obito’s personality when he got his sharingan?

  13. yes he did but it could just be that obito changed him. Kakashi is always late and puts his team ove the mission that was from obito

  14. ok you guys must be dense to think that madara is schizo. For one zetsu is the schizo, not madara. It would be crazy to make two similar characters with the same mental disorder it’s uniteresting. Plus if you look at chapter 404 pg 1 and 2 you will see why he was making the personality of tobi. The fact is that madara was hiding his idenity within the akatsuki for a reason. So he used a fake personality to hide his identity. The fact that you said zetsu was told to watch the uchiha fight by madara has no resonance with the idea of schizophrenia. He easily could of revealed himself to zetsu within the time frame you mentioned. He hid his secret from everyone and slowly revealed himself to his pawns. How does that make him schizo. Oh yeah and how does “Whooa, didn’t see that coming”, then “Not. Just as I predicted” make him schizo. That doesn’t make sense its like someone saying “I ate your pizza”, then “Not. I didn’t eat your pizza” The Not is a seperate idea. You could say “I ate your pizza”, and then “Not.” without adding the rest and it would still make sense that way. I think you guys are just trying to mess with the website fans. There are plenty things you can come up with with facts from the manga but something so arbitrary is useless. You can give facts but then you also have to give a reason why kishimoto would do this. I sound like an asshole but try to put a little more thought into your ideas. HeHe

    I have an idea on the obito madara theory though. Maybe obito was madaras son. I think he took possesion of obitos eye after kakashi left him. I mean the sharingan was stated to be an everlasting eye but maybe not maybe it does eventually lead into darkness. Stealing your brothers eyes could only prolong it and thats why he needed his sons eye. It would explain why his other eye is covered up. Also take a look at chapter 385 pg 17 and chapter 385 pg 6. Itachi starts explaining his ideas of what correct is and also miscopceptions you make from what you believe. He then gives examples to sasuke but then he goes and states that madara is an immortal and invincible. That would totally contradict what he was saying and then he states something else that pushes my theory of obito. This also raises some ideas on why madara needs sasuke on his side if his eyes are slowly fading after taking obitos eye. This was said on chapter 386 pg 11 and pg 9. He says “obviously, this exchange could only be done btwn clansmen.” then “and simply gaining anothers eyes didn’t equate to gaining this power” the power he stated in the box before was all new dojutsu. Then he states thats why there have been a lot of deaths in the clans history. This could explain my theory and why he needs to stay refreshed with eye juices. On the other page i mentioned, itachi says madara is a pathetic shell of his former self so it concludes my theory right there. Madara is like orochimaru instead of needing to exchange bodies time and time again he has to exchange eyes. I think what madara trully wants is not only the kyuubi power sealed in him but also sasukes eyes so maybe he is targetting both naruto and sasuke. Sasuke’s eyes do have a strange look to them on chapeter 402 pg 17. MAdara probably needs some requirements before taking sasukes eyes to achieve immortality. okay thats enough before i really go deep into thought.This is my best explanation on my theory if someone could fill in the holes or criticize please do. There are plenty of places to contradict and elaborate i hope.

  15. Ok I think you dont understand what i was geting at with zetsu Madara told zetsu all that time ago to watch the fight between sasuke and naruto. So zetsu knows that madara is pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Zetsu took in tobi knowing it had to be madara otherwise why would he take him in like that. But then zetsu calls tobi a good boy ect… the thing i could think of is that both zetsu and madara where acting right then but why would they. And i was not saying madara is schizo but that when he took his brothers eyes he got part of his personality kind of like Kakashi and obito.

    I just want to let you know obito cant be madaras son. The timeline wont add up at all the only way that would happen is if madara was in the anbu for one hell of a long time.

    But it is not sasukes eyes alone that will bring the sharingan to its true power. they might be part of how it is done but madara needs the tailed beasts for his plan to gain true power.

  16. Yeah I wasn’t really sure about the obito thing thats what I started on. It lead me to think about who madara is and who recognized him as an immortal. The only one to call him an immortal was itachi and him and madara are the only ones who go thouroughly into the past. I believe that madaras immortality will be revealed soon because if itachi doesn’t think too much of him and pretends to call him invincible at the same time it leaves an unanswered question. What is madara really after? Definately an interesting subject. The best thing to do is look for clues in madaras and itachis speech to sasuke.

