Naruto Manga 408 Translation Fukasaku’s Proposal + Is Pain already dead? + Pics + Anime survey (updated results) + Results for “Bring Them Back!” survey

Naruto Manga 408 <Spoiler> <Raw> <Translation> <Pics>

Click on the Translation link above to read the new Naruto Manga 408 enititled Fukasaku’s Proposal

(Thursday 7/10) Is Pain already dead?  If all of Pain’s bodies are dead and being held together by the piercings wouldn’t it be an assumption that since Pain himself is pierced thoroughly that he is in fact already dead as well?  Did he kill himself to become one of his own monsters or is he alive and just recreating himself through these other bodies in his own image like a god?  “Pain as a God” was referenced in the manga by a member of his clan when Jiraiya was entering the city, so this is also a distinct possibility.  This was brought up in one of our older posts and thought it needed to be brought to the fore front again.  What do you think?

(Tuesday 7/8) Hey everyone,

Another week, and hopefully not another boring issue of manga from our favorite ninja Naruto.  Last week we did the “Bring them Back!” survey and you guys really responded with some great answers as to whom you’d like to see return to prominence in the world of Naruto.  The funniest was a late entry by SCHY who really slid in at the last second to take a spot in the best of section below with a comedic take on a Rock Lee return to glory.  During the break we also saw LastScorpion take the helm of the all mighty iareawesomeness blog and did a feeling out for what he plans on doing filling the time between friday and tuesday.  I thank him greatly for contributing his efforts and hope that some of our loyal readers will check out the blog on the weekends now to see what else LastScorpion can bring to the table. 

This week we have a fun survey, taking a small break from the theory survey’s and it should be up by the time you are reading this.  The survey’s focus is on Anime this week rather than theory, hopefully the new issue of the manga will give us some new stuff to talk about. I’m just glad WordPress kept it together this week and didn’t erase the comments from the post like what happened last week.  Thanks to everyone for not going ballistic when over 80 comments filled with awesome theory were forever lost like the clan of the Whirlpool.  

Well that’s about it for now, take our new survey entitled “The Anime Survey” below and check back often for updates on the Naruto Manga 408 spoiler script and pics with new theories to follow.  I’ll start linking pages again if people start bringing up theories (the ones that get the most attention reference a particular manga issue and page!) Also check out the final results for the Bring them back!” survey before you go and you’ll be hearing from me again shortly.

Ja mata

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For those of you who missed last weeks issue of Naruto Manga 407 entitled “Ask Naruto” click the pic below to catch up.

Click on the image below to take this weeks survey entitled:


Some early results for this weeks survey:

Submissions so far: 152

Anime you watch besides Naruto:

#1Bleach – 68.4% of you watch Bleach.

 #2 Death Note – 52.6% of you watch Death Note.

 #3 One Piece – 36.8% of you watch One Piece.

#4 Code Geass – 32.6% of you watch Code Geass.

 #5 Champloo – 31.5% of you watch Samurai Champloo.

 #6 Soul Eater – 21% of you watch Soul Eater.

#7 Blood+ – 16.7% of you watch Blood+.

 #8 Vampire Knight – 15.7% of you watch Vampire Knight.

Best anime on the list:

#1 (tie) – 31.5% say that Bleach is the best show on the list.

#1 (tie) – 31.5% say that Death Note is the best show on the list.

#3 18.7% say that Code Geass is the best show on the list.

 #4 12.8% say that Samurai Champloo is the best show on the list.

Worst anime on the list:

 #1 by far – 58.3% of you said that One Piece was the worst show on the list.

5 Most popular answers given. Things you hate about anime:

1) Fillers

2) Fanboys

3)Waiting for a new episode

4)The fact that they are not real

5)Bad translations

3 Most popular answers given. Anime that are cool that are not on this list:

1) Full Metal

2) Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagan

3)  Air Gear

Fill in the blank Hentai is:

1) Ok but not my thing – 38.9%

2) Awesome – 27.9%

3) Creepy – 22.6%

(Note to people taking survey: the Hentai question is for the statistical section purposes and will not be part of the best answers postings. So just calm down people that are emailing me, its a valid question that also happens to be an entertaining statistic but I don’t think we will get an honest total. So that question may have been pointless.)

