“Who dies?” “Choose your squad!” and “Which Anime character am I?” archive

Some of the better results for “Who dies”:

Kakashi from Naruto submitted by: Erich

Why: (possible spoilers) This will come about much later in the series. I believe that Kakashi will be the 6th Hokage seeing as how Tsunade and Jiraya have already talked about him being good Hokage material. He will die using the technique he learned from the sand village of giving his life to save Naruto’s (The th), possibly after the Kyubi has been extracted.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: It would remove the Kyubi which of late has become irrelivant but would the writters go back and use the same trick twice???)

Sakura from Naruto submitted by: Cdog

Why: (Possible spoilers within) I beleive sakura must die in the series to create a greater drama between sasuke and naruto. I think this will come about soon because sakura has a weak spot for sasuke so it will be easier for him to kill her. this death will destroy narutos desire to save sasuke and he will end up fighting him at the end:
the last showdown so to speak. during this last battle both sasuke and naruto will die. Sasuke will probably learn the meaning of life from naruto as they lay dieing by each others sides and sasuke will finally say sorry to naruto. NAruto will die happy knowing that his last mission(protecting konoha) was accomplished in respect to his lifelong commitment to save sasuke from the darkness because sasuke is konoha to him. This has to be the result because drama is hightened by conflict and the greatest conflict can never be resolved without the ending of the series. Oh yeah Naruto will be the 6th hokage before this happens.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: Wow! You put alot of thought into this one.)

Sasuke from Naruto submitted by: R

Why: He’s annoying…

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: Sasuke has been a suprisingly popular submission commonly for this reason.)

Gai Sensei from Naruto submitted by: Martin

Why: He gets on my nerves every time he appears on screen! It’d make the world a little better.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: Also a popular submission but I love this character! Don’t hate the pose people.)

Monkey d Luffy from One Piece submitted by: Eddie

Why: He is like a copy of goku from Dragon Ball. He says everthing he is thinking out loud has no depth.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: I don’t watch the show, Luffy was added to the list of characters previously due to popular demand, So I can’t really comment.)

Tsunade from Naruto submitted by: Tom Jenkins

Why: (possible spoilers) I think it has to happen. Madara wants revenge on Konoha and killing the hokage would be perfect for that revenge. Also Naruto wants to become hokage and if tsunade dies it gives him another oppertunity to become hokage.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this submission: This scenerio is very probable, with the impending strike on Konoha coming there is a good chance Tsunade bites it, followed by another time skip.)

Madara from Naruto submitted by: Erich

Why: (Spoilers) Madara will die at the hands of Sasuke. He’s already told us that much. In my opinion it will be to protect Konoha, which is his birth right as an Uchiha. Not just because they were the special police but because of what Itachi did. As I’ve read on other boards no one has every suggested that Sasuke may be a double agent just like his brother. It just seems odd that he keeps following these paths that everyone leads him on a little too easily. He will turn around and he won’t let his brother’s death be in vein.

(Jeremiah’s thoughts on this submission: That is an original theory but if he was a double agent why would the heads of Konoha send him out knowing he wants to kill Itachi. Wouldn’t it be counter productive to kill their other double agent?)

Results from “Choose your squad”:

39.3% of you chose to crush Konaha.

60.7% of you chose to protect Konaha.

Most highly used characters used on squads so far:

40.4% of submissions include Itachi on their squad.

30.9% of submissions include Sasuke on their squad.

26.1% of submissions include Pein on their squad.

23.8% of submissions include Gaara on their squad.

23.8% of submissions include Naruto on their squad.

21.4% of submissions include Kakashi on their squad.

21.4% of submissions include Jiraiya on their squad.

Most highly used non Naruto characters used on squads so far:

9.5% of you include Ichigo on your squad.

9.5% of you include Orihime on your squad.

7.1% of you include Alphonse on your squad.

Other interesting numbers:

24.2% of characters chosen on a squad are female.

41.2% of characters chosen on a squad have some form of eye technique.


Submitted by: King Bernardino
Comments on why this team : Gonna need more than the geass to bring down The Emperor of Brittania. Itachi will rip out the eyes of Charles Di Brittania and make the ultimate Sharingan.

(Jeremiah’s comments on this team: Isn’t Itachi + Lulouche = Kakashi? Brains plus Mangekyo Sharingan = Kakashi. I would sub in someone else for Kakashi. But I know you and you are picking your favorite characters so I don’t think you care. HAHA 🙂 That is a pretty cool ultimate Sharingan, Mangekyo + Geass = ?)

