Naruto Theories and Predictions summary.

Well Hello everyone this is Last Scorpion, I am going to post the various different theories that people post on the overcrowded comment section each week (Even if I don’t like them ). I also might just ask a question or two to get a conversation started.


Theory from Last Scorpion (had to do mine first ;) )

Well I took part of my ideas from other theories on this site, well parts of other theories. I think that Pain is Nagato controlling the bodies from some remote location. This may sound out there but I think that Yahiko was killed by Kushina Uzumaki. When the demon fox attacked the village Madara was there but Pain was also there. Kushina did not die during child birth she had Naruto before the Demon fox attacked, then went to go help fight off Yahiko,Nagato,Konan and Madara. During this fight Kushina realized that Nagato was her little brother and was asking why he was attacking the village. As Kushina and Nagato where talking Yahiko not knowing what was going on rushed in to attack Kushina. Nagato was watching as Yahiko killed Kushina then they show what happened when Nagato blacks out and this kills Yahiko.

This event is what causes the change in personality of Nagato and he then becomes Pain. I now think the new body of Pain is Kushina and Tsunade will have a hard time fighting her and die. Naruto will end up fighting the real Pain but as Naruto is getting his ass kicked Nagatos old emotions start to take over due to Naruto acting just like his mother. Just a Pain dies he tells the story of Narutos parents to him, and also the real plains of Madara. If you think I am wrong or have an opinion go to the comment section I will reply.

Theory from Jeremiah

Here are my theories. Pain’s new body is Kushina. I’m sure of it. When Kishimoto was going to have to insert a new body of Pain after the previous one was killed I knew the replacement needed to be dramatic and have some value to the over all story. I originally thought Jiraiya, that would have been epic but he went with a female instead.

So then I asked myself what female character could they possibly use that would be more dramatic than using Jiraiya? There is only one option…Naruto’s mother Kushina. Based off of these deductions I put the two pictures of Kushina and the new body of Pain next to each other on a post to also demonstrate that they look similar. The odds that Pain replaced his new body with someone completely irrelevant to the over all story arc of Naruto is slim to none. What could be more epic than Naruto having to eventually fight a Pain version of his own mother?

This brings me to my next theory which is far less original… Tsunade will die during the invasion of Konoha, leaving the way for Kakashi to become Hokage. Naruto will later fight Pain after Tsunade is dead, ultimately defeating him and in the process having to fight the version of his own mother.

I don’t think Danzo is Madara. Even though it is an interesting theory, Madara and Danzo have conflicting views. Another reason I put together that clip art of Madara/Danzo was to show what Danzo was telling Sai and the unlikely hood that Madara would ever say such a thing. He has something to do with Obito…I’m not sure what but I’m positive of it. Possibly a body theft like Orochimaru or something along those lines.

Sasuke is obviously plotting against Madara but I’m not sure its for good reasons. Sasuke has his own goals which don’t line up with the best interests of Madara, Pain, Konoha or Naruto. He’s got his own idea of how things should be, we just havn’t seen any hints at what that could possibly be since the whole Itachi debacle.

This is already running long so I will say I have theories about the powers Naruto got from Itachi and what will happen with the eyes of Itachi but I’ll save that for another time.

Ja mata

Theory from Erich22

I think Naruto will leave before Pain gets to Konoha. People will die but Pain won’t stay long since his goal is the 9 tails not the destruction of Konoha. I’m as ready for a new hokage as anyone but it still seems too soon for tsunade to die. If it keeps up the way everyone thinks it will the title of Hokage will be a death sentance.
Back to my point if Pain follows Naruto to the montian. And naruto gets a little time to train in between. Bad Ass Naruto + Bad Ass Toads vs. Pain and Konan = one hell of a fight. And who knows maybe we’ll see a Demon Fox Toad style with Sharrigan eyes. Highly unlikely more like a chance to master another element. But we can always hope.

Of course the Toad sage could also tell Naruto he is the chosen one. But he will have to choose to be good or be tempted by evil and give in to the 9 tails. Most likely that choice will come with his friends lives on the line or the destruction of Konoha. At which time the Kyubi will offer all of his power to Naruto knowing the fox would take over.

Theory from Alec AKA captainmanic

Itachi is dead, he’ll only appear sort of when Saskue looks into Naruto’s eyes when they meet again. Orochimaru probably won’t come back until the end of the manga when this whole Akatsuki thing blows over and Naruto is appointed seventh hokage after Kakashi. And if Naruto leaves before Pain arrives, then Kabuto won’t show up again and neither will the sand.

