Naruto Manga 409 Passing down the Sage techniques Translation Scanlation + 8 Tails to join Hawk? + Defending Kushina as Pain’s new body theory + “Akatsuki. The Survey.”(Final results)

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Some people think I’m crazy for even putting this Kushina theory into play. I’ve even been called “dumb as hell” by one anonymous reader. You can throw down your thoughts on whether or not you agree with this theory in the comments section.
All of this is theory! So call me stupid as hell if you want but I bet anyone who said Itachi was a secret agent for Konoha this whole series was called stupid as well until it happened. Trying to think of new possiblities isn’t a crime people! Lighten up!
Hey everyone,
No surprise at all in last weeks survey that Bleach was the most watched show besides Naruto. The surprise was the reletivley small number of you who watch Code Geass! If you like Death Note you should watch Code Geass. It has great strategy like Death Note but adds Gurrens into the mix and a bit more of a noble cause, the liberation of the Japanese people from the evil Brits. Not everyone sees this as noble in the show which creates the conflict between Suzaku and Lulouch. Any way, bottom line is that if you havn’t watched Code Geass to episode10ish then you havn’t really given it a try. It’s an amazing show.
“Watch Code Geass…and then kill your self…” If you watched the show you would know why that’s funny…or stupid depending on whether you like it or not.
We have a new survey this week entitled “Akatsuki. The Survey.” returning to the theory based survey’s. It only asks two questions so it can take as little as 2 seconds to complete the survey or 20minutes if you answer the two optional “why” questions to display your Naruto Theory Jutsu.
Props goes out to Cdog who gave me the idea for this weeks survey. As always I’ll post early stats and some of the best results so check back soon after taking the survey for that and updates for the Naruto Manga 409 spoiler and theories…this should produce some really good stuff. We had more than 10,000 hits last week and had 5,000 just on Wednesday! Thanks to everyone for supporting the site. We also passed the 50,000 mark in only 5 weeks. Nice job everyone. Just a reminder to everyone, the people who submit the theories are the real stars of this site, I only provide the forum.

1.LastScorpion 2.Alec 3.Cdog 4.Martin (I never I agree with this guy) 5.Erich (usually the most bizarre)

These are the starting five for the best theories so far these past couple months so they better bring their A game in projecting theories with this question. It’s so broad it could really be taken in any direction…no pressure or anything but people acutaully email me asking about your theories so I guees you have fans now. I’m looking for the new comers to throwdown their best stuff to take a spot in the top five. Skyhigh has been absent recently so he dropped from the top five but he may also be one of these people listed above…or he’s Madara… You’ll hear back from me shortly…until then…

Ja mata

Click on the eyes below to take this weeks survey…

(Update for the survey: I’m clearing all 300+ submissions so far, I must have worded the question in the survey all wrong. We all know hawk is fighting the 8 tails and Pain is attacking Konoha but who is the king pin to the whole manga? Is it Pain as the Ying/Yang to Naruto as the chosen one? Is it Sasuke and his bond with Naruto? Is it Madara and what ever his ulitimate goal is and his identity? Or is it a surprise return by Orochimaru or Itachi that will ulitmately become the biggest focus of the manga? Think large scale people not just the next 10-20 issues! Who will kill who and who will be the final obstacle? If you’ve taken the survey already feel free to take it again. I’ve wiped all the previous ones out prior to this update. So stats and “best of” will start showing once we start getting the newer submissions in.)

Final results for “Akatsuki. The Survey.” are posted below.Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a new record for submissions 812! I’ll discuss the results and some of the surprises on Tuesday. Until then I’ll check in from time to time to see if anyone is calling me dumb as hell in the comments section over the weekend 🙂 Ja mata.

Who is the key to the rest of the manga story…who will it all come down to?

41% of you said that Madara is the Key to the rest of the manga.

20% of you said that Pain is the Key to the rest of the manga.

25.6% of you said that Sasuke is the Key to the rest of the manga.

12% of you said that Itachi is the Key to the rest of the manga.
1.4% of you said that Orochimaru is the Key to the rest of the manga.

What minor Akatsuki member will become a large part of the story (Top 3 answers listed)?

38% of you said that Zetsu will become a large part of the story.

20% of you said that Kisame will become a large part of the story.

18% of you said that Konan will become a large part of the story.

Best of the optional “why” questions, get out your reading glasses, they are long but these are the best, critique them in the comments if you see something you take a different stance on:

Madara and Orochimaru submitted by (Gai hater) Martin
(optional) Why? : There was only one to be chosen, but I´ll take Madara and Oro, because they´ll be the most important at different times:

Nearly the whole plot of Naruto was caused by Madara and Oro, but Madara was the one to give the conditions that led to the whole conflict now.
In a formmer chapter he said that everything went according to his plan, so he has to play a major role.
I mean he had very, very, VERY much time to plan everything properly.
If you regard how he was able to defend against attacks – he even saved himnself from Amaterasu, which can burn fire, you´ll see that it´d be unrealistic by Kishimoto to let him enter in a serious fight at the current level of Naruto and the others.
After Naruto has finished his training on Myoubukuzan and discovered Itachi´s powers within him, for example control over the kyuubi(no real Sharingan – Naruto with a sharingan would piss me off) there´ll be a fight, with Naruto (and maybe Sasuke, who maybe sealed the hachibi in himself with the help or informations taken from Oro) on the one side, and Madara (maybe with the other beasts and the Kyuubi, stolen in a former fight and now taken back by Naruto and Sasuke)on the other side.