(king bernardino’s reply to Jerimiah’s comment. Your math sucks because the sum of Itachi and Lelouch being equal to Kakashi would imply Kakashi is greater than them both which is incorrect. Kakashi was almost going to be reserved for my other team, with rolo being under the contol of Itachi and Lelouch. Rolo is so unstable I had Kakashi kill him.)

P.S. Team Sharingeass pwns

Submitted by : enzo

(Jeremiah’s comments on this team: Awesome elements combo. Mustang would for sure try to lead but would Gaara or Kisame follow?)

Submitted by: Uaelord
Comments on why this team : Sasuke – King of Genjutsu, Oro – King of Ninjutsu, Neji – King of Taijutsu.
Sharingan + Buyakagun + Edo Tensi = Crush any team on the universe. I would crush Konoha.

(Jeremiah’s Comments on this team: This is one of the better teams that has been submitted so far, I actually think all three would work well together as well. Ego and trust would be big problems on this team. Cool combination of members though.)

Submitted by : Russ
Comments on why this team : Protect….no, just mess around with. Protect Konoha

(Jeremiah’s comments on this team: Bunny Squad. In all seriousness this actually would be a great team. Orihime as the medical ninja, Yoruichi with speed and power, and Karin with pure destructive power in her moded Mech. The chemistry would even be good.)

Submitted by : Thomas jenkins
Comments on why this team : Itachi is awsome, naruto is uber,especially as he now has (spoiler), Kyubii+(spoiler)=uber.
Pein because he has rinnegan which is the best dojutsu(even though i have no idea what it does, it just gets refered to the ultimate dojutsu.

(Jeremiah’s Comments on this team: This team is SUPER ULTIMO OMEGA strong but would never get along)

Rock Lee
Submitted by: Ky
Comments on why this team : I got rock lee for speed, ed cuz hes a genius and orihime cuz shes hot. I would protect Konoha

(Jeremiah’s Comments on this team: This team would have a lot of heart but would only go as far as Edward could carry them.)

Submitted by: Eddie
Comments on why this team : This team would be strong, smart have no conflict because the have similar morals. This team would execute plans flawlessly And could make nice team attacks. I would protect Konoha.

(Jeremiah’s Comments on this team: Interesting team. With Kakashi and Lancelot you have some power but with those two already there Shikamaru becomes disposable, they already have the brains, need more brawn or a healer since Kakashi gets weak quickly after using his techniques. I can’t stand Suzaku! Lulouch all the way! 🙂 )

Update on Last Weeks Survey:

Final results have been posted for last weeks survey. The ones that were partially complete got dumped, sorry. The program is fickle. Best comment was:

Any last words? : if you give me something i don’t like i’m hunting you down /:( (Sorry if you don’t like what the program spit out, but results are results :P)

Two of the best questions you would have included: Would you kill off your own clan to gain more power?

Who would you have on your three man squad? (That is a great question and I’m using it this week, thanks:)

There was a Really good one that I was going to include but the computer dumped the file before I had a chance to save it. Sorry. It was a really good one though. Gaaaaaaaaah! >:D


Tsunade from Naruto: Becki in the U.S.

Shino Aburame from Naruto: Murad in Jordan, Chester in Philippines


Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach: Chris in the U.S., Chris in the Philippines,


Shikamaru from Naruto:Alonso in the U.S., Joash in Singapore,Caleb in Camas U.S.



Ichigo from Bleach:Dimas in Indonesia, Eddie in New York


Kiba from Naruto: Felipe in Columbia, Lachie in Australia, Roger in Norway


Rock Lee from Naruto: Federico in Portugal, Manny in Orlando

Neji from Naruto: Tony from the U.S., Joachim from the Netherlands, Martin in Germany

Chad from Bleach: Giovane in Novo Brazil, Don in Jakarta

Jiraiya from Naruto: Troy in Macon US, Luis in Brazil, John in Salem

CC from Code Geass: Costanza in Italy, Anastassia in Estonia

Roy Mustang from Full Metal: Vincent in Aurora USA

Ganju from Bleach: John in the U.S., Peter in Hungary, Luis in Brazil, Deo in Sin City

Kukaku from Bleach: Abdifatah in Toronto

Soifon from Bleach: Ollie in Alacha

Ikkaku from Bleach: Isaac in Mostoles, Peter in Hungary, Florian in Germany

Pein from Naruto: Thomas in England, Jeremy in the U.S., Lukasz in Poland


Konan from Naruto: Neriel in Queztil

Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach: SJ in Australia, Matthew in England

Itachi from Naruto: Sami in Helsinki, Ezequiel in Lawrenceville

Rolo from Code Geass: Steven in the U.S.