    No one is invincible in manga series and thats always the case because that would not be interesting for the protaganist.

    I think zetsu always new about madara because if you look back onto the fight between sasuke and naruto he is the one who popped up after. So zetsu was already interested in both of them. Which means that madara had already been comanding him at the time. Zetsu seems like the kinda guy who wouldn’t be fooled too easy too thats why he was the one who brought madara in as tobi. How could madara create akatsuki without someone knowing his identity. Of course pain probably new since he was giving lead before madara was revealed but i think zetsu was there before him.

  17. well I think part of madaras body is not human look at chapter 404 page 12. No one can stop a sword with there arm. The only time i saw someone stop a sword with chakra was naruto as the demon fox. Madara also has pins in his body so i think part of his body is destroyed and made up of something that can take the hit of a sword.

  18. maybe thats what itachi meant when he said he is a fragile form of his former self. I wonder how badly he got his ass kicked by the 1st. could also be that someone saved him from his defeat. How do you know he has pins in his body? I haven’t seen his face once only the side of it. Oh yeah and whats with his teleportation that was the fourths jutsu.

  19. chapter 280 page 19 look at tobis side there are bolts in it.

  20. LMFAO! OMG you guys are nuts. So much for a statement comment post…

    Carry on gentlemen. You are as always entertaining.

    P.S. For those of you that are pretty much vetting the blog, you may as well get a Naruto icon set up.


  21. I have to say sth about the immortality-thing:
    That doesn´t mean he´s invincible, if he was, Itachi wouldn´t have used Amaterasu through Sasuke.
    I think the immortality comes from his ability of moving freely in the 4 dimensions and manipulating them.

    Concerning the eyes if I remember right, it was said that the brother´s ones are needed to make it work.
    When you look at Sasuke´s Sharingan, it looks like 2 over each other , so maybe Itachi gave him (half) of it. This explains the “implantation” of amaterasu. If it can burn every matter (even fire) then it can also burn an old Uchiha. I was the first time O´ve seen Madara acting in panic.
    The implatation is what we can state as sure. So maybe this is also the way that Madara has two estimations on the same thing.

    @ cdog concerning the pizza-thing:
    Do you think the not was an adding to the 1st sentence?
    This would be a double negation (I know that there´s even a tripple negation in japanese :)). If it was one, why would he say the same thing after the double negation once again?
    Maybe you´ll say that if he can do that, he could move back in time, too and change history. I think he could, but a ridiculously large amount of chakra would be needed (maybe the ichi-kyuubi?). I know this is a bit exaggerated, but we have some beginnings in this direction if you look at how Kakashi ripped Daeidara´s arm off, Madara´s defense style and how he went away in ch 396 02.

    Concerning the obito thing: I´ve just read the Kakashi Gaiden chapters (I know its a little bit late) and i´m not convinced that this will play a major role in the rest of the manga.
    I think Kishimoto wanted to add depth and explain a little more about one of the most popular characters.

    I also have a less complicated explaination for the 395-thing:
    Madara has played the Tobi-role for a long time, so maybe he was just in his role whenhe said that. I mean after this information, his style of speeking became MUCH more self-confident (“play with you children”) and he stoped those stupid gesticulations.
    I think that was when he decided not to keep up his camouflage anymore, because now he´d have to reveal himself to Sasuke anyway.

    Another thing about Itachi: I think it was his aim to make Sasuke a match for Madara by bringing him to the “dark side” and Naruto a match for Sasuke to bring him to the good side once again.

    Another thing (I know its a little bit more than one sentence ;)):
    Anybody said that the signs on Mad´s face were like Naruto´s.
    I think these are normal wrinkles (just look at Itachi´s face, and he is much younger). On 397 01 they are right under the eye and don´t just start on the cheek like with Naruto.

  22. Just to clarify, your saying that Itachi’s marks are facial features, not wrinkles, right? He has them in the flashbacks when he is a teenager so they are definantly facial features, he’s not that much older than Sasuke or Naruto, like 5 or 6 years right?

