Naruto Manga 411 Eight tailed beast vs Sasuke + discussion + (updated stats) “Settle the Argument” survey

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Click the translation link above to read Naruto Manga 411 entitled Eight tailed beast vs Sasuke

I found this other video below from WaroftheGalaxies who I’m happy to drive traffic to since he puts up some great stuff.  Just a video about Pein or Pain with a very detailed and facts based arguement.  For the record I go back and forth and have used both in the comments section.


Too bad he couldn't have stayed like this. Chouji could've been a cool character instead of the human garbage disposal he returned to.

Hey everyone,

Another week, another issue of manga, another post from yours truly. But last week wasn’t just another week for the blog, it was exceptional in many ways. We (that includes you the reader) broke our old record of 5,700 hits in a 24 hour period last thursday and when I say broke, I should say shattered with 9,695 hits! BUT with this great power comes great responsibility… or at least some really annoying things.

One of these annoying things is the start of hate mail… Yes with a popular blog the enevitable hate mail begins to trickle in. I’ll say this rite now, due to previous experience with this problem from the previous “blog that shall not be named” I’m just going to ignore them. In days past I would argue with these idiots and repeatedly state my case over and over again, explaining to them why they are in fact “dumb as hell”. But not this time.

A blog should be a place you look forward to visiting because it talks about your favorite subjects, makes you laugh and gives you some food for thought about the things you like talking about. Well, the hate mail from jelous people just brings all that down, reader and blog writer included. So to all of those who email me those hateful words (there are only a couple) get over yourselves and feel free not to read. To all of those who find us remotely funny or interesting (the majority of you) then stick around because I’m just getting this ball rolling.

Back to business. *Takes a deep breath* Last week was awesome. Besides all the hits we got a TON and I mean a TON of submissions and I was happy to read them all. Unfortuneatly WordPress kept freezing up because I had edited the post so many times, so I decided to leave it alone and update that post no more. We all remember what happened the last time it started acting funny. Everything just got erased. And I didn’t want to do that again. The site actually crashed for about 2 hours last week because of heavy traffic and it looked like everything was going to be erased again but thankfully it remains in tact. This is running long so I’ll just finish by saying a few quick things:

1) Take the new survey this week and settle some old arguements about the less serious side of Naruto. For those of you who think the survey is too short this week and need to keep some of those writing skills busy answer THIS question posed by Alec for all our theorizing enjoyment.

2) I’ve got a very entertaining post coming next week talking to someone involved with Naruto fandom and anime conventions that you all should enjoy, so stay tuned for that.

3) Even though I talked about the crappy emails and comments I get, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who comments and sends emails that are positive because I get a LOT more of those then the crappy ones and I like reading every last one of them.

I’ll be updating the post through out the week as always so until then…

Ja mata

Click the eyes below to take this weeks survey entitled:

Settle the Argument!

Early results for stats and best of:

Question 1: Which eye technique would you choose to have:

57.1% of you said that you would choose Sharingan.

15.3% of you said that you would choose Byakugan.

14.1% of you said that you would choose Geass.

13.5% of you said that you would choose Rinnegan.

Question 2: Which anime has been better?

31.5% of you said that Pre time skip was better.

68.5% of you said that Shippuuden has been better.

Question 3: What’s up with Sasuke? Why no interest in the ladies?

47.3% of you said that Sasuke is Gay.

31.5% of you said that he’s just dumb and doesn’t care about girls like Naruto does.

10.7% of you said to stop implying that he’s gay! He’ll nail Sakura eventually!

10.5% said he’s got no time for the ladies…he’ll get to it when he can.

Question 4: Is gai a worthless character or comedic gold?

42.2% of you said that Gai is awesome!

42% of you said that Gai is funny in small doses.

15.8% of you said that Gai sucks and wish he would implode.

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~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on July 28, 2008.