Renji from Bleach: Ben in Brisbane

Orochimaru from Naruto: Fabio in Italia, Jesse in Melbourne

Kisame from Naruto: Ryan in England, Frater_260 in Poland

Rukia from Bleach: Abbie in the U.S.

Edward from Full Metal: Ian in Hoover U.S.

Orihime from Bleach: Claudia in Portugal


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110 Responses to ““Who dies?” “Choose your squad!” and “Which Anime character am I?” archive”

  1. so itachi splitting his power with naruto does that mean naruto now has sharingan?????????????????

  2. Wouldn’t that be cool?!?! It would make Naruto like a super powerful version of Kakashi! I doubt they’ll do that but who knows?!

  3. Thats a little far fetched but I would really like to see that happen.

  4. Dude that would be sick but I gotta throw this out there what if sasuke and hinata had a kid could be the best thing ever hokage at like age 3
    Sharingan with a bykugan yea wouldn’t even be legal in tha nija world haha just throwin it out there
    And naruto would be like untouchable and also does that mean he gets a new element like fire/lightining?

  5. I’m pretty sure he was going to learn a second one eventually regardless of the whole Itachi ordeal. Wasn’t the rule to become a Jounin to have learned 2?

    The Susuke Hinata combo would be crazy but we all know that would never happen. If Naruto gets Sharingan and thats really guessing, and a big IF, then that would be the same if he hooked up with Hinata so thats much more possible.

  6. NOOO LOL all the comments had spoilers and I read them AHHHHH LOL

  7. LMFAO! Any one else predicting a time skip before they fight? Possibly kids from the characters like in DB?

  8. hopefully they explain that a little more because i’m lost so far but if he did get sharingan that would be crazy the power of the nine tails with the sharingan he would have to be unstoppable

  9. first of yeah im im roy mustang thats wtf im talkin bout nice character quiz second nah doubt he has sharingan most likely itachi split some of his monster sized chakra with him adding to naruto’s meaning he has less reason to use the ninetails cause his natural chakra levels growing

  10. i’m totaly disapointed. i think i’ll never read the manga again. naruto and sasuke were my fav chars but now sasuke has gone crazy with the whole “destroy konoha” stuff and naruto got a super power without training

  11. Don’t quit the manga until you know what comes of this. We know he is about to get a jump in power but imagine how easily he will control kuybi now!! I think this could be amazing. (Crossing fingers)

  12. Most likely Naruto will get an immunity to genjutsu from Itachi. Let’s face it until he does that he’s helpless against sharingan.

  13. Hmmm… Thats a pretty reasonable thought. So your saying no Sharingan but just the immunity…interesting. How cool would it be if he only got it in one eye and wore his forehead protector like his half mentor Kakashi.

  14. In response to skyhigh: It’s cool you liked the program. I created it from a simple excel equation spread sheet. I’ve gotten a couple emails (2) that were not happy with their character but other than those people have had fun with it.

    I noticed that a few people would not give their first name or location. I thought this was pretty funny because people read Manga all over the world so John in California is pretty safe but what ever. People here in the U.S. are very paranoid.

    Also women are scared to give their first name and location, I’ve had 5 that identified themselves as female but with no name or location there is nothing to identify them on the blog with so there is no point in posting the result.

    I had one interesting female response that resulted in Karin from Naruto. But no name or location was given so it got dumped. There have been a lot of really cool answers that I plan to post a best of soon on the blog.

  15. come to think of it that would explain why itachi seemed limited in his fight with sasuke zetsu pointed that out so maybe he just split his abilities with him so i’m taking it as naruto can now use genjutsus and fire techniques

  16. alright so am i the only one who notice they just skipped the whole fight between kisame and the shark face kid from sasukes team and acted like it never happened WTF they was supposed to scrap for his sword

  17. i really wanted to see what kisame can do but they skipped the fight

  18. OOOhhh I ❤ me some spoilers! 😀

  19. WTF! Sky high is right! I totally forgot about that! I think the writers are starting to go crazy or something. I wonder if they meant to come back to it but never did or something…strange…

  20. I know this is a lil bit of the topic but I’m quite sure most of u all watch the weekly shippuden episodes. Has any 1 noticed that the recent airred episodes are not in the manga. I am trying 2 figure out why are they suppose 2 b fillers or did kishimoto figure they werent relevant 4 the manga. I wanted 2 c the fight with hidan & kakuzu fighting the 2-tail jinjuriki, perhaps it will air later. I was just throwing this out there b/c I didnt know if the episodes were going in a different direction than the manga was.

