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Click the translation link above to read the new Naruto Manga 410 entitled Battle at Unraikyo.  Feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments section after you read it.

update: Check out THIS manga page and the comments section for a possible alternate explanation to Pain’s new body rather than my Kushina theory. Click HERE to read a thread from One Manga that concerned them enough to put up a post on their front page saying they are looking into it. I think its BS but when they post on the front page of their website about it, it just gives the BS validity that it doesn’t deserve. I’ll say one thing, I know someone that is part of a translation group (not for Naruto) and he says they really don’t get into all this drama, they stay far away from it and they never involve money, they do it because they love the manga.

Gaara...feeling dumb as hell. Enjoy the desert coffin whoever did this...

Hey everyone,

To be trolled or not to be trolled…that is the question we here at iareawesomeness have been asking our selves these last few tense days. I’m a sucker that falls for it almost every time and I had fallen for it again. I know trolls exist and they are usually obvious but I still fall for them on a regular basis. Dattebayo sounded very serious recently when they made a press release stating they were calling it quits and even said that they had never been more serious. But once again the site has the new episode of Shippuuden so the alarm phase is over. This caused a knee jerk reaction from yours truly and a post giving them a fond fairwell that was obviously completely unnecassary. As promised the post was deleted as if it never existed along with the 58 comments argueing pointlessly. I will note that some people after the episode was released commented something to the effect of “Hah! You are stupid! I knew it all along.” To that I say what ever and get over yourself. I’m saying this to the people that had never commented before and came out after the fact. To those who were trying to calm the rest of us down I say thank you and you were right.

Back to the manga. Thanks to every who participated in last weeks survey, “Akatsuki. The Survey.” It brought about some great theories and discussion in the comments section. A BIG thanks goes out to Last Scorpion who sorted through the mess of 80 comments and created a coherent list of theories from the comments section in the form of a post. To read the summary and comment, click HERE. His efforts have greatly contributed to our numbers between friday and tuesday. Speaking of numbers we just barely broke our own single day record last thursday with 5,700 hits in a 24hr period making us the FIFTH most popular blog on word press. And thanks to Eddie (aka LastScorpion) we never dipped below a 1,000 hits at any point this week even on the usual down days. Many blogs don’t talk about their numbers but I think its important because this isn’t “MY” blog it’s all of ours. There are no advertisements or links to sites selling things and most of the content is user generated so when “WE” (all of us) hit land mark numbers, then we should all be proud.

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Ja mata

This weeks survey is the best in a while in my opinion. It has 3 optional quick stat questions and 1 optional creative answer so we should get some great material this week. So click on the eyes below to take this weeks survey and check back soon for stats and updates on the Naruto Manga 410 spoiler script.

Click the eyes below to take this weeks survey:

Fight to the Death!

Early Stats and Best of:
Featured reader submission:
Submitted by Amanda

Jeremiah: I havn’t done this for a while but many of you have been emailing me lately asking for my answers to the questions that I post on the survey… OK lets do that… but I’ll use another submission that calls me out or at least gives me some room to chat about things…

Q:What will Sasuke do with the 8 tails? :

Amanda: Bring him back to have the beast extracted like a good lap dog.

(Jeremiah: I really hope this isn’t the case. I hope Sasuke has a spine and an alternate plan because I can’t stand him to begin with and it just makes it worse when he’s Madara pet. I honestly would have picked the same option as Amanda did for the time being.)

Q:Should Kishimoto make a Naruto + Hinata/Sakura story line a part of the over all manga? :

Amanda: Only if its Sakura.

(Jeremiah: I disagree with this one. I’m a Hinata fan but to make it interesting Kishimoto should have Konan fall for Naruto at first sight because she reminds him of someone…. Not going to happen but it would be cool to switch it up a bit.)

Q:Is Pains new body Narutos mother (Kushina)? :

Amanda: No, you are dumb as hell. Its Konan.

(Jeremiah: You couldn’t even say that you doubt it, anything could happen? Brutal… I believe this has a high possibility of being true even though you all seem to argue that fact. I give credit to Amanda for being the only one crazy brave enough to put her name on a survey submission that claims its Konan. The new body is not Konan…)

Q:Is a reader submitted Anime cosplay post a good idea? :

Amanda: Hells yeah! Im ready to submit my entry.

(Jeremiah: Well well well aren’t we just exited to show everyone how we look dressed up… if you are brave enough email me your cosplay picture and I’ll put it right on the front page. I don’t think your brave enough to do that Amanda but you were brave enough to call me dumb as hell so who knows… maybe you will call my bluff. We’ll be waiting…) email:

Hope everyone is enjoying this weeks survey…below are the rest of the stats and the short story submissions, enjoy! 🙂

What will Sasuke do with the 8tails?

51.2% said he will bring him back to be extracted like a good lap dog.
22% said he will have Hawk extract the beast and seal it in him.
26.8% Convince the 8tails to join Hawk.

Should Kishimoto add a love story to the manga?
26.8% said Why not? It would add depth.
19% said Only if it’s Hinata.
7.3% said Only if it’s Sakura.
12.1% Couldn’t care less.
17% said Noooooo!
20% said Yes! Naruto + Sakura/Hinata = more manga.

Is Pain’s new body Naruto’s mother, Kushina?
17% said Yes!

34.1% said Possibly.
39% said Doubt it.
9.7% said No!

Is a reader submitted anime cosplay post a good idea?
63% said Nooooo.
7.3% said Yes.
19.5% said Ladies only.

9.7% said What is Cosplay?