65 Responses to “Naruto Manga 411 Eight tailed beast vs Sasuke + discussion + (updated stats) “Settle the Argument” survey”

  1. First!

  2. Damn Bono, nobody can call him second best at anything anyway. Even in kuric’s…

  3. I’ll never be called number two again! Never!

    (Awesome blog. Thanks for putting it together. I’m a big fan of you guys.)

  4. Thank’s, but it’s all Jeremiah, he’s just been cool enough to let people like me join in.

  5. Hi, Your blog is awesome but is everyone joking about the new body of Pain not being Konan? It’s Konan. It even says Konan when they exit the cave and shows her. I think it does anyway.

  6. Everyone is getting a little confused about Pain and Konan. The issue that is causing all the trouble is ch 407 17. Look at a couple of blocks before that and Konan is her normal self. Then look ahead to ch 409 07 and she is still her normal self with no piercings and no rinnegan. In fact, in the top picture there are seven people there, six pains and Konan. So no, konan isn’t the new body, it was just an awkwardly put statement in 407.

  7. Well explained. I don’t think there has ever been a worse placed word bubble in the history of Manga.

  8. Awsome timeline I think this will be a post that will go down in history. When Madara does finally come out of the closet everyone on the web will know that IAREAWESOMNESS said it first. Then we’ll smash last week’s record.

  9. Great work as usual. But to all the believers in Danzo=Madara, there is one problem. Danzo competed with the Sarutobi for spot of third hokage and lost. Obito’s is just a little older than Kakashi. Obito would roughly be 27-28, Danzo is about 55-60.

    Remember kids, anything is possible, but it is not very likely. An imaginary cookie to the first one who figures out that line.

  10. I thought of the age thing when putting this together. Obito being part of the theory is totally removable but the fact that Danzo competed with Sarutobi for the position of Third Hokage I would think actually lends to the theory, not take away from it.

    I was wondering if you could explain how that disqualifies him as being Madara.

    I’m glad Alec is critiquing it because then we can put this to rest if we find the one thing that disqualifies it permanently.

    We can also consider that if Oro’s body replacement technique degrades after 3 years, that if Madara uses the same technique and is really good at the body switch, Danzo’s appearance may be an effect of being in the same body for so long.

    Please tear this appart as I don’t believe it myself if you read the intro.

  11. I still think regardless of degrading body Madaras illusioons would be strong enough to fool anyone in the village. Not thaa he’s seen by many people other than those loyal to him in the Anbu corpse. Plus he could just be some body double that Pain created and Madara gave him his chakra. At this point to have lived so long I believe he is made up of several people this would explain his behavior pattern as Tobi.

  12. BTW check out my post on future hokages and tell me what you think.

  13. What if his behavior pattern is from the fact that he is two people literally. What if two different people are “Tobi”?

    When he is goofy it is Obito behind the mask. When he is serious, it is Danzo… Food for thought. And I’m not saying split personality, I’m saying two separate guys with the same outfit, both claiming to be Madara.

    I posted that thought on another site a while back and got no reaction so I thought I’d put it on ours and see if its still a crazy thought.

  14. ************I just moved the Danzo = Madara section of this weeks blog post into its own post, please feel free to dissect it there****************

  15. Obito wasn’t goofy per say, he was a almost over-emotional klutz. Tobi was goofy and a klutz. Obito was serious, just a wimp about it. But i think things are moving so slowly that people are having brain aneurisms trying to think of stuff. Looking back on the series, none of the plots are too complicated. Oro wanted Saskue in order to learn more jutsus and to destroy Konoha, the anime plots were all very simple. I think Madara simply wants to destroy what is now Konoha, rebuild it having the uchiha as the rulers and go from there. Madara was incredibly powerful and after he survived the 1st he left. Look how strong the third was in his seventies. Its possible that Madara was about nintiey found Obito and switched bodies in order to become younger.

    That’s another reason Oro could’ve left, he was ashamed that his own technique was used to bring back the strongest ninja ever. I don’t think he was so scared of Itachi, but of Madara. Or maybe oro is just a baby who runs away at the first sight of someone else being stronger.

