The Future of Naruto

Naruto Manga 406 <Spoiler> <Raw> <Translation>

Just click on the translation link above to get the complete Sleepy Fans translation of Naruto manga 406 “The Key to The Future”, Enjoy 🙂

I’m sorry that the website screwed up on Friday.  WordPress screwed up big time!  It erased all the comments from this post and there was some really good stuff!  I’m pretty angry about it right now…As always the release of the translated manga ends my blogging till next monday. Everyone was awesome this week! (Even though we can’t see that anymore in the comments section >:0 Thanks wordpress!) Thanks for the theories and comments. I’ve got a pretty good survey for next week so be sure to check back monday for that and for final results on this weeks survey “The future of Naruto.” I’ll check in from time to time to respond to comments but other than that I’ll see you Monday.

Ja mata

P.S. This week appears to be even more boring than the last. Hopefully this all turns around next week and we get some action going soon. With Naruto Manga 407 entitled “The Solution” we have to get some answers don’t we?

Week 4,

Last week we did the “Who dies?” survey which I had originally intended to be a forum for people to kill off the most annoying characters in anime but it turned out to be a great outlet for new theories on the direction of the manga based off of possible character deaths in the series. Some of you did choose to kill off who you considered to be the most annoying character and the most popular was Sasuke followed by Gai Sensei.

I can’t believe so many of you hate Gai Sensei! I think he’s great for a laugh! I guess for those of you who don’t watch the anime and only read the manga the character might come off as retarded but they do such a great job with him in the anime its hard not to love him.

Any way, below we have the usual…last weeks issue, some of the better results from this weeks survey and a clean slate in the comments section. It was a lot of fun talking about the future and the possibilities of the series so I continued that sentiment into this weeks survey. It has the quick answer tags that some of you like but also leaves two text boxes open for those of you with more complex theories to write about. I say bring it. I love coming up with crazy theories, though some of them are quickly dismantled by our resident faithful commentors Skyhigh and Last Scorpion in our comments section. I posted some links below to some of the more discussed subjects of the manga.

Thanks to everyone that helped this discussion board hit 4000+ hits in a single day last week! We’ve also had over 700 survey’s submitted in the brief 3 weeks weve been around! It’s not like I get paid to do this, I do it because I love the manga. So my greatest reward is to see people commenting and participating.

The last post was getting so lengthy and the comments section was getting so long that I had to start a new post. You can still go back to the old post to see the conversations (which I recomend for some great discussion on the Naruto manga). Thanks again!

Ja mata

For those of you have not read last weeks somber issue of Naruto manga 405 click the pic below.

Most of the answers just require a click but one requires a short answer (you can skip it if you don’t know the answer). Check back with us soon for early results and early spoiler scripts. Just click the eyes below to take this weeks survey (Spoilers in the survey so beware if you are not up to date).

“The Future of Naruto…”

Submissions so far: 300+

STATS for this weeks survey so far (updated):

What will happen when Sasuke attacks Konoha?

42.3% of you said that only Danzo and the old heads of Konoha would die.

19.2% of you said that Kakashi Sensei will die.


34.7% of you say that Madara stole Obito’s body.

30.7% of you say that Madara IS Obito.

34.6% of you say that there is NO relation between Obito and Madara.


50% of you believe that Jiraiya is dead.

27% of you believe that Jiraiya is alive.

19% of you thought he was dead but now you are not so sure.

3% of you thought he was alive but are starting to lose faith.

What role will the Kyubi play in the future?

69% of you said you would see more tails soon but it would be controlled chaos.

15.3% of you said that Naruto would lose control of the Kyubi and kill someone.

7.6% of you said no future, it has and will continue to be supressed.

5% of you think it will be extracted.

Who will be the 6th Hokage?

50% of you said Naruto.

26.9% of you said Kakashi.

11% of you said that Tsunade will stay Hokage until the end of the series.

Some of the better early results for this weeks survey (BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!):


Submitted by: SAS

Random thoughts on what will happen in the manga: Naruto has to kick sasuke’s poohole.