Last weeks survey…

“Bring Them Back!”

Submissions for last weeks survey: 523

Some stats for last weeks survey:

I posted the top five characters…(Hinata passed Gaara, I’m surprised!)

27.8% of you would bring Hinata back as a main character.

22.7% of you would bring Gaara back as a main character.

18.9% of you would bring back Shikamaru as a main character.

16.4% of you would bring back Neji as a main character.

10.1% of you would bring back Rock Lee as a main character.

(One of you kinda argued that Shikamaru was a main character already and asked if I even read the series.  I don’t think coming in to tell Naruto to get off his ass constitutes Shikamaru as a main character.  When I say “main character ” I’m talking manga written directly about or for a character not just an appearance once every 50 issues. Thanks for raising the question rumpelselshin your faith in Shikamaru is unquestioned.)

Some of the better early results from this weeks survey BRING THEM BACK!:

Funniest response so far:

Rock Lee submitted by SCHY
Why did you choose this character?
: he’s a very special soul…and he’s not really a ninja…he is in fact a highly flammable piece of cheese and onion flavoured crisps.

How would you make them a major part of the story again? : I think Lee would be made a major character because in the future he *does* style his hair up to make Sakura fall in love with him…but Gai comes along and breaks up their romance by setting Lees new hair style on fire creating a super sayin hair style, while the fire ultimately killing Lee…Kakashi will then kill Guy and a civil war will break out in the land of fire and in Bleach manga, because of the huge fuss from Lees funeral. (not Guys funeral as hes not the main character) ^_^

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission:  I don’t even need to comment on this.  The power is strong in this one.) 🙂

Some of the best results for “Bring them back!”:

Gaara submitted by Thomas Jenkins
Why did you choose this character? :
I dont want Kazekage gaara but psyco gaara as naruto was much more interesting with a psyco killer on the loose.

How would you make them a major part of the story again? : Temari and Kankuro die and Gaara looses faith in love and friendship, he goes crazy and hunts Akatsuki for his biju. He finds naruto and joins him on his quest to find sasuke as he knows it will probably lead him to akatsuki. and before you comment saying if gaara is psyco again he would attack naruto, but as naruto defeated him with the biju’s power so he knows he will be no match for naruto so he waits until he has the biju again.

(Jeremiah’s thoughts on this submission: I think your the only one that wants to see Gaara go bad guy again 🙂 He was really cool as a bad guy but I like him on Naruto’s side.)

Hinata submitted by Wes.
Why did you choose this character? :
I see a real future for hinata and naruto maybe no one else does but i do…
(optional) How would you make them a major part of the story again? : Maybe close to the end naruto and sasuke fight one last major battle and naruto goes fully demon fox against sasuke new powers but somehow naruto is still winning and naruto loses total control and is about to kill sasuke and hinata steps in and finally confesses with all her heart how she feels about naruto and that she reallys loves him and stops him from killing sasuke probally unrealistic but hey….

(Jeremiah’s thoughts on this submission:  I wonder if the series will take on some Shojo elements.  Many long running action manga do.)

Neji and Hinata submitted by Cdog
Why did you choose these characters? :
One of these characters must be a big part in the series. It all has to do with there eyes.

(optional) How would you make them a major part of the story again? : They should be a major part of the series because they hold one of the three great eye techniques. I beleive they are one of the keys to unlocking the history of the shinobi. They have lived a long time and they have a big role in the future. If a shinobi was able to unlock sharigan, byakugan, and rinnengan they would be unstoppable. Plus hinata and naruto are likely to end up together. That could create some conflict for the future of the manga.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission:  That would be very cool if both those characters came back to prominence in the big picture. It seems so far that Byakugan is really inferior to the Sharingan, I wonder if that changes in the future?)

Hinata Submitted by Shadow
Why did you choose this character? :
we haven’t really seen how much Hinata’s improved yet.  Plus Naruto needs more romance.