    As far as manga 403 goes i seriously doubt naruto has sharigan that take the edge away from naruto being able 2 surpass saskue in his own way. I guess the only way we will find out the exact power itachi shared with naruto is when, if ever he has to use it. I know 1 thing though I definietly cant wait 2 c it. Our naruto is growing up so fast.

  21. In response to Mystique: This filler is actually giving back round to a character that is dead when they mention him in the manga. They started the story arc with pure manga ie the training. It has fallen into pure filler. As to whether or not they will show or give backround story to other stuff from the manga that they didn’t go into…who knows?

    I’m screaming for the Kakashi Gaiden to be animated. Why they do filler when they could do a story arc with the Kakashi Gaiden is a mystery. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want to see that.

    Does that answer your question?

  22. Dudes cant wait for these following manga to come out. Well this is what i precict:

    After 403 i think its kinda obvious that naruto and sasuke are gonna have a fight. Plus since naruto is the main charcater he hes got to win, unless sasuke just cant kill him which i dont think that will happen. Though i dont think hell get a sharingan, just like what sky high said a huge chunk of chakra and some techineques of itachis. There might be a wholenother couple year skip like naruto goes trainin or sutin.

    What i wanna know i what will happen when naruto finds out bout jiraya especially if that frog gives naruto more power. Naruto might like go on a huge rampage.idk but thats what i think!

  23. Oh also this is kinda random but well since 2 sanin died i think tsunade might and kakahi comes to be hokage, like in 1 manga which i forget numbers where tsunade said theres kakashi to be hokage as well as naruto. this might happen after the whole war between konoha and hawk with the possible other orochimarus servants the ones hawk set free. All will take place after the war occurs in the following chapter.

    But i have a question something said that itachi was trying to free sasuke from the cursed mark and orochimaru, and that happened after orochimaru came out of sasuke. Here’s the question does this mean sasuke doesnt have his cursed seal anymore because then he real weak? Just askin!

  24. did u notice susake had his sharingan while fighting itachi durng the uchiha assination ? manga 403

  25. Anonymous dude i was lookin everywhere cause i saw that sasuke got it in that fight and it was manga 403 page 11. Dude so that means 1 sasuke was probably the youngest sharingan user even before itachi, 2 but he only had it for that time. That i dont understand cause that could’ve meant he couldve used it at any time not just starting at the fight with haku. Wow, Weird!

  26. nah its most likely another error they keep making those lately but now im convinced tsunades gonna die and sakura sasuke and naruto will be the new sannin

  27. This is a long one ^_^ lol
    well When you think about it Sasuke passed out after he got the sharingan, so he may not know how to bring it back out. Also it seems that his sharingan evolves with emotional fights, VS naruto VS itachi and trying to keep naruto alive from haku.
    As for the story so far i think that what jiraiya did as he died will have a big affect on naruto because of the save the world or destroy the world prediction by elder frog. Narutos mother i think will play a part as well, not too sure but she might have a link to pain somehow like his sister or something like that. Tsunade will die and kakashi will take over but the die at the end of the manga to give naruto 7th hokage. I think that itachi gave naruto protection from genjitsu and naruto might learn dimension jitsu like the 4th. o and naruto a sasuke will fight but then will join to fight pain and whatever he has planed with the jinjuriki.

  28. The fact that Pein looks like Naruto with piercings did strike me as funny. Usually the manga artists will stay away from similar looks to diversify the characters unless they are intentionally trying to make a connection so I will agree that Pein being related to Naruto in some way through his mother is a good possibility that I also thought previously.

    How or if they would kill off Tsunade isn’t something that I had thought of before. I don’t think she has to die…she could step down like the 3rd did. I can’t see her leaving the safety of Konaha to do battle with any one except Orochimaru and he’s dead so I see no reason for her to leave or for any of the existing characters to come and kill her. Possibly Sasuke??? I don’t see Naruto and Sasuke ever joining back up again if that happens though.