(Jeremiah’s thoughts on this submission: LMFAO! Short and sweet…Well said SAS…well said…)


Here is one I’ve never heard before submitted by Erich who has come up with some crazy interestingly original stuff before on this discussion board:

Why are the writers making Madara’s face so secretive??? : Because he is actually Danzo. Notice the eye that Danzo covers is the only eye that Madara shows. After his brother sacraficed his eye why wouldn’t Madara sacrafice his own eye to himself to make a more powerful one. Eyes can be transplanted, the only reason Kakashi has a scar is someone slashed his face.

Submitted by: the_goffy

Why are the writers making Madara’s face so secretive??? : Who cares he’s Hot [I’m totally a fan girl ^_^ ]

Random thoughts on what will happen in the manga : I think Naruto will become the hokage ,sakura’s gonna finnaly get Sasuke , Sasuke on the other Hand will become the Konoha Military police Leader as for the others
Hinata- Gets Naruto (devil)
Neji-Joins the ANBU
TenTen- Probbably she will have a team of Gennins
Shiakamaru – Will get Married to Temari and The hokage parsenal guard
Kiba-the second guard
Ino- She is the Boss over the Yamanaka flowers Shop and become a teacher in the Medical academy [witch Sakura opens 😛 ]
thats all i can think off…

(Jeremiah’s thoughts on this submission: This is the ultimate Shojo girl ending. Thanks Goffy) 🙂

Submitted by: Last Scorpion

Why are the writers making Madara’s face so secretive??? : I am thinking that there is a a good chance it is Obitos body. But it could also be something like madara found nagato and friends then brainwashed or killed one of them, but somehow his left eye is the rinnegan. I am thinking madara took nagato under his wing after Yahiko was killed. or nagato could have died saveing yahiko and somehow one eye was yahiko and one went to madara. But i know there is a past with madara and pain think about it pain has been takeing orders from madara for a long time now.

Random thoughts on what will happen in the manga : Tsunade will die helping naruto fight pain and kakashi will become hokage. then team hawk and madara attack the town and kakashi will fight madara and naruto and sasuke will have a big fight each haveing a tailed demon. Naruto will stop sasuke on his revenge mission, then the two of them wil take down madara who is the one behind every thing. kakashi will die fighting madara or step down as hokage for naruto. something will happen to the demon fox in naruto with that seal thing and what itachi gave him(could be a power to control the fox more). And there will be alot of other side fights between the teams of the village and the members of hawk and akatsuki (one will be the fight for that big sword lol). Or he could have something happen to make the manga longer, like sasuke going full evil and then another time skip. but i hope nothing like that will happen.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: I’m actually rooting for another time skip but I know a lot of people want the series to come to an end soon. The madara’s other eye theory is the most solid alternate explanation to the one eyed mask I’ve heard yet. And you were the only one out of 250+ people to submit that so far. Your manga Jutsu never ceases to amaze. Awesome theory Eddie!)

Submitted by: Alec

Why are the writers making Madara’s face so secretive???: Because, if he does have Obito’s body, there will be some drama between Kakashi and Madara, probably ending with Kakashi’s death.
Random thoughts on what will happen in the manga: Orochimaru isn’t completely dead, and Kabuto swore revenge against Saskue, so I wouldn’t be suprised if somehow Kabuto shows up in the Leaf v. Akastsuki/Hawk battle on the Leaf’s side.

(Jeremiah’s thoughts on this submission: I chose this submission as one of the best early submissions for two reasons 1) I think Alec is spot on with the fact that Madara took Obito’s body but I hope he is wrong about Kakashi’s death. 2) I forgot about Kabuto and he brings up a great little scenerio for an Orochimaru return or at the least a Kabuto apperance. Good job Alec.)

Submitted by: Martin

Random thoughts on what will happen in the manga: Kakashi will die against Madara, maybe both die in this fight. Sasuke will turn against Madara like he did with Orochimaru. Having discovered his love for Itachi, he maybe wants to walk in his foosteps. The direct reason could be seeing Konoha attacked.

Shikamaru will become Hokage sometime (maybe not right after the next attack on Konoha)because there were just too many hints into this direction (the whole Asuma-Hokage thing).
I don´t know if he´ll be the next one but I believe/hope he´ll be the last one at the end of the series.