The Pain Ying/Yang theory is interesting, but it might have been Itachi who held the Yin part of the nine-tails. Considering that only the Sharingan can control the fox, the “elders” might have given the nine-tails to Itachi as a sign of trust before he was to wipe out the Uchia and protect him from danger wherever he was to go into hiding. That could have been the mysterious disease that was killing him. Since only Naruto seems to be the only one who can withstand huge amounts with little effect to his own body, while others are severely damaged from just a little. With the Yin chakra back, the nine-tails might be more stable and more willing to do what Naruto tells it to.

Theory from Skyhigh303

i think peins about to rush head first into the leaf but naruto will already be gone and instead of him withdrawing hell split up sending his six forms in six different directions to look for naruto and each form will end up fighting someone from the leaf and the main form will fight tsunade the other forms will end up fighting inos team lee’s team and kiba’s team so far thats 4 forms i also think 1 form will face kakashi solo and and one will face team kakashi minus naruto but with yammato filling in and i think paper mache girl will be with the main form against tsunade so it’ll be kinda like a mini siege on konoha with a one man army bringing the peine.

I just want to say that Chris had some good theories but they where all over and hard to put together .

Well that is all so If you want to say anything or think i am “Dumb as hell” just head to the comment section and let me know.

Last Scorpion.


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on July 18, 2008.

40 Responses to “Naruto Theories and Predictions summary.”

  1. Cool Post. I’ll link this post to the main post on Tuesday so that it gets heavy traffic. I’ll also fill in my theories later today when I get the chance.

  2. I did not want to put words in peoples mouth so I just took what was in the comments and put it into one page to make it easy to read. If anyone wants something to be put as there theories just put my theory is ect… when in the comments.

  3. It also would help if you had a account so i could know what face you want put with your ideas, if not I will give you one you might not like. ^_^

  4. If you ever post a theory by Martin make sure he gets Gai Sensei as his picture…He’ll think its “dumb as hell.” 😛

  5. Jeremiah I liked your thoeries and am anxious to see what your thoeris on naruto’s newly accuired power from itachi is going to be. I think everyone believes it will be some form of genjutsu that shows sasuke he “truth”. I think if Itachi gave sasuke the Amaterasu then he gave naruto the Tsukuyomi. He will use this technique to bring others into his own world which will be that room in his head where the Kyubi is sealed. Here he can draw power from the Kyubi and possibly control it without causing destuction around him. His technique will be stronger than itachi’s because he will use it in conjuction with the sage techniques. The reason I say this is because the first thing Pa toad told him about the sage techniques is he could use it to make his illusions stronger. CH-409, PG-11 bottom left hand corner.

  6. just the anime right not the manga?

  7. What are you asking Cdog I dont get your question.

  8. hg

  9. I think Cdog commented on the wrong post. I think he meant to comment on the Dattebayo post. It happens.

  10. I like what Alec said about Sasuke recognizing Itachi in Naruto’s eyes once they see each other again… that’s interesting, I never thought of that. I wonder if it will be instantaneous like Alec said or if Naruto will have to perform something to do with the new power before Sasuke realizes what Itachi did. Does Sasuke realize that Itachi only gave him half or at least not all of his powers?

  11. I’m not sure that Saskue is able to fully control Amatersu yet. It was originally used to kill Madara at the sight of Madara’s sharingan and it was itachi’s eyes, not saskue’s. If you look back to ch 148 07 Itachi’s already had the magneykou for 4 years and said he doesn’t have complete control over amaertsu yet. i have a feeling you start of with the tsuykomi and work your way up the ladder. Though he might have control considering he’s seen the hand signs and has already used it once, albeit with no idea what was going on.

    What is with people “dying” and coming back to life in this series, geez is Kishimoto a big J.C. fan because Gaara and Saskue have already “died” and now Naruto must do it too. Not to mention Pain reviving himself left and right, Orochimaru never going away, and Madara suposedly dying but not really dead for whatever reason. i guess you can’t really become a worthy character until you have died (exception: Kakashi who carries something from a dead guy). heck Jiraya and itachi seem to be bigger now that they’ve died. So that means Gai truly isn’t that big of a character (until he dies anyway).

  12. Gai will never die!!!! Wash your mouth out with soap. Damn you Martin for starting the Gai hate squad!!!!! LMAO ^_^

    P.S. You can change the way your name appears through the settings. So you can have what ever as your sign in ID but have your name appear as Martin…same goes for Alec or anyone else who didn’t know that already.

    >My Account
    >Edit Profile
    >In the nickname box fill in what you want to show when you comment
    >Save changes
    repeat process then select it from the dropdown box below nickname and then save changes again.

