Madara = Danzo or Obito…or both?!?! Timeline

You all know I’ve never been sold on the Danzo is Madara thing and I’ve offered reasons why I don’t believe it.  So I’ve looked all over the internet to find the convincing arguement that would change my opinion… I didn’t find one.  So I set out to make the best arguement possible that Danzo is Madara.  I know its crazy to make an arguement for something you yourself don’t believe but I would like to submit to you my arguement for a Danzo = Madara scenerio.  This is my time line and exhibits to support a Danzo = Madara story line.  I even threw in Obito for good measure to complete that theory as well.

I want people to criticize the theory. I want people to find faults and expose the incorrect assumptions I’ve made.  I want to either confirm or refute the theory that Madara is Danzo all together.  And if that doesn’t bend your noggin consider that it may be two seperate people as Madara.  I’m not talking split personality, I’m talking two different people playing the part of Madara.  Ever notice the difference in attitudes…goofy to serious.  Is that the difference of Obito and Danzo… two different people playing the same part for a common goal?  Tear this theory apart please.

Madara = Danzo.  This would be my argument.


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  1. My critique is this, if Madara stole the body of Obito, then that means Madara would look like he’s in his late twenties, Danzo is obviously much older and therefore can not be Madara if Madara is using Obito’s body. I believe Danzo is important, but in his own way. If it came down to it, I bet he himself would fight Madara to protect Konoha, rather than see public enemy number 1 return to tear the place down.

  2. Well, I can’t really say I agree with this or that I really refute this. You bring up good points to support that Madara is Danzo and that Obito could fit into the mix, but I’m just not buying the fact that these three people are actually one person. It’s possible, but just too unlikely in my opinion. Although the eye connection is pretty substantial, it could be done purposely to lead us off track. Otherwise, I think that’s too predictable… but maybe I’m thinking too much? On another note, maybe the Obito/Madara connection is related to the also possible Rin/Pain connection? Hmm… too many possibilities…

  3. Guys, these teories are not correct. First thing – when Obito gave one of his eyes to Kakashi, it was because the other half of his body was already destroyed under a rock, leaving only one eye good for use. Besides, even if was possible for Madara to still use that eye, he would have to get it as soone as possible, that means right after the cave completely fell over him, crushing the rest of his body. Madara would have to dig for that eye in the midle of an ongoing war with the 4th, Kakashi and that other ninja part of the tem around. Wouldn´t it be easier to get another sharingan eye just by atacking a randon Uchiha member wille taking a walk around? Why does it have to be Obito? (very unlikely to happen). Second Thing – Danzou always shows his face in public, except for a small covered part of his face on his right side. Madara shows to have only his right eye, not the left one, like Danzou, so why would Madara, still having both eyes, is hiding one of them depending on who he is interpreting. Madara, as Kisame already said, is the Mizukage, or another “kage” that I don´t remember right now, so how could he be so many and so many things at the same time, being Madara and Danzou? don´t you think that if Madara really was Danzou, his constant leaving of the leaf village for years would never rise suspition? Don´t you remember that Danzou ordered Sai to kill Sasuke, when Madara actually want´s him by his side? Third – Now, if you are questioning: why does Madara have only one eye? Maybe he lost it fighting the First, as he already shown to be using a mask wille helping Itachi to kill the Uchiha. Thing is, he wears that mask probably for two reasons, to cover for scars and his identity. Everyone thought he was killed by the 1th so, he didn´t whant to be recognized by anyone.

  4. One thing I forgot to say, Madara wears the eyes of his beloved brother (or so he says), do you realy think he would discard it that easy for a random person that he never met, a kid like Obito? Itachi already said that getting someone´s eyes don´t equate of getting their power. Obito´s eyes were still weak, there was no reason for Madara to get atracted by it.

  5. well personally i think that obito has a probability of being madara because when they first show madara it is shown that he has pins on his right side like how obito got crushed so maybe madara managed to get his body resulting in the the fact that he has only 1 sharingan eye

  6. @ 107thHokage – Good break down of the theory but you missed two things. If Madara were Danzo he would cover the Sharingan as Danzo, to hide his identity and cover his one normal eye while Madara so as not to unbalance the Sharingan. Second both of these eyes and a crushed Obito body would line up with the Eye’s of Madara and Danzo. Left eye Sharingan, right eye plain from somewhere else.

    If Madara lost one eye to the 1st Hokage, why not both? Maybe the first destroyed both of Madara’s eye’s to kill his power of Sharingan. If he’s blind then taking Obito’s dead body would be much easier than taking on a live healthy Uchiha for his eyes.

    Also consider that the marks we saw when we caught part of his face aren’t age marks but rather crush marks or scars.

    Also consider the difference in personality, that may be the reason that the part of Tobi is being played by a combination of Madara, Danzo, Obito.

    Also consider that I said in the post I don’t believe this theory either. I’m playing devils advocate. I’m trying to create a theory where you can site one thing that completely disproves it all together. Let’s find that one thing.