Naruto will learn how to control the Kyuubi, maybe using Itachi´s power. (Madara was also able do control it and Sasuke was also able to control his “bad, unpredictable part”-Orochimaru´s seal)

(Shikamaru…really? I just don’t see him ever becoming Hokage. He’s not strong enough. Remember: He had to be saved by Temari. To be Hokage you have to be one of, if not THE strongest ninja in the village and I just don’t see him being that. Smartest…Yes. Strongest no. I agree that Itachi’s powers will give him control over the Kyubi but i’m not sold on Sasuke following his brothers foot steps. Interesting take on the next Hokage Martin, thanks.)

(Update: I also just realized that you were one of the people that submitted Gai Sensei to be killed off! We see this manga/show so different! But its awesome to have different points of view on the same discussion board so keep bringing it Martin!)

Submitted by: Vincent Miller

Random thoughts on what will happen in the manga : i think pein will end up either turning agains akatsuki or being betrayed by them and will end up facing either sasuke or madara and that the kyubi will be unleashed and all nine tails will come out before naruto kills sasuke and in the end he will become hokage and learn to controll the nine tails or it will mend with him and theyll become one.

(Jeremiah’s thoughts on this submission: This represents a growing movement of people who believe for some reason that Pein will turn. The only way I see this happening is if Madara turns on Pein, I can’t see a Pein vs Sasuke situation ever happening, there is almost no reason for it unless Sasuke joins up with Naruto. I don’t see that happening either and think that Pein will die at the hands of Naruto alone. But I posted this theory because it seems to be getting to be a popular one. Thanks Vincent.)


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17 Responses to “The Future of Naruto”

  1. I’m really really sorry to everyone that commented this week. WordPress fucked up and erased the post. Luckily I had it backed up so I got the page back but the comments are gonzo. I’m pretty pissed about it. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

  2. i love gai sensei’s smile 🙂

  3. Well that sucks that it got erased. The manga this week sucked as well nothing really happened. Lets hope that something good is in next weeks manga.

  4. I agree. The last two weeks have been really boring. I’m hoping that the kick in the ass from Shikamaru gets the ball rolling agian.

  5. this weeks will probably suck too it,ll be just naruto going back all spazztic and saying im ready to train. tsunade cryin a little then bein a bitch like WTF did you find from the autopsy. the code getting cracked and probally a little something from akatsuki like maybe team hawk setting out for their tail beast mission

  6. What i want to know is what did naruto do when training with Jiraiya. All we know is that he was learning to control the demon fox. That is a lot of time for just that one thing and he still cant control it at all. I think he had to learn something other then that when naruto was training with Jiraiya.

  7. I was so dissapointed when he returned from training with Jiraiya! He was just as weak as when he left. It was almost as if he learned nothing. His skill level really didn’t change until Kakashi trained with him again.

    I was so busy with school today but tomorrow I’ll be back on track and ready to start gearing up for the new manga. I think the code may be an exciting aspect of this manga.

    lastscorpion> check your email that is attached to your wordpress id. Did you get the email I sent?

  8. well he did learn that odama rasengan thingy if that counts but its kinda just rasengan beefed up so i guess it doesnt count as learning something new

  9. it just came to me. but i bet itachi gave naruto tsukuomi to protect him from sasuke. then sasuke ameratsu protecting against madara. also if naruto and sasuke meet again witch will probably happen the tsukuomi eye in naruto will put them both in a state of genjutsu that will connect their bond again

  10. tsukiomi is a bloodline limit therefore naruto could not have it.
    itachi gift to naruto is an anti genjutsu of some sort.
    also in the battle against 8 tails, i dont think that sasuke eye jutsu will work with 8 tails.