Madara´s defense technique, is one of three things:

1. only an illusion
2. only a high-level Kage Bunshin
3. a space-time technique (most likely)

He can only be opposed by Sharingan, that means Sasuke, who´s hopefully gonna switch sides.

I don´t think that Madara took Itachi´s eyes, because he had given his power to Naruto and Sasuke, so it´d be useless. He wants Sasuke´s eyes!
His aim, which is absolute, worldwide might and revenge on Konoha, can only be reached by getting the ichi-kyuubi (maybe there´s a yuubi too) and being the only one to control them (by being the only one with Sharingan).So the had to whipe out the Uchiha clan and bind the rest of them to himself (using lies, threats or whatever) and erasing them at the right moment.

As second, I´d choose Oro in Kabuto, who could come on scene after the battle that finishes Akatsuki, in other words, when Konoha´s in its weakest state. He still has his secret bases and many underlings all over the country.

I don´t think Pein will be important over a long (and I mean long) period, because his technique is a perfect match to Kage Bunshin (which could be boosted by Itachi crows anyway), and in the ground of this heart he´s with the good ones (goal of peace all over the world), but war led him into the wrong direction.
So he´ll be beaten by Naruto or convinced by him and Konan or both.

When you read the first one, you´ll see Sasuke in an important role.
Making decisions isnt´t really my strength 😉

I think Itachi will return only in Naruto and Sasuke, that means he´ll be related to as having given his life and his strength for the sake of Konoha.

One last, thing, even if it doesn´t really fit to the survey:

Tsunade dies saving Naruto, because she doesn´t want to let him get killed like her husband and her brother (both got this chain from her like Naruto) :´(,I think Kisame, because there´ll definetely be a fight between him and Gai. Furthermore there could be a link to Sai (comes from the village, where Sai was trained, the loose-feelings-and-kill-your-comrade-thing)
Furthermore, during the Gaara rescue mission, he was said to have the largest amount chakra in akatsuki, so he should be pretty strong – and the strongest always play a role in the Manga.

Furthermore he could whipe out Gai :->, or at least hurt him in a 3rd battle (when Gai remenbers his name, because its the real Kisame now).

Madara submitted by The107thHokage

(optional) Why? : Pein is not the main bad guy for a simple reason, he takes orders from Madara, never showing signs to question it.
About Sasuke, to make any sense out of the powers that Itachi gave to Naruto, and considering that he IS the main hero of the story, he will be able to get Sasuke back to his side somehow, as he is destined to become the most powerfull ninja in the story.
Madara, as Kisame said, is also the Mizukage or some other “kage” that I don´t remember right now. That and many other proofs od power shows that he is really badass.
Itachi sure is dead for many reasons: he passed his powers to Sasuke and Naruto, had a terminal desease, Madara said that he was finaly able to atack Konoha because he is gone, he offered Itachi´s eyes to Sasuke, etc, so I don´t see him showing his ass alive.
FInaly, for Orochimaru, I think that he will only show up again by the end of the story or maybe in a third sequel of Naruto stories, for now I dont see any reasons for him to show up.,

I put my faith in Konan and Suigetsu to play a biger role.
Konan because she may be the only on ethat can give back some sense into Pein´s head, as he is not originaly a bad guy. And Suigetsu because when he atacked Kisame on the reunion with the Akatsuki members after Itachi died, Sasuke said that he could´t kill him anyway…”yet”, that kinda intrigued me, he may become a lot stronger soon.


Madara submitted by Cdog

(optional) Why? : So I was looking into the idea of madara a little bit and this is what I came up with. At first I thought that people who said danzou was madara were idiots because the fact that danzo ordered sai to kill sasuke. Now I have a different theory about the matter. The basic fact is what if danzo’s mission for sai was not to kill sasuke but gain the trust of team kakashi. If this was the case then madara being danzo would be right on the money.

Danzo/madara created sai, that is why he has no emotions and the so called inner smile he gave to naruto was a complete fake. He put on a mask that has them fooled. So madaras plan with sai is like a fail safe if pain fails. The fact that pain was not that big in the history of konaha means he is not a big part of the future. Madaras main goal of the future is obtaining the power of the kyuubi and becoming a jinchuuriki. Naruto will lose the power of the kyuubi and as he lay dead sasuke will kill pain and revive naruto with the eyes.

That or madara obtains the other half of the kyuubi. Thats when their fates clash yin yang as they said earlier. This could be the outcome but there is something that throws it off. This obviously is sasuke. Why? Through his whole fight with itachi, itachi kept saying I have figured out a way to beat madara. So why would he let sasuke kill him unless sasuke is his weapon against madara. I mean look at his eyes they don’t like the typical mangeyou. These are theories I obtain by using foreshadows from the past thus my theory is always changing. Feel free to elaborate anyone.

I believe kisame has a big part to play in the future. I was looking at some earlier mangas and they said that he has the most chakra in akatsuki before madara showed up. Also he sounds really old in the anime. They also say that the reason why madara lived so long is because of his chakra levels. So kisame must have some place in the past before being with the swordsman of the hidden mist.