  7. Still, you gave no explanation about how Danzou, being Madara, could leave the Leaf Vilage all the time and not be missed or noticed for years.
    Also, I agree that if Madara lost his eyes, one or both, that would make things much harder to acquire another, but I just can´t imagine how he found out about Obito´s body, how he blindly found it, retrieved, if it was still possible to be used…hmmm that may have something to do with “Aloe Vera”(as Naruto refered to the other Akatsuki ninja), it seems they are good friends, this may be the reason, if the theory is correct. But even if that is true, they both still coulg get a better body atacking another healthy Uchiha, only if Madara was alone all the time for that to be considered, still, by changing his body or just the eyes, amybe he would loose his super powerfull sharingan, so, that is something to be considered also.
    Still, there is no explanation about why Dandou ordered Sai to kill Sasuke.

  8. He is the leader of Root, I imagine he comes and goes as he pleases. I don’t think if the Madara theory is true that Danzo would be gone for years. Before he became Danzo, the leader of Root, he was Madara. New hair cut and covering one eye does alot.

    LMAO! I can’t keep this up much longer… I really don’t believe this theory and its getting harder and harder to defend it.

  9. Hahaha
    I never liked this theory too, so I gave my reasons.
    Just hope I´m right.

  10. i think madara has the nine tails yin or yang or whatever the hell one is out there look at that pic when he took off his mask it kinda looks like he has the same marks as naruto

  11. skyhigh303 – Dude, if I remember well, when the Kyubi was sealed in Naruto, it was said that only the bad half of the chackra was completely sealed, and that is the ying or yang that was completely sealed in him. The other half is not completely sealed to allow Naruto to have access to it, like we all see him do all the time. Thinking of it, hou could you helf seal a best?? lol, the nine tails is 100% inside Naruto, but just the bad part is completelly off limits to Naruto.
    According to the “key” that Jiraya passed to naruto, on the belly of a toad (right before the fight with Pein), he will probably be able to reinforce the seal of remove it, gaining access to 100% of the nine tails chackra.
    Of course that is dangerous to naruto, since he has trouble controling the nine tails as the seal currently is, imagine with no seal at all. The key to becomming the most powerfull ninja in the story certainly lies in learning how to control all that chackra, together with the sage tecnicks that he is going to learn…he´ll get really badass after that

  12. alright now see that makes sense thats what the fuck im talkin about cause for a while i was just sittin here like how the fuck are you gonna seal half here half there………
    this aint share time thats some shit you gotta keep together kinda like socks or gloves or tits they. just work better in pairs

  13. LMFAO @ “like socks or gloves or tits, they just work better in pairs”


  14. other than that thou im stumped i wanna say hes obito but that seems obvious then danzo just seems way too out there plus he still has his left eye so if madara was danzou then he cant be obito i dunno maybe hes just madara plain and simple and thebig twist isnt who he is but how hes alive

  15. Guys, something hit me, if Madara is using Obito´s body, then he would look like obito, but, as we all know, he doesn´t.
    He´s been in the Leaf for a long time now, probably when he was still much younger. The manga doesn´t say exactly when he got in the Leaf so, exactly because we don´t know his origins that we are having this discussion.
    My point is, if Danzou is Madara, using Obito´s body, he would certainly be recognized as Obito when he showed up.
    So, if Madara really took something from him, it must be only his eyes. That must be some progress, right?

  16. And his hair stylist ^_^ They both have the same hair. Maybe Madara was balding.

  17. i agree wt d fact tht madara may have lost an eye bt i dont think his danzou or even obito, it wouldnt make sense because it was him that wiped out d uchiha clan i think pain has something to do wit y madara iz alive.. theres alot of possibilities

  18. That’s what I’ve been saying Danzo was in the leaf before Obito was born, probably before obito’s parents met, maybe before his parents were even born. Danzo is not Madara, but Madara could have obito’s body and still have his own eye (eyes, who knows). All we’ve seen of madara/tobi is his right eye, yet in all the pictures of him grown up it only shows his left eye. We haven’t even seen Madara’s hands yet, only his hair and right eye, so who knows what’s going on there.

  19. Too many, crowz, I say let’s take a break and hopefully things will be explained soon enough

  20. @ crows

    Yes Madara wiped out the Uchiha clan with Itachi.
    Yes Danzo wiped out the Uchiha clan by ordering Itachi to do it.

    Do you see how these two could be intertwined. That is definantly not the clue to unraveling that theory. It’s Danzo’s origin that would seal the deal so to speak.

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    At least the traffic is back. Well over 7,000 hits today.

  22. or what if sasuke is killed in the future so sakura makes a time jitsu to go back in time and takes obitos body so she can say she is madara to save sasukes life, and kill naruto (in the future he is a ass) and Danzo could be sai who is in love with sakura and will help her get her man. See now we can say anything and make it fit the story lmao. ^_^

  23. i was not signed in when i said that >_<

  24. I don’t understand the obsession to keep Obito alive. Everyone wants him to be ted in some way shape or form. He was week and finally grew a pair long enough to get them squashed. It’s a weak argument to say madara and pain were there to take the rest of kakashi’s team and use them in the story line later to fuck with naruto’s head.

  25. LMFAO! @ LastScorpion’s comment. Nice way to drop back in all of a sudden. Classic.

    Good way to make the point that I’ve been trying to get at all this time. Its impossible to come up with one concrete fact to prove or disprove this theory due to lack of imformation. Which is totally done on purpose by Kishimoto.

  26. yup we can make up stuff all we want but there is very little to go on with most predictions, most people who make manga kinda make up the story as they go. there are only a few things that you can kind of be sure is going to happen.