Submitted by Jarofasheesh

Gai looks at Rock Lee and realizes how gay they both look. He attacks Rock Lee. Rock Lee is like, wtf sensei? Gai is like, your so flambouyant, I was forced to attack you with my youthful spirit!! Rock Lee responds, ” Wow, I guess we do look pretty gay.” Rock Lee smacks him and says, ” What do you mean we!!???” Rock Lee is confused so he releases all 8 gates and explodes. Gai goes to the clothes store and changes his clothes.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: Where is all this built up hate coming from all you people?! LOL)

vsSubmitted by Dudeguy
Ten Ten versus Lee, the battle that decides who kishimoto shits on the most, the loser is labeled kishi’s beeyotch and the winner gets 30 minutes with Sasgay in heat(lol), the winner is Lee, Ten Ten dies cause…shit who gives a shit about her lol!
(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: Short but funny 🙂 )


vs Submitted by Imran
Konan interferes and dies by naruto’s hand.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: How awesome would that be. I’ve got nothing against Konan, in fact, I think she’s cool but if Naruto accidently killed her because she interfered…that would be manga changing. Imagine the effect it would have on Naruto… I don’t think he would take it to well.)

vs Submitted by Last Scorpion
Ok well i cant think of anything epic right now, so i am just go crazy with this. So Gai sensei is sitting down having a drink with Kakashi. What Gai doesn’t know is that kabuto/orochimaru found the best way to finish off leaf. kabuto/orochimaru put a mix of LSD and speed in Gai’s drink. So Gai begins to go crazy, telling Kakashi he is a pussy ect… then he says lets go!

With a bottle of sake in hand they start to fight. Gai knows how to fight Kakashi and Kakashi doesn’t want to hurt Gai so the fight spreads and buildings start to get destroyed. After some time of fighting they get near naruto, sakura and Rock Lee out for a walk. Gai seeing Rock Lee shoves the drugged sake down his throat. Rock Lee then freaks out and trys to make love to sakura, but naruto stops him in his tracks. now Gai and Rock Lee open all eight gates and destroy the leaf as they die. and that kids is why DRUGS ARE BAD. Remember “Crack is wack” and “Drug free is the way to be”

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: LMFAO @ “Rock Lee then freaks out and trys to make love to sakura”)

Submitted by Alec

All the ninjas are just hanging out, dudes at the barbecue place, and girls at the flower store. When simultaneously they get on the topic of sex and there favorite things to do and with who. All the dudes pick Tsunade because of her awesome “eyes”, except for Naruto, Kiba, and Choji, naruto because he knows shse really old, Kiba says him and Akamaru get along fine, and choji says that he already has a beautiful pair of “eyes” and doesn’t need another pair.
The girls can’t really decide because Kiba is already is taken, there not sure if Sai is gay, or if he’s even a guy, so suprisingly Naruto ends up first after they all agree that its him because not only can he turn into who you want, but how many people you want, and he’s probably the only one to have been laid (check end of fifth movie for those who don’t know). Kakashi, Gai, and ebisu over hear the kids and re-tell there favorite stories when Ebisu starts to go on a really long winded one when kakashi interupts and reminds Ebisu the closest he’s gotten was when Naruto used the Harem technique. Ebisu is so ashamed he promptly kills himself.
(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: LOL @ “there not sure if Sai is gay” I’m willing to wager a large sum of money that he is…)



Subitted by Daniel-san

The fight that is destined to be seen is between Genma and Matsuri(age 22). If you are unfamiliar with these characters I understand. They are not very popular in the manga so I will tell you who they are.
Matsuri(age 22) is the grown up form of gaara’s student. She is the only one who took gaara on as a teacher. You think sakura had it bad with tsunade well it was ten times worse for matsuri.
Genma is the specialized jounin in Konaha who is always looking badass with the toothpick in his mouth. Although this toothpick is actually a thin needle that he shoots at his enemey on interception.
After helping out Konoha on an infiltration mission Matsuri takes a nice bath in the hot springs. She quickly learns that she is the only one in the bath and decides to take a nap. When she comes to she sees Genma standing over her with a grin on his face.
“what do you want?” she asks him.
“Well” he says “I was soaking in the bathouse next door and noticed a very pretty lady walk by the entrance. So I thought I would come try to ignite some laughter or maybe a fight. I mean every interaction in this forsaken village seems to end in fighting.”
“Your story has holes mr…?
“Genma but you can call me genma-kun.”
“Well genma-kun you can get out of my sight before I get angry.”
“May I get your name first?”
“I am not inclined to release such information to you. I believe I did just ask you to leave though.”
“Leave before I kill you Genma-kun of the konaha specialized jounin force.”
“Wait a second your…ghhhh”
Genma falls dead to the ground as the kunai lodged in the back of his neck spurts blood all over the floor and into the pool. The woman in the pool turns into vapor as the assasin known only as The Silent Death of Forgotten Sand walks into the bathhouse.
Where did her name come from only some know it from her past. When she became jounin she challenged her master in a fight to the death. After her village found out that there kazekage had been killed she had already vanished.
She grabs a packet of sand from her pack and spreads it over the dead body. She leaves no trace of the body or ever being in that lame village and as she walks out she say’s one last thing.
“Killing people, that was the only thing that I was taught by my master and I have killed countless people on that note. So when I tell you to leave you better fucking leave.”
An eagle catches her eye as she vanishes into darkness like a cloud of dust in the wind.