Sasuke submitted by Erich

(optional) Why? : I have to give it to Sasuke on this one. Pain’s future is short lived since he will soon face Naruto. After that Madara will have to get his hands dirty if he wants to destroy Konoha. But that won’t happen because everyone’s favorite lap dog will turn to bite his master. Yes, Sasuke will finally restore the Uchiha name by taking down the one who made it famous. I truly feel he is operating just as his brother did to take konoha’s enemies down from within. Don’t forget he makes them train him to be the best in the process.

No one else is a factor due to their short lived futures. However keep your eyes open for the worst enemy yet to come. Kabuto will take on a new form (not Orochimaru incarnate) but something very terrible and powerful. He will either cause another great ninja war or use all of his knowledge to raise the best ninja from the dead and create an unstopable army!

I [also] chose Suigetsu because of a comment Sasuke made about Suigetsu fighting Kisame, saying “he can’t beat him YET.” I believe Sasuke can see within people to the extent of their fears like in the last chapter, or their power like when he saw the Kyubi in Naruto’s mind. He knows the potential Suigetsu has. I feel one day Suigetsu will reach this potential and have collected all 7 swords from the water country. Possibly a new evil team on the horizon? Possibly the water country playing a larger role?


Madara submitted by Last Scorpion

(optional) Why? : He has had a hand in everything from the start of the manga. from the founding of leaf to the death of the uchiha clan, he has a master plan and i think he is playing mind games with pain. I think his plan might be to bring back the old ways of clan killing clan, a massive war where he would rule.

Zetsu is a odd guy but there is something we dont know about him. he eats dead people and I think he might gain there jutsus, blood line techs ect… he was also the one that watched naruto vs sasuke and we still dont know anything about him, something is up with this guy and I am not sure what it is but I think he will have a big affect on the manga later on.


Madara submitted by Alec
(optional) Why? : Madara simply because he is obviously preparing for something much bigger than destroying Konoha. With Pain, Kisame, and himself, not to mention his new lap dog, he could take out most of Konoha with only a few tailed creatures. However, it seems that after he tries to destroy Konoha, he wants to become the new hokage and try to erase the fact that the senju ever exsisted. His goals then might include killing Saskue and taking his body and his eyes. With this unbelievable sharingan, eight or nine nine tailed beasts (he takes the eight tails back in the process), Pain, the hidden mist and the new Konoha, he will try to conquer the world and restore the Uchiha that way. Then he will try and destroy the only thing that could possibly kill him, pain. Using his new three or four level Sharingan and the tailed beasts, he will kill Pain. That seeems to be his plan anyway.

It will be interesting to see how far it gets, because it could end up that Konoha is destroyed, and all other villages are conquered, that the Sand becomes the last hold out in which the surviving ninja have fled to. Madara promises Naruto something, like becoming a hokage in the new world order, or tries to trick him with the sharingan and its up to Naruto whether he stays in the sand or betrays the sand and everyone in it from the inside. Thus it would create the fact that he could save the world or utterly destroy, beause let’s face it, Naruto can’t even destroy a fly without getting incredibly lucky right now.

Zetsu is just to weird of a character. His abilities are strange, and he never fights, all he does is watch, even as his comrades die. He is just to mysterious of a character not to play anything big later on. With his abilities to sense things far away, to be able to move through solid material, and to eat other ninjas, for whatever reason. When orochimaru runs away from Tsunade and Jiraya, he sinks into the ground, I wonder who stole the technique from who.


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98 Responses to “Naruto Manga 409 Passing down the Sage techniques Translation Scanlation + 8 Tails to join Hawk? + Defending Kushina as Pain’s new body theory + “Akatsuki. The Survey.”(Final results)”

  1. If this spoiler script is correct and Naruto leaves before Pain arrives then you can pretty much write Tsunade’s name into the soon to be dead column…

  2. Sup dude, man i must say wordpress login is very frustrating, i can’t even keep my name because someone else took it from another blog (Alec) . I guess this means I won’t be logging in as captain manic any longer, I’ll just keep the little weird monsters. And i just read the survey wrong, I’ll have to back and do it again.

    I’ll comment here, Itachi is dead, he’ll only appear sort of when Saskue looks into Naruto’s eyes when they meet again. Orochimaru probably won’t come back until the end of the manga when this whole Akatsuki thing blows over and Naruto is appointed seventh hokage after Kakashi. And if Naruto leaves before Pain arrives, then Kabuto won’t show up again and neither will the sand.

    The Pain Ying/Yang theory is interesting, but it might have been Itachi who held the Yin part of the nine-tails. Considering that only the Sharingan can control the fox, the “elders” might have given the nine-tails to Itachi as a sign of trust before he was to wipe out the Uchia and protect him from danger wherever he was to go into hiding. That could have been the mysterious disease that was killing him. Since only Naruto seems to be the only one who can withstand huge amounts with little effect to his own body, while others are severely damaged from just a little. With the Yin chakra back, the nine-tails might be more stable and more willing to do what Naruto tells it to.

  3. Hey Alec,
    I had a discussion with someone today about what will happen to Itachi’s eyes if he is really dead for good like you think he is.