  13. Sweet, I’m just totally wiped right now…

    We officially have a Gai fan! jk, i like Gai but he’s just a character you can have fun with, just like the old Bruce Lee movies

  14. Martin started the whole “Gai hating” fad on this site and I thought that was funny so I just ran with it. I was damning him because I thought he had recruited you to his Gai hate squad.

    Don’t hate the pose. Gai sensei and Rock Lee are awesomeness…In a comic relief kinda way.

  15. Kushina was the Kyuubi in human form. She died giving birth to Naruto releasing the Kyuubi.

  16. This is my theory. I believe what Itachi gave Naruto something similar to what he gave Sasuke to combat Madara. Itachi asked how Naruto felt about Sasuke and smiled when he received the answer. What he gave Naruto must be something that would be a last restort in case Sasuke decides to turn evil and destroy Konoha. I don’t belive that the Pein Body is Kashina, I believe the secret lies in The 4th Hokage. He was a very prepared man and i velive Kashina is alive somewhere gaurding something very important that cannot be trusted with anyone.

  17. I believe Dazo is a very Dangerous who has some sort of dangerous eye technique hiddden that will counter something like the Sharingan. It wouldn’t surprise me that Danzo would strike a dangerous deal with a Madara in order to take leadership of Konoha. Danzo was even willing to give up secrets of the Anbu to Orochimaru in order to get Sasuke killed. i wouldn’t be surprised if Madara needs to acquire a body to survive and Sasuke is his next container thats why Danzo sent Sai to kill Sasuke and in the process is double crossing Madara by killing his container. Danzo has veery extreme views but the are sometimes needed to make Konoha realize that all peace is is just a time to prepare for a next ware

  18. I feel that Kushina is Peins new body. Whirlpool and Rain are very close together (hint). Tsunade will freak out when she sees Pein (Yahiko) and Konan. Orochikabuto will tell her we should have killed them long ago again! In the end Sugeitsu will fight Kisame, Pein vs Naruto, Madara vs Sasuke. Itachi gave Naruto more power to control the demon fox like Madara had. The Demon fox and Itachi told Sasuke not to kill Naruto so (hint). They will be friends again or whatever. Sakura will cry when Sasuke returns but will have to fight the girl from Hawk over him. Maybe Kakashi will get the Rinnegan when Pein dies he copies everything else. R.I.P. all fallen Akatsuki soldiers

  19. Naruto does not have the Tsukuyomi, that is a blood line limit. Only those with this bloodline can learn this eye jutsu.
    The jutsu that itachi give naruto is more likely so sort of anti genjutsu. If sasuke uses his eye jutsu naruto, new jutsu will stop it, or else be a counter for it in some way.

  20. This is what I think. I may be completely wrong

    I think the real Pein never came out yet. I think the real Pein is hiding somewhere and looks like Nagato because in Jiraiya’s message it said the real one isn’t there. Also he is the one who had the rinnegan in Jiraiya’s flashback.

  21. Yeah thats been confirmed by the code on the frog.

  22. The power Itachi gave to Sasuke i am curious if he will even be able to use susano and ameratsu, or if it was just a one time thing but if he cannot kill naruto his best freind than how can he acehive Mangekouy. Sry chink writing is wrong. So mabe Saskue did receive Itachis powerz which makes no sence because then Uchias can just transfer powers to people with out removing thier eyes so madara didnt have to take his brothers eyes. By haveing your brothers eyes u ca use 2nd lvl perm you dont get any spcial powers. Why would itachi give powers and not tell saskue to take his eyes. I dont get it By giving his brother mangekouy Sasuke will fall into the darkness if he took his bros eyes he could use its power for ever untill he dies. So i dont get this shit but I do not think that itachi gave naruto any eye tekniques because he does not ahve sharingon in the first place. But that makes you wonder what power could he have given then. It doesnt make sense if naruto can use sharingon tekniques now I will be pissed off at the writers for that, because that is mad gay. Now he did say power not my tecniques, power! meaning mabe more chakar.

  23. Before Sasuke and Itachi fought he tried to explain to sasuke the true power of the Sharingan was to control the Kyubi. So the power he gave Naruto may just be to control the Kyubi. Somehow I feel that it would be after the seal is broken.

  24. Erich 22 you make an interesting point. I think you might be right but then again it is only a prediction and a good one i might add.