In a secluded hideout a couple days later…
“Have you seen Matsuri?” A dark figure stands up and glides toward the light.
“Well Sasuke-kun shadows are never seen during the new moon? Hahahaahaha….”
(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: Cool story but is Genma still alive? If someone know for sure, let me know in the comments section. Nice submission from a new comer.)
vs Submitted by Erich
In my story arc I would start with bringing back Kabuto. He’s more powerful than he has ever been but at the same time the Orochimaru cells attack his body as if it were an infection trying to kill off what is left of him. Mind you this is not to turn into Orochimaru but into some form of 1/2 snake 1/2 man bad ass. He sets a trap to capture Sakura or at least get her alone. He already knows of her feelings for Sasuke so he uses that in his scheme. He tells her of the training that took place and sasukes use of forbi dden jutsus and drugs to make his body stronger. Kabuto never trusting Sasuke because he never showed any respect took steps just in case. He poisoned his body as well possibly the same thing that ate away at Itachi. It is long acting and destroys the body over a period of years. Of course he has the antidote and chakra healing methods to save him. He will train her in these techniques if she will use them and others to help him meld properly with the Orochimaru cells.She sees this as an opportunity to not only save sasuke’s life but to become as strong as sasuke and naruto have gotten. She goes with him and goes into training. Learning new more powerful healing jutsus, deadly medical jutsus, forbidden jutsus and seals all while helping to heal Kabutos body. Not only is she mending and making him whole shes making both of them stronger than before by making them one. When shes done kabuto waits a while to see if his new body will stay healed. In that time they train in fighting, he feels as though he owes her that much. When she is ready to leave kabuto snaps in the head. He becomes maniacally crazy although he does not show her this. He has started to act more caring towards her to keep her suspicions from being raised. He says he’d like to test his new body out in the field, and what better way than to go with her to find sasuke. That way if she can’t heal him all the way he could help. She accepts and they go hunting for sasuke. After a while it seems that they are getting nowhere. However sasuke has gotten word that someone is looking for him. Thinking it odd that it would be the team of sakura and kabuto he goes to search her out instead. At the same time the leaf anbu return with this same knowledge since she has been mising for some time. Naruto hears this outside of tsunade’s door and leaves without warning.
Now we find sakura and kabuto camping out in a makeshift hut they’ve found. It’s cold and rainy and kabuto tries to comfort her. Sakura is uneasy at this and it strikes rage in kabutos eyes. She says the arrangement was to heal sasuke in return for her help in healing him. He tells her sasukes life was never in danger but he wouldn’t have lived without her. She says she’s not interested in him. He tells her if he can’t have her no one will. She sees how insane his mind has become. The whole time they worked on healing his body his mind was getting warped.  




Of course the hut explodes from the rush of chakra from the both of them. She has tsunades crushing power with his precision cutting power combined in her hands. He isn’t human or snake and neither of them have seen his true power. Huge fight ensues she gets him good several times however like most snakes he is playing with his new found prey. Sasuke and naruto converge on the exploding forest where they heard Sakura was. By the time they arrive they see Kabuto rip sakura in half.
Character dead. New more powerful villain. About to be a kick ass fight with Naruto and sasuke teaming up.
Sorry for the length.

vsSubmitted by Skyhigh
Allright, its starts out with kabuto heading through a forest to konoha in a black hood covering his face. once he nearly arrives hes confronted by anko the head proctor from the forrest of death exams. any ways she stops him and says something about how even without seeing his face she can still tell its him a mile away at witch point he removes his hood to show kabutos face with one side deformed and covered in white scales. shocked anko asks what has he done now and calls him a monster kabuto or orichimaru who has now almost fully gained control of kabutos body laughs and comments on how he has become immortal and finally found his perfect body capable of healing from anything at witch point anko attacks. by throwing a kunai at him and moving in directly behind it while forming seals for a snake summon based jutsu.

The jutsu is easily evaded and countered by another snake jutsu witchcatches ano and constricts her. orochimaru the pulls thesword of kusinagi from his mouth and moves in to finish her. as hes aproaching he tells her how weak she is and how even with all hes taught he sthat she could never beat him. she gets angry and releases her curse seal to level 2 and transforms into a monster with a forked toung and snake eyes and breaksfree from the snake that was holding her and goes on the offensive. her and orochimaru are matched even in spee and strength and she manages to eveade all his attacks from the sword of kusinagi. then she uses a jutsu to summon a sea of snakes from her mouth like orochimaru did against naruto. and orochimaru counters it by summoning manda to eat them all. after ankos snakes have been cleared out by manda the battle feild appears to be empty and orocimaru comments on how he thinks manda might have swallowed anko up too.Manda yells, “behind you fool” but he relizes t too late and turns around to see anko behind him with kunai in each hand and she pins him to a near by tree.

Orochimaru orders manda to attack her but manda abandons him for being so weak and having kabuto’s body.anko leans in close to him and ask him if remembers being in this position. then she says “let me borrow this hand” and begins to form the seals for Sojasosai no Jutsu (Twin Snakes Mutual Death). as shes about to finish the seals and kill them both she stops as if frozen in place and the same moment orochi kabuto smiles and tells her that it looks like she took too long and now its too late. then it shows anko coughing up blod and keelin over snd her curse mark begins to fade. Orochimaru starts to laugh and then asks ahe if shed forgotten the price for usuing that seal and as anko struggles to stand fight he turns his back to her and repeats his original statement about how no matter what she learned from him or how strong or determined she was there was no way she could ever beat him. he continues to konoha as it shows anko shead a tear before her hand that was still reaching for orochimaru falls.

vssubmitted by Cdog

I think a good match up in this manga would be Hinata v. Sakura. In this short side story hinata and sakura duke it out because hinata makes fun of sakuras big forehead. While sakura makes disses hinata even worse. It escalates fast and they both want Naruto so they decide to fight to the death for him. With Hinatas gentle fist and Sakuras concentrated chakra fists they are the antithesis of each other. Sakura asks hinata where their fates will be decided and Hinata chooses the academy (saying some little fib that sakura has a lot to learn and going back to the academy would pe the perfect place for this). Sakura laughs of course because she has always been the smartest of her class.

The time was set for 3 in the morning so as not to raise any suspicion. Hinata arrives first and hides behind a tree so as not to be seen by sakura. Sakura comes in after with a small cup of coffee in her hands and a drakes coffee cake. She eats up and then yells to hinata to come out from benind the tree. Hinata does her little gasp and walks out. Her eyes change to a mean scowl towards sakura and the fierceness throws sakura off step.