    What if Sasuke ends up on Naruto’s side again? Possibly giving his only friend his brothers eye because Naruto sees the same thing that Itachi wanted to see in Konoha? I like that theory, not because it has any basis but simply because it would be rad to see Naruto with a Sharingan.

    Sidenote: I’m Jeremiah the litigeous because someone had already taken Jeremiah. My other friends do the same. Try your name mixed with something else. The little monster makes you look like a noob. HAHA

  4. I think Naruto will leave before Pain gets to Konoha. People will die but Pain won’t stay long since his goal is the 9 tails not the destruction of Konoha. I’m as ready for a new hokage as anyone but it still seems too soon for tsunade to die. If it keeps up the way everyone thinks it will the title of Hokage will be a death sentance.
    Back to my point if Pain follows Naruto to the montian. And naruto gets a little time to train in between. Bad Ass Naruto + Bad Ass Toads vs. Pain and Konan = one hell of a fight. And who knows maybe we’ll see a Demon Fox Toad style with Sharrigan eyes. Highly unlikely more like a chance to master another element. But we can always hope.

  5. Well i ment to do a post about the theories last week but my internet went down (signal leakage or some crap). But i do think erich22 is right naruto will probably learn a new element. I also think that the eight tails will be a hawk. I think this because if you look at the start of the naruto manga there was cover art it shows alot in what direction the manga is going. Just look at chapter 4 on one manga, it shows the summoning jitsu sasuke and the others will have later on in the fourth chapter. Now take a look at the first chapter of naruto on one manga, go to the third page and take a look at what sasuke is rideing on. ^_^ good to be back lol.

  6. damn was not loged in for that last post >_<

  7. Maybe he will learn the elusive 6th element. Heart! just think if he learns all six he can turn into Captian Planet. jk

  8. Lmao. That would be so funny to see naruto ,sasuke and sakura standing there vs madara, “When your power combined i am captain planet” lmao pain in spandex tights saves the day.

  9. LMFAO Captain Planet, he’s our hero, goin to turn pollution back to zero! – lyrics went somethin like that 🙂

  10. I also believe if the spoiler is true that they may be trying to restrain him in order to get him to join them some how…

    On another subject Who is Pain’s new body? For a while people were saying Konan but its obviously not her. What is the prevailing theory?

  11. people were only sayin konan because in that episode he says ” lets go konan” and then a female shows her face … which is cant be her … Konans technique to turn into paper no way anyone could copy that , let alone she seems to possibly have a little of a mental stability over pain , but i do believe pain will attack konoha after naruto leaves and good chance the lovely hokage will die . as much as i hate to say it , it looks pretty promising. along with some other possibly kakashi as hokage i mean if you remember the convo with Tsunade and Jiraiya about who is ready to be hokage the only ones they mention are kakashi and how naruto isnt ready yet …. who knows

  12. THE REAL ONE IS NOT THERE…! that’s what have been say in the previous manga (no.408)

    so how much does pain have body and where the real one..?
    and even konan alredy change her body in to another so what will bee happen on konoha when akatshuki attack .?

  13. yay

  14. Cool post, thankyou ❤

  15. you are dumb ass hell.
    in the manga Pein even says “KONAN” where the hell did you get Kushina from?!

    (Response from Jeremiah: Are you serious? That is not Konan. When did Konan start wearing a forehead protector and ditching the rose from her hair? This is what I was referencing earlier, a lot of people are under the assumption that the new body is Konan because of the word bubble placement. Maybe I’m just missing the total obvious here) It shows Konan again in the spoiler script with no peircings, black hair and a rose with her hair down so unless Pain cloned her then that is not Konan.

  16. Kushina is Naruto’s mother, he doesnt mean Konan, it means Naruto’s mother.

  17. True that would be sick… however, I’m still a believer in Kakashi getting knocked off after he becomes the new hokage. In which case he’ll die fighting Pain with Naruto, then he gives Naruto his own Sharingan, which do to Naruto’s endurance, he could use forever.

    Whatever man, I’ve had a tough week, which explains my lackluster performance on the survey.

  18. Actually what would be cooler if Kakashi fought Madara. Kakashi using his magneykou to instantly implode the area around Madara, but Madara escapes because of his space time jutsu. Kakashi copies Madara’s move and starts to use it making so you couldn’t even see the battle because they would be slipping in and out of space/time instantaneously.

  19. And because they cause so much destruction, smoke and debris is sent into the air, which attracts the attention of Captain Planet who promptly kicks both their asses for polluting too much.

  20. It was my fault that the early submissions from Tuesday were messed up. I totally worded that question wrong.

    I’ve now been officially called stupid as hell by someone so brave that they wouldn’t submit their name.

    Any one else want to either back me up that the new Pain body isn’t Konan or call me stupid as hell for thinking its someone other than Konan. I’m not saying it’s Kushina for sure, I’m just throwing that out there as a theory so everyone just calm the F*%k down.

  21. I’m just sayin that Kushina was from the Whirlpool country and her face looks simarly drawn.

    The new body of Pain has the forehead protector of a missing nin which if you think about it may support the Kushina theory.

    If Kushina was in Konaha to hook up with the 4th but was from the Whirlpool country then she very well could’ve been a missing nin.

    Consider this theory for a minute.