  27. danzou can’t b madara, because on the one hand, tsunade told the anbu 2 keep an i on danzou (u can c him in konoha) – on the other, tobi is on the run. He couldn’t make it so fast 2 konoha, 2 play danzou again

    Well and away from that, i jus think, that everbody overrates obito – he was jus a lil muthafucka who gave kakashi an eye – plain

  28. If Madara is Danzo the manga has already established pein can make doubles of people. He doesn’t have to run back and forth. Plus I’m sure he could make his own shadow clone.

  29. Danzo covers his left side eye & arm, and has been in Konoha for ages so he knows the Goes. Madara wears a mask and has his what could be Obitos Sharigan Its Obvious hear me out. Also its known that he is also the Mizukage when he takes his mask off and shows his entire face. Danzo has ties with the Hidden mist one of them being Sai’s training. Now lets think Ninjutsu Tobi is a Shadow clone and Danzo is a shadow clone, Madara cant be hit or hurt unless he wants to be so it shows that the Shadow clone can stay alive longer and could possibly stay unharmed. Tobi=Madara,Mizukage,Obito,Danzo that comes down too multi personalitys One isnt in control they all are hence differant bodys and differant personalitys. Tobi is a joker and clowns around thats Obito Madara is Serious and Lethal Danzo is Logical and military minded Mizukage personality is Unknown but none the less A kage… Zetsu comes from Konoha he says that they have a plan and knows Madara well looking at Zetsu I would have tooo say Madara knows that technique Its a body fusion technique differant than Orichmarus but similiar. I think Madara isnt complete meaning his Clones are every where plus his ability too be anywhere in a second.

  30. I still think the plan will be simpler than him being three places at once, clones or not. If Madara really was Danzou and the Mizukage, he could have destroyed the leaf already. Root agents, Hidden Mist ninja’s, Members of Akatsuki, and a couple of bijuu should have been enough. Look how much damage Oro did with just the sound and sand. oro was the only “kage level” ninja who invaded. Meanwhile, the leaf only have Gai, Kakashi, and Tsunade. While Madara could have already used himself, Pain, Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, and kakazu to go along with the mist, Root and two Bijuu if he had just attacked at the beginning of Shippuden or sooner.

  31. Well Sarutobi was the only Kage level ninja in Konoha. Tsunade and Jiraiya weren’t there. You could even argue that Gaara was a kage level ninja at that point. Plus, Madara has already proven weaker than Konoha’s Kage’s so a big convergent plan is needed to take it down. Especially with at least 3 Kage level ninja’s in Konoha now: Tsunade, Kakashi, Naruto… remember Naruto may not have reached his full potential yet but he more then held his own against Oro in a one on one battle.

  32. My god, it wasn’t him… H ewas knocked unconscious. f he did that in Konoha he would destroy the village for Akatsuki, that doesn’t count. At least Gaara knows what he’s doing up until he falls asleep, Naruto can’t even waken half of the fox wihtout nearly killing himself, and everyone around.

  33. I have to ask why every one assumes madara wants to destroy the leaf <__<.

  34. >_< half that post got cut off. but yeah take a look at ch 364 page 16,17 and 18. it seems to me that killing the leaf is a after thought and not his main goal. He seems to want the true power of the sharingan and needs the tailed beast to do that. He also seems to need sasuke for this as well.

  35. Like, a more powerful version of Kakashi’s technique? Use the chakra, look at something, and see it go bye-bye. That seems to fall in line with what pain was talking about having an entire country destroyed in seconds.

    No, I don’t think Madara wants to destroy the leaf, he just wants a chance to start over with him leading and the remnants of the senju gone. Which basically means killing almost everyone in the village.

  36. Aslo when talking about the leaf to sasuke he did hate the leaf but it did not seem like killing them off was his goal. his main goal is geting the tailed beasts for something (look at post above this). Madara wants power and lots of it it is the same as when he was in the ninja wars, He wants to be the most powerfull ninja. This is a shonen manga ^_^.

  37. well the “look at the post above this” thing did not work out <_< lmao

  38. And then once Mad dog gets super powerful, Naruto goes off to train with Goku, comes back like a week later, destroys the world and then wishes everything was back to normal, except Madara was still gone.

  39. Well no he never wanted to make the leaf but his clan wanted to join. Madara did not want to make a ninja village at all he wanted to keep the old ways and grow more powerfull just look at ch 388 and 399.

  40. LMAO yup something like that dont expect to much depth in naruto.

  41. i think madara is using sasuke as bridge to get the kyuubi out naruto. madara is after sealing technique that 4th used because he doesnt know how to unseal. if u remember, madara had a chance capturing naruto but he didnt. and one more thing, if guys didnot notice some of the akats members had live on the same village of host of a beast (mad, itachi, oro =naruto/ sasori = gaara) dont u think thats how they know howto unseal the beast host because they have a member who knows the seal.

  42. i bet theres a cloud ninja in akats that knows the seal of 8 tail beast so extracting the beast wont be difficult. the main problem with extracting kyuubi from naruto is no one knows the key. so even madara captured naruto that time. its useless. this is how sasuke will come and play his dog role. madara will use sasuke to get “the scroll of seal” from naruto. yes we know the toads hasnt entrusted the scroll to naruto. but i hav no doubt the toads would give that scroll to him once he prove that he can

  43. protect the scroll from foes because the scroll also contain jutsus from sage, jiraiya, minato and other ninja had used it.