The fight begins as sakura lunges at hinata with her female fists of fury. Hinata’s ability to dodge is at the same level as sakura’s from constant pummeling by her teamates. The fight becomes a dodging fight as they both fear to be grazed by a single blow. Hinata gets her in range of her 64 strike but then miscalculates by an inch or two and gets pummled into the academy. She wimpers a little as it was the first contact made after an hour or so fighting. She lays there crying in defeat as sakura laughs and gets closer.

Just as sakura thinks its over hinata forces herself up and strikes 8 of sakuras chakra points. Sakura falls down and spits up blood. While limping backwards she looks at hinatas deformed face from the punch she landed a little while ago and laughs at her saying shes better off dead now. Hinata becomes enraged and lunges at sakura hitting another three chakra points.

Two in the neck and one in the brain causing mental damage in sakuras brain. Sakura gets angry because hinata took away her inteligence. sakura runs at hinata in a violent stupor letting out an earth chakra power combo in her fists. While hinata uses her ultimate shield infused with water chakra. They both cause a massive back fire on themselves and sakura is sent right into the tree in the courtyard and then into the town behind it while hinata is sent straight through the academey building to the other side as the building collapses on her and she dies.

Sakura wakes up a week later in the konoha hospital. Tsunade is there with kakashi, naruto, the head of the hyuuga clan and a few others. Tsunade tells sakura that she is to be senteced to life in prison but since she is mentally challenged it would be best just to kill her. So Tsunade orders the death of sakura and so naruto is once again womanless

Submitted by Alec

While Pain and Konan are traveling to Konoha, they encounter Gai’s team. Being Gai, he politely asks who they are and there business, that is until Neji reminds Gai that they are Akatsuki. Gai realizing this, remembers the page on which he read about the leader of Akatsuki. Realizing that there are six of them with the rinnegan, he instantly makes the connection between the clues Jiraya left and the story told by Fukakusu. With the ability to see the six different possible paths of life according to Buddha, Gai
knows the controlling one isn’t here and asks for his location, Pain answers that they are all the controlling one. The fight begins with Konan making the first move, she sprays her paper shurikens at them; Neji spins, Lee dodges, TenTen summons a shield and Gai stops the paper with a smile and a thumbs up. Pain, disappointed as always with how week Konan is, tells her to go ahead. Konan splits into butterflies and flies away.
Realizing that Gai is a taijutsu specialist, decides to summon his creatures to take care of the entire squad. Gai summons his own turtles to help out, while Neji hits them in the throat with his air fist, knocking them out. Lee goes first gate and helps TenTen plant explosives on the other creatures. Pain realizes this isn’t working so goes into full out attack mode. The long haired dude with no pony tail heads first but is met by Neji who begins a barage and finds that every blow is blocked. The absorbing one immediately takes on Lee, but as since that Lee has no Taijutsu finds his but being quickly defeated. Limb shooting one, finds a barage of shurikens and kunai heading his way from TenTen which is blocked by the summoning one. Her and the Limb shooting dude go after TenTen, while Genjutsu man goes after Neji (one of them has to be genjutsu), while Yahiko body takes on Gai using ninjutsu.
The fight continues as TenTen is defeated and barely alive but did “kill” the limb shooting one, Neji defeated both the taijutsu one and the Genjutsu user, do to his Byakugan making him immune to most genjutsu, while Lee had to go into fourth gate but did kill the Chakra absorbing one. Gai sees his fallen squad and is happy to see they are alive and its jsut him and Yahiko, however the new girl revives one of them, and those two revive the other three. Gai asks Neji if he saw any chakra leading away from the bodies and towards a controller, Neji says a faint yes. Neji tells him the direction and how far but couldn’t see the controller do to a raised barrier. Gai summons a turtle and tells that tutrtle to ake his squad back to Konoha, while Gai will stay behind and defeat the enemy. He enters five gates and begins the but kicking process, his chakra is stolen by that dude, but because it is so mouch the vampire dude is too weak to do anything else, Gai then fights against the limb shooting dude after he reenter three gates. The taijutsu dude joins in.
Gai catches the shooting dudes hands and immediately whirlwinds him in the face, knocking him across the sky. The summoning chick goes after him, but Gai immediately jumps into sixth gate and kicks her across the sky as well. Taijutsu dude goes after Gai but is immediately beaten to a pulp. While this is going on, genjutsu man tries to ensnare Gai in an illusion, however because Gai’s chakra is too high, it can not be done and is soon peacocked to about 60 meters below the ground. Gai sees all thst is left is Yahiko and says it is over. But Yahiko reveals that now that the other bodies have been defeated he can now use each and everyone of there abilities. Gai goes to seven gates and begins the assault. yahiko says because he has all the abiities his chakra has now increased six fold and fights evenly with Gai. Gai realizes what must be done and goes into eight gates, he finally beats Yahiko, sure of his victory he summons a turtle to wait and watch for the cont rolling dude to appear then when he sees the face take the camera Gai has on his Jacket and take it to Tsunade.
Soon after a pop is heard with a strange hooded figure standing over Yahiko and saying “get up, you’re not done yet”. Yahiko gets up and say s he needs time to find his bodies and return for healing. The hooded figure syas “no, heal yourself, and continue your mission”. The figure turns but the shadow from the hood blocks the right side of his face but there is scar on his left cheek, a wrinkle running down his nose, and a rinnegan appearing out of the shadow before the figure simply disappears.
The turtle heads towards Konoha with the fallen hero as Yahiko gathers bodies. Tsunade watches the video and now understands what needs to be done. She asks Yamamato and Kakashi if this was the Tobi they fought earlier and Kakashi says maybe but if the saw the right side he could identify him.