    She’s a “good” ninja in the land of Water and doesn’t agree with the Mizu Kage’s ways of brutal training and causing civil wars. There are always civil wars within the land of water and the Whirlpool may have been a victim of this on the losing side, hence the reason it doesn’t exist anymore.

    She doesn’t agree with the Mizukage (Madara) and leaves the land of Water making her a missing nin. She somehow meets the Fourth Hokage, falls in love and gets it on producing Naruto.

    It’s established in the manga that Kushina is not from Konoha so to rule her out as a missing nin just because she looks like a sweetie is stupid. Even if you leave for good reasons you still become a missing nin when you reject your Hokage and leave for another Land.

  22. Pains new body CANNOT BE KONAN did you guys not see the post i made last night ? —–people were only sayin konan because in that episode he says ” lets go konan” and then a female shows her face … which is cant be her … Konans technique to turn into paper no way anyone could copy that— That technique the sharingan could not even copy its definatly a blood line.

  23. I also am a firm believer that now that sasuke knows the truth about his brother and he sees what itachi really did for konoha sasuske will follow in his footsteps … He doesnt wanna destroy konoha hes definatly just playin the atasuki to further destroy them … such as his brother did

  24. Your stupid as hell for thinking its someone other than Konan,just kidding lol. We will find out in this next chapter if she is konan or not. It could be Kushina if pain is going up to fight tsunade, she knew who Kushina was and that would hurt her. I aslo think that Kushina has a slight chance to live, Pian will want to get naruto and if he finds out he is not there he will want to get that information from someone in leaf. If tsunade is about to die when fighting pain someone could tell pain where nruto is just to get him to stop. But look at how many people are in leaf pain wont just go chargeing in, If he could take on the leaf on his own why would he be with Akatsuki.

  25. Yea there is definite no way in hell Pain is just gonna charge in head 1st into the leaf village … even with 6 bodys and Konan with him .. he will probably lose , and remember Kakashi and Shikamaru know the hint that Jiraiya left one of them will figure it out and Pain will lose.

  26. Also we know nothing about Konans technique to turn into paper it might not be a blood line limit, It could be a clone jitsu she made up. also the forehead protector Kushina or whoever is the pain, is rain they all are rain but they dont show there original forehead protector on pains bodies.

  27. Look at chapter 381 page 14, it shows that pains bodies are not all from rain yet the all have rain forehead protectors when they are a part of pain. It is the same for this new body as well.

  28. Ahhh, so no matter what they wear the forehead protector of a missing nin from rain…So Jiraiya if he were to become a body of Pain would be wearing a rain missing nin forehead protector…

  29. P.S. Chris, I did see you write that about Konan but when that guy came out of nowhere calling me stupid as hell, I needed to reaffirm it again.

  30. I think when Pain gets to the village he will let konan do the dirty work. Killing everyone with mass paper cut jutsu. She’s more capable of taking out everyone with earth style jutsu’s. That’s when TenTen will jump in with a scroll full of scissors; While paper takes out rock, scissors always beats paper.

    Madara will suddenly appear and attempt to destroy konoha since Naruto isn’t around. But he’ll run into Rock Lee who has just left the bar. No time space jutsu will be able to counteract his unpredictable drunken taijutsu.

    Then Sasuke will pop up in the village and we will discover who has the most powefull eye technique when Sasuke, Pain and Neji compete in a staring contest.

  31. first off yeah im back i know i know hold the applause thou 2nd konichiwa bitches. any ways yeah i dunno but i think peins about to rush head first into the leaf but naruto will already be gone and instead of him withdrawing hell split up sending his six forms in six different directions to look for naruto and each form will end up fighting someone from the leaf and the main form will fight tsunade the other forms will end up fighting inos team lee’s team and kiba’s team so far thats 4 forms i also think 1 form will face kakashi solo and and one will face team kakashi minus naruto but with yammato filling in and i think paper mache girl will be with the main form against tsunade so it’ll be kinda like a mini siege on konoha with a one man army bringing the peine

  32. Well pain would be dumb as hell if he did that his only strength is that he can see the same fight from six diffrent spots at the same time, he would get his ass handed to him if he just went head on into leaf and the went one on one ect…

  33. nah that really aint his only strength i mean its his greatest maybe but he still has all those summons and jutsu plus the whole cant die crap depending on how that works im think that one form will do plenty damage on its own not saying theyll win but they’ll keep em on the ropes and find out that naruto went to train

  34. LMAO @ erich’s theory! awesomeness

    Welcome back Skyhigh, that is a sage bet on the Pain seige of Konoha.

    Wouldn’t it be dumb as hell if Naruto got Itachi’s eyes. ^_^

  35. I’m not sure about the whole can’t die thing… I think they just have to kill the real one controlling all the bodies. Thats what makes the message that Jiraiya sent back so important.

  36. thatd make sense and i bet he keeps the real one tucked away somewhere away from danger and yeah thatd just look funny if naruto busted out a sharingan

  37. Sky high I find myself not liking your theory becuse I want to see an all out battle between Pain and Naruto. However I find myself liking the fact that we could see Pain crush the Leaf-nin. Then when Naruto comes back from his training he finds his village in peices and his friends dead. He goes to finds Pain and 6 new bodies which are his friends and teachers. That would probabbly piss him off and make for one hell of a fight. He would probabbly let the Kyubi take over since he couldn’t bear to kill his friends.