  44. They don’t know how to unseal per say in unique ways. The nine dragon illusion techinique an unsealing/leech technique.

    i think you’re other statement, though educated, is wrong. There are nine-tailed beasts spilt amongst assuming nine-countries. This means there is a good chance one of the Akatsuki comes from the same village as a jinjuricki.

  45. They should come out with manga chapters that just have information. Maybe a bingo book from each nation. That way we could kno who is bad ass and what they can do. The thing that bothers me is seeing how weak people play it from time to time but when the chips are down they go all out and defeat whoever they need to. Why not just be strong and have a good fight but still kick their ass.

  46. maybe madara lost both of his eyes then helped itachi with destroying the uchiha clan so he could get a new sharingan

  47. and madara and danzou could very well be working together… madaras original target was itachi’s eyes but he knew that itachi wanted to live long enough for sasuke to kill him maybe he thought if he killed sasuke it would be easier to get itachi’s eyes

  48. I think he wanted the combination of Sasuke and Itachi’s eyes. That is why he waited until after the fight and why he delayed the Konoha nin from interfering. He also kept Itachi’s eyes for Sasuke. I think Sasuke knows this and that is why he didn’t take itachi’s eyes. He is perfecting his new sharringan and waiting until he’s stong enough to take on Madara.

  49. Hmm interesting theory about killing the clan for new eyes its possible, Because we dont really know how Madara Fell in the battle between the first. And you notice when you do see his Eyes that its strained or Black around the Eyes Like maybe His Ultimate MS is straining the hell outta of a normal Sharigan. I want too know what the Connection is with Zetsu because his Abilitys are definatly Senju maybe some1 who agree’d with Madara.. And What ever happend too the Second Hokage did they ever say how he Died or had his Demise, I never really got around to that.

  50. about the second hokage, theres no explaination on how he died. maybe same cause on how the first died, natural cause- old ages. but i have doubt that two died on natural cause. they might have died on a war. idk the specific cause. big reason: remember when oro use animation jutsu to bring the two hokage alive during the chuunin exam attack. they look more younger on the coffin so only means they died young.

    talking about madara questionable survival of the battle he had with the first. Its natural to assume that the First killed Madara because its said they both fought and the first won(this what the kohonans were told of that result). the usual end result in naruto world ends is death of the loser. but who knows maybe the first let madara lives or didnt anticipated the last attack he used against madara fail and saw madara gasping for air and left him because he thought madara would die eventually with that attack but it turns out he was able to survive.

    if only we know tobi face whether if hes using obito body, my above theory connects that the first really killed madara on the valley of the death. but if the tobi right now is madara himself. we could tell madara have survived the fight but lost his right eye during the fight with the first (nice.. poked in the eye)

  51. confirmation whos really in tobis body is whats keeping these theories breaks like…madara=danzou, tobi=obito or tobi=madara.

    the identify of tobi is really the one messing these fckn theories up. clarification of his identify would destroy one of these theories would favor one theory. but i guess this how the kishi wants us to think, and blow us later with a surprise later like…. tobis is neither danzou, obito, nor madara. but its the itachi bestfriend(forgot his name) or the bro of madara or a ninja from opposing side against konoha who happens to have collect all the dead corpse of madara, obito, pein, konan and other more.. who knows maybe tobis is naruto mom lulz :S

  52. The interesting thing is, to awaken the magneykou sharingan, you have to see some one close to you die (whether it be killing your best friend, or someone you want to kill), so does that mean Kakashi was able to awaken the magneykou once he saw the cave collapse on obito? Obito was his best friend, and it wasn’t until he saw Itachi’s magneykou that he realized he could go further. He has already said everyone close to him has already been killed, so i wouldn’t be suprised if he’s been able to use it all along but just hasn’t been aware of it.

  53. the mizukage is the kage of the hidden mist and kisame referred to madara as mizukage also danzo has relations with the hidden mist so they hafta be connected somehow

  54. Alec I think awakening the MS has to do with killing your best friend. I think Kakashhi got it because he excepts responsabilty for Obito’s death. It seems that the more power that the MS gains the more destruction it inflicts on it’s user. Such as going blind. Madara may have already used up one of his eyes or is conserving one. Reason for the mask?

  55. Also I thought there were two necklaces that the first had. Where’s the other one?

  56. If sasuke is going to start using his MS more often I’d like to see him store up a lot of chakra in a symbol that looks like the regular sharingan on his face. Sort of like the diamond on tsunade’s forehead. That way sasuke could have three seperate shots using his ameratsu without depleteing his regular reserves of chakra. Same thing goes for kakashi. I’m really surprised he doesn’t do something like this since he always seems to strain himself and use more chakra than he has.

  57. No i miss wrote that, itachi said the way to awaken it was to kill your best friend, while Madara said it has to do with someone close to you dying. The reference to killing your friend was to itachi and the reference to wanting to kill someone was to saskue (because Itachi was still close to him, not in a good way though). Obito was Kakashi’s best friend and kakashi watched him die, so that’s all i was saying. Kakashi watching his best friend die after he had the sharingan meant that at that moment he was capable of awaking the magneykou. But seeing as it is incredibly rare and not often heard of, he didn’t have an idea that you could go further with the sharingan until he met itachi. In which after realizing their is something beynod the sharingan he researched the mag. and trained for the three years Naruto was gone. That’s probably the new technique he referenced earlier in shippuden.

