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style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:14.25pt;”>Well first things first, I would like to introduce myself to the people that visit Jeremiah’s blog. My name is Ed aka Last Scorpion You may have already seen me in the comments section of the forum many times with theories relating to Naruto. This is my first post and if you visit the blog on a regular basis you may have noticed that there is not much activity going on after the Naruto manga is released. What I want to do is get an idea from the people that regularly visit the blog what manga they would like to discuss.

I was thinking of just making a post wrapping up the various theories that many people had about Naruto in my post. After thinking it over I realize that people might not want to talk about Naruto all week long, so what I want is for all of you to tell me what you would like to talk about in my posts. I could keep the idea of wrapping up the theories that everyone had during the week or I could post about another manga like Bleach.

Naruto and Bleach

Naruto and Bleach

So get over to the comment section and let me know what you want to discus after the naruto manga is released each week.

Last Scorpion


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on July 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “What the people want”

  1. Just a few ideas if you plan to fill the down time. I really like this blog but it is very narrow in topic. How about expanding to Bleach manga? Or possibly discussing what survey should be next? Or new anime that you are watching that you think everyone should be watching.

  2. Since there is so much on the comments section of Jeremiah’s post each week it’s almost impossible to read through it all. I would think if you are doing a wrap up you should do a post on the top 5 best theories or comments posted from the week numbered from best to worst.

    And a based off the direction of the manga and what they write at the very end maybe a brief sentence or two of what we can expect to see next week in the manga would be cool to get every one to start talking about the future and stuff.

  3. Ok two very good ideas so far I will do a wrap up of the most solid best theories (thanks anonymous). MDL you had a very good idea about the anime recommendations I could also explain what type of anime they are. I was also kind of thinking of makeing A discussion about bleach. It seems as if alot of people that like the naruto manga and anime also like bleach.

  4. im sorta new to this (not the manga, the site) so how do i view the results for the survey “which naruto character would you like to see more of?”? the survey is finished right?

  5. Final results will be posted Monday but over 400 have been tallied so far just go to the main page of Iareawesomeness by clicking our title at the top and then scroll down. It will say results from this weeks survey “Bring them back” not everything is counted but most of it.

    You can also look under the Past Posts on the right help bar and click on “Bring them back!” and it will take you to that post. Results are usually posted on the actual blog post mon-fri. I take the week ends off and only respond to comments.

    Scorpion is new to this so he’s got to find his niche. But I have full confidence he will do so.

    Ja ne

  6. Yeah I did not make a new post yet because I was out all weekend. I think i know what i am going to do after the next manga (because i think the spoilers will be out soon). What i will do is put up the best theories (even if i dont think they are right) from the comments for naruto manga, also i will show what theories look the most solid and taken from the manga. Then i might put up a link to the bleach manga (not sure about this one yet). Then right at the end i might ask a question about anime that has been shown on the site. I have a good one that i know will cause Jeremiah and me will argument about character morality, I alredy knows he disagrees with me on it becuase of his response to one of my tests.

  7. I enjoy discussing Naruto and related theorys to he Naruto Manga. I wouldn’t mind expanding the theorys to the anime relased that week as well. I’d like people to submit new theorys and have debates on thier validity. Then mabye tally up which way they think the theory will go. Just my 2 cents.

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