  38. yeah i think hell still end up fighting naruto only the way i see it is he doesnt end up killing all of his friends i think there might be some loses like neji or maybe the fat one from inos team but the whole time peine will keep asking where the nine tails is and after hes done massive damage someone maybe tsunade will tell him where naruto is cause they cant stand to see anymore damage and then all six forms will stop what there doing at the same time to go and head for the mountain hes training on

  39. iand then when they get to naruto i think cause of his shadow clone cheat hell have earned just enough to put up a fight against peine and with the help of the frog sages theyll beat his six forms but the original will still be out there and then hell use jiraya as a new form and maybe the fallen members of akatsuki too to mess with narutos head

  40. The one problem with all of that is the fact that jiraya left that message. If that where to go down that way jirayas “key” would have no affect on the story, he died to send it out so i dont think they will just push it to the side like that.

  41. I don’t think they would kill off 6 known characters in one story arc but thats a cool thought. Tsunade is checking out at the end of this story line though, no doubt about it.

    You know what is stupid as hell? The fact that Naruto is still a Genin! Can’t we give the guy the benefit of the doubt and promote him to like honorary Jounin?

    Note: The use of the phrase “dumb as hell” somewhere in your comments is +1 awesomeness until midnight tonight in honor of the anonymous statement from earlier.

  42. yeah naruto stil a genin is “dumb as hell” but I think it will stay that way, the only ninja to go right from a Genin to hokage in one day “believe it”. lmao

  43. When all is said and done and all the enimies are vanquished and sasuke comes home. He and Naruto will have to go through he Chunin exams again! Now that is “dumb as hell”.

  44. When Naruto got back to the village and was day dreaming about Itachi he wished that Jiraya was alive to tell him about the power Itachi spoke of. I think once he gets to the mountian the great toad sage will not only tell him he could be the chosen one. He’ll tell him of Pain and their forth coming battle the winner will be the true chosen one who will change the world for the better or worse depending on the outcome. Naruto will see his wisdom and ask to find out about the power that Itachi gave him.

  45. So that is orochimaru will jump back in and try and sasuke for a second time but he has to be “dumb as hell” to try.

  46. Of course the Toad sage could also tell Naruto he is the chosen one. But he will have to choose to be good or be tempted by evil and give in to the 9 tails. Most likely that choice will come with his friends lives on the line or the destruction of Konoha. At which time the Kyubi will offer all of his power to Naruto knowing the fox would take over.

  47. Didn’t Gara go from genin to kasekage? The sands standards have gotten so week. They are “dumb as hell”.

  48. I think that naruto is actualy changeing the Kyubi personality. I think that that is the reason the fourth put the Kyubi in naruto. Naruto has the ability make friends and have people like him. Now take a look at chapter 309 page 6, the kyubi threatend sasuke not just to save his own life. It was more like the Kyubi was protecting naruto more then trying to save himself.

  49. no Gara passed the first chunin exam along with shikamaru . I know it’s “Dumb as hell”

  50. Once you learn two elements shouldn’t that qualify you as a Jounin? If not thats “dumb as hell” because I’m hoping that Naruto learns his second element with Pa frog.

  51. Getting back to theories I don’t believe that the new Pain body is Konana. I don’t think it’s Kushina either. Watch it will be somebody “dumb as hell”.

  52. Lmao the script was way off.

  53. Translation script was “dumb as hell!” ^_^

    At least the manga showed Konan is NOT the new body of Pain.

    But Sasuke also says that he plans on taking the 8 tails captive. Is he or is he not Madara’s lap dog?

  54. naruto’s mom

  55. sasuke will be “dumb as hell” if he be madara’s lapdog. but he isnt that dumb as hell if madara thinks dumb as hell. lmao

  56. also, it will be dumb as hell if garra leaves sand village to rescue naruto from pein. wo realizing his village might be attack he goes to konoha.

  57. wow this sage technique reminds me of spirit bomb in dbz. the power that goku uses as his ultimate weapon.. hmmmm i guess isnt the same with sage technique but you can see the similarities.. both relies on same concept… getting power out of surroundings. if you had watch dbz, you know what im talking about.

    its kinda cool that kishi get some ideas in dbz and makin a unique in his anime/manga.


  59. There have been theories but no one knows for sure. One of our authors is working on a theories post so I don’t want to step on that…it should be published sometime this weekend.

  60. Yeah I am working on that now it should be out by tonight if I dont have to go and do something ^_^

  61. Well its obvious that Pain has his true body hidden , which is Nagato….and all the bodys are of ” Missing – nin ” who Pain probably killed and took over there bodys …. I donno though about the whole using Jiraiya’s body if you dont remember didnt he like fall into water or something and his body just went under ? Or was it just the way they made the manga look who knows …

  62. […] Naruto Manga 409 Passing down the Sage techniques Translation Scanlation + 8 Tails to join Hawk? + … Naruto Manga 409 Click the translation link above to read the new Naruto Manga 409 [image] […]

  63. Only 49 thats “dumb as hell” jk lmao, Long live the blog ^_^.

  64. My bad 42 I am “dumb as hell”

  65. Is it obvious that Pain’s true body is hidden? Is it Nagato? I don’t see it. Then again I could be “dumb as hell”.

  66. A new thought of mine I’d like to share with everyone. We all know that Naruto’s chakra can withstand the Kyubi’s chakra. We also know that naruto has 10 times the amount of chakra that kakashi has. We also know that Kisame has so much chakra just eminating from him he has to have a sword that absorbs it. What if naruto is like Kisame and has all this extra chakra eminating from him. So much so that he wouldn’t have been able to have a normal life with out some sort of counter balance. The 4th sees this and uses the Kyubi as the counter balance. His chakra is constantly fighting off the harmful affects of the Kyubi. If you’ll remember way back in the day his first ever successful jutsu was the mass clone jutsu, which just happens to be a secret hokage level jutsu. That was all before his chakra started to meld with the kyubi’s. In this wacked out theory naruto could actually be stronger if the kyubi was removed. Just a thought.