  29. Orochimaru is not dead he is in Kabutos body and that wouldbe the best fight for Tsunade.

  30. Ahhh yes. Forgot about that. I figured that once he came out of Sasuke that would be the end of him. But I do believe that he remains in Kabuto.

  31. lol duhhhhhhhhhh itachi has no sharingan now(and dead) because itachi transfered his sharingan to sasuke…
    itachi talked to naruto in his dreams…(i donnu if i’m correct)

  32. Itachi didn’t talk to Naruto in a dream. He talked to Naruto while Naruto was making his way through the forest to where Sasuke was. He didn’t transfer his eyes to Sasuke, just some of his powers, as he also did to Naruto. Sasuke refused to take his eyes in the last issue. Because what he sees is not what his brother envisioned.

  33. Cool I came out as Ichigo fun quiz. And you did the squad thing nice ^_^.

  34. Glad you liked it. Nobody came out Sasuke or Naruto though HAHA!

    I didn’t take my own quiz 😦

    Since I knew what answers would generate which characters I knew it would influence my decisions. I’m thinking I would have turned out to be Kenpachi 🙂

    I think the Squad survey turned out well. I’ll be posting my squad for sure later in the week.

  35. Nice i just took the squad thing and i like it alot you have to take into account alot of things when picking. ^_^

  36. i think itachi is alive!!!

  37. Like Madara was still alive? Do you think Jiriya is still alive as well? That would kick ass if Sasuke started attacking Konaha but then Itachi shows up. HAHA

    Sucky part is that he would be REALLY sick because he was about to die any way and he would have no power since he gave half his power to Naruto before the fight and arguably the rest to Sasuke at the end of the fight.

    I doubt he’s still alive but I never say never.

  38. well that could answers that …that itachy give the half of power to naruto ….remeber what the other guy of the team of itachi ( that plant guy whit to personality ) say that itachi dont fight whit his full power, if that will hapend he will win easily 🙂

  39. whit two sorry 😛

  40. yo

  41. itachi is alive…….

  42. This spoiler seems fake but I thought I owed it to everyone to show it. It comes from a user calling himself shehab1984aziz:

    Morning at Konoha, and a frog entered to the village.
    Tsunade enters to her office and start to read document.
    The frogs enters to the office from the window.

    Scene changes to Naruto
    Naruto: “Too bad Ero-Sanin isn’t here.. I need to ask him about that power..”
    Naruto: “l’ll go to ask Oba-Chan, maybe she know something about that..”
    Naruto looks at the famous picture of him, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura.
    Naruto: “Sasuke.. to attack Konoha.. what a stupid joke.”

    And he leaves the house.

    Scene changes to Hawk
    Sasuke: “As Madara said, everything is ready, so we can go to Konoha.”
    Sasuke: “Just one rule before we go: don’t touch Naruto. I guess he’ll find me out first, and im the only one that gonna fight him.”
    Madara: “Sasuke, can I speak with you alone for a min?”
    Sasuke: “Sure.”
    Sasuke and Madara is going to a hide
    Madara: “Its about Itachi’s Eyes. Right now you don’t want them, but I sure you’ll need them sometime.”

    Madara: “I’m very sure you don’t want to be blind after all, right?”
    Madara: “I saved them. You can take them whenever you want in the next 15 years.”
    Sasuke: “I-..”
    Madara: “Don’t say anyword. You’ll need them in the end. And yeah, I know, your eyes is much stonger than Itachi has, but.. a little power won’t hurt you, right?”

    Scene is back to Konoha
    Naruto is about to enter to Tsunade’s office
    Tsunade: “Its.. Its impossible.. Jiraya.. NOOO!”
    Naruto hears everything, and he shocked.

  43. To anonimo: Itachi is dead. Why would you want to see him alive? He would be so weak right now from giving away his powers, plus he was very sick to begin with and about to die any way.

  44. To jeremiahthelitigeous:itachi is still alive and to fact to believe that this died, because the only technique that itachi can defeat to madara is the susano, because he is the real successor of the sharingan not sasuke as they say

  45. I’m not completely ruling out Itachi’s return, in fact I’d love to see it. Much like I refuse to rule out any one’s death in a manga because they love to do crazy plot twists like that. BUT we have to remember 3 things the manga has established:

    1) He was very sick and keeping himself alive with special techniques.

    2) He gave half his power to Naruto before the fight

    3) And gave the rest to Sasuke at the end of the fight

    + if this spoiler script is correct and that is a big IF, then he also has no eyes.