How would you make them a major part of the story again? : I would have her get into a major fight.  I don’t think that she’ll end up with Naruto *glares at Sakura* so the best way to end her affection would be if she died in combat protecting Naruto
(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission:  I would hate to see Hinata die 😦 )

Shikamaru submitted by Venantony
Why did you choose this character? : he is smart and will end up finding ways to help Naruto create and make jutsus.

How would you make them a major part of the story again? : He and naruto end up training together. There shikamaru see’s that naruto has great amounts of chachra and he tells naruto ways that he can create jutsus and naruto will have some cool attacks no one has ever come to perfecting. Like making a space traveling rasengan,shadow clone jutsu and even making his own bloodline limit using the 5 elements to defeat pein and finish akatsuki.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: I actually like this scenerio, this might happen if Kakashi dies… something else I would hate to see 😦 )

Neji submitted by SkyHigh
Why did you choose this character? : Cause he has the perfect technique to combat rinnegan.

How would you make them a major part of the story again? : I would make him a major part of the story by sending Pein to get the nine tails and injuring Naruto in the fight. Then before he captures him i’d have Neji step in and use his byakugan as the perfect counter technique to the six forms of Pein because he’d be able to see  attacks coming from any direction. but in the end he’d lose to Pein and possibly die pissing Naruto off and making him let out like 7 or 8 of the tails from the Kyubi and killing Pein.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: That would be a really cool exit for Neji. Solid as always Vincent, thanks.)

Gaara submitted by Alec
Why did you choose this character?
: I would like to see Gaara come back to see how he’s doing now that he no longer contains the Shukaku.  I want to see what he is capable of doing and whether he can still use sand or not.  Also, assuming that Naruto is captured and the Fox is pulled out, seeing Gaara before that might give hints as to how Naruto will be affected.

How would you make them a major part of the story again? : When Akastsuki attacks Konoha, if the series ever gets around to it, the Sand comes in to help, this could happen because of what the Leaf did for him in the beginning of Shippuden. As the Sand comes to help we see Gaara fighting alongside Naruto and the two reminiscing, while Baki apologizes to Kakashi and Gai for what happened three years ago, Kankuro and Temari get into trouble but Kiba and Shikimaru come to bail them out.  Unfortunately as Kazekage, it is unlikely that he will leave the Sand.  Gaara would only come to serve as a sort of sneak preview as to what happens to Naruto assuming the Fox is removed.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission:  There have been alot of Gaara submissions so far and some really good one’s too but this was the most solid.  Only flaw is that we already know that Gaara can still use sand.  He used it to shake Naruto’s hand at the end of that story arc after the Shukaku was removed.  Other than that I can’t imagine this not happening. Great job!)

(Side note:  Some people have emailed me complaining that a lot of the same people get posted…Alec and SkyHigh being examples…In response to this I say that if you comment often, participate in the survey’s often and always bring good stuff to the discussion then why not keep posting their stuff.  I don’t have favorites either.  I’m sure Martin is going to submit something soon that I totally disagree with that pisses me off because it kills off Gai some how but Martin writes good stuff and so I post it.  Take a deep breath, write something solid, it doesn’t have to be crazy or ground breaking and your stuff will get posted.  Thanks to all the regulars who keep submitting good stuff and to all the new comers who are holding their own.)


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24 Responses to “Naruto Manga 408 Translation Fukasaku’s Proposal + Is Pain already dead? + Pics + Anime survey (updated results) + Results for “Bring Them Back!” survey”

  1. well,.,i think thy should have more action on naruto or say have him go into training with the toads,.,so he can learn how to control the 9tails,.

  2. kill them all naruto and bcome greatiest naruto ha ha ha

  3. the code is obviousely for tsunade

  4. I wanted to think that Sasuke was going to do his own thing but it seems as though he is just another of Madara’s lap dogs. I know people will say he’s just biding his time until its right to strike but it just seems weak to do what ever he says.

    Why does Sasuke have any interest at all in collecting all of the beasts? Why doesn’t he just attack Konoha? There are obvious answers to all of these but Sasuke annoys me to no end sometimes.

  5. Hinlove also brought up a good question on the last post…What happened to Sasuke’s body? I know it was taken away but it just seems a bit abrupt for disposing of such an important body/character.