  58. The chakra store up is cool, but there is a problem. Tsunade had been away from the battlefield for years (and in shippuden it had been three years since she last released it). Kakashi and Saskue are always in battles and using chakra constantly. Since Kakashi has a small amount he is constantly tiring himself out in advanced battles, and as the leaf’s best ninja (after gai of course jk) he’s constantly being sent out on difficult missions.

  59. Tsunade only used hers in a life or death situation. Sasuke really went all out in his bag of tricks fighting Itachi. That is the sort of battle I would think he would store it up for. Sort of like he sealed away a shit load of throwing stars in his wrists. I think something similar would come in handy when he wants to take out Madara. As far as we know madara won’t be going through a weak phase anytime soon (like Orochimaru did).

  60. Though they still need time to store up all the chakra, which active characters don’t have

  61. I just figured they could store away chakra in a spot and not use it and keep building on it. Sort of like the way sasuke used chakra reserves to keep orochimaru at bay when he was inside the cursed seal.

  62. Mad and Dan could be allie, too:
    C Madara wants new eyes (look what the technique made of ITachi) or revenge on the clan that didn´t trust/follow him and Dan wants 2 whipe out n other source of power in Konoha.

    @ Alec: The age-thing is no reason against Mad = Dan = Obi, cuz he could´ve taken him later.

    And the falling stone that injured Obito could´ve come from Mad.

  63. I keep thinking the whole obito being alive thing is way too far fetched. Do people want to see him alive? I’d like to know are there Obito fans out there? What is the draw to this charicter? Is it the hope of another sharigan user? Maybe some deep seeded anger twards kakashi? And if this is, or was the case why has he never mentioned kakashi. Does madara have to take over an uchiha body? If he does why not take a fresh one from the village when everyone else was slain. Does he prefer his host body to be turned into half milkshake before he claims youthful victory once again. Someone please emlighten me!

  64. Just to let you know the only one who knows how to store away chakra is tsunade. No one other then her knows how to do that. other people know how much chakra the have so they know how to use it. when sasuke used to much chakra the the orochimaru chakra that was in him could come out. one last thing i want to ask where everyone got the idea that Kakashi has very little chakra? I dont know why everyone says that like it is fact. He says naruto had 4x as much as him but naruto has more chakra then everyone. More chakra is not more power, this is not like dbz with power lvls. I would say Kakashi has about the same amount of chakra as jiraiya. jiraiya just had much stronger jitsu the kakashi. It is better jitsu = more power, just look at how Yamato stoped a naruto with a jitsu. The fourth did not have a super amount of chakra but made a jitsu that could beat the ninetail fox. i think alot of people like to think of all animes in that DBZ type of mind lol. k rant over ^^

  65. 1st off Kakashi is one of my favorite charicters. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do as hokage. It just pisses me off that in the story after every battle he has to be in the freakin hospital for what seems like weeks. I know he can’t heal up quick like naruto but it seems like even rock lee came back from career ending injuries quicker than kakashi usually does. And I know I’ve said in the past it’s due to him having spent up his chakra. I’m not really sure what to think because what they say and do with kakashi drives me nuts. It seems to me like they make up ways to keep him out of the action because he could end things so quickly. He is the proverbial 6th power ranger that comes to save the day after everyone gotten their ass beat.

  66. Sorry if I come off as an Asshole in my last two post it’s not ment to be that way. Just trying to clarify my frustrations.

  67. I think the chronic hospital visits after using any eye technique what so ever and being carried home by Gai are leading people to believe that he doesn’t have as deep a chakra well as everyone would like him to have.

  68. Maybe when naruto gets back he can teach kakashi sage techniques.

  69. LMAO

  70. I thought kakashi only went to the hospital twice. once after geting hit with itachis mangekyou sharingan where he got stuck with swords for three days, and when he over did it with his mangekyou sharingan.

  71. I wouldn’t be suprised if kakashi already knows sage. instead of frog oil the dogs would probably use… uhh, never mind.

    Any way, it’s not that he has no chakra, it’s just that the sharingan does use so much chakra that it sucks him dry, especially magneykou. But kakashi has improved alot from the Zabuza fights when he used one chidori, one summoning, and barely used the sharingan and said he had barely any chakra left. Whereas now he can use multiple chidori’s and techniques and the sharingan and be perfectly fine.

  72. And naruto’s chakra amount is overrated, he can’t even use odama rasengan (not to mention fuuton rasengan) without borrowing some of the nine-tails energy.

    Now shikimaru has no ckakra reserves at all (unless his techniques take a lot more).

  73. Kame-ha-me-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. LMFAO!!!

  75. LOL @ ALEC

    He hasn’t used any of the Nine tails power since he accidently hurt Sakura with its chakra.

    Hasn’t he pulled off the new Rasengen 3 times in one fight?

    First time he missed, SECOND one his clones did to distract Kakuzu and the THIRD he hit him with, all with just his chakra, not the nine tails and he was fine.

    He does have the eyes but no tails and no going to him asking for power. Its pretty much a glimpse at the new control of his chakra…and that was a while ago.

    Not to mention that when he does his training with his Bunshins they supress the nine tails so thats all Naruto as well. If anything his chakra may be underated as we have yet to see the bottom of it in Shippuuden.

  76. after that third new Rasengen he was almost out of chakra they had to help him walk after that one.

