Naruto Manga 412 Translation Scanlation + Tsunade Week + (updated) Tsunade survey

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Click the Translation link above to read the Naruto Manga 412.

Click Here to read the Tsunade Cosplay Interview

Check out THIS post for the continuing theory discussion thread.

Also be sure to check out the interview below the stats for this weeks survey…

Week of Monday August 4th- Friday the 8th for Naruto Manga 412

One of the better Tsunade wall papers I've seen.  The pic is linked to the site hosting the WP if you want it.

One of the better Tsunade wall papers I've seen. The pic is linked to the site hosting the WP if you want it.

Hey everyone,

Last week saw the blog take its first hit… the power got switched off and we were invisible to all except the hard core fans who used track backs through old posts or book marks to find us. The problem was fixed by Mid Thursday but by then the damage had been done. We recovered a bit with nearly 8,000 hits on Thursday but being invisible for the first part of the week really set us back. But lets let the past be the past and move on.

Much frustration and theorization was ruling the comments section last week as I posted a time line for a Danzo = Madara = Obito theory. One that I don’t even believe but I wanted to play devils advocate so as to see if we could find that one piece of evidence that just blows the whole story open. That’s the way the cops do it right? You’ve all seen the movies where they put the story board together to easily see the landscape of the plot. It makes it easier to pick out holes in theories and bring stuff together that way.

This week we’ve decided to devote the blog to one character, Tsunade. The Survey will be all about Tsunade theory, future of, what if scenarios and goofy questions. We’ve also got a very interesting conversationwith the #1 Tsunade cosplay convention girl below which doesn’t have anything to do with Naruto manga directly but entertaining none the less. Any way, we thought it would be fun to talk to the appropriately mis-proportioned famous Tsunade Cosplay girl and see what she’s up to besides being asked to do Hentai by random strangers at conventions. After reading the interview below you can click her pic to access her other creative cosplay pictures. Here is a short Tsunade outtake from after the Shippuuden episode 10.

Directly below is this weeks Survey, so enjoy and I’ll update it through out the week with stats and best of. Just click the eyes below to take this weeks survey entitled:

Tsunade Week Survey

Some early stats from this weeks survey:

1) Finish this sentence. Tsunade has been_____:

56.2% said an Awesome character.

21.9% said a Good character.

21.8% said an Alright character.

6% said an Annoying character.

3% said eye candy.

2) Who is your favorite crazy misproportioned sake drinking nin?

60% of you answered Kuukaku.

40% of you answered Tsunade.

3) What will happen when Konoha is invaded by Pain? (Top 3 answers)

25.7% of you said she will fight but will not be killed.

20% of you said she will be killed by Pain.

17.14% of you said she would die but kill Pain in the process.

4) Who would win in a fight between Tsunade and her protege Sakura?

80.6% of you said that Tsunade would win.

19.4% of you said that Sakura would win.

And 1 of you has no sense of imagination and asked why would they fight? Sakura has nothing to gain from it. It’s hypothetical! Loosen up!


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on August 3, 2008.

45 Responses to “Naruto Manga 412 Translation Scanlation + Tsunade Week + (updated) Tsunade survey”

  1. OMG! I can’t believe she doesn’t fall over! NICE

    P.S. First!

  2. 😛 I didn’t see this post coming. Funny idea. She seems cool. Nice job as always Jeremiah.

  3. Yeah i did not see a post like this coming at all LMAO. It is a good post ^_^.

  4. I’m glad people are digging it. If I did the same thing every week and never tried anything new then I shouldn’t be writing a blog. I’ll keep trying new stuff every once in a while to keep you guys on your toes.

  5. I’m guessing this was somewhat in response to that poll earlier? Cool.
    Haha Heero Yuy is awesome. I need to go rewatch Gundam Wing. 🙂
    but yeah, that’s a really good cosplay. And sure! It’s always nice to change things up every once in a while. lol

  6. Are we doing self advertizing now?

    (Response by Jeremiah: I fixed it. I’m not sure how it got through the filter. I hate Spam.)

  7. sasuke gets his ass whooped on but wait he gets healed come on

  8. If Sasuke really is getting his ass handed to him by the Eight Tails and has to be saved by Karin then the 8 tails is alot stronger than I thought.

  9. That girl is walking hentai. Awesome. Hot.

    Sasuke is being exposed, like the punk that he is. HAHA!

  10. Indeed. I agree with Suckafool. It would be hard not to stare if I saw her at a convention or something. Cool post.

    Sasuke is a bitch. I wish they would concentrate on other people. It’s getting ridiculous how much they focus on that guy.

  11. *sigh* this chapter is not going to get anything done. You can see from the pics that the last page is the 8 tails yelling somthing. You can see its the last page because of the naruto in the bottom right hand side.

  12. Another lame chapte of Naruto,,,

    Should call it “Sasuke” as this is just lieing to the readers.