  6. you mean itachi? and your right haha im sure something will happen with that

  7. LMFAO! Yeah that was wishful thinking 🙂 If only Itachi lived instead of Madara’s lap dog Sasuke…

  8. they’re prolly gunna use itachi’s eyes in some way… and sasukes eyes they are refered to as the mongekyou sharringan but the look different than itachi’s are they really the same thing?

  9. im guessing itachi’s body will be used by madara. probably he will use on one of his jutsu, resurrection, to summon itachi. idk whats the purpose of akatski takin their dead teammates but ihave no doubt that all dead body akatski like itachi will be left untouch.

    anyway, back to the lapdog sasuke, do you think itachi have left something about a memory of his of the uchiha massacre to sasuke? because im thinkin madara have lied half of what he told to sasuke about his brother. and i have feeling that madara is the really the one responsible of the uchiha massacre, and itachi only became a scapegoat of the massacre. he was ask to take the blame of the killing by the third hokage and the two council to hide the truth to konoha villager that madara still alive, and he is the one who did the killing; they dont want the villagers to panic that a crazy uchiha, madara, is alive, and still continuing his old insance agenda: coupdetat against the follower of the first hokage.

    for this manga, if naruto will be trained by one of the great toad, pa. he’ll not be around when pein will reach konoha. right?

  10. yo. anyone here knows what happen to the other great toad, ma, that jiraiya summoned. i thought shes with pa but it seems from this manga. shes not with pa. do you think ma is with jiraiya somewhere..? confuse where that fugly old woman frog.

  11. Hi! I think these body-use techniques will lead to one result:
    Sasuke as well as Naruto will have to fight against persons close to them (Itachi/Madara, Jiraiya/Pein).
    It´s very likely that the leading Akatsuki members use a technique similar to Orochimaru´s technique of taking over dead bodies, maybe combined with his summoning technique like against Sarutobi Hokage.
    Furthermore, this would support the bond between Naruto and Sasuke
    as successors of Jiraiya and Orochimaru (like Sakura and Tsunade)

    Concerning Sasuke´s eyes: The symbol is the same as two “normal”
    mangekyou layed over each other. This would fit to the fact that Itachi has implangted his powers into Sasuke – He has two Mangekyou , somehow …

    Concerning Sasuke following Madara: I think he´s not strong enough because he has no ichi-shichibi like Madara (I´m convinced he can still control them even if he´s a shadow of his former self).
    So he´ll take the hachibi for himself to be able to oppose him effectively – I just can´t imagine Sasuke being so stupid to follow Madara like a blind, naive idiot – I still hope he´ll do the same as against Orochimaru.

    Maybe he´ll use Akatsuki´s involvement during the fight against Konoha to switch sides. On the other hand, it could be caused by a spontaneous reaction on facing Konoha in flames.

    Concerning “bring them back”: Shikamaru will take over his responibility and become Hokage after Tsunade died against Orochimaru reborn in Kabuto and Naruto (who followed her as Hokage) giving up this office or dying after a fight against Sasuke or Pein. As I said in former surveys, there are SO many hints that Shikamaru will take over an important role.
    It´d fit very good if Shikamaru took over charge as the “last man standing.
    Another possibility is Shikamaru sacrificing himself for Asuma´s child.

    Concerning Maito Gai, Rock Lee:
    Gai could die (xD) or be close to death (ridiculously high recovery abilities) during his 3rd fight against Kisame (He was only able to keep up with him using his ultimate techinque while Kisame was at 30%) and Lee would help/revenge him

    P.S. This comment has become a little longer because I didn´t have much time during the last 2 weeks, so a lot of stuff has piled up.
    Apropos, I´m Martin, but I chose this name after signing up. (Herostrat is no manga character, but still very interesting)

  12. Addition: I also think that Sasuke was very stupid going against Naruto in Oro´s hidden base, but you also have to consider his situation: he couldn´t oppose Orochimaru when he was recovered and he can´t oppose Madara by now (he even defeated Itachi´s Amaterasu ON his body). Furthermore , I think that sasuke´s squad would still be too weak against Akatsuki(=Madara+Pein+Kisame). So it´s the most logical step to play Madara´s game and wait for a chance to strike like with Orochimaru.