    Sorry for the length.

  16. if danzo was madara competing with sarutobi for the position of third hokage dont you think he would have gotten it because madara has to be stronger than the third

  17. Why does Madara have to be stronger than the third? Madara lost to one Hokage why not another? When they competed for Hokage remember that the Sarutobi was in his prime. Not the old man he was when he died.

    People quickly forget that there was another Hokage after Sarutobi. Sarutobi had to return after the fourth died so there was a lot of time there.

  18. Madara, wouldn’t be there. At least at the time, Danzo was his own person, Saru was given the job at like 18-20. Now, it is possible that madara took over Danzo at some point, but it wasn’t then.

  19. Wasn’t Sarutobi considered the strongest hokage? He was esentially able to defeat orochimaru, the first and the second all at the same time while being a weaker older version. If the First could take out Madara surely Sarutobi could too.

  20. The first wasn’t fighting full power. He didn’t have any bijuu, which I’m sure he used against Madara. However, on that note Oro did say he was considered the god of all shinobi.

  21. I think the eight-tails might be blind or at least covers his eyes during the day. At night his eyes glow, but during the day you can’t see them. And the Sharingan is all about eye contact, like Aizen’s sword.

  22. Has it ever been established that an actual fight took place between Sarutobi and Danzo? Or did he just win out by the support of the village.

  23. I don’t think they fought. It was probably a decision just like when they choose the first over madara in the begining.

  24. I think Madara acted goofy to be considered a minor enemy. That´s how he could watch Sasuke and so on in fight. Furthemore he could gain better control over his organization from the inside as a newcomer. This would fit to him as a manipulating §#5&%$*.

    Other ideas:

    1.Sarutobi would have discovered Madara/Danzou´s Sharingan (yes I think Danzou fought him – look at those injuries), so he took over his body later:
    I think Madara used Pein to take over several bodies (Obito and Danzou) at the same time like with Kisame and Itachi.

    2.There are two different persons (not Obito as Tobi and Madara as himself – Obito wouldn´t have turned against Konoha) with the same interest.
    Remember – Danzou wanted the Uchiha-clan to be wiped out, Madara was “betrayed” by his clan and maybe wants revenge.
    Both want to be the one in charge, Danzou of Konoha and maybe Madara of the rest, so we have an alliance of megalomaniacs.

    – Anyway I´m pro Madara=Danzou=Obito

    Sorry for the length 🙂

  25. @erich22: A figth between Danzou and the 3rd would explain Danzou´s injuries.
    Furthermore, in the Madara vs. 1st thing there was no need for a figth, because they had fought before, so everybody knew who´s the stringer one

  26. *stringer one*

  27. Why do I write the same thing wrong twice

    *strOnger one*

  28. This might just be the most frustrated I’ve ever been with this sites ideas. Arguments are great, i’ m just on the other side this time. MAD=Ob is good, MAD=Dan is just something I can’t see right now, and MAD=Ob=Dan is just something that I can’t even begin to comprehend.

  29. I never have seen obito being anything other than dead. He gave kakashi his eye end of story.

  30. I just had an enlightment:
    Danzou is Mad´s brother !
    He didn´t give both eyes to Mad like it was said before, that was just misinformation spread by Mad to keep his cover. This would explain the eyes, the common aims.
    They share the eyes like Kakashi and Obito.

  31. that could be true becuase maybe that was the reason danzou wanted the uchiha clan killed because they were the only people that knew he was Madaras brother. so by having thme wiped out his secret would nothave been reveiled. and maybe he did only give madara one eye because in the manga Danzou and Madara have on eye .

  32. So Danzo = madara’s brother now? Wow! That would be a crazy twist.

    @Alec – don’t be frustrated… we are trying to disprove a theory. I don’t believe any of this. I just want to find that one piece that kills everything for good or proves everything. It’s right there in front of us, we just aren’t looking at it.