    Danzo’s marks are age marks. Naruto’s marks are facial features. Madara’s marks could easily be age marks considering how old he would be in his current body…or smush marks from a boulder….gasp! dun dun duuuuuunnnnnn. *Lightning strikes in the back round* ^_^

  23. can someone give me a link to the manga. I have one but its not that good.

  24. Well this is my theory about the pieces of the naruto puzzle. I’ll first begin with Pein , Pein is Nagato. And the reason why there are 6 paths of Pein. Meaning there are 6 other bodies with the same eye technique. The reason being if you think back to the earlier shippuuden series were Gara was taken by Akatuski. Itachi and Kisamie had given 2 other bodies there same abilties. Becasue Itachi’s clone who even had the same eye technique was fighting Naruto, Kashaski, Sakura and that old lady from the sand village. Kashaski even used his sharingan and thought it was the real Itachi. No one even knew it was a fake until Naruto had beat him and afterwards it was a different body. Kisame clone was fighting Gae ( however u spell his name ). And the whole time Itachi and Kisame was sitting far away in a remote location controlling the look alikes. And they said it was due to the fact of Peins abilty’s therefore Pein has the ability to distriubute his chakra and eye techinque with several other bodys. While he is far away in a safe location controlling them.

    Because if you also think back Pein was the so called leader of Akatskui, but the whole time Madera was pulling the strings. And Orachmari was a member of Akatskui but he tried to take over Itachi body but he couldnt beat Itachi. Therefore Orachmari was gave Saskue the curse seal becasue orachamri wanted to take over his body. But he tried to but Saskue use his sharingan to stop him. But if you pay attention in the new opening trailers for the shippuuden 70 it shows Kabuto with Orchamri and Orchamri is sitting on a bed or something. Which means in some point in the later episodes Orcahmari will return somehow. But the strongest people on Akaskuti is 1. Madra 2. Pein 3. Itachi ( but he is belived dead now ) Pein may be even stronger than Madra but who knows. Because when Ithaci was with Kisame trying to obtain NAruto for the kyubi. Jirya was with Naruto and Itachi said neither him or Kisame combined could take out Jirya because he is one of the legandary sanin. But Pein took out Jirya and had him on the run. Pein stood toe to te with Jirya and now Jirya is belived to be dead also. I honestly think Pein is using Madra and will betray Madra. But I think Madra already knows this.

    As we all know Naruto is the destine child that the old Toad Sage told Jirya about in his prophecy. I know Itachi gave Naruto some of his powers but not sure which ones.But I do know this for a fact, that the key that Minato left for Naruto. Once Naruto gets the key it will release alot of chakra that Naruto was able to use at first. Naruto will be able to master the Toad’s training. But it will not be until the smaller old toad tells Naruto his dad was the fourth Hokage Minato. Naruto will then be more focused and master the training.

    As far as who Madra really is, I have no idea. I have read the Danzo = Madra theory and also those saying its Obito. Both have good points but Danzo is not Madra. But madra could be Obito or Madra could at least had used Obito body who knows. I just know once we do see Madra face and we know who it is. It will answer alot of questions

  25. no pain is not nagato when jiraya fought pain at frist he thought it was nagato then as he was about to die he knew who it was si there is no way it is nagato

  26. @ jeremiah : No, I wanted to say Itachi does have wrinkles.
    I think that Mangekyou overstrains + damages the body so much that it causes earier aging, disease and those wrinkles. Just look at him spitting blood!
    Furthermore, on ch 385 p 17, there´s a pict of young (he has his old armor on, so I think he is young) Madara with the same wrinkles.
    I know its a little bit exaggerated to discuss about such a subject,
    and look for proof, but I have nothing else to do at the moment 🙂

  27. You might want to write this down but the story shall continue and go on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever…. aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, r u getting this?

    This line might be more challenging than other one’s I’ve given, just try and figure it out.