  25. sasuke has the mangekyou. i think if you paid attention some1 close to him DIED. jus cuz the werent brother in arms doesnt mean in 1 way or another they were not close.

    also i think its to captainmanic… lol naruto “died” already aswell think back to wen sasuke 1up’d him
    but the fox brung him back lol… that was the ultimate wrestling piledriver ive seen and who would have known its from a cartoon (batle of the end 1 of the best fights EVER)

  26. allright so anyone else notice sasuke isn’t as ruthless with his sharingan as itachi cause im just sayin itachi woulda smashed that 8 tails guy already and not even have broke a sweat but sasukes gettin his ass handed to him and giving dominatrix girl hickies i think he needs his curse seal back or maybe he needs to train or something but right now him givin save my life hickies kinda makes him look uber weak

  27. I think what kishi is doin here is that we saw Itachi with 8-tail so he obviously trained him in dealing with the Sharigan and eye techniques Itachi did this I rekon too further develop Sasukes abilities instead of him leaving only depending on his Sharigan, The 8-tail is a good Guy. Team Hawk are walking in Dark waters.

  28. Well excluding Madara I think Hawk could smash Akatsuki right now. Being that Madara could be the only one to take the 8 tails on, this was something Itachi knew. So he trained him. However Itachi didn’t know Madara knew about them training together. So he sends Sasuke as a test to see how strong or weak he is. Maybe if Sasuke decides he needs more power after this fight he will want Itachi’s eyes. And once he gets them then Madara will challenge him for them.

  29. no you are wrong erich22 hawk can not beat akatsuki they are just not that strong sasuke can beat everyone exsept madara

  30. sasuke has his own plans but i think he still does want to crush the leaf village and maybe naruto will be stronger and bne able to stop naurto training is not going so good but i know he will get better

  31. I think Sasuke will get his retribution by killing Madara/anzo and the 2 elder advisors. They seem to have there own agenda too.

  32. I would argue that Madara was stronger than Itachi. According to Madara (and it may all have been a lie) Itachi and Madara did not get along.

    So if Itachi didn’t like Madara and was much stronger, he would have just killed him and maybe even taken his eyes.

    The fact that he didn’t and even attached a Jitsu to Sasuke’s eye that shot out the black flame means that at the very least he feared Madara enough to keep him away from his brother. So if Itachi is stronger and fears Madara for his brothers sake…then he would have killed him if he could.

    Also I know that you didn’t bring it up but Sasuke fears Madara enough to play along until the time is right, rather than fighting him right away. So I don’t think that Madara is weak in any way, even if he is super old.

    I started to ramble there a bit, I hope I made a good case for Madara still being strong.

  33. Hey where do tou guys read all the other information about narutos mom nagto and all that i watch the mangas just emailme at

  34. i think naruto will die before coming hokage and he will just be known as the 6th hokage and for sauske being bad i think he is secretly planning just to kill the elders of konoha i do not think he would destroy everything his brother tried to protect i hope pain captures naruto and hes taking him back and sauske attacks pain and then madarra comes running to help pain but then naruto instant heals with kyubbi powers and then its a 2v2 ninja fight pein and madarra vs naruto and sauske


  36. Wouldn’t that be 7 vs 2?

  37. i think sasuke is plotting against Madara somehow. i mean, he’s a revenge guy right? and madara was th one Itachi tried to kill even in his death by rigging sasuke’s eyes to activate ‘Amaterasu’ etc. but he may also be really using Madara to defeat Konoha as they are the ones who drove itachi to his end.
    i think naruto will be able to complete the Fuuton Rasengan with the sage techniques… from the way he was looking at his hand wen he said ‘maybe i can do it now’….. really curious about what Itachi gave to naruto… amybe something to resist the MS… or to control the Kyuubi. remember that the Sharingan can control the Kyuubi, so thats all Naruto needs to control its powers. that will probabaly put a wrench in madara’s plans, coz’ naruto’ll be able to defend himself not only against pain etc., but also, if the eventuality arises, battle madara’s EMS or even control the Kyuubi if its sucked out of his body.
    I’m also dying to know more abt naruto’s motgher… maybe she has a connection to pain…. she’s certainly a good candidate, all of pain’s bodies are ninjas Jiraiya knew (fought actually but lets generalise) and jiraiya knew naruto’s mom! also, there’s definitely a deeper connection between Madara and Pain. maybe because of the rinnegan..?

  38. and ya… Kakashi may be the sixth or not, but naruto will definitely be a hokage one day. if not (or even if he is) shikamaru may be the next one. he sure is up to the job, a genius and strategist while naruto is an idealistic buffon

  39. naruto kight join anbu the hokage

  40. sorry i did not spell great naruto might join anbu then hokage

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