  67. You know i was thinking the same thing, but was not sure how to word it. Just take a look back after nauto went four tails he was ok with the evil kyubi chakra but sakura was hurt bad from a little cut.

  68. isnt he onlyok cause hes mixing with the kyubi cause everytime he uses its chakra it mends with his witch is why i think hell eventually be able to control it

  69. No that is not the case the kyubi chakra was always diffrent from his, it would leak out and he could then control it.Just take a look way back when he had that fight with neji. I was just thinking what if the sage jitsu lets him blend the kyubi chakra with his own.

  70. I usually filter out the Top Post comment links because they aren’t about Naruto but since you seem interested below is the link for the Top Posts on Thursday. We were #5 on Thursday and are usually in the top 50 every day of the week except Sunday.

  71. Well, technically, the nine-tails is an outside source of chakra which could qualify as using a sage technique. Since all the nine-tails emits is evil chakra it is going to be very difficult for Naruto to master sage techniques, unless itachi gave him the yin chakra of the nine tails. But who needs the chakra around him when he could just use the nine-tails to incinerate all creation.

    Holy crap gamachki is one fat frog, what the heck are Naruto and him going to do in combos;
    Naruto: vanilla blizzard jutstu
    Gama: Chocolate swirl jutsu
    and together these two attacks are so delicious the opponent will have no choice but to eat until they explode or get a really bad brain freeze, thus allowing Naruto to sneak up on the opponent and then hit them with a rasengan. Or while fighting kisame, gama can transform into some kinda shark to distract Kisame while Naruto hits him with a fuuton rasengan

  72. I still want to see Naruto use the flying thunder god technique in combo with his mass shadow clone technique. hundreds of Naruto’s just appearing and disappearing around his opponent (hopefully pain). i think that would be cooler than some dbz rip off technique, or Bleach quincy technique.

  73. naruto e o mellor

  74. naruto e o melhor

  75. all ideas you have are dumb as hell im the best (at having sex with men).

  76. Thats errrrr coool James…thanks for sharing…I don’t think any of the other guys will be taking that title from you any time soon.

  77. I’ve been thinking about a strange little theory of my own recently… It came into my head when re-reading some manga, and now I can’t help but think that it makes a ton of sense!
    My theory is this: Every body that Pain tries to get and use is somehow related to Jiraiya’s journey/final book. It’s VERY far-fetched, I know, but I found it interesting how Jiraiya’s “you will take a journey and write a book” thing was mentioned in the prophecy… anyway, that’s just a little idea that i’ve been cultivating… anybody disagrees, agrees, etc please respond

  78. Just so we’ve got it straight. Your saying that they are fictional characters from his book? Or are you saying that Jiraiya included ninja that he had come into contact with over the years into the book and now Pain is using the same people?

  79. even in jiraiya’s death pain acknowledge jiraiya’s talent and skills, so the his book could be something that prepared for if he truly believed in jiraiya and if pain did pay attention to book then naruto would be the one to turn his life around or either defeat him…

  80. Interesting, but Pain admitted that he held no more love for Jiraya… I guess that would be an interesting quote from a critic, “great book, if you appear in it, I will kill you and use your body to do my bidding” -acclaimed literary critic Pain: Leader of Akatsuki, the group that will destroy the world…

  81. Kushina is the Kyuubi and betrayed by Yondaime hence why her chakra is evil (she’s pissed and locked up). The Kyuubi has powers beyond massive amounts of chakra.

    The story’s end is near once somebody summons a dragon.

  82. I doubt that kushina was the kyuubi, but the kyuubi in naruto might not be the one that attacked leaf. I dont know how many people have seen this but this is what naruto was going to be.
    Take a look and see where obito gets some of his look from.

  83. You guys are crazy today. The pilot has no bearing on the current manga. I’m sure we all read the interview way back when he explained how he almost never did Naruto because he disliked him so much in the pilot. He completely changed everything.

    Why would the 4th seal a different Kyuubi into Naruto if it didn’t attack Konoha and it wasn’t absolutely necassary. Remember, there is only one of each of the tailed beasts.

  84. well yeah i know that there is no child Kyuubi i just wanted to show the pilot chapter. There are sill some things that came from the pilot, the raman guy is the same lol. Also his pervert jitsu came from the pilot. The transformation jitsu also came from there. I read somewhere tat he wanted to keep the goggles on naruto but they took to much time to draw, that is how the forehead protectors started. also the main part about naruto haveing no friends and wanting to “fit in” with the normal people. also the one old guy looks alot like the third if he where on drugs lmao.