  28. why do people think obito is madara and danzo is madara listen here. and some people think itachi and jiraya are not dead well i will set it all straght
    danzo=caputred in the leaf village
    4th hokage=dead
    3rd hokage=dead
    5th hokagealive
    team 8=alive
    team 9=alive
    team 10=alive
    memebers of hawk=alive
    the guy that had five hearts=dead
    the vudo guy=dead

  29. LMAO @ guy that had five hearts… I think you mean Kakuzu.

    Thanks for the chart James ^_^

    None of what you said can be proven wrong except Oro being dead. He’s in Kabuto, I’m sure that was just a slip up.

  30. orochimaru is not dead he is inside Kbuto, and danzo is not caputred in the leaf village, he is part of the people who run the leaf.

  31. damn you beat me to the post jeremiah ><

  32. Try to snatch the pebble from my hand… JK ^_^

  33. P.S. I’m guessing vudo guy is Hidan?

  34. why do people think obito is madara and danzo is madara listen here. and some people think itachi and jiraya are not dead well i will set it all straght

    sorry i had to make some minor adjustments

    danzo=caputred in the leaf village
    4th hokage=dead
    3rd hokage=dead
    5th hokage=alive
    team 8=alive
    team 9=alive
    team 10=alive
    memebers of hawk=alive
    the guy that had five hearts=dead
    the vudo guy=dead
    sasuke curse seal=dead
    garra=alive then garra=dead now garra= alive
    3rd kazekage=dead
    4th kazakage=dead
    kankura=alive but allmost got killed by sasroi was saved by sakrua
    garra s old sensi=alive but murdred that guy in the leaf village
    garra s student=very weak but alive
    sasoris gradmother=dead
    kisame=alive but that water will one day kill him
    narutos mother=most likey dead
    pain parner fogot her name paper girl=alive but soon will be dead
    mama frog=alive
    papa frog=alive
    the guy that totures people fogot his name=alive
    the two brother frogs=alive

    me=james=the best=has nother else better to do on a summer day=alive

  35. my bad orchimaru is not dead

  36. LOL @ me=james=the best=has nother else better to do on a summer day=alive

    I know how you feel. I’ve got a week and a half until school starts again…boring summer days… Then it will eventually be boring lecture classes that I’m blogging in… So I guess it never changes-_-

  37. Chouji = Soon to be dead from massive heart failure

  38. school came so quick jeremiah what grade are you going to

  39. garra s student=very weak but alive. whe did garra get a student?

  40. @ Bruce… deep breath. Exhale… ok. Are we cool now? I know you are hard core from your posts and submissions but not everone is the same age or even from the same country here…so lets all just relax until the end of the world comes as Daniel-san has predicted.

    @James… I geuss it would be 15th. College Junior.

    @ Last scorpion…I don’t know anything about Gaara’s student either. Someone want to enlighten us? Was it in the anime filler? If so, I didn’t watch it. I went in training like Naruto did when it went into filler until Shippuuden started ^_^

  41. @Bruce..
    I see you don’t quite agree with my Danzo = Madara Theory. If in fact the Manga proves me wrong I will admit I am “dumb as hell”. However if you are wrong I do not require gifts or ritual sacrafice; if you still feel the need to give of yourself you should donate that “left nut” to science. I’m sure they could help out the “gay” people when they unlock the secrets of your massive amounts of testosterone.
    My newest theory… Bruce has the Kyubi sealed in his sack, that’s what makes him such a man.

  42. Jeremiah where can I read that manga youu and Daniel-san were talking about? It sounds a little like Deathnote with all the twists and turns. LMAO

  43. @ erich22 it is not a manga and it is a very good anime i did a post on it and that is where the discussion came up. the animes name is Code Geass.
    @Jeremiah In the same grade *high five* or Rock lee “nice guy pose” lol

  44. @Lastscorpian & Jeremiah, I see the spirit of youth flowing on this page we should all go train. lol

  45. bruce you are a fagget and you are dumb has hell bruce you are the scum of the earth man you are so fucking stupid you dumb as fuck get a life
    **** you say im a **** but you **** my **** i am **** and **** than all of you

    **** (edited by Jeremiah.)

  46. LMFAO @ “My newest theory… Bruce has the Kyubi sealed in his sack, that’s what makes him such a man.”

    That is fuckin classic! Sorry Bruce, but you’ve got to hand it to erich his CommentnoJitsu skill level is Hokage level impressive.