Is it Madara, Nagato, or maybe Danzo? Who knows, but Pain is quickly bearing down on Konoha after taking out arguably Konoha’s strongest ninja.


























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  1. First!

  2. I dont know why i did not see this to start with, I think pain might have rin’s body. Take a look at the rin’s face on ch 239 page 11, then look at the face of the new pain on ch 407 page 17. It looks like it is up in the air once more lol.

  3. Chapter 241 page 4 has a better pic of rin.

  4. one last pic of rin is on chapter 242 page 1 i think that is the best one you can get of her.

  5. Also for the madara has obitos body thing take a look at chapter 243 page 16 the scar under obitos eye, then look at chapter 397 page 3. they look very much the same.

  6. I’ll link the manga on the front page but you are awesome at the manga/chapter research. You should put together a post for friday concerning those two subjects linking them all together or like a timeline or something…think about it anyway.

  7. Nice idea I will see what I can do. ^_^

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    I just thought of something for way beyond Pain and the possible return of oro/Kabuto, what if Kabuto as his assault on Konoha and Naruto uses the impure resurection and summons Jiraya, Itachi, and Tsunade… Thus confronting Naruto, Saskue, and Sakura and making them offically the new Sanin and when that ends, the series ends…

  10. IF Sasuke ever comes back to Konoha…
    IF Tsunade ever dies…
    IF Jiraiya is dead for good…

    That’s alot of “IF”s but it would be a cool scenerio.

  11. It may be possible… The whole Tobito theory is still out and about, and Pein has six seven bodies in total at the moment. I mean, Kishimoto doesn’t usually show characters for no reason. Like, why did he decide to show us Kakashi Gaiden to split up Part One and Two? Why Kakashi’s story and team? Why not more of the Sannin’s past? Why not more of Sarutobi’s past? Why would Kishimoto have chosen Kakashi, and why would he have made situation where Kakashi used to nearly hate Obito for his bad habits, and then they turned out to be best friends? Shouldn’t there be more to it than just that? Shouldn’t Kishimoto do something more to the storyline and develop it more? He doesn’t normally do something small and just leave it there. He usually adds to it. So Rin OR Kushina is possible, but I agree more with Rin, although the most popular theory is Konan. (Which I’m leaning towards more, because the markings on Rin’s cheek aren’t on that Pein’s body) Also, Rin was kind of there to develop Kakashi and Obito’s story more… I mean, Obito WAS more important. Without him, Kakashi would be dead so many times over throughout this series. Look at all the times that Sharingan has saved his life. AND it’s a bit more possible since Rin had so little time in the story. That means Kishimoto might be planning to do something more with Rin, since, as I said, he doesn’t normally have small things in his story that just collect dust eventually.

  12. seven* (Not six seven XD; )

  13. a situation*

    Why must I correct my text AFTER sending it? -_-

  14. When will we see the results of the Fight to the Death Survey?

  15. I just posted alot of new stuff for that Survey.

  16. Thanks Jeremiah interesting results. Sounds like no matter what people want to see chicks fight. Too bad somone’s got to die.

  17. LMAO that was a fun test ^_^.

  18. Yeah. They don’t have the girls fight it out too often.

    I really like that submission by Imran. I’ve gotten several of his/her submissions in the past so I was happy to post that submission, even though it was short I really dig that scenerio.

    What did you think of the featured submission? ^_^

  19. Someone will have to take on konan while others fight pain. Who does everyone think is best suited to battle her? My guess would be kakashi. It’s time he showed off a little before becoming hokage. He can detect her movements, fry those little peices of paper with his chidora ordrowned here with his water style dragon jutsu.

  20. Kakashi is best suited to fight her but Kishimoto almost always pits female against female so expect Sakura…

    (praying for a Hinata vs Konan fight)

  21. I liked it but I’m not sure how affected naruto would be. He didn’t seem to get too bothered when he used that odama rasengan on what he thought was itachi, turning out to be someone else. I think he has excepted death as part of his being a ninja. However he will try to change someone first. Killing is a last resort for him.
    Let me exclude pain from that statement cause that guy might as well have dead written on his forehead protector.

  22. Yes, hinata would be perfect. Time to get her back in the story line if shes the future Mrs. Hokage.

  23. well if the new pain is rin that would make a good fight for kakashi. Also did anyone notice that naruto has never killed anyone yet.

  24. Yes I have. Even the Akatsuki that Naruto hit with the Rasengen was finished off by Kakashi. Thats why I think that killing Konan on accident would really mess him up.

    Except for Pain…he wrote his own name in a Death Note the second he killed Jiraiya and the cause of death will be Naruto.

  25. I dont know about that he might not kill pain. Hell he might not kill anyone in manga. I think that naruto will make pain go back to his old way of thinking. That could be why jiraiya left that note to actualy get naruto to not want revenge and change pains heart. If he did not naruto would kill pain and later on destory the world.

  26. Naruto kills the clone of Itachi in chapter 260 pgs. 10-13. Turned out to be a sand nin.

  27. the sand nin was killed when pain cast his jitsu so naruto killed a dead body that had itachis chakra in it.

  28. I’m on the fence on this one if the sand nin wasn’t alive why wouldn’t itachi just create a clone of his own. It would have had more chakra and a better chance at battling them. Even when Orocimaru brought back the first and second there souls were intact, I think that qualifies as alive.

  29. but that sand nin had no soul in him they where killed by the jitsu just look at chapter 260 page 17,18,19

  30. I’ll just agree to disagree since I’m too lazy to go back again and look at that chapter. Plus I don’t want to think I’m wrong. LOL

  31. Just read your arc and LMFAO! Gai calling Kakashi a pussy and I can picture Rock Lee trying to hump Sakura’s leg while all eight gates are open, let’s make it nine gates to include the zipper gate.