    I would like to point out that even though this is a super popular spoiler script online, I question when Madara had a chance to steal Itachi’s eyes since his body was taken away so quickly by Zetsu. <If I’m wrong about any of this correct me.

  46. If this last spoiler script turns out to be 100% true as I think it is then my last comment about the eyes of Itachi is justified.

    It also extends hope to anonimo that Itachi at least still has eyes 🙂


  48. I’ve noticed a certain level of frustration from the fans lately…

  49. you have to keep in mind that just cause madara said athese things dont make em true honestly i doubt most of it was but i do think itachis dead and gone jiraya may not be or may end up as a form of pein and naruto will have to fight this form and on top of that naruto gets train under the frog sage now meaning hes the new jiraya oh and wars a comin peoples gotta die soon wonder whos gettin offed thou

  50. Peoples do gotta die. Good job coming in and telling people to calm the F*^# down. I think we needed that.

  51. Smart thinking sky with jiraya as a form of pain that will happen i think. When jiraya was killed i think he got one of them with that barrier thing. so the odds are very high that he could take the place of that guy. When i think back the nintails yang chakra is still out there becuase only the ying half is in naruto. Jiraya also said that when the nintails konoha he was thinking it was madara. So i think it is safe to say that the 4th may have had a fight with madara at that time.

    Now this is just me predicting what might happen, but if that spoiler is right then do you think madara will give sasuke the yang of the ninetails chakra as his reward?

  52. correction to last post *Jiraya also said that when the nintails attacked konoha he was thinking it was madara that summoned it.

    sorry about that I dont pay attention when I am typing. ><

  53. I was thinking that Pein was the Yang and possibly a blood relative to Naruto, possibly a brother…

    Sky had a great prediction with the Jiraya/Pein scenerio, the more I think about it the more I think its gonna happen. It makes sense.

  54. If you haven’t seen the full manga yet you can go to mangashare or onemanga and see that the zoom of the sharingan eye is Madara’s and not one of team sharingeass like we prevoiusly thought.

  55. Yes. What a boring issue. That was all blah and no boom.

  56. The only thing that was good was that we found out that madara was the mizukage and that he is the one that must have made that test where the genin kill there team. I am thinking they might do something with the “seven swordsmen of the mist”, we only know of two swordsmen(well in the manga). madara might get some of the swordsmen before attacking konoha.

  57. nah i doubt its possible that pein has the yang of the nine tails and as far as him being narutos bro he has the rinnegan witch means he has to be somehow related to that kid jiraya trained or is him

  58. this website so long

  59. your comment so short

  60. There’s no way that pain can be related to naruto. Pain is from the rain country, and was found by the sannin

  61. Its just a theory that has been thrown out there BUT why couldn’t the Fourth have knocked up some chick from the Rain country?

    Tell me about Naruto’s mother…you can’t…see what I’m saying?

    Because we know nothing of his mother she could have been from the Rain country…The fact we know nothing about the mother leaves amazing amounts of possibilities.

    None of which may be true but you can’t say its impossible just because Pein is from the rain country and that a Sannin found him…what does that prove?

  62. yup yup course jirayas dead aint you all noticed yet they have no problem butcherin the old folks of the leaf the fifth that bald monk that was connected to asuma asuma garras pops orochimaru chiyo jiraya and im sure im forgettin some pretty much if you see a youngsters from konoha look like he/she kicked the bucket check twice cause he/she might pop up healty or get some kinda jutsu life save and be good to go

  63. my predictions for the future…. well narutos gonna finish his training in crack head speed cause of that shadow clone uber cheat. hes probably gonna face of against pein since im guessing thatll be who akatsuki sends for the nine tails and youll probablly find out that peins jutsu works by reviving the ninjas he kills as his reincarnations

  64. u know whats ganna happen..naruto will some how be realted to pein..and then naruto will inherit renningan..and then will also inherit powers from his father the fourth hokage…with the nine tails chakra he will be invincible..

  65. wtf nah you cant just up and inherit powers all willy nilly like that theres rules to who gets what and rinnegann aint in his family line and like they said he takes after his moms chakra type not his pops

  66. For the record I don’t think Naruto will get Rinnegan. But if you had told me a couple months ago that Itachi would transfer his powers into Naruto and Sasuke I would have said you were full of shit.

    The writers seem to be bending the rules a bit lately BUT I don’t think Naruto will get Rinnegan.