  47. Dude James, calm down. Did you not see we all had your back and then you turn on us and say that you are smarter than all of us? Relax…Breath….exhale.

    I’m warning you two right now. I edited James comment to show that I can alter your comments to say what ever I want. I’ve only edited a few remarks in the past due to racism and general stupidity.

    File James’ comment under general stupidity. Take notes from erich on how to reply to an aggressive comment. Your response just makes Bruce laugh harder.

  48. I agree with Jeremiah we need to calm down and focus. Remember the sixth element is Heart. Go team Planet.

  49. LMFAO!!!

    uh oh, run kid’s, big daddy Jeremiah just got home…

    This might turn into something worthy enough to land on meaningful distractions, right between China censoring a girl from the opening ceremony and Mike Myers threatening John McCain

  50. @erich

    I think I just crapped myself when I read that comment from laughing so hard! ^_^

    How the hell this blog ever had multiple Captain Planet references, I’ll never know.

  51. Nevermind, they just put videos of a bunny there, try again later

  52. @ Alec

    For real. I felt like I should be saying “I’ll turn this car around right now dammit!”

  53. Before u get mad at me, in my defense it is a very well run sight with lots of useful information: like Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor on a regular tv sitcom

  54. How could I ever question something like that -_-

  55. Jeez, knowing Charlie Sheen is the highest paid anything about made me crap my pants. Sponge Bob Deathpants s clearly a better actor!

  56. PS3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm demo rocks. Had to insert something Naruto related.

  57. How many games are they up to now?

  58. When you get Kakashi to expose his Sharingan I was hoping for a cooler result.

    Kyuubi Naruto is pretty cool though. It’s gotten to the point where it looks like the anime while you play it rather than just in the cut scenes.

  59. Yeah I think there will be more to learn and do in the actual game. Because I haven’t beenn able to turn Naruto into the demon shadow shurakin or get him to run on walls.

  60. @ Alec… not sure but it’s an shit load of coolness. I just wish I could play Ultimate Ninja 3 on my PS3.

  61. Well guys it’s been fun but I’m gonna take a break and go pick up Madden ’09. Maybe one of the hot chicks at Best Buy will offer to rub on my Kyubi’s.

  62. The student was in the anime fillers at the very end, where Gaara fights that weird dude with all the armor, and they give her a brief cameo in 280 04 and was the main character of the story written by our favorite pessimist: Daniel-san in the Fight to the Death section a while back…

    Though I’m really not sure what Gaara can teach except on how to quickly kill people like a homicidal maniac.

  63. Nice

  64. i just want to say my bad for the past comment i am dumb as hell

  65. @ James – Water under the bridge… already forgotten.

    @ Alec – I may have to watch those episodes along with the Hinata story arc just because every one keeps telling me I need to. I take it the 280 o4 is the manga chapter and page for her cameo? Click HERE to see it.
    Thanks for the reference Alec.

  66. Just to throw it out there, maybe Garra’s student is Madara. No, no, no that would be “dumb as hell”.
    @Jeremiah – any postings yet on this week’s survey?

  67. Early tomorrow.

  68. Gracias, Amigo

  69. Actually, I didn’t care for any of those, I was just flipping through each one just to see if there was anything cool

  70. Really? People have told me in the past to watch them but I never see the point in watching filler. I’m not watching the current filler either. I don’t see why they couldn’t have just kept right on through with the manga. They aren’t even close to catching up or anything like that so there really was no good reason to go into filler again… it’s really annoying.

  71. I’d like to see some more sub stories with flashbacks instead of filler arcs. At least then you get a better idea of some of the things going on. Or at least they could give more insight to the caricters we never get to see. I’m ready for the Kakashi / Gai chunin exam flashback arc.

  72. Fillers have nothing to do anything except character development, but its usually only other Genin except Kurenai and Anko were in some. But they are not that great unless you want to see shino laughing his ass off (I don’t remember the episode).