  32. Thanks i just went off the top of my head with that one, I could not think up a real cool arc at the time.

  33. And the biggest “IF” of all is if the series will ever get around to it… please hurry up with scene 24, it’s really a lovely scene but they need to get on with it!

    Please say if anyone got that… please i don’t want to be alone in knowing random one liners that totally don’t connect with anything

  34. I guess Naruto is like the Todd after all… always talks big but doesn’t do anything, and you’re not sure how he is good at what he does , but he is good for whatever reason…

  35. Is that scene 24 qoute from Monty Python’s Holy Grail?

    “Is that the old man from scene 24?”

  36. On the Naruto/konan thing, what if during the pain tsunade fight, Konan is already severely injured and Naruto simply sits next to her and starts to talk, using his charm and acting abilities convinces her to talk to Pain to try and convince him to change, or at least do something to stop Pain…

  37. y we have a winner, that or the hole crowd thing could work

  38. Are you also comparing Naruto to the dude from Scrubs? You are all over the board tonight Alec 🙂 LMAO

  39. There is no doubt that Kishimoto will make you feel bad for Pain just before he dies. He has a habit of doing that through flash backs. If he can make you feel bad for Sasori then Pain is going to be easy.

  40. BTW we were the 8th most popular blog today. Thats pretty good for a down day. We are coming up on the 100,000 mark quick and it hasn’t even been 2 months yet. I should give a iareawesomeness Tshirt to the 100,000 person to visit the site ^_^

  41. hey this blog is soo aswome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was wondering is you can tell people about my blog i mean to go on it. I’m new at this so i want alot of people to go on it. if you do this I’ll be very grateful thanks.

    thank u

  42. Who the hell felt bad for sasori? Kid was a puppet freak.
    My parents died because the Emperor needed new clothes and now everywhere I go people disrespect me and call me an eleven. But you don’t see me trying to cope by making them puppets. The real puppets are the ones that still think pain’s new body is Konan the barbarian. I never thought that it was kushina, it could be but I just don’t think it is. Rin is a very good thought and may be true. It will be hard to introduce a character as rin or tobi because they only existed in the kakashi gaiden which was considered as separate from the main story. And the anime completely skipped that story arc. Once they do intoduce Rin or Tobi in to the main part of the story Jeremiah and I shall rejoice for the coming of Kakashi Gaiden episodes or movie will be imminent.

  43. @kagome8 we appreciate your feelings towards this blog, However we would like to remain neutral when it comes to recommending any other forum that is related to subjects such as race or religion. It is nothing personal and we hope that you continue to enjoy this blog and that Inuyasha makes a comeback.

    P.S. The reason this is a great site is due to the dedication of its creator Lord Jeremiah who is always keeping things fresh, in combination with its great comment contributors My favorite being erich22 for her great sense of humor. Last scorpion is a great asset and has been here since the beginning and anyone that has commented here more than 10 times deserves A dirty sanchez or a refund. Except alec who gets the mantle hokazemizukage for making us all think with the monty python reference that I didn’t get. I’ll try harder next time.

  44. Wow…I can’t believe the king has graced us with his presence!

    You have to admit that when you saw that he had built puppets of his parents to have them hold him as a kid it was pretty sad.

    Kushina is coming… doubters bare witness…

  45. @Kogame8^ I feel really bad deleting the link to your blog but if I let people start linking in the comments then people start spamming our comment section, then its all down hill from there. Email me your blog and I’ll check it out.


    I’d also like to remind people that if they have an idea for a post, make sure to let us know and put the idea in the comments section letting us know you’d like to try. If its a good idea I’ll hook you up with a spot for posting on this site. I’m not stingy with the space if you’ve got the talent.

    ^Alec – just read your submission…classic. It’ll be in the best of tomorrow. There was also a surprisingly good one from a new comer named Danielson or something like that, and his will be there as well.

  46. Jeremiah I feel really bad deleting the link to your other blog chin_nuts@deepesophagus.wordpress because even though we know you like candy it creeps us out when you whisper taste the rainbow and don’t even have skittles.

    For theme of pain bodies being a part of jiraiya’s past, kushina makes sense but rin doesn’t. I think rin is out, konan was never in (never), and I still don’t think its kushina. The only one who will be able to tell us is jiraiya when he reveals himself to be alive he will see the only woman he ever loved other than tsunade. And will go supersaiyanbankaigeass3 with his crazy long white hair and have to kill this new women becasue she will prove to be pains strongest body.

  47. LMFAO! I hate you. You realize that unlike other readers I actually hang out with you on a regular basis so I will be punching you in the nuts later.

    *Exposing Geass eye* Change your Icon…it’s humorous qualities have died out…much like your soul…and then kill yourself.

  48. Coming from a registered sex offender your so called *exposing geass eye* could be misconstrued as the same thing you were convicted of, thinking about it actually makes me want to kill myself. I have already changed my avatar of my own will. Besides your geass power is to buy a 7 pound cheeseburger and eat 3 bites before calling it a day.

  49. Can we stay away from sex offender jokes? Its a wierd thing to joke about being a rapist or a child molester. It creeps me out just having someone bring it up :\ Way to bring the whole mood down.

  50. What do you think of the spoiler script? I’m thinking that just like last time we will see a big difference between the spoiler and the actual manga…

  51. Dude, what happened to all the stuff?

  52. yeah you are right i think that script is a little off.