  85. Lmao i just noticed that the kid naruto takes a piss on has the same face bandages that rin has. But alot of this stuff is just about his art style , buti am happy that he did change it so much that naruto would have sucked ass.

  86. Yeah, I’ve read that before and seen the carry over from the pilot. But I was referring to the over all feel of manga. In the pilot he doesn’t want to fit in or have any friends, he is forced to by the 3rd look a like. I’m glad you linked that though because I know a lot of people have never read or even know there is a pilot.

  87. Well in the first chapter of naruto he did not want to fit in or anything like that. iruka is the one that forced him to fit in, well just not in the same way. But i know what you mean the pilot is way off from the naruto we know today. I also think this is th order of best manga.
    kakashi gaiden > naruto shippuden > naruto (the arc with zabuza was as good as kakashi gaiden)
    that would make a good question on the quiz, what do you guys think is the best naruto story arc? or you can just give a answer right here. ^_^

  88. I was thinking and I figured out Pains Secret with his Jutsu I dont know I dont read these threads much but want too join in and put my 2cents,
    Nagato can only Control his Pain puppets unless they have the Piercings because thats a weapon you see Pain and the others use and when tehy stabbed Jirayai his chakra went crazy I think this is a sought of possession technique Like Nagatos Rinnegan is a computer and the Piercings are an anttena also when He had summons they all had a piercing in them and because of that they had his eyes aswell the only way he can use the bodies is if they have that special weapon pain makes Im guessing its the Sixed element I Believe the 6th element has something too do with Light And Dark Chakra. But thats what I think and I like that Idea too….Also I think his Eyes are More advanced than what we actually see I think his eyes upgraded like the Sharigan and I believe Byukagan can do this aswell something Interesting I noticed was Anko she has Byukagan but her eyes are Black due too the Cursed seal Of heaven so Im going too say all eyes have an ability stronger than we see. I went off track. Ummmm Yea Kushina I was thinking bout her and the fact that she could be a Pain Puppet its Possible because we still dont know who summoned the 9 tailed fox and It could of been Nagato because he knew the History of Jirayai hence the fact that every1 thaqt fought Jirayai was Pains Puppets also the 4th was his apprentice so we jsut dont know who or How Kuchina could of been captured Its obvious too think Madara summoned the Fox but he was unsure about that so I thought Hmmm Maybe theres alot he dont know Nagato is a Supreme Sage by the Way soo so so…. Lets see what appens

  89. I was wrong about Anko Being A Big fan I looked some Fanmade didnt realise it was until some1 told me Its Called Yondamaine New leaf some 1 told me it was fan made its really good too But it looked like ti all made sense who knows but yea.

  90. A thing about Pain is that if he does Goto the Village too fight, some1 said if he split up he would fight every 1 on 1, But he would get smashed but who knows not every 1 Is Jirayais Level and In Sage frog mode so they might get smashed themselves. But also when Pain Lost a Puppet he already a Replacement So its hard too say that If 1 Puppet Died then it would be as simple as SUmmoning a new Pain Puppet because you notice when they were all sleeping in machine pods so they migh all be on stasis or in a time Jutsu who knows, But Pains Abilitys Are very Powerful A theory I have is That Pain-Nagato is In some Hidden Realm Like The Toads Are I cant see where else he would be. It was also Interseting because when 2 Akatsukis Died somehow Pain new about it and he knew who done it and he knew what there abilitys are so its like he has a connection with all things Almost like hes traveled every where. His Eyes are the Mystery and we dont really know what his eyes do they control all six elements and have Six Paths being Pain Puppets. But they have too have another ability for sure.

  91. sdfg

  92. Everybody knows that naruto has a large amount of charka because of the simple fact that he can do the mass shadow clone justu. But later on in the manga naruto makes reference to a justu that he might be able to now since he has gain all the new charka from the sage training.

    This new justu could be something like the one Orochimaru uses to summon the 1st and 2nd hokage’s but naruto doesnt use human bodies but uses a new type of clone, called the perfect clone justu. this involves huge amounts of charka because he doesnt want the clones destroyed that easliy and he wants the clones to enough charka to do there own justu (most people can feel the huge amount of charka building up and are surpise by only two clones being produce, when they were expecting the likes of 4000 clones). once he has done that he goes to the next stage of creating seals on their backs and then doing a sacrificing summonings, then there is a huge explosion you see naruto flying back out off a cloud of dust and two shadows standing there.

    the next part you see is pain going to attack naruto who is half dead at this point and cannot move and in a blink off an eye dissappers from site.

    i will tell the rest some other day as i have to go now put put your though down of what you think of it so far.

  93. thanks

  94. i think itachi found out a way to kill madara. jst follow thur here when sasuke kills itachi,itachi gives sasuke susano so mayb thats a key element to defending him, i think that naruto and sasuke may have to fight together to kill madara because if we go back to the starting episodes of naruto wat is the firt think they learnt of course individual skills are important buts whats more important than that TEAMWORK well usual theres something from the start to tie too the end well thats jst wat i think

  95. first*

  96. hi guys

  97. i think Naruto just might become hokage and Sasuke might become sunakage.

  98. Hmmm… If Kushina is Pain’s new body, nobody should be deceived. She is pretty and charming and can make things happen for sure.

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