    @ erich-That would be cool

  73. You know if they needed to let the manga get ahead of them they could have done the kakashi gaiden. And the anime is not neer the manga so i dont know why they had to do fillers. *sigh* I just dont get it they sitll have the fight where asuma gets killed then shikamaru revenge,sasuke Vs orochimaru(team hawk made),sasuke vs deidra, jiraiya vs pain, sasuke vs itachi (*sigh alot if sasuke fights.) and then but the time all thats over Sasuke vs 8tails. The need to stop with Sasuke fights.

  74. @ erich-That would be awesomeness…I wouldn’t mind a 12 episode filler arc if it was a flash back on some main characters when they were younger. Like the 4th, Kakashi, Jiraiya etc. Damn that would be cool as hell!

  75. That settles it. My next interview will be with someone involved with the anime and I’m going to ask them that question. *doing nice guy pose*

  76. how do you get a picture related to naruto when you post a comment and i get some damn monster picture in the corner of thee screen

  77. you have to make a free account with wordpress (i am not sure how to put a link in a reply sry) then you upload a pic that has to do with a naruto character. LMAO i just noticed that no one took sasuke everyone must hate him.

  78. look i said my bad already and i will like to say i am 9 years old and you are such the bigger man that you brought a old subject up that i already apolojized but i will say it again sorry bruce you must have no life if you keep bringing stuff like this up but you had to say somthing about erich22 you need to grow up and yes i am 9 this subject is now over
    bruce stop jerking off to magazines under your bed

  79. haha dont worry about him he thinks hes cool cuz he can make fun of kids 10 years younger than him

  80. kakashi gets sick from using his sharingan because he contracted aids from obito

  81. @ Bruce- You don’t have to kill anyone to get MS, the only requirment is that someone close to you dies. Killing your best friend is one way of making sure that that requirment is fulfilled. Kakashi didn’t kill his friend (as far as we know), and Saskue didn’t kill Naruto, but he killed Itachi who was his brother that he once loved.

    And who did Kakshi copy from exactly?

  82. Talk bout hiding behind your computer Bruce, since when does insulting people who just have better class than you, or people who have apologized to you count as being more grown up and mature. Talk about hiding behind your computer.

  83. kakashi got his ms by coping itachis they do call him the copy

  84. but not the same exact one i think i could be wrong it is my bed time

  85. @Bruce… sticks and stones may break my bones but the nine tails in your pants will always itch you.
    If we did have a battle behind the computers I would win; I’ve got deadly aim with my wireless mouse. It’s just so hard to leave the computer when you’re a fatty, fat, fat, fat.
    BTW Bruce will you be my friend?

  86. @ Everybody… I’m done wth my CommentNoJutsu on Bruce. Bruce you can have the last word. But if you pick on James or others again I will never forgive you.

  87. nicely put haha

  88. i have a new connection between danzo and madara. You know how kisame referred to madara as the mizukage. Well this is just the thing I was watching the earlier narutos and realized something. Zabuza and those famous swordman clan were all from the village hidden in the mist right so I believe they were originally all lackeys of madara or the mizukage and then something happened maybe internal problems resulting in the disbanding of the group. Also making zabuza distrust the village and failing to kill the mizukage. During that time it is most likely the fact that madara was the leader at the time.

    Now to the point of connection between danzo and madara. When the third was still alive and root was still actively controlled danzos methods awoke the idea of killing your classmate as being the final test of the graduation exam. I don’t know what pages there on but I remember them saying that the village hidden in the mist adopted the same ideology as this, creating bloodmist village. The events seem to cooincide with madara coming into power of the village. It hasn’t been told exactly when he came into power but he has some relation to kisame and the other great swordsmen of the mist village. I believe this will shed some light on things when they go to the mists history.

  89. great theory Cdog, how ever it ends up it seems that if they ever actually explain Madara’s history it would weave through the fabric of the leaf village. personally I’d like to actually see Madara have died in the past and have Obito take up his mantle to further some mysterious end.

  90. well i said this mostly because kisame reffered to madara as the mizukage which is the leader of the village hidden in the mist.

  91. great theory Cdog, how ever it ends up it seems that if they ever actually explain Madara’s history it would weave through the fabric of the leaf village. personally I’d like to actually see Madara have died in the past and have Obito take up his mantle to further some mysterious end.

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