  53. Here’s another script I found that seems a little closer to what could happen.

    Naruto: what do you mean i have to die?
    Fukasaku: you need to leave the life you have now and be reborn in nature.
    Naruto: How am i supposed to do that?
    Fukasaku: well there’s the slow way and then theres the fast way!
    Naruto: I have no time for the slow way, lets hurry up and get me reborn.
    (Gama hits naruto so hard that he goes unconscious)

    Meanwhile Sasuke VS 8tails
    Sasuke: I would prefer for you to come with us willingly, but it looks like im going to have to make you suffer.
    8tails: Such confidence in yourself, your either very strong or very stupid. And by the looks of it i will go with the latter.
    (Sasuke unleashes his MS tsuykiyomi upon the 8 tails but theres no effect)
    Sasuke: HUH!! why didnt tsuykiyomi work on him.
    8tails: well well well thats a scary eye technique i just felt. Too bad it wont work on me.
    Sasuke: Your going to be more trouble than i expected.
    Karin: Sasuke! his chakra is enormous and it keeps growing!!!!!
    (the 8tails makes his move and strikes all four of team hawks members with a combined water and lighting dragon jutsu)

    Pain arrives in konoha!!!
    Pain: Karin use your paper jutsu and find the kyuubi!
    (Karin disperses herself among konoha. Kakashi is down the street with Gai, and Kakashi see’s the technique for what it really is)
    Kakashi: Gai we have uninvited guests here. And they have some impressive techniques
    Gai: Lets go and take care of them Kakashi
    Kakashi: Hold on let me send a shadow clone to Tsunade. I have a bad feeling about this.
    (Kakashi and Gai make there way to the source and confront Pain)
    Pain: Konoha shinobi. Tell me where the nine tails host is and your lives will be spared.

  54. that one sounds more real but is still off. on the spoiler pic they show a short talk where all the people on team hawk speak to the 8 tails on the same page.

  55. We’ll find out soon enough, I hope this is right so we finally might be getting somewhere in the series

  56. Also i see that someone said rin makes no sense with pains bodies being a part of jiraiya’s past. Well that on ninja with the scar on his head was only see by Jiraiya once and i am sure Jiraiya has seen rin atleast once. Kakashi and Jiraiya seem to have a past when you first see them talk in the manga. rin was the fourth’s student so it is safe to say they met at some point. Aslo it is safe to say that rin is dead, Kakashi said to sasuke that revenge leaves you empty inside ect… Kakashi also said that he lost everyone he loved, So that would be the fourth, obito and rin. Kakashi must have failed on his promise to keep rin safe and let her die, this would cause him to get mad as hell and want revenge and thats why he told Sasuke he knows about revenge. On a side note if madara took obitos body but still had some of obitos personalty (why he is so playfull at times) he would be mad at Kakashi for failing to save Rin.

    P.S I think it is a 50/50 for me on kushina or rin as the new pain I just thought i back up the Rin idea since i put it out there. ^_^

  57. Maybe that’s how 4th and Kushina met was through the death of Rin on a mission in the Whirlpool country. Kushina feels bad, and leaves the whirlpool to find the 4th, the man who changed her way of thinking and her life.

    Kakashi feels angry that the 4th would marry someone who was involved in Rin’s death so doesn’t talk to the 4th. Then the nine-tails attacks and the fourth disappears (maybe dies, maybe alive, who knows). Kakashi is devastated that the man he respected was now gone and he didn’t even say anything, Rin and Obito are already dead, and he’s left with no one… Which turns Kakashi into the regret filled man he is today.

  58. However, i believe that both Kushina and Rin have been dead for too long to have now been taken up by Pain, I think he takes bodies when he needs them instead of stockpiling, I hope I’m wrong because unless kishimoto twists it into something more dramamtic, this is probably the most powerful thing that will hit these characters, whereas a random body doesn’t do much.

  59. Geez people, at least i made Gai and Lee look like worthy characters in the second submission…

    jeremiah, what we need is to have a “best of” where people pick the best surveys posted on the site, this can be a recap and a celebration for 100,00 hits so far

  60. That’s a good idea. Do you want to do that post? I would but I’ve already got something lined up for a post other than the usual post for next week so I’ll be a busy Admin from Friday on.

  61. I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee anything.

  62. hinata wont be the future hokage stupid shits its gonna be that girl in the shippuden movie cuz she already asked naruto to have sex with him at the end of it

  63. Do you marry everyone you have sex with???

  64. I would but Massachusetts doesn’t recognize same sex marriages!

  65. LMFAO! @ Bernardino ^_^

  66. I’ve been getting some really good submissions (martin/Raj) that I want to post on the main page but I’ve had finals for my summer school classes today so look for some new ones early tomorrow.

    I’m also going to narrow down and list the 5 best, numbered 1-5 as per Alec’s request. So don’t get butt hurt if your submission gets deleted from the main page. I’ve gotten over 800+ submissions and about 90-100 short stories so I’ve got to keep the focus on a couple really good ones rather than a whole buch of good ones, other wise people get bored reading them.Thanks to everyone for contributing so much!

  67. Well if you are going to do that then i wont bother doing a post there are not many good theories this week. The only thing i could think of for a post would be the kushina and rin theories for pain.
    P.S I am happy i dont run the blog it would suck to have to read 90-100 stories. LMAO

  68. I wouldn’t want to read that many stories either. Lucky for Jeremiah he auto deletes any story that shows favor to any character he does not like, just kidding miah. He hasn’t done that in days.

    P.S. When I was a kid my parents told me a fat guy dressed in all red delivers presents on the 25th of December. So either I got trolled or my parents are F*King liars because it turns out there is no easter bunny.

  69. ok

  70. Original comment deleted in accordance with Iareawesomeness bylaws, violation of being “dumb as hell”

    thanks for spotting this erich22 we are trying to crack down on this kind of poppycock.

  71. TGIT – Thank God It’s Thursday. Dattebayo had the 67th episode after all. The Leaf nin kick butt as ususal and all is well in the world. Good Night and good luck.
    That last statement was “dumb as hell”

  72. BTW – do we get to have a “dumb as hell contest through the weekend? Or perhaps on just the fake spoilers.

  73. so many people say kakashi will be a hokage after tsunade demise. but i think itsnt likely that would happen. if you compare kakashi to tsunade or jiraiya… hes out of their league. if youre to describe his skills, he is same as gai, asuma, and kurenai or even kabuto that are not near being a hokage. big reason, he cant handle that job especially in situation where he has to fight stronger enemy. and we know kakashi can fight an S ninja wo problem but continuous fights hes ffcked.