  33. it says its tha the video is no longer there

  34. I know… The upload was removed. Working on securing another now.


  36. No I know what you’re doing. Now I know y Martin pisses you off

  37. Boy, if someone were to do a wrap up here, that would be a lot of work. Can we go back to old funny tobi, I liked him better than new Madara.

  38. Eh. *shrugs* Martin pisses me off in a funny way. He’s cool wit me.

  39. Im sorry but i have to say i disagree with you guys on:
    1. Danzou haveing anything to do with this and…
    2. Obito just being one of madara’s body switchs.
    I mean to be honest wat if Tobi is really just lieing!He may not even be Madara but just Obito lieing about being Madara.First off we’ve all seen a close up on his face only one hole on the mask for one eye the same eye Obito had left and how half his body is mettalic which explains why when Sasuke almost killed him with Itachis technique he survived and said he was glad he never told Itachi the whole thing. Now I bet youre asking why Obito would try to destroy Konoha…well the fact that he was abandoned and his best friend got the girl may be one reason…sure he asked them to abandon him but wat if some of the ninja from the rock village or w/e village konoha was at war against at that time retrieved his body and put him under torture and interrogation and he finds a way to break out and blames konoha for his suffering.Plus remember how the mangekyou has three moves which are defense,offense,and illusion and since kakashi’s mangekyou has the attack which does a very similar thing to tobi’s defense I dont see how theyre not one and the same.And also about Obito being 20 something thats completely wrong kakashi is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than Itachi and Obito was around his age.
    Also Danzou cant be an akatsuki leader cuse if he were then it would have been stupid of him to allow his subordinate sai to help team kakashi beat up his own akatsuki members when he can easily say no you cant stay with them and if he wanted to have orochimaru on his side again he could have kept his akatsuki members from trying to kill him and just ask him to rejoin their efforts.Plus akatsuki isnt trying to conquer Konoha theyre trying to destroy it and danzou doesnt want that.

  40. Thanks for the comment. We know. We don’t think this is true. That’s why we did it. To try and disprove it completely with one fact sited from the manga that just completely destroy’s the theory.

    Also, allowing Sai to help attack Akatsuki proves nothing. Even Madara said the sacrifice of some of Akatsuki’s members was unfortunate but necassary.

  41. here’s my thoughts about this theory: I think Martin is right about Tobi as Madara’s bro. he just using his bro name since it is well known madara is one of strongest ninja on konoha. and its for the sake of madara defeat. he wanted to show is more suited for hokage title. also, idont believe danzo is not madara. there two different guys who happens to have the same ideology (maybe danzo is a student of madara).

  42. idk what the hell madara was thinking when he confronted naruto. he could have capture naruto but he didn’t. still puzzle why he let peon take care of naruto, not himself. I’m thinking madara wants peiin to be killed by naruto.

  43. If the real one isn’t with them. Then maybe Madara is the one controling pain. Then he could be everybody.

  44. cos if you think deeply about it, do u really want to lost your fellow members? I don’t think so. you want them not risking their guess there are only few members of akatsuki that madara value in the group and peon isn’t included to that list. he just using him as lapdog like sasuke. speaking of madara’s that he values: the plant water dude and kisame. seems there are the only ones that didn’t involve much of capturing biju monster.

  45. so I might conclude madara is protecting those two and just assigning simple task for them. if Ido remember the plnt akats only doing is eating dead akats. as for kisame, madara pair kisame to itachi because he knows that itachi cAn protect kisame. remember the toad trap that jiraiya use to imprison itachi and kisame. kisame should have been a dead fish if itachi isn’t with him. also, I’m thinking theres other members (real comrades and user of biju powers) of Madara that hasnt been introduced. so we could say the current members right now are just tools that are being use to gather those beast.

  46. has da new manga. Sasuke stabbed four times its great!

  47. yeah but i have the feeling that was a log that got stabbed four times, or a genjitsu.