  77. yes, i believe kakashi has an equal amount of chakra as the sannins. but i could say his jutsu isnt as powerful as them. the only reason why kakashi always runs out of chakra on advance battle is he using too much of hi sharingan. it drains alot of chakra out of kakashi. another reason why he always runs out of chakra easily is he isnt part of uchiha clan. as we know only full blooded uchiha can utilize the sharingan well wo draining too much. (im just saying if sasuke would use one of the uchiha advance jutsu, eg. amateresu, and kakashi would execute they same jutsu, sasuke would only use 15% of his chakra while kakashi would use more (25-30%). im just putting an eg that kakashi has a huge drawback whenever he use his sharingan. because he isnt a full blooded uchiha, he needs more chakra to be able to execute advance jutsu of an uchiha.

  78. right now, if kakashi would fight sasuke, sasuke would beat kakashi ass, not because sasuke has learn too many jutsu to use against kakashi (i know kakashi also have the same amount of jutsu in his arsenal) but because kakashi would run out of chakra to use for his jutsu against sasuke. like i said earlier (above post), if we take consideration of the drawback that kakashi is having through out his previous battles using his sharingan. kakashi experiences of battle wouldnt be the one will kill him, it will be his sharingan to blame because it sux more chakra than a regular uchiha user.

    someone mention here about madara’s mask. maybe madara is hiding his other eye (right). it is the same reason why kakashi covers his right eye when not in battle because it is draining his chakra eventhough he would use his right eye for sight. maybe its an effect after mastering a advance uchiha jutsu. im just having thoughts why kakashi would cover his right eye if theres no reason to cover it. im just saying theres some kind of connection between him and madara covering the other eye. (i have no doubt that madara has both of his eyes. that mask is just throwing us off thinking he is obito.)

  79. i sense that kakashi somehow has learned (unlock) the same type of technique/jutsu that madara mastered. as we have seen from previus manga, we have never seen itachi nor sasuke use the same jutsu (the teleport) that madara use against the groups of konohans to delay them to go after sasuke. however, we have seen a semi-alike jutsu from kakashi… the jutsu he use against deidara… see the similarities? so what you think about that.

  80. i think it was warp hole something jutsu. if i do remember, kakashi was able to destory one of deidara hands with that jutsu. also, he used that jutsu the end of the fight with deidara, when deidara planned to self destruct himself as a bomb to kill kakashi and naruto, and gai team. but kakashi use the warp jutsu to send the bomb in another dimension. dont know if you guys remember that.. the arc where sasori and deidara abducted gaara to extract his two tail beast from him.

  81. sorry if i posted alot. thats just my opinion about this topic. 😀

  82. last post. my mistake about wheres kakashi’s sharingan is located… when i said his sharingan is on the right eye. i meant its on his left. what was i thinking. lul.

  83. sth 2 the chakra=strengh-thing:
    That´s sth like ammo, so strength=chakra-control

    @erich : I can´t imagine this Obito-flashback just as an explaination of Kakashi´s eye. Why should Kishimoto start this whole Kakashi-Sharingan-thing when it leads to nothing. There HAS 2 b sth.

  84. Is it normal that I can´t get to the Tsunade-survey?

  85. Martin I just think people are reading too much into the obito thing. I think that more people are making the story arc about Obito. Instead of Kakashi. It was called Kakashi Gaiden not Obito Uchiha. That stry is just gives us perspective on Kakashi. Just like most of the filler arcs give ujs perspective on how Naruto is able to change people. For example I don’t believe Sora will ever be a main charicter or even someone they come back to again.

  86. But it´d be more fun.
    Furthermore, I didn´t really read this chapter before :), cuz when I changed from anime to manga, sth got lost.

  87. I like too think that Obito Did survive the Rock fall because Kakashis orginal Elements were Lightning and Water, And when he gets his sharigan eye he gets Earth & Fire. And the fact that Obito Gave him the Eye I think from doing something Powerful as killing your Friend or Loosing a Loved one Or something Psycologically Profound than it Unlocks Hidden Ability. I think at this Time its possible that in doing so Sacrificing himself aswell as Giving up his Eye I would Predict it unlocked his MS in a Instant leaving him with the Spacetime for rocks too pass through him or even him teleporting somewhere Injured and some1 looked after him nurturing his wounds back too health who knows who Obito met in his travels, Maybe even Zetsu kept an Eye on Obito and saved him giving him too Madara just a thought Im getting all random here my brains overreacting.

  88. Wow I just noticed its aussie time 11:08 but its 2 hours ahead where is this post coming from. But I say Zetsu cause even he says that Tobi is a Good Boy maybe he says that because he knows its Obito and he knew who he was before Madara took him I still think Madara has mutiple personalitys or even possed a few bodys in his Time Obito Mizukage danzou, But Obito will play a big part in the Story line later If kakashi Finds out he would probaly do anything too save him. Strong Possibilty we see Kakashi all weak ass with out much Chakra but I think he will get the 5-tail Bijuu because its a Dog with 5 elements and kakashi knows heaps of Jutsu I just cant wait cause he looks weak now but if he gets a Large Chakra Reserve he will be a powerful nin.

  89. LLLLL the Obito transporting through the rock is the first solid idea I’ve heard of Obito being alive still.
    Kakashi getting the 5 tails would be cool. I also thought he or sasuke should get the 2 tails, I want to say it uses lightning but I’m not sure.