  74. I’ll admit that he’s always low on chakra but I have to disagree about his skills being on the same level as gai, asuma, and kurenai. They may all be Jounin but he has advanced sharingan techniques and is as smart as Shikamaru. That’s a very powerful combination to have.

    Also Tsunade and Jiraiya have already said in the manga that he was pretty much next in line.

    I may end up being wrong and Kakashi may not be the next Hokage but as far as the manga goes there is no one that will leap frog Naruto in that line. And the only one ahead of Naruto is Kakashi. So I guess my final statement will be that if Kakashi is not the next Hokage then it will be Naruto. And right now Naruto isn’t ready, so if Tsunade dies in the attack on Konoha, then you will see Kakashi as Hokage.

  75. The spoiler script was generally right this week with translation differences but it got the drift of the real manga. I’m not so sure how I feel about a rapping 8tails. It’s a little goofy.

  76. We have a new Gai like character… One cry’s, one raps, both seem lame but are ridiculosly strong

  77. Yeah the script was kinda on the mark this week. As for the Kakashi power argument, If you read the manga you should see that Kakashi has not yet hit his full power yet. Also it is not that he has super low chakra, he uses a lot when doing the mangekyou sharingan (so does itachi). Also when he did the mangekyou sharingan he did not have full control yet. other then his fight vs Deidara whe have not seen him hit his limit. When fighting Hidan and Kakuzu his limit for the Raikiri was alot higher then when vs zabuza all that time ago and he never ran out of chakra, naruto just jumped in and finished kakuza off.

  78. As for Kakashi becoming the next Hokage, I am not so sure that he will be the next Hokage but he might. If Tsunade is killed and we are not at the end of the manga Kakashi will be the next in line for Hokage. If we get to the end of the manga and Tsunade is alive Naruto will be the next Hokage. But Naruto will not be the Hokage untill the end of the manga believe it!

  79. Kakashi has gotten caught off guard a couple of times in his battles. However I find it interesting that he never gets caught by the same person twice. In most of his fights he puts himself first in the battle and learns from his opponent. Then when he gets another chance he creates an opertunity to win.

  80. In most fights he is trying to fight and protect the others in his squad so i think that makes it harder for him.

  81. True. That alone makes him Hokage material.

  82. Well, we haven’t seen too many jutsus from the man who has supposedly copied over 1,000 of them. His chakra control is also amazing, which makes his supposedly low chakra seem so much higher. In the Zabuza fight, even though he claimed he had very little let, he made as many shadow clones as Naruto with very little effort.

  83. wow I think I should have did a post or something, it has been dead this weekend. I did not have much to go on this week, maby I should do a post on code geass and be the only one to defend sazaku and the only one to call Lelouch a selfish little ass with a daddy did not love me complex. LMFAO

  84. Gaaaaah! Your killing me! LOL! I hate Suzaku! WTF! How can you like that guy?!?! Taking the Britts side is repulsive…freakin traitor… Long live Japan!

    *jumping up and down chanting Nihon! Nihon! nihon!*

    You should do a post on Code Geass and how awesome it is. Not enough people watch that show. As long as you can keep an unbiased opinion about which side is right (though it is obvious which is right) it would be a cool post ^_^.

    As far as it being a slow weekend, its understandable considering the records we broke this week…tune in Tuesday to read those details…

  85. Another idea for a cool post is breaking down the possible future Hokages. Who would make a good one and the probability of each becoming Hokages in the future. Neji, Shikamaru, Sakura, Gai!, Naruto, Kakashi etc…

    You could probably make a pretty entertaining post out of that subject. If any of the authors want to do that then by all means take the idea and run with it.

    You’ll all hear from me again on monday or tuesday.

    Ja mata

  86. i just thought of something maybe the reason the fourth hokage put the kyuubi in naruto was so it would be easier for him to master sage chakra because in 410 he turned into a frog which means the natural energy was overpowering his other energy… he might need the kyuubi to use the sage chakra

  87. I think because he’s never felt the nature chakra and the toad oil helped pull it into him is what caused him to change. I do think Naruto’s special chakra that helps his body fend off the kyubi will eventually balance the Nature chakra for him. I’d like to see them teach him water techniques too. if he could combine wind and water into his rasengan using the sage power he could make some sort of hurricane or typhoon technique.

  88. that would be badass lol i think the sage training will make him able to use the rasen shuriken i dont know if it will be modified at all… but tsunade said he cant use it so maybe the training will make it less self destructive

  89. Yeah I think I will do a post on code geass since it is out around friday every week (and the post will be unbiased, but my replies will not ^_^). I will also put something that has to do with naruto, such as any good theories that i see. But as for me hating Lelouch just think about this. All the most bloodiest wars in history where started with good intentions. That is why i like Suzaku, he might not be smarter then Lelouch but he has more wisdom. In my eyes Lelouch is “dumb as hell” LMAO.

  90. wow, that’s nice post. i still read it. one by one to all your post. thanks for your share.

  91. my boy naurto X and nautro have fox tail 4. Another idea for a cool post is breaking down the possible future Hokages. Who would make a good one and the probability of each becoming Hokages in the future. Neji, Shikamaru, Sakura, Gai!, Naruto, Kakashi etc………. I’d also like to remind people that if they have an idea for a post, make sure to let us know and put the idea in the comments section letting us know you’d like to try. If its a good idea I’ll hook you up with a spot for posting on this site. I’m not stingy with the space if you’ve got the talent.

  92. that’s so cool

  93. A love story to the manga will be a good twist and can add interest to followers. It will sure be fun.

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