  13. Since the time skip it has been all about Sasuke… Sasuke… Sasuke. Which is boring because he’s robotic and doesn’t even seem to be into anything he does. He even looked bored fighting Itachi sometimes.

  14. Dude. Did you tap that? I would have tried. You were way too nice in the interview HAHA! I would have asked if she’s ever done it with the Tsunade costume on 🙂

  15. Fight after fight with sasuke they should make the fight mangas come in double every week so we fans wouldnt have too anticipate another boring fight. From the looks of it 8th blade will come out next week Sasukes ultimate MS will appear rah rah rah. Pain will hopefully turn up at Konoha but because of Narutos training which seems like a day or two, I dont think it should make him a super Sage I hope pain does some killer Damage too some not so famous Leaf Ninja’s so I can at least feel a hit from This Narutijuana.

  16. @ Malefosho
    I’m not going to be a dick to someone who is being cool. If she was acting all elitist or something I would have turned it into a goof but she was cool so I minded my manners.

    It wasn’t in person either, it was an online interview. I have another interview in a different field of the Naruto world in the works since this one went so well. Thanks to everyone who sent the emails saying how much you enjoyed it 🙂

  17. sasuke is on his third major one after another first that bomb dude then his brother now the 8tails and 2 all who think danzo is madara you are dumb as hell and one last thing this site or blog is best and i on it on my psp

  18. what is up with the time on this site the time is wrong were i am at it is not even 6 o clock

  19. how do you get them naruto pic when you post a comment

  20. Do you have a post for this friday Jeremiah? If not i might do a post that has little to do with naruto. Lets just say i will encourage people to watch a very good anime, where someone i hate just got told in the last ep. but yeah the post will be unbiased ^_^.

  21. wow why is my last post half way in the page. I wonder if this one will be?

  22. ahhhh hurow… can you tell me how im ment to pimp ma profile..???? .. oooh and manga all da way!!!!!!1

  23. The eighth blade is his dick!! LOL

  24. I guess I’m dumb as hell, cause I think Madara is Danzo. However when he takes his mask off heres to hoping all you non-believers feel dumb as hell.
    BTW – Obito is dead!

  25. I’m glad to see my comment jumped halfway up the page. WordPress can’t handle the load of hits this blog is getting.

  26. when does the latest manga come out

  27. Thanks James, I’m sure what ever city you live in is not dumb as hell if you are getting WiFi on your PSP good enough to read this blog. I can’t get mine to work for shit.

  28. It’s supposed to be set to my time. I’ll fix it later.

  29. manga 412 was a good one sasuke was getting his ass whipped by the 8tails. i think the 8tails is a black guy because he is always raping and he looks black we all know that sasuke team is going to win because he wins every fight sasuke has a god team and we still did not get his new eye techinque i bet it will good i cant what to see it naruto he is never good at training but when he is done he will be better than sasuke and kick his ass i cant wait 2 see them fight and naruto and pain or pein naruto will learn some good stuff i wrote bad it is so late god night

  30. I don’t see how naruto jumoing into a pool of the toad oil will not turn him into a toad. But it has to work out or the manga ends there:) I’m interested to see naruto apply the sage techniques after he’s learned to balance them. He probably won’t get the time to since pain will track him down before then.
    Wow, rhat would be a cool battle sage naruto and all the toads on toad mountian fighting pain and kohnan. Just throw them in the oil pool and let them turn into toad statues.

  31. pain will not be able to find naruto only sages know the way or frogs and you have 2 be at one with nature 2 find the mountain that naruto will train on so pain and naruto will not be fighting any time soon and if they did naruto will lose because he is not ready i want naruto to learn a justu besides rasengan shadow clone and the new one naruto should be more like sasuke and have a lot of justu in his repatour but naruto is inproving but even if he trains he will never be able to beat pain if the great jiraya could not

  32. James maybe they should rename the manga Pain since he’s that good.

  33. what do you think pain will do 2 the leaf village when he cant find naruto there is no one in the village that can stop him

  34. how do you not mnoster picture every one else has a picture that has 3 do with naruto

  35. ahhhh, james, I was once too like u… ignorant and blissful of the ways to acquire a kick ass picture…

  36. hey shut up how did you get yours

  37. h

  38. Go to, create an account, and go to edit profile and you;ll see a place to upload an image. So find an image, download onto your computer, then upload it into the picture area, crop it, and your done

  39. Where can you buy Naruto character costumes?

  40. hmm not sure on that one (dont know where you are from) but i am sure you can get them online if you want.

  41. just do a search for “buy cosplay” on google. There are alot of online stores that sell that stuff. Especially around Halloween.

  42. Damn u Scorpion! Get off my Kool Aid! JK ^_^

  43. @ Jeremiah LMAO

  44. hehehe … tsunade-sama is very hot. 😛

  45. Hmmm…the wallpaper is a bit not appropriate for the younger children. It is too emphasized.

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