  90. the 2 tails was that chick that hidan and kukuzo fought b4 they attacked the fire temple she was supposed 2 be a cat i dont know what element it used though

  91. Nibi(2 tails)

    Nibi is a 2-tailed cat with firebreathing powers. Nibi’s Jinchuuriki is a girl named Yugito from the Village of Cloud. She is the second strongest ninja in her village and she has the ability to transform completely into the two tailed demon cat almost at will. The demon cat can shoot fireballs from her mouth at her opponent. Yugito seems to be like what Gaara was to the Sand Village, the trump card of the Hidden Cloud. Unlike Gaara and Naruto, she doesn’t seem to have problem with people around her. This hints that the demon in her isn’t hated by everyone and she is viewed by others how the Hokage wants everyone to view Naruto. Yugito gets captured by the Akatsuki, just like Gaara, so they can extract the Bijuu out of her.

    i copy pasted lol 🙂

  92. what i say to that theroy is it was well thought through but you say danzo is madara then who is danzo what i mean is danzo cant be danzo if danzo is madara let me explain if you are 2 dumb 2 understand that is your fault danzo is not madara for one simple reason madara is madara and in the manga they are at 2 diffrent places so if danzo was madara how can he be at so many places at once james is the best mt

  93. Well all the Tailed beast are dead but 1,8,9 I dont think they are going anywhere soon we already saw Itachi with 8-tail so hes a main player now. I think Kishimoto is a cool guy who wants too add some colour too the pack.

    These are the Characters we are all Tongue tied over – Madara believed too be Dead possibilty is or still alove. Madaras Younger Brother lost his eyes never knew if he Died. Obito Appears Dead too some People but I think His MS activated teleporting him somwhere or Phased through rock. Shizu the Man Itachi Killed for his Eyes or did he kill him cause he said he never did but you never know with Kishimoto. Now all the 4 Uchiha are very Strong but its Unsure who is Tobi, Now they could all be under the Guise as Madara Claiming he has the power of Madara which is the Ultimate MS or its really Madara and hes just using some Uchiha Bodys as Host or it could be Any1 Uchiha using the Many Sharigan Eyes Collected from The Slaughter of the Uchihas and if its Possible for Kakashi too use the Eye then its possible for any1 too use the Eye but if that were possible it would have too be some1 strong like Kakashi, Fuck I really think Im starting too believe my own Bullshit HAhahaha seriously Lol Aha….

    Leaving Danzou as a Prime suspect number 1.
    Aswell as Zetsu Partner in Crime and trusted Accomplice.
    And Pain being if not Stronger an Equal too Tobi.

    My own writing lol 🙂

  94. He can be at 2 differant places with Shadow clones and his MS abililtys of the Sharigan.

    Li lo la lu le is the Best, Yes.

  95. Or something More Advanced than A shadow clone maybe he uses real bodys.

  96. Man Danzoe isnt Madara because Madara said to Saskue that Itachi went to the leef village right after Some incedent and that was when Kakashie Saskue, and Gai had a little fight with itachi. This info can go both ways, meaning more towards he is danzoe or not. I strongly beleave that he is not, and like i stated before if he is somone is geting my left nut.

  97. you are right danzo is not madara you made a good point and 2 the guy that said all the tailed beast were dead but 1 8 9 the 1tailed beast is dead the host is not dead

  98. How are the tailed beasts dead? They are all sealed in that statue. Burried under rock for safe keeping.

  99. i think this theory is “almost” correct, except the fact that one other commenter had made and that would be the fact that madara is madara….and danzou is danzou.
    danzou has his face half bandaged because the character designers had to give him a “worn down, weathered” look, like hes been through a lot of tough battles.
    BUT! why does madara aka tobi have to have a mask covering almost his entire face but the one eye?…sometimes all you have to do is realize why each characters are given specific characterizations and it would be a lot easier to understand what roles they play and how their history ties into the story line.
    the mask with the one eye hole is a dead give away! …tobi’s similar name to obito is another dead give away and the last and final give away that would prove that madara is in fact obito would be how kakashi reacted when the team finally met up with tobi and the fight ended with zetsu notifying tobi about sasukes defeat of itachi…..kakashi was overly concerned with who tobi was….PERFECT START TO A FUTURE KAKASHI VS HIS OLD TEAM MATE SCENARIO ENDING WITH KAKASHIS DEMISE!

  100. would that be more predictable or so obvious if tobi is obito. what i think is happening here kishi, the creator and story writer of naruto, is just messing with us whether tobi is obito himself. but heres what we know tobi is madara and we still unsure if hes using obito’s body. but if its obitos body u cant really say its two friends fight if kakashi confront tobi. its madara on obitos dead body vs kakashi. yeah kakashi will die on that cos its impossible for him to defeat a legendary sharingan user

  101. kakashi might win only if hes with one of these two, naruto or sasuke. no way on hell he would win if hes with another character of narutos friends. forget the dead hokages cos its impossible for them to come to life and beat madaras azz. (yes i believe all dead hokages can beat madara period)

  102. when did we see itachi with the 8 tails?

  103. In the last 2 or 3 mangas Itachi is there training him its in Flashback form preety much its only 3 pics of it have a look.

  104. @ Jeremiah
    don’t underestimate me, look at ch 339 15 and you will clearly see the slit eyes- which are the signs of nine tails chakra. I didn’t say he goes cloak, he uses it whether he knows it or not and then look at 260 10-11 and again you will see slit eyes.