    There is obviously a connection between Pein and Naruto other than the fact that Jiriya trained them both. Jiriya had to choose between them and their path. I don’t know the manga number off the top of my head but I can find it if any one questions this.

    There is a whole Ying and Yang thing going on between Naruto and Pein. It will obviously play out in a big way in the manga and so will the identity of Naruto’s mother.

  67. lol naruto getting the rinnegan. some how I cant imagine naruto being serious when he looks like this @.@

  68. Well i dont think naruto will get the rinnegan there is a small possibility that he can have it. As for his mother i think who she was will have a big impact on the story. And for the people that dont know narutos mother is from the former whirlpool country.

  69. Thats good info Scorpion, what issue of manga was that? I don’t remember Naruto’s mother being designated to Whirlpool.

  70. i knew that naurtos mother was from whirlpool but when i learned that she was i was suprised, and i agree with costuemsupercenter
    if naruto had rinnagan i dont think he would take it seriosly.

  71. That info was from chapter 367 Itachi and Sasuke, it is when the 5th and Jiraiya talk for the last time.

  72. on another note I have been thinking for along time now that narutos second element is water, it fits everything perfectly just look at the name hurricane chronicles lol.

  73. yeah maybe your right i was thinking fire cause then hed be able to replicate some of the techniques jiraya would use with his toads but now that you mention it that would explain the title and does kinda make sense

  74. Thanks for the issue number on the manga Scorpion. I linked the exact page Jiraiya says it near the top of the blog post for anyone who wants to read that again to refresh your memory.

  75. for some reason i think pein just doesnt fit the akatsuki profile thou i think in the end hes gonna end up fighting againts them and then wed be able to see what the ultimate dojutsu really is sharingan or rinnegan

  76. Water makes total sense as his second element when you bring the Hurricane chronicles reference into it.

    Another thought…Since Madara is the former Mizukage (Water kage), maybe he’s the reason it’s now the former whirlpool country.

    Possibly Madara destroyed the whirlpool country while he was the Mizukage? Possibly who killed Naruto’s mother????

    Just a thought. Nothing really backs this up but I can’t think of anything that would disprove it at this point either.

  77. but aint the water jutsu a little advance for naruto cause i mean ive seen kakashi in action with these and god damn thats alot of hand seals

  78. I linked on the blog page Pain talking about how “they” got killed in the war.

    Pain’s mom and Naruto’s mom possibly the same person????

  79. thats kinda iffy youd have to know the time line cause if that conversation that took place with him and kushina when he basically named naruto took place after he met nagato then its not possible if it took place before then maybe but its a stretch cause pein looks to be older than naruto

  80. well he wont have to do jutsu that needs seals he could put it in his rasengan wind + water = hurricane. And if it is just water it is a whirlpool. Also if any of you did not see this the seal on narutos belly is a whirlpool lol.

  81. yup its official sorry jeremiah i know you was pullin for this whole pein being narutos brother thing buts its not possible proof of this is naruto 382 page 9-10 if you look at jirayas age hes older than he was when he trained pein witch means kushina cant be peins mom cause she was alive when he met pein

  82. O and wind + water = ice, but he wont cant do the same thing as haku. haku’s ability to jump around the ice was a bloodline limit. but naruto might be able to do an ice rasengan or something like that. o and the water should stop fire but help lighting, wouls make thing even when fighting sasuke. and if sasuke and naruto ever team up it would make for crazy combos. now this is just me takeing a shot at the story but is somehow sakura is earth, and the three team up they could fight pain with all five elements. Well that would be cool i dont think it will happen lol.

  83. *”if somehow sakura is earth”. sry did not read it before submit

  84. And about the pain is narutos brother, well i think that he could be narutos uncle but i am not so sure on that one.

  85. Ok I know i just did a crap load of posting but i keep thinking of new things. madara was the leader of a mist hidden village, but we dont know the name of it. Now it could be whirlpool village and if it is do you think madara was alive all that time and never had a child. narutos mother could be the child of madara.

  86. nah your getting way too far ahead i mean we still dont even know how the hell hes still alive theres something big that no ones getting yet and im stuck on it i mean all i know so far is madara is a pimp causse hes got the mind game down pat

  87. yeah i know i am geting far ahead with the relation to naruto of madara or pain lol. but the naruto haveing water i can almost guarantee will be right ^_^.

  88. You can pretty much write that in stone. Naruto’s other element will be water. Nice job 🙂

    But I still think there is more to the relationship between Pain and Naruto…it’s driving me nuts. I just can’t put my finger on it yet.