  48. this is going to funny as hell if sasuke wants to have beast inside him after he capture this 8 tail beast. does he really dumb as hell wanting that kind of beast inside him. i know naruto didnt like to have that beast power in the very beginning (i could say even gaara doesnt want that power since a ninja can become powerful wo needing those things. a gud example is the hokages of konoha.)

    it would just look like sasuke is so desperate to get a beast himself. what for? insecurity on naruto because he has one…lul.
    we all know why sasuke left konoha is the same reason why he wants a beast…insecurity that naruto is powerful than him. he could just train with kakashi on konoha and fight itachi later. but he didnt want that way because it hurts for him to see naruto is better than him as days passed. jelousy, envy, and insecurity is keep sasuke coming back to konoha.

  49. Big time insecurity and envy…plus he wants a “beast” in side of him… yeah… I think Sasuke is gay -_-
    He could be a way cooler character but he’s such a lapdog… first for Oro and now for Madara…

  50. He still wants to kill Madara i bet, he’s just playing lap dog in order to learn as much as he can from Mad dog, like oro

  51. I think this chapter is another waste of time. 18 pages and we still up to nowhere.
    Did u see the anime 68-69. It sucks really. After watching it , I think Pein should go and hunt Sora instead of Naruto

  52. Yeah, the manga may be slow, but i hope they keep the eight-tails around, he is awesome.

  53. […] Naruto Manga 411 Eight tailed beast vs Sasuke + discussion + (updated stats) “Settle the Argu… Naruto manga 411 Click the translation link above to read Naruto Manga 411 entitled Eight tailed beast vs Sasuke I […] […]

  54. Alec you really like the 8 tailed beast? He’s already getting on my nerves by stopping attacks and he hasn’t shown any ninjutsu yet. However he will probably end up being comic relief like Gai and Rock Lee.

  55. That’s the only reason i like him, he’s kicking everyone’s but without trying, except saskue who’s just using genjutsu dam him

  56. the eight tails, gai,and rock lee walk into a bar and… it is instantly destroyed in a fret of crazy drunkeness

  57. obito can not be madara as he activates his sharingan n it is incomplete.

  58. listen itachi killed his clan because danzou told him to because the uchiha would rise and start a war with another country.
    there was the uchiha clan and the 1st hokage’s clan.

  59. got the story now dumbasses

    p.s. I have sex with monkey and masterbate to pics of Sasuke and Sai getting it on.

  60. So Danzo had Itachi kill the ENTIRE Uchiha clan so that uchiha would rise and start a war with another country?

    How could Uchiha rise and start a war with another country if they are ALL DEAD FROM BEING KILLED BY ITACHI?

    Danzo is evil but he had Itachi kill the entire Uchiha clan so that they couldn’t rise up. If he wanted them to rise up and attack he would have had Itachi kill someone important to them so that the rest of the alive clan could rise up.

    Danzo even wanted Sasuke dead, only Itachi could save his ass.

    Do you see the flaw in your theory dumbass?

  61. Hi people

    As a fresh user i only wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this board 😉

  62. sasusaku rocks!!!!!!!

    i know Sauske marries sakura because i’ve seen the episode when he comes back and sees her at the exit gate where he knoked her out to leave for a quest of power and he tells her while she is shocked to see him “Sakura the truth is i’ve loved since we have met.” and then he hugs her.

    Naruto also sees this and goes in rage since naruto and sakura were in a realationship at the time and goes to his 4th form then is kicked out of the village and joins the akatsuki that he makes on his own the when there in there late 30’s naruto kills sasuke and a new story begins with sasuke and sakuras son…… hooooraaayyyy….ps:i knew this from going to japan to visit family….duh

  63. Yooooo!!!!!! Who ever says sasuke is gay then u r and if ur a girl that thinks the same thing then ur a lesbian.

    Seems like you’re a Sasuke fangirl/boy. By the way, we mean gay as evil, if you didn’t notice. Dragon.

  64. Sharingan eye technique is more powerful and catching. It makes things change.

  65. I agree… who has seen sasuke’s mankeygo sharingan its awsome!!!!!

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