  11. Orichimaru when He was taken from Sasuke’s Body also Took the Curse Seal of Heaven So it makes Orichimaru A little stronger, It also says he is in some Blissful or Hellish Genjutsu either way he will be back In some Powerful Form or Perhaps Good and we will see that only When Kabuto comes back into the Story, I believe Kabuto will be Extremly Powerful because I believe Like the Bijuu There is a Great White Snake And Orichimaru is like the Embodiment.
    Pain will be the Ultimate Fight with Naruto because he Killed Jirayai and Possibly Annoy Naruto more because It could Be Kushina as a Pain Puppet, They say the 4th was Sacrificed his life for the Village I want too know how.
    I also Believe that Jirayia somehow is The Embodiment Of that Death God Jutsu because Of the Simaliaritys of the Two the forehead Protector with the horns and the Hair and the Horns are Red and there are Red tears coming from his Eyes, Now Jirayai says himself that he crys Tears Of Blood because of the Anger he has inside of him Possibly could be the people in his Belly But Im alittle soft on that because of lack of Evidence but the 4th New that Technique and taught the 3rd but how did he learn that Technique possibly Jirayai. I also remember when Jirayai was first teaching Naruto he said that he hoped for Naruto too be his egg but I think that has more Philosphical meaning too it that I thought.
    I believe Madara Some How wants Sasuke too get his Ultimate Eyes So that Madara Can Transport himself into Sasuke and take Control of him and use his body as a vessal, Because I believe his body at the Moment is a host or shell because of what Itachi said, He said that Madara is a just a Shell of his Former self so I think That Some1 wanted too share Madaras power possibly Danzo-He knows something the other 2 elders dont know.
    I also Think Naruto Wont become Hokage but something else Something Like A kage of all the Villages because Narutos Power is Endless so his Potential is Boundless, I think either Kakashi or perhaps Shikimaru will become Hokage.
    Sasuke will start his Clan in his old Uchiha Head quarters and that he possibly could of started it already because he apparently did something with Karin but thats a small theory like Sasukes Trump Card I wont rave about that cause I have no substence.
    I think Naruto when he has had his Sage training will only be able too control His 4th tail possibly and perhaps harness the Power of the 5th But the 6,7,8,9 tails are for future eps no way can he control that much power not yet.
    Im also wondering what those Rings are all about and I dodnt think Pain wants too make a Nuclear Chakra Bomb I think he wants too do something else with the Amount of Chakra possibly Control his own army of Pain Puppets like have more Paths than he already does Im not sure im still thinking about that in my spare time.
    I would like too brain storm on what Ive said my typing and substence of what Imm trying too say isnt complete but yea.

  12. Oh and I think maybe and i say maybe Sasuke could possibly get Kakashis Eye and his brothers eye like kind of have 2 differant MS eyes too have Ultimate Sharigan eyes that way Kakashi will have Ultimate MS aswell, How this will happen I dont know but its a theory and Vice versa I dont think Sasuke will get both of his brothers Eyes.

  13. I wont be on for a while so Ill leave this other theory I think THat Madara is after something Hidden in the Village Because The first gave all the Bijuu away, I think he did it for peace but also I think he didnt need them anymore I think maybe there is an Ultimate power there and that the First’s necklace is the Key, I read some theory about Sojobo but I dont think that has anything to do witht he story but I think Maybe there is something like that Because of the History with the Hyuuga clan and the Offshoot of the Sharigan They Hyuuga Known something aswell But yea I think something is there in the Fire Village cause thats what makes it the strongest But only time will tell.

  14. wow!
    didn’t i post a comment here before???
    ah well….

    Second Last!!!

  15. the thing is that obito got crushed under a stone on the left side of his body and then kakashi took his right eye.. and if think obito is lika madaras second hand/grandchild

    maybe if Madara is Danzo and gave his right eye that is a normol eye now and gave it to obito<the guy every one think is madara
    (O.B.S i think thats wrong xD)

    maybe obito is the one every one think is madara bla.blabla… ^^

  16. Madara is the counterpart of Darth Vader. There should be one mysterious hidden face in the Naruto story….lol

  17. Jeremiah,
    i wanna see another skip in time also! i dont want this manga to end soon at all and i agree with your thoughts on Eddies beliefs. But i believe that naruto and sasuke will fight and both die as naruto said but i think this will happen before naruto becomes hokage and “Konoha”maru will become hokage and kakashi wont become hokage but will be a legendary figure in konoha…these are my thoughts though i dont want htem to happen especially naruto dying but that is what i predict will happen…

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