    I also still think that Naruto’s mother is going to play a larger roll in all of this before its over.

    And am I the only one that thinks there will be another time skip after Sasuke attacks Konoha or do you guys think that too.

  89. i dunno i kinda think this is all leading up to the end and the time skip will be the future with sasuke dead akatsuki taken care of and naruto as hokage

  90. i think the only possible relation to naruto pain could have would be the nine tails yang i mean i doubt it but it would explain his massive chakra so far hes the only able to do so many summoning jutsu and i know they said kisame has the largest chakra in akatsuki but seeing pains gotta have something huge up his sleeve to do what he did to jiraya without even sweating a bead

  91. and when i said doing so many summonig justsu i mean the variety so far no ones had different types of animals all have only been able to use one set type of animal

  92. well i found something to think about the shanin in naruto where taken from a old story. http://www.kiseido.com/printss/ji.html .
    If you find something called the legend of the tailed beasts it is fake and just fanfiction.

  93. Also i think madara lied about the nintails attack konoha as natural disaster i think it was him and the fourth stoped him. Also i think that something is going on with ANBU root, Jiraiya told the 5th to keep a eye on root. Also root haad alot to do with itachi and the uchiha i think some of what madara said was a lie or he left out some things.

  94. in one of the previous mangas sasuke said he was going to attack the elders… i think with the attack on konoha all of the issues with danzou and ANBU rppt are gunna be revealed

  95. manga 404 page 11 if anyone was wondering when sasuke said that

  96. im wondering what happend 2 itachis body…….hmmmmm………..

  97. Who’s going to die? Tsunade, sasuke, team hawk members, kabuto, pein, madara, zenzu, kisame.

  98. O yes and the elders of konoha village and danso

  99. Plus might guy.

  100. People are saying that there is a relation between naruto and Nagato I dont think so I think there realtion ship is the 4th.

    I think Minato was a Genius Ninja of his Time, And that Kushina they say she was from the Whirlpool Country which was destroyed or something like that so When I think of Whrilpool I think of wind & water like a unstoppable force which draws everything in and becomes one like Narutos personality. Thats why I rekon its Easy for Naruto too have the 9-tail in him because 1 day they will merge the thing with the Bijuu is that there personalitys become 1 like Garra and 1-tail notice how they were divided when he was dying rah rah rah… Also I want too mention something cause I notice thing You know when Garra and Naruto battled it out and they garra was on the Ground and naruto was crawling at him and what too was real Hard ass And you Notice narutos Eyes were like the Fox but were Blue I think thats his True Power, I think his power is too like uhh like Wind & Water it combines you know mixes what ever. But yea thats Narutos Power I rekon.

  101. Gai is going to Die.

  102. 1. Pray more manga is on its way soon
    2. Read manga once its out
    3. ??????????
    4. PROFIT!

  103. Dude, that episode is a classic, but one episode was enough for that over caffinated bundle of coffee and and hair.

  104. This is the time where i first saw this site (Tom j told me about I are awesomeness). “Choose your squad” It was the newest post back then.
    Weird how nearly everyone from then is gone there account icons have vanished to.
    It looks like i arrived on this site on weak 2 and i missed the “Which character am i” post only.
    …So much has changed 😦 and i only get a voice now 😦

    I wish i could have commented on all these back then. :cry

  105. just checking….
    is this the first page…the origin of iareawesomeness????

    whoever said kakashi is gonna die….was correct (you have no idea how much i would have hated him…if only i had been here before)

    schy: happens dude happens…at least be glad that you are not like me…

    i know what harshy would have said(if he ever visited this page):
    “shit on wings” lmao…

  106. p.s.
    (no i never felt sorry about double posts -__-)
    @jeremiah: FAKE SPOILER!!! lol

  107. Wow somebody actually looked back at this page.

  108. oops! it seems i made a mistake!
    this was the page i posted a comment in :-p
    ah well, SECOND LAST!

    p.s. @schy: i was just trying to find out “when did it all start”


  109. ~lol~
    can’t believe jeremiah was “like this” back then!
    now he is a “goody goody…”

    shit! this makes my earlier comment 3rd last!
    *throws stuff at you*

    well, this is the official “2nd last post” ^_^ (<<<come on! why doesn’t anyone think that that emoticon is gay?)

  110. Is this the first post on I Are Awesomeness?!?
    By the way, LAST!!!

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