    Concerning Naruto´s new training:
    Fukasaku´s training will propably bring Itachi´s power in Naruto to the surface.

  13. @blahhim: She either stayed with Jiraiya, then a body-take-over by Pein would become less likely, or she went back to that frog mountain. Only the male frog had a message on his back, so it´s only necessary for him to go to Konoha.

  14. Yo, I have too much spare time, so here are new Pein theories:
    1. He uses a technique similar to a mixture of Kage Bunshin and Orochimaru´s necromancy jutsu, but perfected by Rinnegan. That´d mean he´s still alive and pulls strings from the background.
    This would match to the image developed in his fight against Jiraiya sensei: Always keeping something back, hiding in summoned animals, having a backup-force in secret …

    2. He has become a god-like existence and has somehow melted with the others to one confidence (seeing the same) that also comprises the other individuals (Nagato and so on). Philosophically said “transcendental” (I dunno if it´s the right translation – I don´t trust the online translator – I mean the expression formed by Kant)

  15. I think the jutsu used by ataksuki to delay team kakashi and team gai in manga 256 is the power power of rinnegan. There itachi and kisames body doubles were used to fight instead of them and still they could use most of their abilities.
    Nagato has stolen lot of bodies and has created a lot of him selves with rinnegan!
    The jutsu most probably is hypnotizing the victim and control his mind using telepathy. The real nagato is physically not present there and hence he is invincible.
    The ripples in the eyes is for that(u can guess this from the villain joker from batman!)
    Jiraiya’s message “the real one is not with them” matches this.

  16. I think Pain is like a pupput user in a way like sasori and kankuro is since he controls those bodies from afar.

  17. I rly hope naruhina happen…
    n possibly Sasusaku

  18. Naruto
    why don’t you guys say smamthing about naruto manga chapter 418
    there is a lot of question about it like does pain in konoha or
    his out of konoha wall and his in fire cuntery
    and what is that jutso naruto say he will try it now but he don’t wanna anyone see it……
    also what happened to the bijo in sied him did he get full control of him or not

  19. @ Minato Hokage – ummm we did. If you look at the dates on the posts above this one it’s like a super old archived blog post from July. Check out the newest posts and all of your questions are being discussed.

  20. gooob web but more pics

  21. ha naruto is so cool

  22. Yay!!! My survey response was good enough to get through to the main page! Hell yeah ^_^

    I liked the surveys, will they ever come back? 😦

  23. Killer bee changes to bijuu, and tries to escape while holding Sabu-chan et Ponta. But the water moves with Kisame in the center, so if he swims after them, they can’t reach the air.

    Then Killer Bee suggests that since Kisame is after him, he’ll leave them and try to escape by himself, so that with the water moving they will eventually reach the air. But Kisame attacks Ponta

    Killer Bee gets back to the rescue, and falls into the trap of Kisame, who attacks him with the dorsal fin and gets him back to a lower version of bjiuu

    Killer Bee gets out a single tentacle and uses it to grab Kisame away from him

    Meanwhile, Sabu-chan and Ponta get out of the water

    Killer Bee somethings about lightning sword, but on a suggestion of Hachibi, just spouts off ink in order to escape

    But Samehada/Kisame fusion can feel the chakra through the skin and he attacks Killer bee with the dorsal fin

    Kisame has cancelled the Suiton and the fusion, and gets close to Killer Bee down and not moving. He tries to cut off his legs but Samehada grabs the earth to protect Killer Bee

    Thorns come out of the handle, forcing Kisame to drop it, and Samehada jumps close to Killer Bee

    Samehada liked Killer Bee Chakra so much, it wants to make him its new master. It tries to heal Killer Bee with Chakra stolen from Kisame, but Kisame kicks it off

    Kisame grabs a sword of Killer Bee stuck into the earth, and gets ready to stab him.

    So basically Bee “wins” and is out of chakra, tries to get it back and is attacked by Kisame who really wasn’t defeated at the end.

    naruto spoiler pics

  24. I only watch Naruto. The rest are not as interesting. I like Naruto’s character.

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