    I win again…

  105. Crap, I didn’t see the rest of your comment, it still qualifies as using the chakra (or at least it leaking out do to anger)

  106. To clear up some of the stuff I have been reading

    1. Naruto has not used nine tails chakra since he fought Oro. I agree that his chakra might be underrated. He has some of the largest chakra in the series, and I believe it grows with experience. In issue 412, old toad that is training naruto in the sage arts comments that not everyone can recieve sage training, and that you have to have enormous amounts of chakra to do so, like he and jiriaya. He was training with 1000 clones on a constant basis, not only is his chakra large, it is resilent, as yamato has stated. kakashi said that he can’t train like naruto because while he can’t make that many clones, he also can’t maintain the clones he can make for very long.

    2. kakashi Has low amounts of chakra, and he even admits this in the manga.

  107. @chris

    (copied from earlier up the comment stream)
    1. He hasn’t used any of the Nine tails power since he accidently hurt Sakura with its chakra.

    Hasn’t he pulled off the new Rasengen 3 times in one fight?

    First time he missed, SECOND one his clones did to distract Kakuzu and the THIRD he hit him with, all with just his chakra, not the nine tails and he was fine.

    He does have the eyes but no tails and no going to him asking for power. Its pretty much a glimpse at the new control of his chakra…and that was a while ago.

    Not to mention that when he does his training with his Bunshins they supress the nine tails so thats all Naruto as well. If anything his chakra may be underated as we have yet to see the bottom of it in Shippuuden.

    2.I’m not sure about this one because I’ve stated that in the past but someone has pointed out that he has never said he has low amounts of chakra, just low in comparison to Naruto. But who doesn’t in comparison to Naruto or Jiraiya?

  108. @ Alec – HAHA! You claim victory too early. Read my whole comment first next time ^_^


  109. what about pain???he is the strongest!he is stronger than madara and he has a new body

  110. i think pain is the 4th

  111. kakashi doesnt have low amounts of chakra if you look at some of his fights he uses some pretty powerful jutsu multiple times while using the sharingan

  112. check out my comment on the connection between danzo and madara in the pieces to the naruto puzzle. should of put it here wasn’t paying attention.

  113. Kakashi says in the manga he has a low level of chakra. He does do pretty powerful techniques, but notice that he tries to time them perfectly, because if he doesn’t he will run out of chakra. All of Naruto’s techniques require a HUGE amount of chakra, and he does them multiple times in a fight.

  114. Look at the issue when kakashi is explaining why he doesn’t train with multiple shadow clones like naruto can.

  115. Thanks Chris. We are trying to find a chapter where he says that he has low levels of chakra but not in comparison to Naruto. Because everyone has low levels compared to Naruto.

  116. I don’t think kakashi has low amounts anymore, considering that he can now use multiple raikiri’s (in both hands) and the sharingan and be okay. Before it was chidori, sharingan, and a summoning and he was done for the time being.

    i now want to know who the brother of the eight tails is. They need more racial equality in the series anyway.

    @ Jeremiah-san- Don’t kame-ha-me-ha me. Especially when one has admitted defeat.
    But, in my defense, he doesn’t ask for it, but it’s still leaking out.

  117. well think of it this way Kakashi could not move after donig the mangekyou sharingan to many times. And look what just happend sasuke did it once and he looked like it was takeing alot out of him. then when itachi did the mangekyou sharingan on kakashi way back kisame said something about he cant do that move to much. so i think that the mangekyou sharingan just takes a hell of alot out of you.

  118. I take back what I said earlier about Naruto having overrated chakra. He has no control, but I forgot about what Neji said about Kisame in shippuden 256 02. The most since Naruto, blah, blah, blah. And Kisame forced Gai to six gates at only 30%. So I apologize for that comment, but I will rephrase it as Naruto has no chakra control.

  119. @ Alec – leaking out like when you don’t shake before zipping up…it’s only a little bit but still enough to leave a mark.

    I wasn’t bashing your comment, I was just messing with you. There is no victory or defeat when no battle has taken place. It’s only sparring to sharpen one’s skills.

  120. This Danzo/Madara/Obito post is outdated, I’ve got a new one coming. I’ve just been busy this week because school is starting next week. I will return with renewed vigor Monday.

  121. 40 days and 40 nights, that’s all i have to say about that…

    i think its good but the d-z kinda was a little mixed up didnt understand it much but still 😀 kewl beans.

  123. Well, just an update, Madara and Danzo are currently fighting, so I don’t think that Madara would be fighting himself… idk.

  124. Well first of all Sai told Naruto and Sakura take all Root Ninja Had seals to not talk about Danzo So how Could Itachi Thearten Danzo not To kill Sasuke if he was Root. Madara is not Root either no seal on tongue

  125. I have to say i am almost certain that obito, madara, and danzo are one person. The first thing i want to say is, why is it that only obitos sharingan can teleport. Well first of all it is extremely obvious that the reason Madara can teleport is because he has the poweres of obito. For some reason, obito has special eyes. Second of all, they all have the sharingan on the same eye. And to the guy who said that he would have to dig, he could easily go to another dimmension and steal his other eye before that. This whole dimensions thing is really confusing. And how is Madara not dead? because he stole obitos body, and renamed himself Danzo. He is not immortal, he had to take a body.

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